How to Get to I Do PDF ☆ How to eBook  Get to

How to Get to I Do PDF ☆ How to eBook  Get to

How to Get to I Do ❴Reading❵ ➶ How to Get to I Do Author Amy Bonaccorso – Foreword by Fr C John McCloskey III Finding a man is just like finding a parking spot in New York City It can be hard and take a while but you can do it—From Chapter One Ten years of eye opening exp Foreword by Fr Get to PDF ↠ C John McCloskey III Finding a man is just How to eBook  like finding a parking spot in New York City It can be hard to Get to Epub ß and take a while but you can do it—From Chapter One Ten years of eye opening experiences on the Christian dating scene euipped Amy Bonaccorso to offer hard hitting advice that will help you get real get practical and get married As a happily married woman she knows what works internet dating what doesn't living a nun like existence and gives you the confidence to date strategically with an eye toward marriage Forget about Prince Charming—he doesn't exist—but plenty of good men are waiting for a woman like you to throw away the checklist of idealized mate material and settle down with a real man This practical and realistic guide for single Catholic women offers you an opportunity for self assessment if you want to make a good catch be a good catch and takes seriously the importance of marriage as a vocation to be pursued with as much energy as a call to the religious life.

  • Paperback
  • 161 pages
  • How to Get to I Do
  • Amy Bonaccorso
  • English
  • 01 July 2016
  • 9780867169522

5 thoughts on “How to Get to I Do

  1. Julie Davis Julie Davis says:

    I wish I had enough cash to buy a copy for every single Catholic woman I know and give it to themComing to marriage as I did as an agnostic late twenties woman stumbling my way through meeting and dating guys it seems like a no brainer You meet a guy who finally clicks in the right ways He loves you too Miracle And it keeps going so you get married and settle down to finding out what life together is really all aboutThat is difficult enough for both men and women in general these daysHowever now that I have two daughters who are young women know many of their friends and have many younger unmarried Catholic female friends of my own I can see that there is a way to make it difficult Add being a devout Catholic into the mix For some reason that adds a whole set of complications that never occurred to me beforeSome women insist on marrying only a CatholicOthers feel they are failed by their church if the parish singles group isn't providing suitably eligible menMost struggle with chastity on some level or otherThat doesn't even count the potential minefield of on line dating meeting men from different countries not to mention different faiths hostile parents and all the other hazards of modern datingImagine my pleasure and relief when I read How to Get to I Do which handles every uestion and issue with calm practical commonsense She dated for ten years before marrying and encountered many of the everyday problems that modern devout Catholic women run into when trying to find that good man who they will click with This is really a complete guide covering not only where to meet men but a variety of topics such as as meeting in a public place for a first date Catholic places outside parishes to meet people dating within your means handling guys who flirt with everyone and much I was eually pleased to see that she goes past finding and discerning guys to date and delves into issues to consider before committing to marriage coping with disappointment and betrayal how to handle remaining single for a long time when you are dying to get married engagement tips and planning a weddingObviously this is aimed at Catholics but it seems to me that most Christian women would profit from it as well I would even recommend it to nonbelievers who share common values with Catholics such as valuing themselves enough to remain chaste until marriage There are such women although modern news and entertainment would lead you to believe otherwise There is plenty of good solid advice here to be gleaned for many situations that are common to all dating womenThis is a book that I will be recommending to many women starting close to home My own daughters can benefit greatly from it

  2. Gina Paffumi Gina Paffumi says:

    One of the most Catholic dating books I've read; I love the way she talks about vocations It's interesting how the advice starts at meeting guys and goes to the wedding itself Every catholic girl who is 17 or 18 and discerning marriage should read this book to get a realistic view on the whole process

  3. Natalie Natalie says:

    I felt like this book was very practical almost too practical in that it came off as cold and kind of calculating? Like finding a man is just a contractual transaction that has to take placealmost like any remotely decent man will do just grab him I finished the book and honestly felt depressed For instance Amy writes about not telling your fiance about your doubts and jitters because it will scare him off She makes men sound so fragile and skittish like any wrong move could scare them off I just left this book feeling pessimistic about relationships than beforeA couple of things I did like Amy writes about the types of Catholic men to avoid the harsh and rigid ones and I have definitely experienced these types myself and did not know they were so common It's refreshing to know that many other women have experienced these legalistic relationships Also I expected her to say that Catholics should absolutely date Catholics but she did not She made it clear from the beginning that one's character traits are eually as important in choosing a mate For instance an open minded loving patient non practicing Protestant could be a better choice than a rigid Catholic Because people's religious views can change over time but their character traits usually do not

  4. Bethany Bethany says:

    I think this would be a really good book for a Catholic or probably any religious girl in her early to maybe mid twenties who is overwhelmed or confused by the dating scene At my wisened is that a word? old age of 29 I feel like I could've written the book myself but she did have some good insights so it was worth the 3 hours it took to read Practical advice check Beautiful prose look elsewhere

  5. Nadia Nadia says:

    Jam packed with good smart advice

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