Henry James' Midnight Song eBook º Henry James' PDF

Henry James' Midnight Song eBook º Henry James' PDF

Henry James' Midnight Song [Reading] ➮ Henry James' Midnight Song ➶ Carol de Chellis Hill – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The Setting Fin de siècle Vienna a society of almost unprecedented vitality enlivened by new movements in music art fashion literature psychology and love Yet Vienna is a society on the edge of chaos The Setting Fin de siècle Vienna a society of almost unprecedented vitality enlivened by new movements in music art fashion literature psychology and love Yet Vienna is a society on the edge of chaos Beneath the glittering surface it seethes with conflict and ethnic tension Divided by anti Semitism racism feminism sex and the denial of sex it is a society remarkably similar to our own The Plot The women of Vienna are dying some by Henry James' PDF or murder some by suicide During Dr Freud's absence in Paris a body is found in his study but disappears as uickly as it was discovered Was there really a murder or was it merely hysteria on the part of Freud's wife and sister in law How does this body fit into the recent epidemic of women's mysterious deaths in Vienna Into the web of deceit murder and social upheaval step a variety of real characters each with something to hide who become suspects in the case the distinguished novelist Edith Wharton who comes to Vienna to engage in a passionate illicit affair; her friend and traveling companion Henry James who has consulted Freud about his own secret trespasses; Freud's colleagues Dr Jung and Dr Fliess; and Jung's patient lover Sabina Spielrein Drawn into the plot as well are the Mains the family of an American businessman along with Police Inspector LeBlanc who arrives from Paris to pursue the strange case amid mounting anti Semitic desire to lay blame for the murders at the door of Jews Will the inspector solve the murders before a riot ensues The Novel Is fiction as Henry James says just the other side of history Is Vienna in merely a stage on which the same tensions that haunt American society today are being given a dress rehearsal Are we like the Viennese of suffering from fin de siècle syndrome Is there such a thing Combining the historical imagination of Ragtime with the intellectual audacity of Flaubert's Parrot Henry James' Midnight Song brilliantly blends history and fiction in a fast moving breathtakingly original novel of ideas.

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Henry James' Midnight Song
  • Carol de Chellis Hill
  • English
  • 28 January 2014
  • 9780393312294

10 thoughts on “Henry James' Midnight Song

  1. Morgan Pucillo Morgan Pucillo says:

    A beautiful novel encompassing everything great about the post modernist literary movement Following the lives and thoughts of historical and fictional characters this story depicts love adultery mystery and murder Many strings are weaving very different stories that all come together at the closing of the novel This novel makes the reader uestion and think about the reasons why people do what they do and in Freudian nature what childhood memory has fueled that impulse If you like ever changing characters and a novel that forces you think analyze every detail this is a an amazing book to read

  2. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:


  3. Julia Julia says:

    Da man vor jeder Kritik ja immer was Nettes sagen soll à la „Ich schätze Ihre Arbeit in unserer Abteilung wirklich sehr tolle Präsentation neulich Toll wäre es übrigens auch wenn sie regelmäßig Deo benutzen würden“ zuerst einmal das Positive Es ist nicht schlecht geschrieben Die Charaktere sind gut und genau gezeichnet und manchmal auch recht lustig im Übrigen spielen einige Personen mit die tatsächlich gelebt haben Der Psychoanalytiker Sigmund Freud die Autorin Edith Wharton der Autor Henry James und am Rande auch der österreichische Kaiser selbst Das beste Ensemble und die prunkvollste Kulisse das kuk Wien nützen allerdings leider wenig wenn die Geschichte nur einen sehr dünnen roten Faden hat der kaum die vielen verschiedenen Handlungsstränge zusammenhalten kannNun es ist schon klar dass geheimnisvolle Frauenmorde in Wien geschehen und dass angeblich auch in Doktor Freuds Wohnung ein Mord passiert sein soll Das ist allerdings nicht wirklich sicher weil nur Freuds Ehefrau und deren Schwester Zeuginnen waren – und Freud weiß ja selbst dass beide eigentlich ziemlich hysterisch in solchen Dingen nicht wirklich zuverlässig sind Doch wieso wollen dann alle Mitglieder des Haushalts den großen eingetrockneten Blutfleck auf dem Teppich vor dem eigens aus Paris angereisten Inspektor verbergen?Tja und ansonsten bewegen wir uns ein wenig in der gehobenen Gesellschaft Wiens lauschen den Gesprächen in den Salons die sich um die Theorien Herzls oder den Dreyfus Prozess drehen und haben letztlich wenig Ahnung was dieses Buch eigentlich sein soll Ein Krimi ist es auf nicht vielleicht doch eher ein Gesellschaftsporträt ein Roman über das Fin de siècle oder über Wien ein Mosaik aus diversen Teilchen ein StimmungsbildEs kann gut sein dass jemand der so etwas mag dieses Buch ganz toll findet Mir war es aber oft einfach zu unentschlossen was es eigentlich sein will Dazu hat sich die Geschichte häufig in viel zu kurzen Kapiteln in Nebenhandlungen und Details verloren – zuerst war ich von den ständigen Sprüngen zwischen Städten und Charakteren total verwirrt dann ärgerte es mich etwas weil es mich davon abhielt mich näher in einen Handlungsstrang hineinzuversetzenFazit also leider nur ein „ganz nett“ – ich habe aber momentan so viele andere Bücher im Regal stehen die mehr versprechen als ein „so ganz nett“ Deswegen bleibt es auch nur bei einem „nicht ganz gelesen“

