Blood and Chocolate Kindle ô Blood and MOBI :Ú

Blood and Chocolate Kindle ô Blood and MOBI :Ú

  • Hardcover
  • 335 pages
  • Blood and Chocolate
  • Annette Curtis Klause
  • German
  • 04 September 2015
  • 9783453266919

10 thoughts on “Blood and Chocolate

  1. karen karen says:

    this is not a float i have been ordered to edit this review to include something necessaryi was watching the runaways last week and in the bonus feature interviews dakota fanning was all wide eyed exclaiming how she was so excited to finally get to act in a period pieceand i died a little insidebut so this book from 1997 predates twilight but somehow it involves a werewolf love story WHAAAAAT??? her previous novel silver kiss from 1992 is about a vampire suspicious so to dakota fanning these books are practically vintage and would be the historico literary predecessors to the sparkly ones the kids are loving todayit's all about perspectivei never considered werewolves to be sexy the shedding the dogbreath the teeth and claws; just not my particular fetish however the way this young teenage shewolf describes the changes her body undergoes during the full moon woah hot stuff even when she is in human form she completely owns her sexuality and is aggressive and believes herself to be the most beautiful thing on either two or four legs until her human lover sees her change and does not agree with her ideas of beauty this is like a dude i dated once who wished i would dress feminine when i used to only wear combat boots and assorted badasseryand i didn't change then but now i only wear dressestoo late for you guy but i still say fuck you cichowicz fuck your standards of beautyi have given up writing on point reviews dealbut so werewolvesthis book is actually uite good i may have to give it an extra star because there were a lot of elements i liked in it and i had to read so many just mediocre books last week this one is surely one star better than most of them she is an excellent stylist and i was very glad she did not give the expected ending but was willing to disappoint a whole lot of lovestruck teenie girls with the appropriate ending it also has one of the most romantic mid coital lines i want to lay my kill at your feet this makes me swoonbut makes elizabeth roll her eyes and scoff maybe you have to read all the surrounding clawing and nipping and rolling around on the bed bits science fact learned from this book when two werewolves bang they can either be human or wolf or some sort of inbetween convenienti don't know what else but any teen fiction book that starts out with uotes from both hesse and kipling has gotta be good right?? right??? add to that a vicious female protagonist who will literally claw your eyes out if you get in her way and i think we have a winner also suspicious is the mother in this book is named esmé like the mother in that tremendously popular teen vampire series; a name i used to love salinger is forever sullied for me thanks supernatural teen fiction moms i have been told you really CANNOT write a review of a book with that title and NOT include some reference to Elvis CostelloI suggest this link please go add this to your review nowwoof i obey connorcome to my blog

