Talking to the Sun An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for

Talking to the Sun An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for

  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • Talking to the Sun An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People
  • Kenneth Koch
  • English
  • 08 April 2015
  • 9780805001440

10 thoughts on “Talking to the Sun An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People

  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Don't underestimate children Good poetry isn't meant to be consumed in one go nor art to be looked at just one time Maybe the first time you read this together with your seven year old pick out a few neat animal or nature pictures and read out loud the poems that accompany them Pick the one that is most fun to say even if you don't understand it Memorize it or a few lines from it Read it again a few months later Read some of the other poems in that section Maybe memorize “Little Fish by DH Lawrence The tiny fish enjoy themselves in the sea uick little splinters of life their little lives are fun to themin the seaTry to figure out the connections between the art and the poems sometimes they're easy to spot and sometimes you'll have to be a detective or use your imagination to interpret a commonality Maybe some will stump you and your child until the child is a little older and has an 'ah hah' moment Sometimes you and your child can have fun imagining yourselves in a scene and sometimes you have to work your brains to make a guess why someone would paint or make something that seems boring or scary or weird Try to figure out why the artist felt motivated to create each work Who was the intended audience; what idea was she trying to share; what point was he trying to make?Consider from 1870 'The Bathers' by Winslow Homer Can you imagine wearing all those clothes in the water? Maybe not But look at the women do they make you think that the people in the 'olden days' were weird? I don't think soThere are brief commentaries attached to many of the works to help with appreciation There is an index of titles and authors and another of first lines There are also short essays at the beginning and end that give some gentle guidance Unfortunately there is no way to search for works of art or artists for example if you wanted to uickly find which page the painting by Winslow Homer is on or whether he has any other works included

  2. Desara Desara says:

    I loved the art and the poems were splendid I would definitely recommend I am currently randomly trying to read for 24 hours so don't be surprised to see me read so much

  3. Ch_beverlyatwood Ch_beverlyatwood says:

    This book combines poems with matching art pieces from the New York Museum of Art The art is visualy appealing but the poems weren't so interesting to me Even though the book is written for children I don't know if it would appeal to children It would take dialog with an adult to understand the meaning of most of the poems I don't think many chidlren would enjoy it

  4. Charles Martin Charles Martin says:

    This anthology of poetry combines a vast array of treasures from The Metropolitan Museum of Art with famous pieces of poetry from various authors everyone from Langston Hughes to Emily Dickinson to William Blake The art is incredible and the idea of pairing it with a famous piece of poetry is a good idea in theory Unfortunately I feel this book falls flat The art is a great deal interesting and appealing than the poetry and I doubt contemporary students would find much of the writing even remotely engaging The word stuffy comes to mind I do think advanced students might enjoy the idea of attaching writing to pieces of art especially with an in depth discussion with a learned adult I think finding another example of this techniue would probably need to be used as a complement to this text in order to be successful The honest truth is that this book is supposedly directed toward children; however I think it just plain misses the mark Still it is a worthwhile read for adults and you might be able to pull a few pieces from the 100 pages or so to utilize in the classroom

  5. Emily Emily says:

    I received this book for my 9th birthday and it is the first book of poetry I personally owned It introduced me to the poetry of Langston Hughes which has become a life long love I used to sit up at night memorizing Juke Box Love Song This is a great book for introducing kids to poetry without condescending to them The poems that are included are manageable but the collection doesn't underestimate the audience The inclusion of art pieces with the poetry is a wonderful way to engage young readers

  6. Janice Horning Janice Horning says:

    My sister sent me this book to share with children in my Sunday School class and my grandchildren Poetry from all over the world from ancient Egypt and India Asia the Mideast Europe Scandinavia the Americasaccentuated with artworks of drawing painting and sculpture This book is an excellent primer for the young anthropologist the student of civilizations the lover of books and words This book is FANTASTIC