  4. Linda Linda says:

    What Cecily said made Henry James wonder now if anyone ever would actually have anything to say about HIM? It rather intrigued him the brief moments when he looked up on his library shelf and dared to think that someone sometime hopefully he thought a man of erudition and good will might write a book about him Henry James He looked at the library shelf and it seemed to glow Sheer poppycock and nonsense to be sure yet how elevating in a way to think it might be true He permitted himself the conceit of imagining a book one entire book devoted to a study of his work Maybe he thought wistfully it would even have gold letters If it was about his work he though he would actually be uite pleased It was the other suggestion that annoyed him 91Edith Wharton took the papers from him and studied the notes At the bottom of the notes were the letters scattered in exactly the same way The most recent note had the letters e i o u Perhaps Henry had made them into a word a word she'd never heard?I dont see what you mean she said feeling a bit disappointed that he might have discovered something which eluded hereWell he said excitedly I don't know that it's definitive or anything of the sort but all of the scattered letters on the other notes save this last one the one that doesn't have rhyme in the same scheme why all those other notes have consonants on them you see t nrw all of that and this last one why it's only vowelsEdith stared at him How extraordinary of you to notice she said Yes He though it rather was He was uite proud of himselfWell you see he said wanting to embroider on his victory I've always been rather interested in vowels They say it was the Greeks who invented them How clever of you to remember that she said Well Henry said you can hardly forget it when you think about it of course I mean imagine that all those languages before Greek were nothing but consonants I mean can you imagine the excitement of having a letter for a sound Think if it he exclaimed O Edith Wharton said 424

  5. Lesli Lesli says:

    Henry James' Midnight Song is by the same author who wrote The Eleven Million Mile High Dancer but is completely different but also a wonderful book It takes place in fin de siecle Vienna and the story is a murder mystery that takes place at Freud's home The major characters are Freud Jung Henry James Edith Wharton and Theodore Herzl The book is fascinating and entertaining and is also about how the fate of European Jewry is starting to change

  6. Terry Terry says:

    Story does not hang together Many errors and difficult to follow Modern language used in turn of the century dialogue Too many confusing and irrelevant characters Solution to the murder is off the wall silly Don't waste your time on this book Very few reviews in 1993 and I cannot understand how they were so positive I disliked this book and wasted time getting to the ending just to see if the book would redeem itself No

  7. Joseph Salvatore Vitale Joseph Salvatore Vitale says:

    this book tells me people in the victorian era were as cheating and lustful bastards as today and cunning with thier behind closed doors bullshit This book makes you see aristocrates as the douches they are

  8. Anne Anne says:

    Really enjoyed this novel with historical figures as some of its main characters Centered in fin de siecle Vienna the author takes advantage of an amazing time and place to write a fascinating novel

  9. Scott Scott says:

    Postmodern murder mystery novelFreud Jung Wharton and James Excellent read

  10. Libraryassistant Libraryassistant says:

    Too weird and hard to follow Confusing jumps between characters and seeming alternate realities I'm willing to work for a good story but this one just asked too much

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