  2. Cory Cory says:

    Just a note of warning I didn't like Blood and Chocolate I read it on a high recommendation from a friend and it bored me to tears But I persevered hoping it would get better It didn'tOur protagonist Vivian looks kinda like Megan Fox only blonde Vivian thinks of men like they're meat Here are a few of her thoughts that we're privy to A female on the loose was a dangerous creature; she could challenge another bitch for a male she fancied Some of those male eyes strayed to Vivian too and she preened at the thought of being a threat She and Esmé exchanged knowing looks their lips plumpcurved and smug andShe was staring she knew but his face was delicious His eyes were amused and dreamy as if observing life from the outside and finding it vaguely funny He seemed languid not intense like the Five those jangly nervy twitching suirming fighting snapping sharp edged creatures who demanded so much from her She noticed his tall dancers frame and his long fingered hands and the thought crossed her mind that she would enjoy him touching herandThe boy to Aiden's left noticed her first He was a burly blond with a good natured face and eyes that glazed over slightly at her approach Vivian couldn't resist she winked and his cheeks turned pink It was so easy The other kid wearing some kind of funny lopsided haircut kept on yakking away but the girl looked over and wrinkled her nose She was small with close cropped dark hair the sort of girl that wore black stockings even on days like theseI'll put a few runs in those tights honey if you look at me like that again Vivian promised silentlyWe're not dealing with a girl of astounding intelligence here In this universe werewolves only have two goals to kill things and to sleep with things Notice I said things in both categories I don't think these werewolves are very particular Our love interest is Aiden a rebellious Satan worshiping faux emo Yes you read that right Our other love interest is Gabriel a twenty four year old weirdo He reminds me of Edward only creepier You think Edward was a creeper? Check out what Gabe does to sixteen year old Vivian Or His hand lashed out grabbed her and whipped her into his arms where he held her tight We can take it fast and rough His mouth came down on hers and his hot tongue parted her lips She pulled back but he caught her hair in his fist and pressed her close She pushed on his chest and struggled in his arms but he wouldn't let go Damn him she thought tears formingI don't want fierce I want gentleThis doesn't seem very romantic to me This guy makes Jacob Sam and Edward look like cushy Teletubbies Seriously if any of them were ever in jail with Gabe I'd advise them to not drop the soap You think I'm kidding? This guy couldn't control himself when he was with his girlfriend in bed and he phased Then when she was scared he smacked her upside the head Of course he was sorry right? But being sorry doesn't exactly bring her back from the dead Taking the words right out of Vivian's head here Who cares? She thought briefly of slicing his hand but dismissed the idea He Gabe was much bigger than her and didn't mind hitting females If all werewolves are like this and Gabe is pretty mild Emily got away easy Sam could have done much worse Gabe is a creep yet somehow this book gets praised as being everything Twilight isn't I'd kill myself before recommending this book over Twilight Edward might be a stalker but at least he isn't a murderer And let's remember vampires need to kill humans to survive These werewolves do it for fun But I'll leave Gabe alone for a while After all there's much much to hate about this book I'm not much of a feminist myself I really just believe in eual rights for everyone but some of the stuff in this book really disgusts me For instance Why aren't females allowed to compete in the Ordeal? Esmé said She sat at the kitchen table There was a leaf in her hair and Vivian was jealous of Esmé's night in the openGimme a break exclaimed Rudy Isn't it obvious? It's purely physical Females are in a different weight category Their muscles don't develop to the same degree Why risk injury or death with nochance to win?Vivian took the cup of coffee meant for her mother from Rudy's hands and leaned back against the counter to drink it Rudy rolled his eyes but poured another cupBut some females are smarter than some males craftier fighters Esmé arguedRudy set Esmé's coffee in front of her and sat down himself Stop being awkward Esmé It's only a way of matching fairly and protecting our own You females get your chance It's only the top female who mates with the victor She has to be the strongest and the smartest to ensure our survivalYeah great some chance It's a male's world isn't it? A female may be ueen bitch but she doesn't get to choose her kingYou loved Ivan didn't you Sis? Rudy asked You didn't beat the crap out of every new girl who came along with a challenge just for the status In this world male werewolves are twice as big as female wolves This is certainly awkward Now in reality male wolves are only a few inches bigger than female wolves Keep in mind that wolves are animals werewolves are half human In this world a male werewolf can practically rape any woman he wants There isn't really anything stopping him except for the other males and they only intervene if they wanted to rape the woman first Moving onIn addition to being anti feminist this book is also somewhat of a misanthrope Like Twilight I get the feeling that it promotes hate towards humans Or interracial marriage Guess what we learn? Being different is bad If you can't get along with another species because they're afraid of you it's alright to ditch them instead of trying to talk it out Don't try to have a relationship with someone of another species because your only purpose in life is to breed with the alpha male At least I got that's what I got from this book Feel free to say otherwise Besides the one dimensional characters the rapists and the overall stupidity of our main character we're treated once again to a plot fail Like Twilight this book doesn't gain an actual plot until the last fifty pages Vivian is a moron She makes Bella look like Hermione Granger an intelligent female character In fact as I was nearing the end of this book I go bored So I drew up a character comparison chart for those who have read Twilight and Ever The similarities are somewhat startling Willem JacobJudeAstrid and Rafe Victoria and RileyDrina and RomanGabriel EdwardDamonSamVivian BellaEverI forgot Aiden but he's a cowardly loser so I can't really put him anywhere The only character I like is Willem and he speaks like three times Also we get a lot of weird relationships in this book Astrid and Esme both around forty are lusting after Gabe who is twenty four He gets with Vivian who is sixteen Astrid gets with Rafe who is also sixteen Rafe is best friends with Urf who is Astrid's son Yeah we got some weird stuff going on around hereBlood and Chocolate was published first in 1997 Sadly we haven't progressed much Instead of the blonde beautiful sex obsessed idiots that LJSmith and Annette Klause write we get the shy ugly idiotic twits that Stephanie Meyer and Meg Cabot write The prose in this book isn't that great either It reads like an amateur fanfic I've said that before but never has it been true The smile left Esmé's face Baby I know you're lonely for kids your own age but I wish you'd be careful If you gotta wag your tail wag it for one of the FiveandBecause I too have a double edge she thoughtAnd you should run from me as fast as your legs can carry you andHis velvet smile forgave herandDear Moon he's sweet Vivian thought in anguishandEsmé laughed She's a teenager for Moon's sake She's supposed to rebeland Aiden didn't say anything else for a while but just when she thought he had nothing to add to the topic he spoke You're like so beautiful and cool and sure of yourself I think the kids at school were frightened of youIf you're like me you've read a lot of AvatarThe Last Airbender fanfics And if you're dumber than me you actually liked than 90% of them If you're really stupid you read a few GreekRoman fanfics and thought they were brilliant Brace yourself for this nugget of truth they all sucked And this book reads just like them I forced myself to finish it because I wanted to write a review I skimmed it last year thought it was pretty bad and decided to move on Then I picked it up again I didn't think it could get worse Boy was I wrong I thought I had missed something I missed nothing This is like a bodice ripper in disguise It's full of misused adverbs and adjectives and the stupidest metaphors you'll ever read I will never second guess myself again I almost feel sorry for anyone who liked this and then turned around to hate Ever Blue Bloods and Twilight This is worse Granted it came first but it's much much worse At least the Lying Game kept me interested even if it was vapid garbage This was boring I give this5 stars because I liked Willem and the cover This had so much potential It had the mythology it had the premise but it failed