  7. Lauren Gray Lauren Gray says:

    Title Talking to the Sun An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People Author Kenneth Koch and Kate Farrell Genre Poem Anthology Themes Poetry Childhood and ArtOpening linesentence “Many of the first poems known to us are magical chants that praise nature or explain things that people didn’t understand about nature – why the sun rises and sets for example or why there is thunder”Brief Book Summary Combining art from the Metropolitan Museum and children’s poetry this text includes a wide range of works Each section takes on its own theme for example nature that is carried throughout those poems and artworks Professional RecommendationReview #1 Publishers Weekly Publishers Weekly The fortunate explorer of this magnificent volume will be enriched by new perspectives on the everlasting foundations on which artists build in words and pictures With exuisite care Koch and Farrell chose paintings and creations in other media from the Metropolitan Museum's extensive exhibits to illustrate poems about love in its many forms; about nature animals magic; songs celebrating nonsense and surprises the small and big things in life Reproduced in full color the pictures evoke the cultures of ancient Egypt Asia Africa and Europe There are great creations by Manet Monet Matisse Fragonard Picasso Winslow Homer Edward Hopper and many modern geniuses Among the immortal poets represented are Yeats Shelley Roethke William Blake Rilke Pablo Neruda Edward Lear Millay Li Po Marlowe Shakespeare the book is a veritable Who's Who of contributors to civilization 912 PUBLISHER Metropolitan Museum of ArtHolt Rinehart and Winston New York PUBLISHED c1985 Professional RecommendationReview #2Gr5 Up The ingredients for a wonderful collection are here the poems selected are strong and true and are accompanied by gorgeous photographs of treasures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art The reproductions are of exceptional uality and printed on heavy glossy paper Instead of inspiring however the book overwhelms Each page in the ten sections is crammed with several poems photos of artwork information about the artwork information about the poet and often an “explanation” of the poem that reduces it of its mystery and richness Lear’s “The Owl and the Pussy cat” for example is followed by the sentence “A silly seeming poem can inspire a serious feeling like the desire to sail far far away” This emperor of a book is overblown and has no clothes – Kathleen D Whalin New Canaan Libray Conn Response to Two Professional ReviewsI agree with the first reviews mention of the diversity found within this text due to the incorporation of different countries and worldly artists I found the second review to be interesting with their criticism of the book being too crammed which I found myself agreeing with on some of the sections I also found their idea interesting in regards to the explanations found with the poems reduce its authenticity This is a perspective I did not initially think of when reading the text Evaluation of Literary ElementsThe incorporation of two different artistic mediums adds an interesting layer to this anthology I do not necessarily agree with this choice because although they complement one another the message portrayed in the poem may not line up with the intended message of the piece of art This can be controversial because this directs readers into a certain state of mind when reading or viewing the artwork that may not correlate with the author or the artists intentions Consideration of Instructional ApplicationThis text would work well with a variety of ages due to its universality and incorporation of multiple themes When introducing to the older grades students can make connections between the poems and the types of correlated artwork This book can also be read for enjoyment or be used as an example of poetry that can help guide a lesson with the varying types of poetry

  8. Amy Amy says:

    I love poetry anthologies for kids I love how they are illustrated and I love having lots of them to compare the different illustration styles and how that affects my understandingenjoyment of the poems Hence picking this up at HPB It seemed like a good idea at the time If by Young People they mean 23 year olds well then fine But good grief SO many of these poems are boringincomprehensible to me 41 let alone my daughter 8 And to top it all off even most of the friendly poems have been paired with artwork that hmmm how to say this just doesn't go It all seems very erudite and beyond reproach lest we seem a midwestern pleb But I don't like it That's my story and I'm sticking to itIt does inspire me to try me hand at doing better though seems like it would be a fun project

  9. Shannon Shannon says:

    There's something about this combination of art and poetry that brings out the best characteristics in both It provides a visual even if they're from different eras or cultures as they often are giving the art a context and the poetry an identity making them both relevant Like other reviewers I got my hands on this when I was young but I still love this book and think it's a great read for any age

  10. Joe Hunt Joe Hunt says:

    This book is amazing You can find it in the kid sectionI got it for 6 year old Sienna originallyTo convert her to poetry A lot of nice pictures paintingsThen I found stuff I was likeSpoiler Alert Just kiddingI was teaching a poetry class at the timeand thought I should re do the whole syllabus around this book

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