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Just One Look [PDF / Epub] ☉ Just One Look Author Harlan Coben – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Grace Lawson is living a happy straightforward life in the suburbs with her husband Jack and two young children But that security is about to come to a brutal end For when Grace picks up a set of holi Grace Lawson is living a happy straightforward life in the suburbs with her husband Jack and two young children But that security is about to come to a brutal end For when Grace picks up a set of holiday snaps amongst them is one shot that doesn't fit a faded image of a life that Grace doesn't recognise and of her husband as she never knew him Within twelve hours Jack has disappeared a brutal hitman Just One Kindle - is stalking her family and the safe world she knows has been turned upside down And all Grace can see is that the past is coming back to haunt the present and people are getting hurt.

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  1. Luffy Luffy says:

    Here's the thing This is a very gripping thriller But it's too slick It lacks character I enjoyed reading it thoroughly Despite that I'm not in love with the bookI'm struggling to come up with a review that doesn't have spoilers But if you put yourself in the shoes of the main female character you'd come up with meaningful uestions Why did he have to die? Who is this someone sharing my bed?Identity the past and greed play a fantastic part in the book In many ways the first chapter was the best one It's hard to describe my feelings I was entertained but not satiated This 2nd Harlan Coben is far better than this modern book of his that I read Run Away I think I'll be fine if I stick to the author's old books

  2. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    Four stars from me for being a totally gripping and enjoyable read One of those books I didn't want to have to put down when real life invaded my reading timeThere were a few snags though Coben switched freuently around a number of points of view and storylines It was clever and effective in furthering the plot but I felt it often slowed the build up of tension overall Just as we got to a critical point for one character we would be carried away to find out what was happening to another one And the tension would be broken I also felt his plot was a little weak So many violent deaths for such a small reasonOn the other hand if you suspend belief for a while you will be rewarded with a very exciting and entertaining story some really interesting characters and a mystery which ravels and unravels itself endlessly until it finally concludes with a major surprise Well worth reading

  3. Jelenie Jelenie says:

    Although it was still a decent read much like his other novels it could be time for Coben to change a little of his formulaic writing The plot in this novel is so confusing that the last two to three chapters were devoted to explaining it all It almost felt like the rest of the novel were just fillers

  4. Weinz Weinz says:

    Why is it when people hear you enjoy reading that they automatically assume that you read the same books they do? A neighbor reccomended this one I don't think the friendship will survive I may have to move

  5. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    uick Summary It was an ordinary day like any other but from the moment when Grace Lawson picks up her pictures from the photomart her life was never the same But I'm getting ahead of myself The story actually begins with a surprising admission from a prisoner serving a life sentence for murder That sets off a chain of events that reaches back 15 years to the present The mysterySince it is a mystery I can't tell you much What I can say is I was off balance for most of the book There were several storylines in play that I knew had to be connected but couldn't figure out how And with one exception I was never sure who the bad guys were But that one exception was a doozie This guy was SERIOUSLY scaryI mean bone chilling frightening The bottom lineI figured out some of this by the end of the book but not a whole lot It was a little complicated but I didn't have any issues keeping up Of course those curveballs at the end were truly out of left field And the ending still has me pondering But isn't that typical with a Coben story? I loved this book

  6. Heidi Heidi says:

    This was a great mystery the first Coben book I picked up and I've read several others since then I love a book that keeps me guessing