  3. Gracie Gracie says:

    I read Blood and Chocolate when I was 14 but it's stayed with me since It was the first time a seemingly simple plot with overdone fictional monsters actually dealt with what it was to be human I hold much respect for Vivian the protagonist Yes she does stupid things But what teenager doesn't feel what she feels? Are we all not trying to hide a part of ourselves from the world? Don't we not fight with our parents and try to rebel for no real reason? Do we not take simple comforts for all they can serve us? I loved that she wasn't skinny awkward or socially inept She had a family a close one She was a real beauty curvaceous and classically female She was flawed in her self assurance which made her careless but she was still confident without being in denial of her situation As for the writing itself the book was a step up from Curtis Klause's The Silver Kiss It had its own sense of internal dialogue a way of connecting the protagonist's beliefs and the writing Yes it was awkward at times but it is not supposed to be our world It's Vivian's The thoughts of the characters were easily identifiable also Her previous work didn't have the same insight into the characters SPOILER My friends have criticized the ending for not fitting to their ideals of modern love but I personally loved it Why would she stay with someone that clearly couldn't handle her? Gabriel loved her and watched out for her He forgave her for turning from the pack He was like her and valued her after all was done I think it's the instinct of the modern teen to go for the ill fated romances but I believe she deserved a man not a boy

