The Cadence of Gypsies The FIG Mysteries Book 1 PDF Ò

The Cadence of Gypsies The FIG Mysteries Book 1 PDF Ò

The Cadence of Gypsies The FIG Mysteries Book 1 [Ebook] ➨ The Cadence of Gypsies The FIG Mysteries Book 1 By Barbara Casey – On her 18th birthday Carolina Lovel learned that she was adopted and was given a letter written by her birth mother in an unknown language After years of research she travels to Italy on a mission to On her of Gypsies PDF ↠ th birthday Carolina Lovel learned that she was adopted and was given a letter written by her birth mother in an unknown language After years of research she travels to Italy on a mission to find the truth about her past Carolina is accompanied by three extremely gifted but mischievous students the FIGs from Wood Rose Orphanage and Academy for Young Women In an effort to help their favorite teacher the FIGs will have to use their special abilities to decipher the Voynich Manuscript the most mysterious document in the world and the one thing that The Cadence Kindle - is strangely similar to what Carolina Cadence of Gypsies The FIG PDF \ was given Their search will take them into the mystical world of gypsy tradition and magic exciting and dangerous than any of them could have imagined.

  • Hardcover
  • 266 pages
  • The Cadence of Gypsies The FIG Mysteries Book 1
  • Barbara Casey
  • English
  • 26 September 2015
  • 9780982081280

About the Author: Barbara Casey

Barbara Casey of Gypsies PDF ↠ is the author of ten award winning novels and numerous articles poems and short stories She lives on a mountain in northwest Georgia with her husband her miniature dachshund named Fitz and Benton a hound mix who adopted her.

10 thoughts on “The Cadence of Gypsies The FIG Mysteries Book 1

  1. Kat Kat says:

    The book was much different than I expected but in a good wayThe beginning I did find slow and at times the gypsy history notes were a little confusing However as the characters grew throughout the novel I started connecting with the FIG's and Carolina I enjoyed seeing the perspective of each intellectual girl and Carolina's growth throughout her journey to find her birth parents The FIG's were relatable and each experienced growth in the bookThe plot in the beginning was slow but it developed nicely There were lots of different perspectives but it was not as overwhelming as I thought it would be The romance between Larry and Carolina was genuine and I enjoyed the twist with his character As the book setting changed to Italy I found the plot pace uickening and I was engaged as of this point The new characters added to the story definitely helped tie everything together

  2. Whitney Whitney says:

    When I began The Cadence of Gypsies I was reminded of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars Dara Jennifer and Mackenzie tested the boarding schoolorphanage’s boundaries and appeared a bit skanky at first look with their unbutton blouses and lack of undergarments Between their apparent disregard for rules and state of dress I could totally see one of them knocking a classmate off One thing I learned from this is that first impressions can be deceivingWhat originally drew me to the novel was the mention of Carolina’s adoption and attempt to find her biological family As I have several members of my family who are adopted and my own mother’s search to find her biological parents it was a plotline that interested meAfter the three student’s true intellect was revealed and the mission for the Voynich Manuscript began my ABC Family comparison changed to a Da Vinci Code but a lot less confusing By this time I was deeply invested in the girl’s journey and eagerly read onI cannot forget about Carolina the real reason I picked up The Cadence of Gypsies which was a search for the truth I very much enjoyed her discovery to her past and how the magic of gypsies fit into this majestic puzzle I found this exploration to be intense with a satisfying or fitting end to the breadcrumbs that tantalized the readerAlso novels with two sub plots can have a tendency to diverge and never meet again; I did not find this to be true of Barbara Casey’s novel The two complemented each other and with the beautiful backdrop of Italy created a rich narrationOverall The Cadence of Gypsies was a beautifully written story that was served on a silver platter for the reader to indulge

