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  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    I think that the issue with this particular book is that everyone is constantly comparing artists' work with what they have already done This book seems a fairy tale to me with all the highly contrasted lightness and darkness that fairy tale implies Comparing a fairy tale with the mystical and passionate arrangement of Griffin and Sabine seems a bit shortsighted to me I would advise that people take Bantock's tale as the stylized affair that it is and enjoy it with no expectations beyond what the book brings itselfThat being said I found this story charming and refreshing Personally I cannot seem to get enough modern fairy tales perhaps it is only through their stylized rendering of life that I can be permitted to escape from the weight of the world for long enough to dust myself off before the next frayAs always I look forward what surprises Bantock's next offering may hold

  2. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Mmm an interesting book I've always been drawn no pun intended to the art of Nick Bantock and his use of the medium in his books This is the first novel of his that I've read and judging from the reviews of others it seems that I was wise to read it before his other worksThis story of a young woman's path to self discovery is not a new tale But the way in which Bantock tells it is uite different It captured my interest from the start And while it didn't always make sense to me I still enjoyed it Yes the fact that our protagonist Ana so easily seemed to fall into the arms of her various suitors was a tad silly and unbelievable Also the timeframe was ambiguous perhaps deliberately so which served to make the story somewhat bewildering at times But it came together in the end

  3. Janet Janet says:

    I am reluctant to spoil the pleasure for other readers Let me just say that the jacket blurb doesn’t do justice If you love a beautiful fantasy story weaving self discovery with myth and the influence or neglect of gods in mortal passions then I encourage you to pick it up If you love dance music lightening flight fire love destiny; any of these then this tale is for you So beautiful in every way This book is a treasure and I will love visiting again and again I bought this on a whim The paper is thick the illustrations lovely it smells wonderful Yes I buy books sometimes just because I love the smell 👌🏻 perfect

  4. Laura Patterson Laura Patterson says:

    I did not expect to like this novel as much as I did It was like reading a legend that teaches a moral story Ana had so many loves in her life but she had to learn to control herself in order to lead her people onward into the future Each character offered Ana a chance to gain wisdom

  5. Diana Diana says:

    Ana travels in search of a way to help her people get back to their nomadic life

  6. Mir Mir says:

    Having very much enjoyed the Gryphon and Sabine books I was disappointed by how lacklustre this novel was We are told that the protagonist Ana is gifted dancer and musician whose destiny is to find magnetic line of the earth dance that will forceinspire her gypsy like people to stop living comfy settled lives and get back on the road They don't want to be nomads but they are descended from wandering monks who married lost orphan girls so it is all spiritual and crap for them to travel and we are supposed to accept that it is Wrong of them to settle down So it is totally fine for Ana to jilt her unsuspecting fiance at the wedding service and dash off into the woods to find the special dance teacher her grandfather told her about At this point one might expect her to encounter some hardships a la standard uesting literature but no she basically has a long walk arrives at the city and is immediately befriended by a well off and trustworthy woman who finds her a decent job and an apartment By the next day she has handsome suitors and friends who all seem to buy her things Her main hardships seem to be 1 annoying drunks at the place where she waits tables and 2 lovers who are enthralled by her beauty and don't realize by telepathy that she has lost interest overnight Hey guys that's what happens when you give it up too easily didn't your mama tell you? We keep hearing how beautiful talented and special Ana is but she never comes across as particularly nice interesting or possessed of other traits to make a worthwhile main character She really seemed to me of an average pretty rather spoiled girl who didn't seem to grow much over the course of the story It's like the author tried to make a mythopoetic epic out of a Sweet Valley High story Also the writing wasn't great The whole thing is from Ana's point of view but it switches back and forth from 1st to 3rd person for no reason I could discern In short Nick Bantock I really like your visual art and think you should stick to that

  7. Shivanee Ramlochan Shivanee Ramlochan says:

    Excerpted from the full reviewI was seduced once Part of that seduction was the gift of the incomparable Griffin and Sabine books a multilayered visually arresting collection of the correspondence shared by two extraordinary magically linked soulmates Is it any wonder then that my heart skipped a beat when I spied the lushly presented Chronicle Books hardcover Windflower nestled between two monotonous bestsellers at my local library? Since catapulting myself headfirst in love with Griffin and Sabine I’d added everything Nick Bantock has ever written to my must explore list This was a book about which I’d been breathlessly excited so I found a uiet nook of the library and Laura Marling crooning whisper low through my headphones I lost myself in another of Nick Bantock’s compelling — albeit decidedly less so — creative offerings Windflower is Ana’s story She is a young woman skilled in the cante jondo who seeks to restore the life preserving nomadic spirit to her people the Capolan who have become distressingly landlocked through choice over the years With none of her tribespeople except her sage grandfather able to discern that her impending marriage would be disastrous to her future dreams of rejuvenating the Capolan through dance Ana flees her village She runs to the seaport town of Serona in search of Felix Bulerias the man she’s been told can guide her in her uest to channel the inner fires of her dance Instead she encounters four very different men each intoxicating and mysterious in his own manner By turns enchanted perplexed and emboldened by Serona’s exotic wares and compelling figures and haunted by the dual burden privilege of her responsibility to her people can Ana discover herself in her greatest passion of all – her connection to the Eternal Dance?You can continue reading my full review of Windflower at Novel Niche

