Ghost House Revenge ePUB ✓ Ghost House PDF or

Ghost House Revenge ePUB ✓ Ghost House PDF or

Ghost House Revenge [Ebook] ➠ Ghost House Revenge By Clare McNally – Only nightmares and broken limbs limbs remained to remind the Van Burens and their three children of past terror And when the physical therapist and his shy daughter arrived the family dared hope for Only nightmares and broken limbs limbs remained to remind the Van Burens and their three children of past terror And when the physical therapist and his shy daughter arrived the family dared hope for a return to normal lifeBut somewhere within the ancient Long Island mansion something was laughing mocking plottingThey prayed it wasn't the same as before It was not it was much much worse Soon they were fighting for Ghost House PDF or their lives against a shape shifting horror of insatiable evil A malevolence that lusted with hideous pleasure and killed with raging delight.

  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Ghost House Revenge
  • Clare McNally
  • English
  • 05 December 2016
  • 9780552118255

10 thoughts on “Ghost House Revenge

  1. Marie Marie says:

    The author Clare McNally grabs the reader from the first chapter then takes the reader on a journey into the creepy zoneThe second book to the Van Buren saga of ghosts in the house continues with another bad entity roaming the halls This entity is terrifying then the previous one that the Van Burens encountered in the first book The Van Burens thought their nightmare was over and the house finally felt like a home But they were very wrong as an evil ghost named Janice has come to take revenge on them When things start happening in the house they try to lay aside their fears and they just think that the house is settling or they try to make excuses for what is happening around them Little do they know that Janice is there causing havoc and she would like nothing better than to see the whole family dead As the terror escalates the family tries to figure out why the ghost means them harm and when they finally figure out what the ghost wants the family has to come together to keep their sanity and to protect each other The book moves at a fast pace and I couldn't hardly put it down It takes off in the first chapter and keeps rolling along to the last chapter I stayed up one night reading it till near 200 am Very atmospheric and has creepy tones throughout the whole book I would finish one chapter and wanted to keep reading the next chapter to see what happens nextThough it is not a leave the light on kind of book it did draw me into the book and kept me intrigued all the way to the end Four stars for this one

  2. Debbie Heaton Debbie Heaton says:

    In McNally’s horror novel the Van Buren family continues to reside in the beautiful mansion now that it’s free of the ancient ghost that pined for Melanie’s love But the Van Buren’s now face a modern day spirit evil and intimidating than the original ghost and it will take Melanie and Gary working together to keep their children out of harm’s wayImaginative and nerve racking

  3. Bren Bren says:

    Look there is nothing wrong with a good Ghost story occasionally and even though I do not really read thrillers much I used to in my teen years This is a book I read awhile after my teen years Perhaps I'd have liked it better if I read it when I was youngerI just did not enjoy it I felt so sorry for the main character whose name I have forgot who is endlessly tormented Felt bad for his girl friend tooI found the whole book rather unpleasant and not in a good way I did finish it and was glad when it was overThese kind of books can often be cheesy The thing isthis book is indeed creepy Bu t it isn't enjoyable creepy Wasn't for me anyway and I am glad to say I finished it

  4. Naomi Naomi says:

    I read this book when I was in high school I loved it then enough that it stayed in my library but not as much as the original Ghost House that was just good creepy reading

  5. Rennie Frank Rennie Frank says:

    This book is awful It was written in 1981 and it didn't age well I have placed this book on my too bad to finish shelf

  6. Genny Clary tice Genny Clary tice says:

    just as good as the first one Ghost House and Ghost House Revenge would be great made for tv movies

  7. Francisco Francisco says:

    A direct followup to Ghost House Clare McNally's first novel which was a mix of romance novel haunted house horror and a bunch of really silly characters acting in ridiculous yet entertaining ways this book with the appealing title of Ghost House Revenge picks up on the same characters a few months after the first book endedRight at the start we get the first ridiculous decision which is that the family decided to stay in this horrific house after loads of people died there some months ago and which was haunted by really murderous ghosts in the off chance that surely it can't happen again Guess what It does happen again Reading like a cross between a daytime soap opera and a horny ghost novel with some pretty horrific scenes stuck in there for good measure this book is an entertaining mess It's exactly the kind of trash I like you will laugh from mediocre writing non seuitur replies from characters and just stupid decisions being taken by characters all the time Unfortunately none of these laughs reveal authorial intention but I still loved reading it Something wrong with me I know The characterisation is also often offensive and superficial which just makes it all better as an example Liza is good because she is very thin and a ballet dancer who works out while Alicen that's not a typo is an evil child because she is fat and ugly Honestly I would say that no one should give McNally any money for this book but as I got it for 1€ second hand I'm chuffed It's not like you can get it new anyway

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    This book and the first one are actually a little bit scary And I don't scare easy when it comes to books This book had a lot of cliches though But then again its only a story So of course it's unbelievableBut unbelievably goodI would of loved it when I was a teen

  9. Black Country Short Thoughts Black Country Short Thoughts says:

    A decent follow up novel to the fantastic Ghost House Not as good as the original I feel very few seuels are but it's not far offYou will need to read the first as this is a seuel which refers heavily to the original and continues directly on

  10. Maggie Maggie says:

    A story about a ghost who terrorizes a family in an old house An enjoyable simple read

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