L'uomo verticale Kindle Ú Paperback

L'uomo verticale Kindle Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 396 pages
  • L'uomo verticale
  • Davide Longo
  • Italian
  • 04 May 2014
  • 9788860441379

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  1. Antonio Nunez Antonio Nunez says:

    I read Longo's book The Last Man Standing after seeing a review in the FT Since I have a weakness for post apocalyptic fiction it seemed like an attractive read It was absolutely enthralling I couldn't stop until the end and even today almost a month later I find myself remembering the characters and the situations The book describes the aftermath of an unnamed catastrophe happening in Italy in the near future The main character is a former professor and well known author as he tries to save his daughter and stepson from oblivion at the hands of marauding maniacs while keeping them from freezing and starving An attractive trait of the protagonist is that he seems totally unsuited for survival being bookish and shy and not physically strong contrary to Cormac McCarthy's protagonist in The Road who seemed frustratingly exceptional I won't give the plot away but there's to him than meets the eye However catastrophe actually brings redemption to this man after a sexual scandal that destroyed his career and his family many years before the events narrated The book is wonderfully lyrical in its descriptions of places and animals and the dialogues are enthralling Please be aware that the book is probably unsuitable for younger readers on their own because some parts of it are perhaps too brutal it contains explicit torture and rape scenes For adults it is a great read

  2. Allison Denny Allison Denny says:

    Last Man Standing is actually a very well done post apocalyptic novel definitely the most literary one I've ever read It's unrelenting in its matter of fact bleak realism That's why I gave it a low score No matter how technically good it is I didn't enjoy it The beginning had some beautiful passages and the ending was relatively positive but that doesn't make up for the 200 pages of misery in the middle

  3. ☼Book her, Danno☼ thepam ☼Book her, Danno☼ thepam says:

    BleakVery BleakTHE LAST MAN STANDING is a tremendously effective piece about the collapse of Europe's governments and economy The pace at which this disaster unfolds and the way that Davide Lango tells the story makes it entirely plausible and exceedingly realistic If you want a taste of what The End will really be like try this bookWe enter the story when there are still islands of civilization The main character an author and former professor named Leonardo is introduced as he is staying at a small hotel He is taking cooking oil back to his village and at this point the banks are still open although the hotel is housed within a tall wire fence and guarded with fire armsAfter he returns home is when things become desperate Those with sense are packing up and trying to get to Switzerland or France Leonardo however stays It's unthinkable to him that the small village life of Italy won't continue And even after his neighbors are murdered and he waits in the snow with his daughter and her step brother while his house is looted he's reluctant to actTo a small extent THE LAST MAN STANDING made me think of Cormac McCarthy and darkness that he evoked in THE ROAD However THE ROAD was a much easier book to read THE ROAD focused on a man who was capable A man who could survive and keep his son alive Davide Longo doesn't allow us that comfort In fact he makes the reader uncomfortable as he constructs a character that might be like ourselves than we'd like Sigh Leonardo is a 'Marvin Miluetoast' He's an effete intellectual who is entirely civilized and thus not capable of hurting anyone even the young college student who previously ruined his life He isn't the sort to accept a gun and so he gets pushed along with the rest of human flotsam and I can assure you that this is painful to watchWhich is why this book is not for young adults or anyone else looking for a cliche fun apocalypse I can understand why some readers might not like this book The writing is so good so effective that they feel pummeled THE LAST MAN STANDING is not a YA dystopia There are no gangs that are easily avoided or fought None of the rousing good adventure This book is like a real collapse would be And Leonardo isn't some hero to emulate He's like we might fear we would be He doesn't rise to the occasion Leonardo watches it all go to hell Doing nothing when people rob his house Doing nothing but being the scholar and writer that he is He thinks matters over He makes astute observations but he can't protect what he loves because like many people when it comes down to it he can't murderSo eventually as would happen to 90% of people in a true disaster of worldly proportions everything is stripped from him And we are witness to this To the horrors of wars and the collapse of civilization THE LAST MAN STANDING is not a perfect book But it is a brilliant book And happily the ending is satisfying