  3. Floryie Floryie says:

    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I first checked out this book the book cover totally blew off my interest but the blurb was strong enough to intrigue me to read itAnd I am thankful that I did read it inspite of a few down points I loved the overall story of Carolina's journey to get to her roots Carolina undergoes an emotional journey The emotions feelings and the mystical aspects of gypsies made for an interesting read The tale touched my heart easily and made me invested in reading till the endThe characters were fascinating everyone having their own agenda Carolina is a very strong character while the love interest wasn't that good The side characters had me confused at times I didn't know to like the 3 girls or to hate them They had me alternate in my opinion and had me emotionally entangled when reading about them The ways of the gypsies and their lore gives a uniue feel to the tale At times I did feel that the gypsies jargon was used too much It could have been reduced a bit Inspite of it all I enjoyed the read The tale had a couple of subplots which had eager to know what was happening next The book was an enchanting story inspite of the shortfalls as explained above I know that I would love to read the other books by the author My rating 45

  4. LAWonder10 LAWonder10 says:

    Carolina began her childhood as an adopted daughter of an American coupleshe was not an American by birth Later she will want to find her biological parents in ItalyThe three FICs were viewed as misfits but together they fit fine It got even better when Ms Carolina came to teach After a disastrous prank Ms Carolina rescued the girls from expulsion through a rapidly organized research project in ItalyItaly Carolina's place of birthIn Italy Carolina's mother along with others have agendas of their ownLarry Carolina's love from the states has his own agenda alsoThese individuals including others come together for an intriguing MysterySuspenseRomance novel filled with magic and the battle between good and evil The stage is set well and the characters are established in this first book of the trilogy There is just enough of the plot to get the reader's total interest then leave the reader wanting to know what happens next?The Title fits yet the Book Cover is so plain it fails to stimulate any desire to read the pages within That is the only negative I feel about the BookThis book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review of which I have given

  5. Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues says:

    Gyspies are a fascinating subject and I enjoyed reading about gypsy life In fact at the end of the book my desire to meet and converse with gypsies has increasedWhat I loved about the book apart from the fact that it had a fantastic story is that the main character is such an inspiring woman that the ‘supporting cast’ consisted of other wonderful women also helped The romantic interest was there but the story didn’t revolve around thatThe mysterious historical document and the wonderful insight into gypsy culture make it a most interesting readRead here

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I accidentally started this series with book two Yet I didn't realize that I had read book two until I went to pick up this book and read that it was book one That is how good Ms Casey's writing was as I was able to jump right into book two with no problems Although I will admit that I kind of struggled with this book With book one it felt like the descriptions and layout of all of the characters FIG and the Voynich Manuscript were drawn out too long for me Don't get me wrong as I appreciate the descriptions and the background to the whole series but after a while I was looking for action The last third of the story did start to pick up on this as a lead into book two As you know the series does get better with book two

  7. Jeremy Michael Gallen Jeremy Michael Gallen says:

    In this realistic fiction novel protagonist Carolina Lovel learns on her eighteenth birthday that she was adopted her birth mother having written her a letter in a foreign language Following a few years of research she ventures to Italy to discover the truth about her heritage with three talented but defiant students termed Females of Intellectual Genius or FIGs from the Wood Rose Orphanage and Academy of Young Women joining her The girls attempt to use their abilities to make sense of the enigmatic Voynich Manuscript written in a language similar to that of Carolina’s birth mother’s letter Their journey takes them through a world of gypsy sorcery and tradition which proves exciting and dangerousThe novel opens with a Croatian uotation about where gypsies will go other than alongside their own kin and brief prologue the latter an excerpt from Charles Godfrey Leland’s 1891 book Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling the citation indicating that sorcery is commonly associated with gypsies The main chapters begin with gypsy women gathering plant parts for potions the first also introducing Jimmy Bob Doake a North Carolinian who was the only sibling among eleven to reach the eighth grade and detests change The initial chapter further highlights three FIGs from the mentioned Orphanage and Academy who at night snip a plant part they likely jokingly term Peni erectiThe novel regularly uses gypsy terms such as choovihni which is a wisewoman an exalted position among them with protagonist Carolina called to the headmaster’s office for the described infraction by the FIGs for whom she is held liable The events ultimately culminate in a trip by Carolina and her star pupils to Italy to discover about her heritage accounting for an entertaining story The author does use a bit too much gypsy jargon at times and there are a few references to the Methodist Church instead of United Methodist Church making ambiguous the book’s timeline the UMC founded in 1968 but it’s still a recommended read

