Als U-Boots-Kommandant gegen England PDF/EPUB Ù Als

Als U-Boots-Kommandant gegen England PDF/EPUB Ù Als

Als U-Boots-Kommandant gegen England [Reading] ➶ Als U-Boots-Kommandant gegen England By Georg-Günther von Forstner – This is an EXACT reproduction of a book published before 1923 This IS NOT an OCR'd book with strange characters introduced typographical errors and jumbled words This book may have occasional imperfec This is an EXACT reproduction of a book published before This IS NOT an OCR'd book with strange characters introduced typographical errors and jumbled words This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages poor pictures errant marks etc that were either part of the original artifact or were introduced by the scanning process We believe this work is culturally important and despite the imperfections have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide We appreciate your understanding Als U-Boots-Kommandant Epub / of the imperfections in the preservation process and hope you enjoy this valuable book.

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  1. Debbie Zapata Debbie Zapata says:

    The first book I ever read about submarines was Up Periscope I swiped it from my brother's bookshelves one long ago summer and it made such an impression on me that I begged for it when he was clearing out his library a few years later I have been drawn to books about submarines ever sinceSo when I noticed this title at Gutenberg I was excited to find a book that combined two reading interests submarines and World War I It lurked beneath the surface on my WTR list for awhile after that but I finally got around to reading it and the book turned me into a snooping Googling fiendI was very curious about many things that came up First of all this English language edition available at Gutenberg was published in 1917 while the War was still going on That seemed unusual to me Wouldn't a U boat commander be too busy during war time to write anything other than official reports The original book was published in German of course in 1916 How did the translator a Mrs Russel Codman get her hands on the book and publish this abridged edition just one year later And then there is that word abridged Sigh The original German language edition is also available at Gutenberg with 14 chapters instead of the eight available here What did I missI also wondered about Commander Von Forstner himself Turned out that for two years he was Commander of the very first submarine in the German navy U Boat 1 According to wiki that boat was used for training during this war but our Commander had met her in 1906 and was in charge of her for two years at some unnamed point in time before the war In my prowling about wiki looking for information I found a list of ships sunk by submarine during WWI Von Forstner's name was not listed in the column for commanders and I wondered why until I got to the part in his book where he explained how he took part in the so called Commercial War In other words he was responsible for stopping and then sinking or capturing merchant ships Some were flying false flags others were truly from neutral countries others were from the homeland of 'the hated enemy' Of course at that time the U boats still did a lot of work on the surface and it seemed strange to read about the crew being up on the gun deck getting drenched and sometimes even swept off the deck thank goodness for the ropes which fastened them to the boat during the chase The ship's papers and cargo were checked passengers and crew were evacuated if the decision was made to sink the ship But if the ship's captains ignored the original flag signals to stop running away instead then it was assumed they were hostile carrying 'contraband' and no uarter was given Naturally the British and her allies would see all of this in a different light but this was the German Commander's book not theirs He shares a great deal of information about the activities of a U boat even technical details like how the boat maintains fresh air how it is loaded with supplies all sorts of things that kept me wondering how anyone would approve of this book being published in wartime Or did everyone just assume that no one outside of Germany would ever see it The main action chapters of the book relate the chases and sinkings the Commander was involved in during March of 1915 I found another list that showed all the ships he captured or sunk 24 during the entire war and which boat was his U 28 That was one detail he never mentioned I think he would have been able to write a thrilling novel because he was really almost poetic in his phrasing and ability to paint his word pictures in these chaptersSo I admittedly had a blast with this book between the Commander's journal and all of my cruising Googling I learned a lot about both WWI and U boats And one odd little bit of trivia on that list of ships sunk during WWI one u boat commander's name leaped out at me twice Once for a French ship sunk in April of 1915 and again for an Italian ship sunk in August 1917 The U boat commander was part of the Austria Hungary navy and was named Georg Ritter von Trapp who would become famous in another war for a very different reason Yep the very same von Trapp from The Sound Of Music

  2. Joseph Spuckler Joseph Spuckler says:

    A fun book Unrestricted submarine warfare is a result of British underhandedness The British sailed contraband under foreign flags without that nations permission The British like flying the Spanish flag much to the anger of Spanish ship captains Forstner states the British also flew the American flag which made his job all the difficult For his part Forstner was a complete gentleman and always took care of the safety of passengers and crew of the ship he was sinking Neutral ships were treated well His recounting of the his time at war seems much like a police officer working to keep the streets safe from drugs It is interesting to read an account of someone who deeply believed in his cause and yet lost Good book with a story that is not in your standard history books

  3. Thom Swennes Thom Swennes says:

    Journal of Submarine Commander von Forstner is an autobiographical account of Germany’s first U boat commander The book reeks of a nostalgia that was prevalent around the beginning of the Twentieth Century As an officer in the German Imperial Navy he served his country and his Keiser well One of the first things that strikes the reader 100 years after the writing is how much submarines and that branch of the service has changed His somewhat naïve approach to and thoughts of war are hard to believe He saw the war WWI and his part in it as men who had never actually participated in armed conflict of the previous centuries saw it noble and gallant where honor and fair play actually played a roll He showed his Germanic mentality in his belief that everything German was in some way superior and he was anything but modest As a history lover I never the less enjoyed the book and would recommend it to other history lovers

  4. Adhoc Adhoc says:

    An interesting read if you are into the history of submarines Hospital ships were fair game at the time BRITISH HOSPITAL SHIP GLOUCESTER CASTLE SHOWING RED CROSS ON BOWSUNK IN THE ENGLISH CHANNEL BY A GERMAN SUBMARINERead it at Gutenberg

  5. Peter J. Peter J. says:

    Really enjoyed this The Germans were not bad guys in wwi

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