Totally Frank: The Autobiography of Frank Lampard eBook

Totally Frank: The Autobiography of Frank Lampard eBook

Totally Frank: The Autobiography of Frank Lampard [Download] ➼ Totally Frank: The Autobiography of Frank Lampard By Frank Lampard – Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard charts his life story from childhood to young West Ham apprentice to multi millionaire world footballing celebrity and lynchpin of the national team In his Chelsea and England The Autobiography ePUB ´ footballer Frank Lampard charts his life story from childhood to young West Ham apprentice to multi millionaire world footballing celebrity and lynchpin of the national team In his book Lampard opens up on his early years how he dealt with the fame and fortune Totally Frank: Kindle - that has come his way since becoming a key member of the England side his frank opinions on former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson and his manager at Chelsea Jose Mourinho fascinating insights into Roman Abramovich and revealing tales on his current team mates He reveals both the Frank: The Autobiography PDF/EPUB ë privileges and the pressures of being one of the 'golden generation' of England players He gives a fascinating inside account of World Cup in Germany and describes the disappointment of not fulfilling the dream of bringing the biggest prize in football back to England.

10 thoughts on “Totally Frank: The Autobiography of Frank Lampard

  1. Maddie Coulson Maddie Coulson says:

    This would have to be one of my favourite books i read it whilst i was in france and found it very hard to put down I love this personal effect of the book he really goes into alot of detail describing his horrible times at West ham and then moving onto Chelsea Its an enjoyable and uite easy read i would recommend this to anyone who is a Frank Lampard fan This is my favourite autobiography

  2. Nicholas Carpenito Nicholas Carpenito says:

    I had to set my kindle to a fake London address and jump through some technology hoops to be able to download this book from the USA being as at least when I had a kindle did not let you download foreign market books Lampard is my favorite athlete and I wanted to read this book The book itself was poorly written It read like a high school essay but when you're reading a book written by a career athlete don't expect it to be reading Dostoevsky That being said I actually enjoyed it much than any other sports book I've read His stories were entertaining I feel like there were things I learned from this book I wouldn't have gotten from going to his wikipedia page and it was an overall amusing read This won't be a classic but if you like Chelsea or Lampard then I recommend reading it Corny title aside Frank did a pretty damn good job here

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    I love love Frank Lampard He is such a real person and had such a hard road to get the success he has in footballsoccer I loved this book I also love it because I read it while in Cabo It will always have a special place in my heart because of that

  4. Stephanie Post Stephanie Post says:

    Super Frank

  5. Gheorghe Cazacu Gheorghe Cazacu says:

    The book is very good In it the reader learns many little known facts about childhood and the first years of a footballer named Frank Lampard the son of Frank Lampard Until now I did not know this fact that he was the son of assistant coach Frank Lampard and the nephew of the head coach of the team Harry Redknapp and was hated for this This is the best example not only in sports but also in lifeThis autobiography is uite old one May be Chelsea's actual head coach should think about a a continuation of this autobiography The book covers Lampard's performances just until the end of 2006 World Cup in Germany The book starts with Frank remembering his missed penalty against Portugal That evening at the hotel I was watching my penalty Bamsaved Bamsaved approximate uote because I went through the audio book That experience was awful for the future UEFA Champions League winner and Chelsea's all time greatest top scorer 211 goals A huge achievement for a midfielder Frank Lampard Jr appeared to be sensitive to critics at least in his first years but also he was very confident he mentioned this fact a lot in his book and this fact is clear for everyone who has watched his Chelsea's performances I recommend this book to all those who are interested in sports psychology and in football background stories Hope you'll enjoy the lecture

  6. Adam Adam says:

    A very well written autobiography which encompasses Frank's early life up until the end of the 2006 World Cup It is an extremely personal account of his experience as a West Ham youth player hounded by his own fans through to being a Chelsea Premiership player and voted the second best player in the world The story of his time as West Ham is uite informative and opens up a side of anguish not seen before with many people citing the way West Ham treated his Dad for his leaving but Frank explains that the way he was treated whilst giving his all was than enough reason to move on Recently I had read Proud Man Walking by Claudio Ranieri and reading this and comparing the two is really insightful Frank at times is uite hard on himself but he is unuestionably one of if not the best midfielders to ever play in the Premier League era It would be interesting to read his views on the experiences he has had after 2006 where he played for Chelsea for 8 years winning another Premier League Title and the Champions League

  7. T A T A says:

    There’s a lot of good and interesting insight into one of England’s best midfielders but there’s also a lot of rambling and constant repetition especially in the first half of the book It seems to go in a constant loop about West Ham fans saying how they booed him then listing what they called him then talking about how he wanted to escape from Harry and his Dads shadow then how hard he worked then Rio and back to moaning about West Ham fans again It just seemed like this loop went on for a good 50 pages with no real context When purchasing this book I wasn’t aware of when this was actually released so I was slightly disappointed when it didn’t touch on his time in America and playing for Man City especially when scoring against Chelsea

  8. Absalom Alila Absalom Alila says:

    I really enjoyed getting behind the curtains and seeing what life for Frank Lampard one of the most respectable and decorated footballers of my lifetime was like growing up and growing olderFrank really describes the human side of a top athlete Family pressure criticism from the press having a whole top club and national teams hopes on your shoulders and finding a reason to continue marching amidst all that He also does a fantastic job of bringing out why it's all worth it

  9. Nick Nick says:

    Who writes an autobiography at the age of 28 half way through his astonishing careerI wanted to hear his two cents about his disallowed goal for England in South Africa I wanted to read about him winning Champions League I wanted to read about Chelsea letting him go none of that being in this book I'm very very disappointed

  10. Sidd Srinivasan Sidd Srinivasan says:

    The flow of the narrative is choppy at times but that is what makes it feel honest and coming from Lampard himself It all feels a little strange given the book finishes in 2006 when Lampard is only 28 and he still ends up playing for another 10 years and wins the champions league etc so it only feels like a partial storyMaybe because of that the end feels kind of abrupt

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