  8. Carrie Carrie says:

    Carolina was taken from her gypsy mother at a young age and sent to American where she was adopted At eighteen her adoptive parents give her a box Inside this box Carolina discovers the truth about her birth that she was adopted and with help from her boyfriend they begin research in finding out who Carolina really is With the odd items in the box she finds an old paper w script that matches an ancient manuscript that scholars have gone mad trying to decipher After graduating college Carolina takes a job at a girl’s academy for orphaned children There she in put in charge of three gifted girls that are of detriment than a blessing to the school When the girls play a prank that goes to far Carolina offers to take the girls with her on a trip to Italy There Carolina will begin her search for her birth family To her pleasant surprise the girls are able to pull their gifts together in assisting their mentor Lyuba has never gotten over the fact that her small child was taken from her and sent off to America to be adopted Day after day she lives alone as a widowed gypsy and collects herbs to make remedies that she sells to the public Being very talented she also has other gifts In the band of gypsies she travels with she also teaches the children these special gifts But there is one child who uses the knowledge he has been taught to harm those around him This book is full of twist that keeps you turning pages I thought it clever how everyone played an important role in each others lives A fun and enjoyable read

  9. Leone (She Reads too Much Romance) Leone (She Reads too Much Romance) says:

    I was a little surprised by the fact that I found myself enjoying The Cadence of the Gypsies The novel itself was not only uniue with the surprises as well as a deep mystery of self discovery but certainly was outside of my comfort zone as a reader Perhaps this fact alone is the sole purpose as to why I did devour the story in such a short amount of timeCarolina the heroine of the tale learned on her eighteenth birthday that she was adopted by a letter written by her mother in a foreign language In reality Carolina has roots of a gypsy I have always had a deep interest in regarding the lifestyle of gypsies as this story line is what first drew me into reading the plot in the first place Carolina was determined to uncover the truth behind her birthright which lead her to many outstanding and scenic journeys in Europe The traveling within this book cured my ache as a wanderlust and satisfied my taste for adventureMy only flaw that I have with this book is the orphans that Carolina teaches The three orphans added a bit of spice to the novel but in truth I didn't much care for their characters or their wit I would have much preferred to have seen Carolina's journey on her own with outside secondary characters as I felt like the orphans merely overshadowed the book Still regardless of this one flaw I did love this book It was brilliant and a beautiful novel that was well written I would suggest reading this novel regardless of the type of reader that you consider yourself to be I am happy that I did read this novel and I think that once you do the same you will also be glad that you did

  10. Marilyn R. Marilyn R. says:

    In this first book in author Barbara Casey's new FIG Females of Intellectual Genius series we first meet the book's characters and then follow them on an intriguing international journey that involves a search for birth parents an academic mystery gypsy traditions and personal perilCarolina Lovel a teacher at Wood Rose was adopted as a young child A box she received from her birth parents at the age of 18 held a few cherished clues as well as a written page in a style of the Voynich Manuscipt a curious document that has puzzled the academic world for years She has held these secrets close as she privately searched for answers to her heritageThe three FIG's Dara Mackenzie and Jennifer are her personal charges at Wood Rose Each is very gifted in their own uniue way language numbers and music Keeping them in line has proves a daily challenge Then the idea arises to focus their talents by taking them to Italy for the last few weeks of school year Here they will study and hopefully find the key to the Voynich Manuscript Carolina is also hoping while there the FIG's will be able to put their considerable talents towards helping solve the mystery of her parentageAs the story unfolds we are also drawn into the fascinating history and culture of gypsies adding an extra element intrigue and eventually personal peril to the story Add in a dash of romance and the picture is complete

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