Action Philosophers Giant Sized Thing Vol 1 MOBI ×

Action Philosophers Giant Sized Thing Vol 1 MOBI ×

Action Philosophers Giant Sized Thing Vol 1 ❰Reading❯ ➿ Action Philosophers Giant Sized Thing Vol 1 Author Fred Van Lente – Action Philosophers details the lives and thoughts of history's A list brain trust in a hip and humorous fashion that proves that philosophy is not just the province of boring tweed enveloped professo Action Philosophers Giant Sized eBook ´ details the lives and thoughts of history's A list brain trust in a hip and humorous fashion that proves that philosophy is not just the province of boring tweed enveloped professors.

  • Paperback
  • 92 pages
  • Action Philosophers Giant Sized Thing Vol 1
  • Fred Van Lente
  • English
  • 06 September 2016
  • 9780977832903

About the Author: Fred Van Lente

Fred Van Giant Sized eBook ´ Lente is the New York Times bestselling author of comics as varied as Archer Armstrong Harvey Award nominee Best Series Taskmaster MODOK's Amazing Spider Man Conan the Avenger Weird Detective and Action Philosophers Kindle - Cowboys Aliens upon which the movie was based as well as the novels Ten Dead Comedians and The Con Artist Van Lente also specializes in entertaining readers with offbeat.

10 thoughts on “Action Philosophers Giant Sized Thing Vol 1

  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey’s Action Philosophers takes bite sized looks at mankind’s greatest philosophers their lives and their teachings – and it’s brilliant This first volume includes Plato Bodhidharma St Augustine Thomas Jefferson Friedrich Nietzsche Sigmund Freud Carl Jung Ayn Rand and Joseph Campbell with chapters ranging from 6 to 14 pages per philosopher It’s really impressive how Van Lente is able to condense complex theories and biographies into such a small number of pages Unfortunately for me the philosophies are comprehensible while reading especially with the assistance of Dunlavey’s humorous and enlightening artwork but I almost never retain the nuances communicated Instead I appreciate the biographical elements to the philosophers Like the way Plato’s drawn as a Hulk like wrestler which isn’t just a jokey reference to the title “Action Philosophers” but he was actually an aspiring wrestler in his youth I also learned that Bodhidharma invented Zen Buddhism AND kung fu and that for all Ayn Rand’s cold intelligence it was a cheating lover that ensured her legacy would be severely diminished for years – the heart beating even the smartest brains It’s a very minor complaint but aside from Plato the wrestler and Bodhidharma the kung fu master the other philosophers don’t really live up to the “Action” part of the title as opposed to later books where Marx was reimagined as Rambo and Derrida was The Deconstructonator riffing on The Terminator It doesn’t take away from any enjoyment of the book though Action Philosophers Volume 1 is an excellent read for guys like me who have a passing interest in philosophy but don’t want to invest too much time reading lengthy biosdense philosophical tracts It’s a wonderful collection of entertaining and informative comics – highly recommended

  2. Karla Karla says:

    A great pick for people who fancy themselves to be intellectuals but really prefer reading comic books Not only did this book cover the basic philosophies espoused by several great thinkers it also provided important biographical information who knew that Ayn Rand had a thing for much younger men? I'm looking forward to reading the second volume

  3. Edward Edward says:

    Learning can be such fun I love this springboard into philosophical thought Publishers Weekly says it is written “in the spirit of extremely intelligent kids set on making fun of everything” I’m with that all the wayThe content is factual based on my limited knowledge and the com reviews but does it really matter? What matters is it gets you thinking giving you motivation to explore furtherMy remarks on the philosphers• Plato good start for accepting the concept of Philosopher as Superhero• Bodhidharma first I’d heard about him totally informative• Friedrich Nietzche put my previous conceptions in perspective• Thomas Jefferson some negatives I hadn’t thought of before no not about Sally Hemmings• St Augustine got the scoop on Manichaeism• Ayn Rand didn’t realize her slide into hypocrisy• Sigmund Freud comprehendible recap• CG Jung see Freud isn’t that always the case?• Joseph Campbell wondered why he was include now I knowInterested? Check out the com page images and reviews This volume is 3 issues of the original comic books I’ve going to get them all

  4. Pspealman Pspealman says:

    A nice and light hearted black and white comics that is a touch off beat I'll be honest the graphics are cartoon than art the paper is pulp and the content introductory but still this is a real nice piece of intro via comics to a ever widening range of 'philosophers' as the series spirals ever outward By 'philosophers' being in uotes I mean to direct your attention to the fact that the book takes a certain liberty in the term that includes people not often thought to be philosophers Maybe thinkers would be better But then Action Thinkers sounds in line with self help booksThis is not serious stuff though and if your expecting to learn much about details you seriously need to reconsider the source material you choose for your philosophical commentary Perfect for those of us from 12 to 18 but the shtick will annoy anyone older who isn't immune to sophomoric humor mixed with their high falutin concepts

  5. Billy Billy says:

    Plato Smash The idea of having Plato speak like The Hulk might sound ridiculous in a book that claims to be at least somewhat historically accurate But remember the book is also trying to entertain and make philosophy fun No Plato was not a professional wrestler but his tendency to destroy to theories of those before him lends itself to this adapted personality In the end it all makes sense somewhat Anyway Action Philosophers is not only enjoyable but incredibly factual I actually learned stuff from this book in easy to understand 20 pages stories that my former philosophy professors took 4 months to even attempt to have us understand They should have used this I met Van Lente at NYCC and he convinced me to pick these books up uite possibly the best purchase of that day

  6. Keith Davis Keith Davis says:

    What is not to love about Action Philosophers? Van Lente Dunlavely present the core ideas of the great philosophers in a humorous irreverent style that actually does not misrepresent or over simplify too much I'm not sure if the goal here is to expose comic book readers to the great thinkers of the past or just give a laugh to former philosophy majors

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    Not a narrative story but comic mini biographies of Plato Nietzsche Freud etc See the slaves of Monticello tap Thomas Jefferson on the shoulder and ask What about us? Watch as Ayn Rand's rationalization skills crumble when her lover starts sleeping with a student

  8. Anidos Anidos says:

    Fun and easy way to get to know about philosophers and their thoughts Complicated things well explained and oh kudos to the translator Philosophy hasn't been so digestable Three stars and perhaps a half

  9. Shreyash Tiwari Shreyash Tiwari says:


  10. David David says:

    I learned about philosophy from this series of comic books than from all my years of school Action Philosophers Giant Sized Thing Vol 1 is a fantastic introduction to mostly western philosophers It's ridiculously entertaining and despite the graphic format is very thorough For each philosopher we learn not only what they had to say but also their life story how their contemporaries perceived them and how their ideas are related In this volume I particularly enjoyed learning about how Joseph Campbell's thoughts on myths and archetypes are related to Jung and then back to FreudRecommended for adults The books depict violence drug use and sexuality in a way that is very straightforward Even though overall message is good these things can make it difficult to use in education However there is than enough great stuff here for any educator to use Vol 1 containsPlatoNietzscheBodhidharmaAyn RandThomas JeffersonSaint AugustineFreudCarl JungJoseph Campbell

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