Pearls Blows Up Kindle ↠ Pearls Blows PDF or

Pearls Blows Up Kindle ↠ Pearls Blows PDF or

Pearls Blows Up [Ebook] ➦ Pearls Blows Up ➥ Stephan Pastis – Smart sharp and sometimes cynical Pearls Before Swine is the fastest growing cartoon property in the universeStephan Pastis offers Pearls Before Swine fans a combustible collection brimming with explo Smart sharp and sometimes cynical Pearls Before Swine is the fastest growing cartoon property in the universeStephan Pastis offers Pearls Before Swine fans a combustible collection brimming with explosive action inside Pearls Blows Up Collecting every cartoon from Pearls Fans Can't Be Wrong and When Pigs Fly this hot to the touch volatile edition also includes annotated thoughts reflecting Pastis's searing witOffering blistering commentary on hot button topics related to recent news events popular culture cartoon page contemporaries and Pearls Before Swine expertly illustrates Pearls Blows PDF or the flaws and shortcomings of human nature through Pastis's mindful menagerie of fiery and feisty characters Arrogant self centered and totally hilarious Rat stars in misadventure after misadventure with his four legged friends Pig the slow but good hearted conscience of the strip; Goat the voice of reason that often goes unheard; Zebra the activist; and those eternally inept carnivorous CrocsCatch the dynamite action inside this hot off the press edition of Pearls Blows Up With multiple honors as Best Comic Strip of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society and an international fan base that follows the strip's appearance in than newspapers worldwide Pearls Blows Up is guaranteed to be a blast.

10 thoughts on “Pearls Blows Up

  1. Bob Garrett Bob Garrett says:

    A group of hyenas moves into Zebra's neighborhoodand opens a funeral parlor Note that hyenas are carrion eatersThe crocodiles form a corporation which they dub EetazeebRat becomes a conciergeGuard Duck and Snuffles the cat try to overthrow the Cuban government Guard Duck is reunited with his lost love MauraThe crocodiles try to blow up Zebra with a nuclear missileThree crocodiles form a super hero group called the Fantastic Four Math is not part of their fantasticalnessand so on and so forthPEARLS BEFORE SWINE is my favorite currently running comic strip and I think it's darn funny If like me you appreciate puns talking animals cartoon hijinx breaking the fourth wall and occasional cynicism then you should find it funny tooI love all the book collections and this one is no exception I went from collecting the single books to treasuries like one because the treasuries are a much better bargain They collect the euivalent of two single books PEARLS BLOWS UP collects strips originally published in 50000000 PEARLS FANS CAN'T BE WRONG and WHEN PIGS FLY and cost less than the same two books would separately They are also larger enabling one to better enjoy the artwork Finally the treasuries include extra commentary from creator Stephen Pastis Pastis provides insights into his creative process cheerfully points out his mistakes in both continuity and artwork and conveys some self deprecating humor He also seems to have a bit of a love of the spotlight and I admittedly sometimes feel that I know about the guy that I really need to know just from reading his comic collections Overall though his commentary definitely enhances rather than diminishes the final reading experienceI love PEARLS BEFORE SWINE obviously and highly recommend any PEARLS collection It really doesn't matter which collection one picks up first and PEARLS BLOWS UP is as good as many

  2. Stewart Tame Stewart Tame says:

    I love the Pearls Before Swine treasuries It's a funny strip all by itself but to have Pastis' running commentary on the strips is pure gold It's like having a director's commentary on a DVD His art is crude but serviceable Where this stuff really shines is in the writing Always happy to read his stuff

  3. Nancy H Nancy H says:

    This is a great collection of Pearls Before Swine cartoons The commentary that goes with them makes them even hilarious A definite must for cartoon fans

  4. Angel Angel says:

    uick impressions I found the humor somewhat inconsistent When it is good it really can be good When it is bad it can be pretty flat Also I can do without the author's commentary he includes in most of the strips; it often just boils down to overexplaining a joke or punchline If you need to explain the joke it was not that good for starters I still liked most of it I'd say borrow it if you want to read it full review on my blog later

  5. Chb4usc Chb4usc says:

    Great fun as alwayswith some neat insights

  6. Joyce Joyce says:

    Two words guard duck5 out of 5 stars

  7. Lady Lioness Lady Lioness says:

    I'd read the books collected in this treasury 50000 Pearl Fans Can't Be Wrong and When Pigs Fly but I didn't buy them and the treasury was 50% off from BN I couldn't not get it I almost prefer the treasuries over the individual collections because of Pastis's commentary One can see very clearly where Rat got his distinctive voice In addition Pastis will occasionally discuss his inspiration for various strips as well as some of his interactions with other cartoonists I read this after Larry in Wonderland and it only highlighted how awful that collection was In Pearls Blows Up Pastis juggles several storylines crams them together and makes it seem perfectly logical in a ludicrous kind of way I have a soft spot for the reoccurring Lion characters and I always enjoy Guard Duck I liked the way Pastis handled Guard Duck's storyline with Maura and how he was able to flirt with continuity while still making the strip accessible to a lackadaisical reader However my favorite strip in the book has to be the one from January 15th 2009 because if I stay in libraries that's gonna be me in thirty years

  8. Dani Shuping Dani Shuping says:

    This is one of my favorite comic strips to read in the morning First the artist doesn't take himself too seriously and when he's short on ideas he often draws himself in the comic generally looking like a bum and has his characters poke fun at him for not being great Secondly its almost always funny From Rat doing and saying the things you really want to in real life but not being able to; to Pig's sweetness balancing it out Oh and of course the crocodilesalways trying to catch Zebra in some elaborate scheme ok elaborate is probably too big of a word for the crocs but some type of scheme Thirdly he has fun with some of the other comics normally Family Circus and it's always fun to see their interactions with Pastis's worldThe biggest bonus of buying the treasury is to read Pastis's commentary and see what he's thinking He openly admits when he thinks a strip is bad and often provides some great insight into what he was thinking in the storyline Pearls before swine is always a fun read and this latest treasury provides entertainment to last hours upon hours

  9. Lucus Lucus says:

    This was the book I just kept reading through the whole April holidays The humour is witty with the most smartypants comments coming from Rat Most of the characters have vivid and hilarious personalities However I found a couple of characters that didn't seem to have any personalities at all the most important character without a personality being Goat This didn't drag down the book down when we're talking about ratings though Under most comics are commentary by Stephen Pastis that adds to why I really like this book so much If you have a small but powerful interest in comics this is a must have or at least a rent from the libraryI have one uestion though WHO SAID THIS WAS ANOTHER EDITION OF PEARLS SELLS OUT? My homework is ruined forever

  10. Mark Mark says:

    Pearls Before Swine and Get Fuzzy are the only comic strips I try to read every day so although I have read these in daily strip form it's great to reread them in a collection too Pig Rat Goat and the Crocs are always funny The commentary by Stephan Pastis makes the collection even better He comments on about 23rds of the strips in the collection and his remarks are funny and insightful

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