On Conspiracies ePUB Ú Paperback

On Conspiracies ePUB Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 124 pages
  • On Conspiracies
  • Niccolò Machiavelli
  • English
  • 21 August 2014
  • 9780141192772

10 thoughts on “On Conspiracies

  1. Ali Heydari Ali Heydari says:

    From my point of view modern politics owes its existence and persistence to the Machiavelli and his political theories In other words we can say that “Machiavelli is alive until the politics is alive”In this book with very realistic manner as always Machiavelli speaks about various types of betrayals in politics the art of war different political affairs etc and he presents very lucid historical examples about the explained topics in this book as wellFinally based on the Machiavelli’s theories we can conclude that the basis of the politics and political affairs must be politicking and nothing else

  2. Paradoxe Paradoxe says:

    Το βιβλίο όπως κι ο συγγραφέας του συνοδεύονται από μια ορισμένη φήμη που έχει δημιουργήσει κάποιους συνειρμούς Αντιμετωπίζω ένα ζήτημα που με έχει στενοχωρήσει αφάνταστα και με έχει φέρει σε αδιέξοδο Έψαχνα μια επιβεβαίωση πως και σε δύσκολες συνθήκες εξακολουθώ να αντιλαμβάνομαι αυτά που έχω εκπαιδευτεί να αναγνωρίζω μ' εκείνο τον τρόπο που μπορεί να ονομάσουμε διαίσθηση ή υποσυνείδητη γνώση κοιτάς μια εικόνα βλέπεις το α έχεις όμως αποθηκεύσει μέσα σου ήδη το β που δεν το είδες παρατηρώντας ή διαβάζεις ένα βιβλίο κανονιστικού χαρακτήρα και δε μπορείς να παπαγαλίσεις ή να εφαρμόσεις σαν κανόνα αυτά που έχεις διαβάσει στο ποσοστό που τα αντιλαμβάνεσαι φυσικά βάσει των βιωμάτων και γνώσης σου όμως κάποτε που το ξαναδιαβάζεις συνειδητοποιείς ότι σε όσα υπήρχε αντίσταση λόγω μη συμβατότητας μαζί σου θυμόσουν τις λέξεις όχι όμως και την ουσία ενώ άλλα δε θυμόσουν τις φράσεις ωστόσο δε σταμάτησες να τις εφαρμόζεις και πως η ικανότητα να λειτουργώ λογικά δεν έχει επηρεαστεί σε βαθμό να παραλογίζομαι Ένιωσα ζεστασιά στο βιβλίο εισέπραξα καλή διάθεση στην πραγματικότητα και διαυγή σκέψη μαζί όμως με κάποια πικρία Εκείνο το είδος που σε ειδοποιεί ότι αυτός που γράφει βίωσε Δεν έχω λόγους να αμφιβάλλω για τις καταστάσεις που έζησα γιατί μέσω του βιβλίου επιβεβαίωσα εκτός από 'κεινα που άμεσα αντιλήφθηκα και όσα μου προκάλεσαν αμυδρή εντύπωση και δε μπορούσα να βρω το λάθος σε ότι συνάντησα Και αυτό το τελευταίο ήταν και η επιβεβαίωση πως στο βιβλίο δε βρήκα αυτό που ήθελα να βρω βρήκα και άλλα που δεν τα σκεφτόμουν καν και που ασύνειδα είχαν προκαλέσει την αντίσταση μουΤο διάβασα σε λίγες ώρες και ήταν χαλαρές Δε θα το ξαναδιαβάσω διότι δεν έχει κάτι να μου διδάξει Έμεινε 5 χρόνια αδιάβαστο και η θέση του το περιμένει για να ξαναμπεί διαβασμένο Ο συγγραφέας παρόλ' αυτά μ' ενδιαφέρει να τον ψάξω περισσότερο Ήταν μάλλον απλοϊκά γραμμένο