  4. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    This was an appalling book on so many levels Vivian the werewolf lusts after an unsuspecting human boy MEAT boy mind you who is embarrassingly weak and supremely uninteresting She's also fighting off advances from numerous other men who just randomly grab her breasts and has birthdays where her mom and 6 men watch her open gifts of lingerie And creepiest of all Gabriel the 24 year old head wolf is after her to be his mate although that doesn't stop him from sleeping with her 40 year old mom throughout the book shudder Vivian is also a self centered vain out of control teenager who calls her mom a bitch and who is surrounded by people who curse all the time for no reason Every man in the book is a hormone driven jerk and the few females in it are selfish and unlikable Gabriel is actually the most interesting and likable character except for that icky sleeping with mom thing I don't care if you're a werewolf or not bad behavior is bad behavior And on top of all thisthe book is written in a melodramatic tone with very poor structure and awkward phrasing After being rejected by the boy she loves for example Vivian runs into the woods and screams I am beautiful Why can't he see that? and then drinks a full bottle of booze given to her by an adult destroys the room of a girl she's jealous of and then later view spoilertries to kill herself by lighting herself on fire albeit to help save the pack hide spoiler

  5. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    It was a big day for incest yesterday with me And not that I mean that I tracked down some closely related blood relatives to make out with either First it was How I Live Now and then I read Blood and Chocolate a cautionary tale against werewolf in breedingDid you ever read Bitten and find yourself wistful of their carefree lives money and culture? Well meet the badside of werewolf culture You know the side where your teenage friend is shagging your Mum and you Mum and someone else's mum are publicly lusting after and fighting over the same guy who is TOTALLY way too young for themThen the good part comes when your sixteen year old self is fated to match said young specimen who still manages to be six years older than your sixteen year old selfI imagine their wedding will look something like thisimage error

  6. Scribblegirl Scribblegirl says:

    This book is wrong on so many levels that I don't know where to start and I definitely don't think it belongs in the teen section of the bookstore Vivian the main character and narrator is far too calculating and sexualized for a 16 year old girl I don't care if she IS a werewolf She's also mean spirited and nasty and frankly I didn't find much about her to like for a good deal of the book which contains entirely too much sexuality and vulgarity With the exception of Aiden the human boy Vivian wants to bed every character in the book behaves like a rapaciously sex starved porn star locked permanently in hisher 40's Vivian seems to be intended as the young conscience of the book alone and confused and trying to find her way but she by and large fails miserably as when the chips are down and most of the time otherwise she is just as greedy and selfish as the rest of them I truly believe Annette Curtis Klause has some seriously distorted views of young love and the appropriateness of certain relationships The book takes a few interesting turns but for the most part I found it nothing than a story of instant gratification run violently and horribly amok Not to mention the incredibly inappropriate relationship between Vivian and Gabriel the 24 year old head of her clan He spends most of the book bedding both Vivian's mother and another woman in the clan and leering lecherously after Vivian until with the book's resolution he finally makes her his permanent property with her happy acceptance It really skeezed me out and I can't tell you how shocked I was to google Klause this morning and find out the woman is not only a librarian who specializes in young adult fiction but is actually head of children's services at a Maryland community library Good GOD I would not want this woman recommending books to my children Nor will I recommend her books to my customers Blood and Chocolate is one of the worst written most misogynistic and wrong headed books I've ever had the misfortune to read

  7. Gail Carriger Gail Carriger says:

    This brilliant sexy YA did urban fantasy before we knew that's what it was called Please don't judge it by the abysmal movie version the book is nothing like that dross It's romantic fast paced a true insight into what it might be to be a teen girl and a werewolf The main character is strong powerful and has a genuine path to self actualization and independence We should be so lucky as to have young girls read and want to be Vivian I adore this book

