The Big Box Epub ¾ The Big PDF/EPUB or

The Big Box Epub ¾ The Big PDF/EPUB or

The Big Box [Reading] ➿ The Big Box ➶ Toni Morrison – To make three youngsters Patty Mickey and Liza Sue abide by their rules the grown ups parents teachers and other adults create a world inside a box a world with toys games treats and gifts But all Pat To make three youngsters Patty Mickey and Liza Sue abide by their rules the grown The Big PDF/EPUB or ups parents teachers and other adults create a world inside a box a world with toys games treats and gifts But all Patty Mickey and Liza Sue really want is the freedom to be themselves.

10 thoughts on “The Big Box

  1. Cindy Sa Cindy Sa says:

    The big boxThis book dose not have any cute paintings All of things are painting by an real way In my mind maybe some children will not like it because of the painting style But the content of this books is very wonderful There are three children live inside the big brown box They are Patty and Mickey and Liza Sue They are two girls and one boy Patty is an naughty girl She spoke in the library sang in the class and went to the restroom four times Mickey is a mischievous boy He wrote his name on the mailbox lid sat on the super’s Honda hollered in the hall and played handball Right where the sign not ta Liza is a puckish girl She let the chickens keep their eggs let the suirrels into the fruit trees took the bit from the horse’s mouth and fed honey to the beesPatty’s teachers Mickey’s tenants and Liza’s neighbors sent them to the big brown box Because they are troubles for them These three children give me another feeling not like trouble They are the symbol of all children Children want to play everyday because these are their natural instincts They do not want to stay in a stage all the time Maybe the adults around them just want to keep them healthy safety or anything else But the adults always can ignore children’s feelingsFor example you are a businessman You have lots of work And you have a little kid He or she like making noise singing the songs and speaking the words loudly and he or she wants you to play with he or she each time But you have no time You need to work hard and there are many cases needed to be dealt with At this time you give he or she a doll or a plane and tell him or her ‘Honey Please go back your bedroom and do your homework You play to much If you have already complete your homework you read some books Do not make any noise Dad has lots of work’ After that everything done You can work uietly and you will think your child is very good because he or she can understand you But this is wrong You do not give your children what they want They just want to play The free play time They might think they are the birds and they always need to stay in the cage They are not freedom I think each parent can let their children have some free time Singing loudly making big noises and laughing loudly Please give your children three hours to let them release themselves After that everything will be changed

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    One of my favorite stories My son LOVED to read have this book read to him A book about finding yourself even when everyone else is trying to put you into that same box

  3. Kris Kris says:

    Wonderful message and Morrison’s rhythmic poetry really adds something extra to the text I chose four stars instead of five because it is a bit complex for the picture book audience and I didn’t personally find the art appealing

  4. Janna Janna says:

    Oh wow This is a deep children's book

  5. Kayla Fjellbo Kayla Fjellbo says:

    The Big Box is not your average children's book It starts out with three children playing and their parents don't think they can handle their freedom So they put each child in a big brown box with a door that has three locks and a window that keeps them inside The big box reminds of a psych ward then an actual box that the kids' are inThe illustrations in this book look they were drawn by a child but that's what I love about the book You can tell the author definitely had a kid's brain when writing this This book was written in end rhymes meaning every other sentence's last word rhymed In the parents' eyes the three children can't handle their freedom but in reality the kids' are just playing and being kids

  6. Shandy Htun Shandy Htun says:

    This book tells the stories of Patty Mickey and Liza Sue and how they ended up living in a big box All three of them were extremely active children and as a result the grown ups in their lives decided to put them in a box While they lived in the box the adults gave them things they though kids loved However all the kids want is their own freedom The story is told with almost a song like rhythm and heavy repetition The illustrations are uniue and you can really see the emotions on all of the characters' faces Children would be able to relate to this book because all they want to do is play and be free as they pease

  7. Erika J Erika J says:

    The art in this picturebook isn’t necessarily simple but it isn’t realistic looking either I found it confusing at first how the children looked as though they were in a room when being placed in the big box but then I found it amusing when I saw later in on the book that they came out of the box that they were placed in by people trying to contain their freedom I feel as though the “moral” in this story is to not let anyone “box” you into categories that will have everyone accept you but will betray your sense of freedomself

  8. Betsy Ellor Words Unbound Betsy Ellor Words Unbound says:

    The message in this book is wonderful you can't let people put you in a box just because the way you act makes them nervous Obviously since it's Toni Morrison it's beautifully crafted However I didn't really like the art style it's long and the idea of parents locking their children in a box was something I thought might freak my son out But he proved me wrong and LOVED it He asked me to read it to him 5 times while we had it out from the library He would probably give it 5 stars I would give it 3 so I split the difference with 4

  9. Mary Hollowell Mary Hollowell says:

    The Big Box is really a picture book for grownups The adults in this fable think that they're helping children by keeping them seuestered Instead they should be careful to be neither overprotective nor neglectful This is poetic lesson in the value of letting your kids explore while still providing them with a safe home base It has rhythm a refrain and distinctive illustrations Thanks to Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison for the very important reminder

  10. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    “The Big Box” is a great book because it opens a discussion on the idea of freedom and control and it also can introduce poetry and rhyming This book fits well into poetry and shows different patterns of rhyming every other line and then ending on a rhyme for two lines in a row This can show how poetry isn’t always in the same format and can take different shapes

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