The Amber Room Kindle à The Amber PDF/EPUB or

The Amber Room Kindle à The Amber PDF/EPUB or

The Amber Room ❰Epub❯ ➟ The Amber Room Author Steve Berry – The Amber Room is one of the greatest treasures ever made by man an entire room forged of exuisite amber from its four massive walls to its finely crafted furniture But it is also the subject of one o The Amber Room is one of the greatest treasures ever The Amber PDF/EPUB or made by man an entire room forged of exuisite amber from its four massive walls to its finely crafted furniture But it is also the subject of one of history’s most intriguing mysteries originally commissioned in by Frederick I of Prussia the Room was later perfected Tsarskoe Selo the Russian imperial city In German troops invaded the Soviet Union looting everything in their wake and seizing The Amber Room When the Allies began the bombing of Germany in August the Room was hidden And despite the best efforts of treasure hunters and art collectors from around the world it has never been seen againNow two powerful men have set their best operatives loose in pursuit and the hunt has begun once Life is good for Atlanta judge Rachel Cutler She loves her job loves her kids and remains civil to her ex husband Paul But everything changes when her father a man who survived the horrors of World War II dies under strange circumstances—and leaves behind clues to a secret he kept his entire life a secret about something called The Amber RoomDesperate to know the truth about her father’s suspicious dealings Rachel takes off for Germany with Paul close behind Shortly after arriving they find themselves involved with a cast of shadowy characters who all claim to share their uest But as they learn about the history of the treasure they seek Rachel and Paul realize they’re in way over their heads Locked in a treacherous game with ruthless professional killers and embroiled in a treasure hunt of epic proportions Rachel and Paul suddenly find themselves on a collision course with the forces of power evil and history itselfA brilliant adventure and a scintillating tale of intrigue deception art and murder The Amber Room is a classic tale of suspense—and the debut of a strong new voice in the world of the international thriller.

10 thoughts on “The Amber Room

  1. Ann Ann says:

    Oh Amber Room how did I hate thee? Let me count the ways Every German says und instead of and even as they're speaking English Women say Damn you to the man they're about to sleep with Damn used in every other sentence The trail was easy to follow Too damn easy How much needless random sex do you need in a book? Every cliche possible is used my favorite The greedy American treasure hunter is named McCoy and calls women little lady ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Crazy long paragraphs of description of the history behind the Amber Room any competent writer would have been able to put that information in the action without resorting to pages of exposition Or even in shorter exposition The female protagonist is feisty and her Russian widowed father lovingly says that she's just like her mother Oh wow another cliche For the record the character wasn't feisty she was just bitchy I listened to the audio version of this and the reader made every German sound exactly the same and exactly like the gay German alias on the movie The SaintUnbelievably bad I got to the last disc of the 13 disc set and couldn't do any even though I was so close to the end Maybe it turned brilliant in that last disc?? I just didn't care I wanted to like it because I thought the premise seemed so interesting but it was horrible Every character makes the stupidest decisions you can possibly imagine and there is scarcely a character to even like let alone care about I suppose to be fair I should admit that I hate almost all thrillers but there are intelligent thrillers of this type out there The Eight The Book of so there's just no excuse for using such potentially good material and turning it into something so bad It's officially in my list of the worst books I've ever readTo add to my annoyance I realized after looking at some reviews on that the reader of the audiobook was also pronouncing the German names incorrectly Ugh

  2. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    I have one word that sums up my feelings for this book and unfortunately 90% of The Amber Room's dialogue content Hardly Defined1Only just; almost not; barely We had hardly reached the lake when it started raining hardly any; hardly ever2 not at all; scarcely That report is hardly surprising3 with little likelihood He will hardly come now A few samplesThey didn't have forklifts?HardlyShe motioned to the art A connoisseur?HardlyI'm waiting the female voice saidAnd patience is not one of your virtues?HardlyMaybe it's genetic?HardlyKnoll obviously hadn't sensed her presence thinking he'd rid himself of her in the Atlanta airportNot hardly ChristianThat shaft is hardly big enough for three people to walk throughShe gestured to the blossoms Garden?HardlySounds like you're developing a heart Christian YOU GUESSED IT HardlyGET ANOTHER ADVERBThis story had potential; it really did When I grabbed it off the shelf in Penn Station it was the Nazis stolen art war Acuisitors rich old men willing to kill people and promising villains that intrigued me But somewhere along the way I started realizing that while Amber is pretty and all it was way cooler in Jurassic Park when it fossilized mosuitoes with dinosaur DNA I was also tricked into reading it because the main characters were lawyers doing some very unlawyerly things as Mr Berry himself explained in the cute little interview in the back He likes to break stereotypes he says Well sometimes that sad old stereotype that mothers take care of their kids and don't run off to certain death in Stod at a moment's notice over a hunk of rock may just ring truer than breaking itI like fun globe trotting adventure stories I appreciate research I did not like The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown writes The Amber Room is my kind of thriller Well folks is this my kind of thriller?

