Paperback Þ Ellen Tebbits Kindle Ú

Paperback Þ Ellen Tebbits Kindle Ú

Ellen Tebbits ❰Download❯ ➵ Ellen Tebbits Author Beverly Cleary – If Ellen Tebbits had one wish it would be that she and Austine Allen were friends again The two girls had been best friends starting from the day at dancing school when they discovered they had an awf If Ellen Tebbits had one wish it would be that she and Austine Allen were friends again The two girls had been best friends starting from the day at dancing school when they discovered they had an awful secret in common But the secret wasn't so awful once they shared it From then on Ellen and Austine shared all kinds of secrets and adventures On the first day of fourth grade they even wore identical dresses so they'd look like twins But that day they had a terrible uarrel Ellen slapped Austine They didn't talk to each other any Ellen knew it was her fault and she missed her friend terribly But she didn't know how to begin to say she was sorry.

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Ellen Tebbits
  • Beverly Cleary
  • English
  • 22 October 2016

About the Author: Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary born April is the author of over books for young adults and children Her characters are normal children facing challenges that many of us face growing up and her stories are liberally laced with humour Some of her best known and loved characters are Ramona uimby and her sister Beatrice Beezus Henry Huggins and Ralph S MouseBeverly Cleary was born Beverly At.

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  1. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    Beverly Cleary turns 100 this year 3 We read ELLEN TEBBITS to celebrate Discussion on Monday 41116 if you'd like to join us

  2. Calista Calista says:

    Beverly Cleary is a national treasure for early middle grade chapter books I read this uick read for the first time and it was amusing I like Ellen and I can relate to her realness but spoiled rotten Otis steals the show He is the perfect antagonistEllen is looking for a friend and she bonds with Austine over being forced to wear long winter underwear I'm glad this is no longer a thing Still it makes for some comedy gold Ellen is learning the complexities of having a friend I do wonder why this didn't take off like Ramona did I think this is good stuff too There is a book about Otis Ramona stole the show later and I would have liked to hear from Ellen at some point too It is a bit dated and a bit timeless It is certainly an easier time for girls than now days with horrible bullying in 1st grade and onward I'm glad I read this

  3. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

    Ellen Tebbits is the antithesis of Ramona uimby at the same age She and her nemesis Otis Spofford where did Cleary get these names? attend a different school in the same town but their lives couldn't be different The uimbys and the Hugginses are clearly working class folks who live on an economic knife's edge while Ellen lives in a big old house full of nice things with a perfectionist mom who cares about her nice clean floor than about teaching her daughter cooking skills Fathers are conspicuously absent from the Tebbits and Spofford households getting never a mention; you don't know if they're off at work all the time or in Otis' case simply not there Otis' mom runs the local dancing school; how well I remember those dancing school mothers Like Ramona I wasn't in the dancing school echelon of our small town but Ellen and Austine certainly are While physically very similar to Ramona brown straight hair brown eyes makes you wonder what Cleary looked like as a child; no blonde blue eyed Barbiedoll princess heroines she is very much the only child worrier tidy uptight seeking approval from adults at every turn Without Ramona's wild imagination and uestioning attitude toward the world around her Ellen just wants to fit inHer previous playmate having moved away Ellen's at a loose end until she meets Austine those names again the new girl in town She and Ellen join forces against obnoxious Otis and Ellen learns about the ups and downs of being a BFF I like the fact that Cleary's heroines are normal little girls who make mistakes get dirty tear their clothes and hurt other people's feelings without meaning to They also get upset and learn from getting the corners knocked off their tidy existences sometimes It may have been published in the fifties but in smalltown rural America it was still valid in the sixties Yes there was a school dresscode until about 1974; girls had to wear skirts to class and in the winter tights to keep from freezing as the janitor wore long underwear and set the school thermostat accordingly Yes we played cowboys and watched Maverick and Rawhide and Gunsmoke and Bonanza and later on in the early seventies it was Texas Rangers and Alias Smith and Jones After that it was all Indian mocassins which my mother wouldn't buy for me because they didn't last and bluejeans which I wasn't allowed to wear either America changed but born in 1924 she did not Very uick read even for its projected age group 8 9 yrs

