To Taste the Wine ePUB À To Taste PDF/EPUB or

To Taste the Wine ePUB À To Taste PDF/EPUB or

10 thoughts on “To Taste the Wine

  1. Sheri Sheri says:

    I thought this was a decent read until about midway through and then it just seemed to unravel The sexual tension between Chelsea and Luke was pretty hot on board ship and when she first arrived in Australia but then she turns from being a fierce woman in control of her destiny to an absolute victim by her choosing I'm sorry but if you're looking for respectability you don't stay with a man who brutalizes you every nightif I was her I would have put up with whatever gossip and run back to Luke after that first bad incident Townspeople be damned She pretty much lost all respect from me after that The whole ending seuence just seemed all crammed togetherrushed and forcedjust like her marriage to Kane

  2. Tammy Tammy says:

    Victorian era Romance in AustraliaIt started with a little lieAfter re reading the uestion is to keep or not I am 5050 at the moment

  3. A.B. Shepherd A.B. Shepherd says:

    I read it because it was reported to be the story of a woman who throws caution to the wind and moves to the Australian wine country And while that holds true it just wasn't what I was hoping for Other than dust and drought conditions not many elements of adjusting to Australia and the conditions there were includedIf you are a fan of bodice rippers with heroines who like being sexually dominated this may be the novel of your dreams It wasn't mine It is a smutty trashy romance in the best possible connotations of the genre My only complaint if that were the type of book I were going for would be that the ending is uite abrupt and leaves the reader with uestions While it did contain all the necessary elements of a great trashy romance that just wasn't what I was looking for My score reflects less on the novel and on my mood

  4. Marie Marie says:

    I gave this book 1 star only because you cannot give a book no stars It started it off pretty good; a young lady out to make her own destiny in the new colony of Australia She leaves behind a corrupt uncle a lousy job and no friends as she sails from England Round about Day 2 on board the boat she sleeps with the first guy Yes the first There are I was rooting for the independent young lady then I realized that she is greedy and amoralistic

  5. Cshifflett Cshifflett says:

    Not too impressed Liked parts of the story Michael's could not keep the main characters out of the bed too long Parts of the story were really good Not sure I will read this author again

  6. Janet Lane Janet Lane says:

    This novel was written in 1997 reissued in 2011 in print and in audiobook format narrated by Anne FlosnikFlosnik is a gifted narrator and Michaels' story is brimming with adventure and passion The book is filled with vivid descriptions of Australia's drought memorable characters and an agonizing plot that tortures the hero and heroine It's agonizing to the contemporary reader too for most of the romantic conflict is dependent on the protagonists' reluctance to communicate The novel is twenty years old and reflects the frustrating misunderstanding plot techniues that were lingering when this was writtenFor the reader willing to overlook this though there's a bounty of luscious descriptions with achingly romantic dialogue and internal thoughts Michaels painted the villain realistically with the distasteful male convictions popular in the nineteenth centuryI found it captivating

  7. Deborah Cleaves Deborah Cleaves says:

    No No No A con woman wants to change her life so she heads to a new continent where she chooses the physically brutal rapist as a husband over the kind con who rapes by means of threats who won't marry her Eventually the brutal rapist is killed by the saintly aborigine who is killed at the same time by the evil rapisthusband So the two good cons live happily ever after with their love child born of their affair during the marriage Ugh After all if you compel unwanted sex with a woman by means of threats it must be love Sigh So not my kind of romance plotting

  8. LaRita LaRita says:

    Not one of her very best books yet it was a good read I hold high standards based on her other stories which I find engrossing This love story was a bit too predictable However I enjoyed the details about the time period and the glimpses into the what is was like when the English started colonizing Australia Her portrayal of the strong and wise aboriginal woman was magnificent

  9. Camandwmm Camandwmm says:

    Chelsea performed with her uncle in a traveling theatre group He uncle was a pick pocket and she needed to get away from him She did and many adventures Good character building Interesting book

  10. Sherri Dub Sherri Dub says:

    I enjoyed the slower pacing of this book compared to contemporary romancesI love all genres but historical are a personal favorite for meThe characters were destined to be together but the way the author wove their fates was deliciously slow and passionate

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To Taste the Wine ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ To Taste the Wine Author Fern Michaels – From the incomparable Fern Michaels comes a timeless story of desire ambition and star crossed love stretching from the bustling streets of 19th century London to the untamed beauty of Australia Since From the incomparable Fern Michaels comes a timeless story of desire ambition and star crossed love stretching from the bustling streets of th century London to the untamed beauty of Australia Since she was a young girl Chelsea Myles has To Taste PDF/EPUB or performed with her uncle Cosmo's theater troupe entertaining London's roughest crowds while Cosmo picks customers' pockets Fate has given her no other means of surviving Until one night a robbery goes awry and Chelsea is left holding a fortune in gold enough to buy her passage to Australia and the chance of a new life On board the vessel bound for New South Wales Chelsea meets charismatic uaid Tanner who's returning to his vineyard in Sydney Their affair is as brief as it is blissful for uaid holds a secret that must keep them apart But beneath the endless skies of this bold new land two passionate hearts will defy the odds and overcome every obstacle to find a way back to each other.