  8. Sonya S Sonya S says:

    Oh Nick Bantock how disappointed I was in you for this book The one thing that really kept me going throughout was the illustrationdesign on the bottom of each page Even then Mr Bantock your art in the Griffin and Sabine series far outshines this Perhaps in your desire to write a coming of age tale you forgot that the audience likes to find common ground with the in this case heroine? For indeed I found that she was flawless completely and utterly flawless Removing her flaws certainly removed her humanity the girl was too perfect to exist in real life and practically every male that she met desired her in some way She has the amazing fortune of having everything in the novel fall into her lap from a job to room and board The uest that your heroine had undertaken I thought was severely underdeveloped It seemed that was spoken of her romantic encounters and said encounters did not change or seem to affect your heroine in any significant way The resolution of the book was meaningless to me as again I cared little for the heroine or her uest Indeed sir I charge you with creating what is known online as a Mary Sue This strikes me as of a pity for you have shown us in other books what you are truly capable of producing in works of fiction Wallflower had the potential to be truly intriguing intricate moving novel about the changes a young woman goes through to find herself and save her people As it was it was merely a novel about a two dimensional character and her amazing good fortune as she literally danced through life That is not real sir That is not thought provoking nor moving It is merely irritatingPS Was it really necessary to switch the POV every chapter? The answer sir is that no no it was not The girl didn't have any thoughts that were particularly interesting to read

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I read a lot of Nick Bantock books in high school and picked this one up last week wondering what he'd been up to since then I was pretty disappointed The main appeal of his books had always been the artwork which in this book was limited to little designs across the bottom of each page They didn't add to the story and I basically ignored them The story itself was underwhelming and revolved around the romantic liaisons of the main character If I wanted to read about a girl caught in a love triangle I'd stick with Twilight I get that it was supposed to be some kind of allegory but that doesn't make it much betterA few years ago I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho based on a friend's glowing recommendation It was probably the most boring insipid thing I'd ever read The whole point of the story was that you should let your fatethe universe guide you through life to find your personal legend and treasure which involved actual literal treasure Windflower reminded me too much of that book Young innocent sheltered girl embarks on a journey Everyone helps her on her way and wants to be her friend or lover or confidant even though she exhibits few actual personality traits cough Twilight cough She discovers herself sexually which is obviously the key facet of every woman's personal development and she eventually achieves what she set out to do but not in the way she expected And not a whole lot actually happensI mean the tribe's conflict between settling in one place versus moving on was interesting and relevant to me but the book didn't really delve into it And I guess it was mildly interesting to see the different types of relationships she had with different people But on the whole it's not worth reading

  10. Alison Alison says:

    This book a story of a young gypsy womans search of self discovery both for herself and her Capolan people Her Grandfather feels that she has the power to lead her nomadic people back to their traditions that she could be like the old tale about the dancer who heard the earths cante and guided their ancestors across the continent By the time Ana was born the Capolan had become a splintered clan fractured into small groups slowly losing their spiritual memory their self respect and their principals of tribal movement This story takes place in an unfamiliar setting we are never sure of where it is a fictitious area of Spain and It has elements of present day but could be from any time period Ana has a passion for dance and playing the flute Fleeing her people on her wedding day Ana sets off in search of a man she feels should be her teacher Felix Bulerias and who may have the answers she is seeking She wants to learn the Cante jondo a Spanish Gypsy song also known as a deeply moving variety of Flamenco which has a deep melodic side During her journey she meets a woman Halle who becomes a good friend and mentor and four men who either want something from her or want to teach her something The element of wind plays a big part in her and her peoples life This was definitely an interesting story which takes us into a world of the ordinary and the mysticalI loved this authors books the Griffin and Sabine series where the story is told through beautiful postcards and these books had beautiful art work

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Windflower A Novel [Reading] ➿ Windflower A Novel Author Nick Bantock – With the same romance and drama that put his Griffin Sabine saga on the New York Times best seller list for over 100 weeks selling three million copies in 12 international editions Nick Bantock presen With the same romance and drama that put his Griffin Sabine saga on the New York Times best seller list for over weeks selling three million copies in international editions Nick Bantock presents an unforgettable story of one woman's journey to Windflower A PDF/EPUB or self discovery Ana a striking young dancer is promised in marriage to a man she doesn't love No one understands her reluctance to wed After all isn't Marco a fine man Won't the union of their two families benefit her people And yet Guided by her heart and forces she does not yet recognize she flees to the exotic port of Serona in search of Felix Bulerias a man reputed to have the answers she seeks But along the way the attentions of four unusual men threaten to lure Ana in directions that she could never have fathomedand lead her down a path of sensuality and understanding beyond any she could ever have imagined Bantock's compelling narrative is accompanied by over masterful color collages that form a frieze throughout Brimming with myth and intrigue Windflower is sure to enchant Nick Bantock fans the world over.