  3. Ahmed R. Rashwan Ahmed R. Rashwan says:

    I am not really sure why exactly I did not enjoy this book very much as it really was informative and was a great way to start my integration into the works of Machiavelli and this actually did make me excited about reading The Prince which will probably be one of the first books I read next yearIn terms of the book itself it was at sometimes really bland and at others really confusing but very informative throughout The only issue is that perhaps one might have to be accustomed or at least slightly familiar with the names dates and events of not only the time the book was written but be well acuainted with history as well particularly that of Europe Niccolo sometimes is a little repetitive here but I can only attribute that to the fact that he is trying to make a point and an example Speaking of examples; the book felt too much like a long essay which I guess what discourses technically are and what ultimately leaves the blame only to me in not approaching this book with that mindsetAll in all it is a good and informative read although not sure this could be much applied in our day and time but gives a very insightful perspective on how things were managed at the time especially within Europe Not sure if I would recommend it and most probably would advice to jump straight into The Prince which is the much famous of Machiavelli's work

  4. Alan Alan says:

    A misleading title as only a small portion of the texts in this anthology have to do with conspiracy the majority have to do with medieval wartime strategies and how to train armies That being said On Conspiracies remains a great book Machiavelli simply has a way with words he is lucid to the point and uotable

  5. Dendi Dendi says:

    Brutally ruthless

  6. Smita Smita says:

    Pregamed this book by skimming through Wikipedia pages on Machiavelli but still was not prepared for the amount of historical references that the book assumed its readers are aware ofHonestly this is a book that I really struggled with which of course portray of my lack of ability to comprehend than Machiavelli's genius way of elaboration It demanded a greater focus than any other previous read and for most part of the book I had to really read it twice even thrice to have a decent understandingThe chapter on The Army truly escaped me But the others on conspiracy on peace and war; wow Brilliant cunning and eye opening

  7. Nick Richards Nick Richards says:

    A lesser known but nonetheless timeless classic by Machiavelli A must read for general life strategy as well as potential statehood

  8. Animesh Mitra Animesh Mitra says:

    Must read If Mujib or Sirajudaulla would have read this book may be they could have averted their calamity catastrophe disaster and defeat which brought death for them and their family members Also they and their clan lost their kingdom the crown of the realm lost their thrown by loosing the game of thrown because of conspiracy of thy enemy and antagonist with whom they had bitter intense antagonism and animosity Must read for every politician of Indian subcontinent who has the apprehension and trepidation of conspiracy which conspiracy can topple and oust their government and can kill them and murder their tribe and clan members blood relatives like what happened or occurred in 15th August 1975 and 23rd June 1757 through the treason sedition treachery perfidy betrayal and conspiracy respectively conducted orchestrated masterminded planned and perpetrated by Khandaker Musta Ahmad and Mirjafar Ali Khan

  9. Tony Tony says:

    Machiavelli gets straight to the heart of the matter The virtuous Prince has little to worry about; if he rules justly and with integrity and fairness then his people will love him and the threat of conspiracies is greatly reduced The virtuous Prince needs then be on his guard only against malcontents who are usually in league with a foreign power Machiavelli emphasises how difficult it is for such conspiracies to succeed because the Prince is surrounded by loyal retainers who love him If a Prince is not virtuous then Machiavelli's prognosis is not good; overwhelming tyrants come to a sticky end

  10. Arjen Van der hoeven Arjen Van der hoeven says:

    A collection of eerily practical up to date and poignant advise to the Prince In addition to 'The Prince' Machiavelli discusses the dangers and ways to avoid conspiracies lack of virtue and discipline in the army strategic errors and advises on tactics modern warfare and Roman dealings with neighbouring states

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On Conspiracies[Ebook] ➨ On Conspiracies Author Niccolò Machiavelli – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Machiavelli is one of the most famous strategists of all time In this collection he discusses the dangers of conspiracies and the component parts of an army vital for gaining and holding power in his Machiavelli is one of the most famous strategists of all time In this collection he discusses the dangers of conspiracies and the component parts of an army vital for gaining and holding power in his day He also gives advice on tactics and discipline and explains why promises made under force ought not to be kept Great Ideas throughout history some books have changed the world They have transformed the way we see ourselves and each other They have inspired debate dissent war and revolution They have enlightened outraged provoked and comforted They have enriched lives and destroyed them Now Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers pioneers radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are.

About the Author: Niccolò Machiavelli

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was an Italian political philosopher musician poet and playwright He is a figure of the Italian Renaissance and a central figure of its political component most widely known for his treatises on realist political theory The Prince on the one hand and republicanism Discourses on Livy on the other.