  7. Li& Li& says:

    Just One Look by Harlan Coben is a masterpiece of spellbinding nerve wracking edginess and heart pounding exhilaration that will leave you weak in the knees Warning You will not want to put this one down Just one look is all it takes sometimes to set your world tilting into the unknown there are those moments when your life simply unravels A loose thread pulled A seam gives way The change is slow at first nearly imperceptible For Grace Lawson the unraveling began at the Photomat Grace's husband Jack is the photographer in the family always snapping away as if it was his duty as a father Grace picked up the photos that day like many times before always with a happy anticipation of what she will find They had taken a trip to Chester for apple picking The first photo is of her eight year old daughter Emma and six year old son Max their cheeks red from the wind and cold on a hayride Grace is always a bit surprised at the primitive and evolutionary maternal warmth that the images of her children create That was the thing about kids It was the little things that got you As she sorts through the remaining pictures she comes across one that has obviously been mixed up with hers by mistake Or so she thinks at first When she looks closer she notices that the photo is a bit blurred and is lacking the vibrant colors of the others It looks old somehow Grace thinks maybe fifteen or twenty years old There are two men and three women who look like college students perhaps their outfits hair makeup all look dated too As Grace stares at the image she suddenly feels a small ping in her chest She thinks one of them is her husband How can that be? She doesn't recognize any of the others in the photo Grace decides to show it to Jack when he gets home As soon as Jack looks at it he seems to tense just for a second He just stares at it Then he tries to brush it off by saying nonchalantly that he doesn't know who any of the people are including the one Grace thinks is him He says it's not While everyone is ready for bed Jack suddenly dresses and drives away into the night without so much as a word or glance in Grace's direction Jack is gone all night and into the next day He hasn't called and Grace is unable to reach him This is not Jack He would not do this on his own with no word to her or the kids No way Deep in her gut she knows that Jack is in danger Something is very very wrong Without much help from the police Grace begins digging Who are these people in the photo? She is now certain that Jack is one of the young men But why did Jack deny it? And who are the others? The deeper Grace digs the uestions she has What she will soon find out is that she isn't the only one who's interested in the photo Some very dangerous people want that photo too Among them is Eric Wu a sadistic assassin who has a great interest in the old photo and will stop at nothing to keep the secrets it holds buried He's only concerned about his own survival Kill or be Killed But he thinks all is under control until he receives a call that will change everything We have a problem Wu waited When you picked him up he had a copy of that photograph right? YesAnd he said there were no other copies? YesHe was wrong His wife has a picture of the picture She's flashing it everywhereWu waits thenThe voice on the phone says We'll use Martin He has information on her children We'll take care of it Do I have your attention yet? This is one scary riveting novel of secrets lies revenge self preservation and pure evil The complex characters and intricate details endless uestions in need of answers had me flipping through the pages and tripping over the words as I was in such a rush to learn where and how it all would end The truth seemed to be somewhere among the many pieces people and events surrounding the photo All twisted then separated like a kaleidoscope of images so fleeting and blended in a way that you can't uite make out an image of truth long enough for your brain to make sense of what your eyes are seeing Harlan Coben has an innate ability to ensnare you into a very complex web without losing the readers ability to keep pace and understand of all the elements at play His readers end up caught in a web of a very big spider Yet you can not look away It takes Just one look

  8. Mandy Mandy says:

    This book was slow for me at first butMan oh man towards the middle I couldn't put it down All of the connections with the characters and then the twist at the very end made me feel like I was right there with the family Great book Coben never fails

  9. Connie Connie says:

    I really enjoyed this book felt the suspense and action made it a page turner However I HATED the reason for all the secrecy seriously lame I wanted a big conspiracy and got they were drunk he stole my song and we didn't want to lose the trust fund Blah unsatisfying The stages of grief Supposedly the first is denial That was wrong The first is just the opposite Total acceptance You hear the bad news and you understand exactly what is being said to you You understand that your loved one your spouse your parent your child will never come home that they are gone for good that their life is over and that you will never ever see them again You understand that in a flash Your legs buckle Your heart gives outThat was the first step not just acceptance not just understanding but total truth Human beings are not built to withstand that kind of hurt That then is when the denial begins Denial floods in uickly salving the wounds or at least covering them But there is still that moment mercifully uick the real Stage One when you hear the news and stare into the abyss and horrible as it is you understand everything

  10. Janie Johnson Janie Johnson says:

    I decided on this book so I could use it for my A Z challenge since I love Harlan Coben and I have not yet been disappointed by anything that he wrote I really enjoyed this book just as much as other ones I love the writing style and all the mystery He is just a pleasure to readSynopsisAn ordinary snapshot causes a mother’s world to unravel in an instant After picking up her two young children from school Grace Lawson looks through a newly developed set of photographs She finds an odd one in the pack a mysterious picture from perhaps twenty years ago showing four strangers she can’t identify But there is one face she recognizes—that of her husband from before she knew him When her husband sees the photo that night he leaves their home and drives off without explanation She doesn’t know where he’s going or why he’s leaving Or if he’s ever coming back Nor does she realize how dangerous the search for him will be Because there are others interested in both her husband’s past and that photo including Eric Wu a fierce silent killer who will not be stopped from finding his uarry no matter who or what stands in his way Her world turned upside down filled with doubts about her herself and marriage Grace must confront the dark corners of her own tragic past she struggles to learn the truth find her husband and save her family I loved the plotline of this story I found it to be very interesting and the I read the intriguing it got This one did seem a bit complex than other Coben books with all the characters to remember and the separate plotlines as well but it still flowed pretty well I only really had one complaint and that is that it seemed just a little unfinished when I reached the end because it ended on uestions uestions I had no answers to Other than that I loved the story Lots of great twists in this one too and I loved thatI found a lot of the characters to be very intriguing They were each developed very well I also liked how some of them were rather mysterious and remained that way throughout the entire story They were both relatable and realistic Grace was probably my favorite character and she one of the smarter ones She used her head before making choices I was on the fence about Carl Vespa who plays a large role in this story and I am still not too sure what to think about himOverall this was a great story by a very gifted author I would recommend this one to anyone who likes mystery or anyone who enjoys Coben's writing style This one is a real treat

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