  8. Brooke Brooke says:

    Blood and Chocolate is a well loved YA werewolf novel and I've been meaning to read it for the last decade Now that I have I'm really disappointed Vivian is a 16 year old werewolf who's torn between her pack and fitting in with the human world and a human boy Vivian is also selfish arrogant dramatic and stupid Over and over we hear her thoughts on how beeeeaaaaauuuuutiful she is and how all the boys want her Every action she takes endangers someone and she only ever focuses on her own needs despite the other characters cooing over how she shows such concern for the pack I was ready to rip off her tawny hair before I was halfway through the book The writing is painful too; Annette Curtis Klause writes like some of the teenage fanfiction writers I've encountered The dialogue is unnatural and people act in ways that they just wouldn't in real life She uses awkward terminology such as referring to a gift from Vivian's boyfriend as a love gift And for the coup de grâce of stupidity when Vivian is accused by the police of vandalism a 24 year old pack member provides an alibi he tells the cops that they were having sex all night A 24 year oldtells the copsthat he was screwing an underage high schooler And the cops thank him and leave Huh? What? YA novels can be written much much better than this Werewolf novels can be written much much better than this see Kelley Armstrong's Bitten Don't waste your time

  9. Penny Penny says:

    Update In October I finished this book a third time Turns out this is one of those books that gets better with every read I'm going to go ahead and up the rating to four stars Blood and Chocolate was a book that I didn't totally like the first time around I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about it to be honest It's well written but much darker than most YA fiction Overall I felt positive about the story even though I didn't uite care for the protagonist Vivian she comes across as slutty and entirely too sure of herself Because Blood and Chocolate left me feeling so perplexed I needed to read it again which I did months later The second time I read it I finally understood why the main character was so sure of herself and overly sexed She's not entirely human a fact that I was aware of the first read through but I didn't really think aboutShe was raised to be comfortable with her sexuality but not necessarily in a dirty way just not in a human way And I realized she was so sure of herself because she grew up in the Alpha's household Just being daughter of the Alpha was a position that demanded respect and Vivian had been treated accordingly in fact until her father died the entire pack celebrated her birthdayThe thing is during my second read I realized I uite liked that Annette Curtis Klaus allowed her main character to suffer struggle To not get what she wanted when she wanted it Vivian so sexual and so sure of herself didn't understand love any than your average teenager If anything she struggled with it with getting her heart broken than your average teen In fact she reacts in a downright scary mannerIn the end I came to the conclusion that I liked Blood and Chocolate because the main character gets over her heartbreak and even moves on It isn't often a YA novel takes this route which if you ask me is uite unfortunate though I digressVivian learns there is to love then physical attraction andor like mindedness And above all she learns to love and accept herwholeself

  10. Frank Phillips Frank Phillips says:

    Actually read this well after I had watched the movie but still could not put this down This is different enough from the movie that I would recommend anyone that even moderately enjoyed the movie go pick this one up

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Blood and Chocolate[Reading] ➽ Blood and Chocolate ➳ Annette Curtis Klause – Kannst Du mich lieben so wie ich binNur bei Mondschein fühlt sich die sechzehnjährige Vivian ganz in ihrem Element Dann verwandelt sich das schöne und leidenschaftliche Mädchen in einen Wolf und s Kannst Du mich lieben so wie ich binNur bei Mondschein fühlt sich die sechzehnjährige Vivian ganz in ihrem Element Dann verwandelt sich das schöne und leidenschaftliche Mädchen in einen Wolf und streift gemeinsam mit ihrem Rudel durch die Wälder Marylands Doch seit dem Tod ihres Vaters ist das Rudel ohne Anführer und fünf junge Männer rau und unberechenbar kämpfen um ihr Herz Als Vivian sich eines Tages in Aiden einen Menschen verliebt muss sie eine schicksalhafte Entscheidung treffen.

About the Author: Annette Curtis Klause

Annette Curtis Klause broke new ground in young adult literature with The Silver Kiss a book that is at once sexy scaring and moving according to Roger Sutton writing in the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books A vampire love story Klause's first novel is a darkly seductive thriller with heart and message Born in Bristol England in Klause became fascinated with grisly thing.