  3. C. C. says:

    I bought “The Amber Room” 2003 over ten years ago scooping up bargains of modern releases I rarely read men even though some produce the most beautiful writing; like Farley Mowat and Cleveland Amory Men’s books tend towards violence This novel began with a Nazi torture prologue and contained a sexual assault attempt The male thief was easy to hate and murdered nearly everyone What I appreciated is a puzzle based on reality that spanned Germany Czechoslovakia and Russia It is Steve Berry’s modus operandi to write historical intrigue and if I liked this novel I have othersI enjoyed “The Amber Room” at a three star level To the good Rachel is a judge She and her ex husband Paul take time to like but her war surviving eighty three year old Father Karol is loveable Rachel and Paul discover that Karol and Paul’s parents had ideas about where the famous Russian masterpiece was stashed in 1941 as does as his war surviving loyal Czech friend I saw reviews calling this novel poorly written which removed expectations so that I liked it adeuately It was always action packed not boring What tamped down the thrill is that narrating a villain is a waste of pages for me I want to stick with one protagonist or two and want only their perspectives I waited out chapters of the murderous thief and a slightly likeable woman thiefSecondly Steve did provide a fictional conclusion about the Amber Room but it was not an exciting place; not a triumphant clue following dramatic retrieval that adventure readers seek I loved the twist of befriending an American tycoon who is heroic and not the textbook irritant that he appears to be The grace and heart of Rachel’s beloved Russian Father and his eually loveable old Czech friend came across nicely

  4. Andy Andy says:

    A mediocre novel at best If you're looking for a reasonably entertaining book for a long airplane ride then this might do the trick Otherwise I think there are much better books of this genre out there While the concept of recovering lost art treasures that were looted by the Nazis in WWII is a fascinating one and the historical info about the actual Amber Room is also uite interesting the author just can't put it all together into a compelling story One of the biggest problems is that the protagonists just aren't likable and it doesn't help that by far the most interesting character in the book Karol Borya is killed off very early In fact it's Borya's murder that is the catalyst for the entire storyline of the novel so it's not a spoiler mentioning this here Overall I give the author credit for the concept and for making a valiant attempt at an exciting novel I definitely liked the European locales but the villains know as Acuisitors who scour the world for rare and stolen art treasures for their wealthy employers who act like trained assassins was a bit much I found myself skimming a lot of pages in the final third to get through this one Not horrible but just not that good either

  5. Kristy Lin Billuni Kristy Lin Billuni says:

    I didn't much like DaVinci Code but since I met Steve Berry and liked what he had to say about writing I thought I'd give this one a try I may now be in love with the genre It combines what I love about historical fiction history lessons with another area of learning learning about art and Berry's novel is a much better satisfying read than Dan Brown's

  6. Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic) Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic) says:

    Published 2007Author Steve BerryRecommended for fans of mystery and history fictionThis book caught my attention straight away from the cover to the first paragraph it was a joy to read it It was fast paced and kept you guessing as to what was going to happen next I wouldnt say any of it was predictable it had alot of twist and turns in it I would recommend it for anyone who likes adventure stories and who has an interest in history It is very well written and keeps the reader right until the very end It doesnt skimp on the description it paints a very good picture in the imagination and makes you feel like your their seeing everything happen

  7. Amy Amy says:

    with such a fascinating and real historical subject it's hard to put into words just how horrifyingly awful berry's execution of this story is i noted that a lot of people like this gave it 4 stars even how is this possible?i am tempted though to read of berry's work it's almost inspiring you too people of the world can write and apparently become a best seller

  8. Piyangie Piyangie says:

    A good concept but a weak plot Couldn't like any of the characters And too much of swearing really put me off

  9. Nick Brett Nick Brett says:

    The Amber Room was a treasure looted by the Nazis and lost during the end of WW2 Worth an on line search to understand the background it's uite interestingAnd Steve Berry's debut novel is a thriller based around the story While there are similarities to the many types of book dealing with lost treasures it was refreshing and interesting to have the WW2 elements and for it not to be the usual search for Jesus' sandal Hercules lunch box or the lost MacDonald's of Atlantis Yep we do have a couple involved I think that must be in the unofficial rules and ruthless killers but this is actually well written and well researched The suddenly as rare things will it vanished is a uote from Browning and is used during the book it's an apt and appropriate uoteUS Judge follows the trail of the Amber Room once her father is killed and she discovers he was involved in the search for the room at the back end of the war It appears he had a secret that he kept until his death Judge's estranged husband joins her as they follow the trail through the types of adventures and close calls that we have now come to expect of these booksWell written and uite good fun if you like these kind of things

  10. Jim Jim says:

    Been reading World War II novels and yep here's another one Actually most of the story is set in postwar Europe The story begins at the end of the war and involves one of WWII's biggest mysteries what happened to the fabulous treasure of The Amber Room? This was a room with walls made of exuisite amber panels and including jewels of the Catherine Palace near St Petersburg After the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 they reached the palace then a Soviet museum and looted the amazing treasure and took it to Germany During the Allied bombing of Germany it was hidden away and never seen again In Steve Berry's story an American woman finds some clues to the whereabouts of the Amber Room and begins a treasure hunt for it But she's not the only one as there are ruthless men also looking for it So it's a fast paced thriller with plenty of twists and turns But what I think I like most about this book is that it is based on good research In a short Writer's Note at the end Berry separates fact from fiction and suggests what he thinks actually happened to The Amber Room

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