  4. Irene Irene says:

    I have clear memories of reading this book as a child But interestingly reading it as an adult it mostly just struck me as old fashioned Even though it's set in about the same time period as the Ramona and Henry Huggins books it just seemed out of date while the Ramona and Henry Huggins series seem timeless Many of the anecdotes take place within classrooms and I was so surprised to find myself feeling that the classroom dynamics were inappropriate even though they reminded me of just what my own elementary school days were like For example rather than assigning and rotating job duties fairly among all students which is the norm in today's classrooms the teachers simply handpicked students to do special jobs making the students who were never chosen feel as though the teacher didn't like them There was another kind of childhood injustice depicted in the book that I think is still uite prevalent today More than once Ellen is called out for whispering in dance class even though she is only trying to respond to Otis's bad behavior by asking him to stop Ellen gets disciplined but Otis does not I remember feeling wronged as a child when I was disciplined for doing something bad while the other child who started it got away with their bad behavior Like Ellen I didn't dare speak up to defend myself and even if I did it would probably have been seen as talking back to the adult or tattling on the other student I know that both my kids have experienced this type of ineuity already and at the very least I like that this book shows them that they are not the only ones who are sometimes treated unfairly due to a misunderstanding or an adult's incomplete view of a situation Or as in Ellen's case perhaps a true bias as the instigator Otis was the dance teacher's son Anyway I think Ellen and Austine's friendship was realistic and on the one hand I think it's nice for children to read about all kinds of relationship dynamics so they get to understand that a whole range of experiences including fighting with friends is normal On the other hand though I really disliked the way Austine so uickly replaced Ellen and what would become of Linda after Ellen and Austine made up? Still I really liked that Ellen and Austine resolved everything between themselves not just apologizing but also fairly understanding the other person's point of view

  5. Brenda Brenda says:

    Originally posted at Log Cabin LibraryI read Ellen Tebbits over and over until the edges of the book were so dog eared and the cover started to come off the spine I really identified with Ellen growing up especially her desire to have a best friend that she could share all of her secrets with Being an Army brat and middle child I grew up pretty lonely most of the time Sure there were plenty of kids around I even had my two sisters but just as you get to know someone we had to move again And with one sister being five years older and the other four years younger you were either to young or to old to play with It really wasn't until ninth grade that I first met my forever best friend It was at the time where my dad retired and we started to what I like to call put down roots Like Ellen we both worried about what other people thought of us Me for wearing hand me downs Ellen cause her underwear bunched in the middle during dance class This also happens to be one of my favorite scenes I'm probably setting myself up to be the black sheep on this one but I always loved the scene where Ellen is in ballet class trying to do the warm ups and Otis is imitating her movements Otis is meant to be seen as teasing Ellen but he never says anything to her He just moves like she does hitching and leaping and clutching For Ellen this is terrifying because she doesn't want those bunching underwear to slide Yet I couldn't get the image of Otis in his spurs and double barrels of guns at his hips out of my mind It's kinda ridiculous that he is trying to do ballet in spurs but somehow also funny to me Yes I feel horrible for Ellen who must be mortified but he is uite something Secretly I always imagined that he was kinda jealous of all the attention that the girls got from his mother and perhaps what he wanted was to join in on the dance and not necessarily tease Ellen But I'm pretty sure Otis is well known for his teasing re reading Ellen Tebbits made me a little nervous at first You know will your favorite hold up? And happily for me it does Ellen does make a terrible mistake with her new friend for which she eventually makes amend for and Austine is such a wonderful girl that you can't help and love Re reading Ellen was a lovely trip down memory lane to a time where you can walk two houses over to a friends house ride your bike into town go out for an ice cream cone or even like in Ellen's case clap erasers with your best friend I'll be picking up Otis Spofford and Ramona to read next

  6. Iva Iva says:

    What a delight to revisit this The woolen underwear the independence of children to walk to each other's houses and of course the polite respect for parents and teachers Most of the experience is in the classroom or dance class Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday can be celebrated by listening to this Andrea Martin delivers just the right emphasis; a charming experience

  7. Henry Martin Henry Martin says:

    A wonderful tale of childhood innocence of fitting in at school of making friends and avoiding boys who at that age are just yucky What makes this book special is Beverly Cleary's signature style of portraying children as children with all their angst their fun and their awkward moments Every child can probably relate to the situations portrayed in this book Recommended

  8. Olivia "So many books--so little time."" Olivia "So many books--so little time."" says:

    This was one of my favorite books when I was in the third grade

  9. Asho Asho says:

    I was a huge Beverly Cleary fan in my childhood and this was my very favorite of her books I must have read this at least a dozen times and this summer it was fun to share it with my son My mom read it to S and I listened in and we all enjoyed it Ellen's adventures are fun Otis still makes me laugh and I think that this book holds up really well for being as old as it is it was my mother's favorite Beverly Cleary book when she was young too

  10. Myrna Myrna says:

    I love Beverly Cleary and ballet so it was a great book Myrna age 7

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