New Stories from the South 2010 PDF ↠ New Stories

New Stories from the South 2010 PDF ↠ New Stories

  • ebook
  • 401 pages
  • New Stories from the South 2010
  • Amy Hempel
  • English
  • 07 July 2016
  • 9781616200237

10 thoughts on “New Stories from the South 2010

  1. Marc Faoite Marc Faoite says:

    This is a fantastic collection of short stories from some of America's most prestigious literary journals and some of it's most talented writers some famous some less well known Highly recommended I'll be looking for other editions in the series

  2. Douglas Lord Douglas Lord says:

    I read short stories because they are A short and B that's all I can handle at the end of a long fricking day sometimes OK Hoss? So get off my back NSFTS is a mixed bag; there seems to be a lot of misery in this New South located somewhere outside Saginaw MI BTW Swamps miscarriages arsonists floods angry stupid people angry stupid teenagers and really poor drivers Like many contemporary short stories these often go nowhere And what they lack in movement growth and evolution is not made up by incisive perceptions These authors present slices of unfamiliar lives in ways that are accessible but also uite particular to the writer Sometimes like in Bret Anthony Johnston's Caiman a five page bang little gem it's fine But the standing still thing ruins so many others like Ann Pancake's anybody for flapjacks? overly long Arsonists and particularly Tim Gautreaux's Idols where a fascinating premise—typewriter repairman inherits crumbling mansion hires rebounding tattooed yokel to fix it—stretches on and on but goes nowhere It could have been beautifulFind reviews of books for men at Books for Dudes Books for Dudes the online reader's advisory column for men from Library Journal Copyright Library Journal

  3. Karen Karen says:

    If you are not reading this annual publication there is something seriously wrong with you The beauty of the short story is that it's short you can dip into this volume of great fiction by writers with a Southern connection at will Read the last one first skip around Whatever Just read and enjoy some of the best writing from 2010 Once you start you'll find it hard to stop and yet you'll want to pause to think on what you just read before jumping into the next selection Some stories are gritty while others are hilarious Most interesting is what each author has to say or not say about the genesis of his or her story I've been reading this series for several years now and can't wait for the 2011 edition appear on the bookshelves I'm even on the search for earlier volumes that were published before I discovered it for myself Enjoy

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    Notes for myself not really a review sorry folks WORTH REREADINGBrad Watson Noon VisitationDanielle Evans Someone Ought to Tell Her There's Nowhere To Go Miley Cyrus Irai vet mall schemeMegan Mayhew Bergman The Cow That Milked Herself veterinarians pregnancyEmily uinlan The Green Belt party gone bad uick smartStepehn Marion The Coldest Night of the Twentieth Century prison outbreak Lysol drunkPadgett Powell Cry For Help From France self explanatoryKenneth Calhoun Night Blooming young man in the Dixie Land bandLaura Lee Smith This Trembling Earth Okeefanokee Swamp escapeauthors worth investigating Bret Anthony Johnson Adam Atlas Ann Pancake

  5. Wendy Schauben Wendy Schauben says:

    I loved this collection My favorite short stories were the deep and depressing pieces like Evans “Someone Ought To Tell Her There’s Nowhere To Go” and Pederson’s “Small and Heavy World” One of the lessons I learned while reading these short stories is the importance of character development Especially when writing or reading a short story the character needs to stand outto grow or to fall For example in Rash’s “The Ascent” Jared a young boy of 10 realizes his parents are addicted to meth Throughout the novel the reader watches as Jared comes to the conclusion that his parents are headed towards death Jared both rises and falls at the end of the story by killing himself in an abandoned plane to go to “the place they were all headed”

  6. Mark Bell Mark Bell says:

    The entire collection is deserving of a read Other reviews have selected and explained their reasons for highlighting favorite stories and I have one as wellNightblooming by Kenneth Calhoun deserves extra kudos for his choice of narrator characters and plot An outsider with only one thing in common with the groupmakes for the perfect narrator He stands aloof from the plot at times and other times the plot forces him into the group interaction A masterful tale of lining up to die Old age sucks His characters know it his narrator learns it and most importantly so does the reader

  7. Stephen Dorneman Stephen Dorneman says:

    A solid collection of stories make up the 25th annual version of this anthology Highlights include Kenneth Calhoun's NIGHTBLOOMING Aaron Gwyn's DRIVE and Megan Mayhew Bergman's THE COW THAT MILKED HERSELF I read this than five years after they were first published but unlike some Best Of collections all of these stories sit in a Southern state of timelessness that is well worth your attention today

  8. Tuck Tuck says:

    adam atlas is good but my god these stories are super sad super graphic some gems but cut you like broken glass the kind that hurts amy hempel you're one sick puppy which is a good thing i guess keep up the good work now i gotta go get a bandaid

  9. Aran Aran says:

    Liked this collection than Best American and probably than PenO'Henry several repeats from those anthologies in here Liked Discovered America and This Trembling Earth and Nightblooming And definitely NOT Drive Story stories with nothing to prove

  10. Elizabeth Ruth Elizabeth Ruth says:

    Zomg yum yum yum I am now officially committed to reading this series every year This is a particularly good collection I try to get rid of books after I have read them but I will be hanging on to this book

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New Stories from the South 2010[PDF] ✪ New Stories from the South 2010 By Amy Hempel – Over the past twenty five years New Stories from the South has published the work of now well known writers including James Lee Burke Andre Dubus Barbara Kingsolver John Sayles Joshua Ferris and Abrah Over the past from the Kindle Ø twenty five years New Stories from the South has published the work of now well known writers including James Lee Burke Andre Dubus Barbara Kingsolver John Sayles Joshua Ferris and Abraham Verghese New Stories ePUB Ò and nurtured the talents of many others including Larry Brown Jill McCorkle Brock Clarke Lee Smith and Daniel WallaceThis twenty fifth volume reachs out beyond the South to one of the most acclaimed short story writers Stories from the Epub ß of our day Guest editor Amy Hempel admits I've always had an affinity for writers from the South and in her choices she's identified the most inventive heartbreaking and chilling stories being written by Southerners all across the countryFrom the famous Rick Bass Wendell Berry Elizabeth Spencer Wells Tower Padgett Powell Dorothy Allison Brad Watson to the finest new talents Amy Hempel has selected twenty five of the best most arresting stories of the past year The collection is proof of the enduring vitality of the short form and the vigor of this ever changing yet time honored series.

About the Author: Amy Hempel

Amy Hempel is from the Kindle Ø an American short story writer journalist and university professor at Brooklyn College Hempel was a former student of Gordon Lish who eventually helped her publish her first collection of short stories Hempel New Stories ePUB Ò has been published in Harper's Vanity Fair G and Bomb She is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship as well as the Ambassador Book Award in the Rea Award for.