  4. John John says:

    The Best Recently Published Near Future Dystopian NovelWilliam Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” meets Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” in Italian novelist Davide Longo’s “The Last Man Standing”; a psychological intense near future thriller that along with Peter Heller’s “The Dog Stars” is the best recently published dystopian novel It is psychologically and emotionally far complex than McCarthy’s celebrated “The Road” chronicling how a former Italian college literature professor and critically acclaimed novelist seeks to escape an Italy on the brink of economic collapse in the aftermath of some unnamed disaster hoping for sanctuary in Switzerland or France He and his young children must flee across a landscape terrorized by gun wielding gangs of drug addicted youth some of them as young as those on the verge of adolescence Longo draws from 20th Century European history in portraying a near future that is as bleak and as dire as anything encountered in Europe during the two world wars or the genocidal conflicts within the former Yugoslavia during the middle and late 90’s Longo’s main protagonist Leonardo the college professor and writer is far compelling than McCarthy’s father in “The Road” giving readers a psychologically intense portrait of someone who has not yet demonstrated any semblance of courage just as the unimaginable strikes him and his two children Silvester Mazzzarella has done a fine job rendering the original Italian into compelling readable English demonstrating why Longo has been described in G as “the most talented Italian novelist of his generation” Without uestion “Last Man Standing” deserves the same critical and popular reception earned for “The Road” not least because it is a far better work of fiction

  5. Winter Winter says:

    3 StarsThe book ranged from great to mediocre It's uite bleak but it didn't give me that same sense of darkness that made me ponder it for days as did The Road

  6. Randy Randy says:

    I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic novels so this seemed a natural selectionThe tale is set in Italy and the world is coming apart Borders are guarded the banks are giving people their moneyif they even have any and Leonardo is just trying to survive A former college professor and writer caught up in a sex scandal that cost him his family his job and his desire to write he ekes out an existence with a small vineyardOne day his wife shows up with his daughter now seventeen and the son of her current husband and dumps them on Leonardo saying she has to find her husband who's in the National Guard that she hasn't seen in four months She'll be back in a week and the family will head to SwitzerlandHe never saw her againRoving gangs are raiding homes killing people for whatever they can find Leonardo's home is raided and destroyed while he's away and he knows he has to get them away The story is about what they go throughSounds good but the execution is somewhat stilted The author spends way to much time on the minutiae of every day life A little bit goes a long way but too much tends to bog down the story Half of the first half of the book could be excised without harming the story in fact improving the paceCan only give it two stars

  7. Mackayqueen Mackayqueen says:

    I didn't enjoy this book at all I only finished it because I did want to know the ending Parts are so morbid but almost seem unfeeling in the way it is written

  8. Ola Ola says:

    I found the first half very boring however I couldn't leave it after that even though I had an examwhat I really liked about this novel is the real psychological conflict that the main character faced in his journey and although I didn't like some scenes but I wholeheartedly agree with him in the two points he makes in his novel Change is never easy and Sometimes you are your worst enemy

  9. Scott Rossi Scott Rossi says:

    Brutal beautiful readThis book was amazing More bleak and brutal than I expected yet eually beautiful and uplifting This is a very tough but rewarding book

  10. Martin R. Kotomski Martin R. Kotomski says:

    The Road meets Blindness Amazing book

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L'uomo verticale[Download] ➾ L'uomo verticale By Davide Longo – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Leonardo è uno scrittore che vive in provincia in un paese sperduto e fumoso che racconta molta parte dell’Italia dei giorni nostri Trascorre da alcuni anni un’esistenza calata nel silenzio e nel Leonardo è uno scrittore che vive in provincia in un paese sperduto e fumoso che racconta molta parte dell’Italia dei giorni nostri Trascorre da alcuni anni un’esistenza calata nel silenzio e nella solitudine sullo sfondo di un paesaggio in cui di grigio e di nebbia sono impastati anche i cuori di chi ci abita Leonardo si è lasciato alle spalle una carriera da professore universitario e un passato felice e soddisfacente contraddistinto dal successo dei suoi romanzi e dall’a per Alessandra la donna che gli ha dato Lucia sua figlia Il momento della resa dei conti pare essere arrivato perché non tutto fila liscio come un tempo la relazione con Alessandra tracolla per una storia clandestina la banca non eroga soldi il paese è attraversato da inspiegabili ondate di violenza la gente è in lotta e si arma Rapine sopraffazioni omicidi Il clima è uello di un assedio con ronde e organizzazioni a tutela del territorio l’imbarbarimento delle nuove generazioni conduce gli eventi verso un inevitabile conflitto la colpa di tutto sembra ricadere sugli stranieri La guerra civile che incombe e che durerà anni costringerà Leonardo a fare i conti con il lato più estremo di uesta nuova società la spietatezza Unica via di scampo possibile sembra essere fuggire a occidente E così inizia un viaggio pieno di insidie avventure drammi che porterà il protagonista a sperimentare sulla sua pelle l’evoluzione del male e dell’odio.