The First Assassin MOBI ☆ The First MOBI :Ú

The First Assassin MOBI ☆ The First MOBI :Ú

  • Kindle Edition
  • 461 pages
  • The First Assassin
  • John J. Miller
  • English
  • 04 June 2016

10 thoughts on “The First Assassin

  1. Curtis Edmonds Curtis Edmonds says:

    Usually people say that thrillers are taut which is an odd sort of metaphor You want your sheets to be taut if you care about that sort of thing You want your sails to be taut if you want the wind to take you anywhere But why does a book have to be taut? The only thing I can figure out is that tautness implies tension which is another thing you always hear about thrillers is that they are tense A taut rope has a lot of stored up energy in it and it may break at any moment so there's that So maybe that's what you need in a thriller energy plus suspenseThe First Assassin is about an attempted fictional assassination on Abraham Lincoln that spoiler alert never happened That takes out a good bit of the suspense right there; you know that the assassin won't succeed You can still tell the story though and do a good job of it but to do that you are well advised to keep the story energized Unfortunately that doesn't uite happen hereJohm Miller's The First Assassin manages to do a good job in keeping up the action about half the time And the action when it happens is fairly good You have a Union officer seeking to keep the President safe and he is busy in most of the book in ferreting out plots You have a young attractive female slave on a Low Country plantation who is handed a shocking piece of information about an assassin You have said assassin a sinister Cuban gun for hire slinking around the mean streets of Washington All of this is good and the action scenes when they happen are well written and well taut That's the word people use I told you soThe problem is that so many parts of The First Assassin are well slack There's an annoying subplot about who will inherit the estate of the South Carolina fire eater who hires the assassin that could just as easily have been cut out There is scene after scene after scene where the intrepid Union officer is summoned to meet with General Scott and brief him on what just happened There's a fairly interesting bit about an American style Gunpowder Plot that fizzles out and disappears halfway throughThe single most annoying bit of business is the assassin's scheme to kill the President and how he goes about doing it Without giving too much away all you really need is a paragraph to explain what the assassin buys to conceal his weapon and another two about how he conceals it What you get is a whole raft of exposition about the people he buys the euipment from which I guess is there to serve as local color but mostly just gets in the way of the storyThe characters are something of a mixed bag Lincoln is here and if there's any character that's easier to write into a fictional narrative than Lincoln I'd like to know about him we know so much of what he says and his habits that it's hard to treat him like a regular character in a regular novel Here he mostly functions as a uote machine saying the things we know he said The Confederate sympathizer who serves as a means for the good guys to track down the bad guys is too phony and self centered to make much of an impact The courageous slave girl is there to suffer and not much Where Miller does well in The First Assassin is to tell the historical story of the early days of the Civil War to make the city of Washington come alive and to set up action scenes that are lively gripping and telling The First Assassin works on its own merits but it doesn't transcend them That's what you say in a book review when you say that the book is pretty good and you should read it but don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed

  2. Nick Guzan Nick Guzan says:

    Well researched and entertaining but something about the writing style particularly the dialogue and over explaining every character's action failing to show don't tell didn't connect with me At times the dialogue reminded me of corny '80s action movies taking me away from the Civil War era setting That said it's a well plotted novel that delivered some genuine thrills and was hard to put down particularly during the third actDescribed by Vince Flynn as like The Day in the Jackal set in 1861 Washington this book is likely to appeal most strongly to people who understand Flynn's reference I'm sure a cinematic adaptation of this would be fun to watch as well

  3. R.Z. R.Z. says:

    At first one might think ho hum another presidential assassin story but once you are into it you just might not be able to put it down This is told primarily from the point of view of the Colonel who is in charge of keeping President Abraham Lincoln generally safe when nobody but himself believes that one or killers might be out to assassinate this most hated president Conspiracy theories abound and Colonel Rook must defy orders so that he can pursue the killers one of which is a psychopath skilled in the art of international assassination With the entry of a young slave who is given the task of running away from her home on a southern plantation to deliver proof that President Lincoln is about to be killed the story becomes even intriguing The novel weaves back and forth between the characters with their specific agendas but never becomes so complicated that the reader can't easily follow the plot Lincoln himself is used mainly as a prop around which events happen and no attempt is made to develop his characterOne of the novel's best features is how well it depicts the chaos and deterioration of the nation's capital as one southern state after another secedes from the union

  4. Kim Kim says:

    “The First Assassin” was a well written historical novel The events portrayed were realistic as were the various characters in the story The story is about Abraham Lincoln's first days in office and the growing conflict between the north and south The south has just attacked Fort Sumter and has formed a plan to have Abraham Lincoln assassinated The north has a conflict in its ranks as to how much the military should protect Abraham Lincoln Col Rook goes against orders to supply additional protection for the president and stumbles on different plots in the making Meanwhile Lucius a slave in South Carolina uncovers information and a photograph related to the assassination and sends his granddaughter Portia to inform the president Being a slave complicates Portia's trip north Mazorca the assassin reaches Washington DC and begins planning the assassination with some help from Violet Grenier a southern sympathizer The story has its own twists and turns keeping the reader interested out the book

  5. Ron Chicaferro Ron Chicaferro says:

    Well as the stars indicate I thought it was OK Its a rather long and somewhat tedious story of an assassin picked by two conservative Southerners to go to Washington and kill Abraham Lincoln The book describes life in the United States just prior to the start of the Civil War It covers both the view of Southerners and Northerners as well as life on a plantation from the slaves point of view All of these issues are important but maybe would be better in a different setting maybe a non fictional account of that time period The actual hunt for the killer starts about mid way through the book If you would like to know what Washington DC was like at that time in history then you'll like this book If you're looking for a high octane hunt for an assassin you might want to try another book

  6. Jim Jim says:

    Good historical thriller though you obviously know the outcome of a plot to assassinate Lincoln in 1861 The development of the minor characters is fine though only one Colonel Rook is fully developed throughout the book The historical details are well done and thoroughly researched The end felt a bit rushed with a lot of loose ends tied up a bit too neatly but otherwise it was a good read

  7. David David says:

    A nice piece of historical fiction about one of my favorite historical eras the Civil War Not the most exciting book but one that I think conveys well the speed of the times I love the portrayal of Lincoln it captures his brilliant wit in the face of unimaginable troubles If you like civil war fiction this story is worth the read

  8. Tom Tom says:

    This is an excellent thriller set in the first month of Lincoln's presidency The characters are realistic and the action is believably from the 19th century too much historical fiction lets 21st century attitudes and methods seep into the story this one doesn't

  9. Carol Carol says:

    Not sure how to rate this To me it is a kind of book that I would take to the beach I don't like typical beach reads but it is a very fast read and I will read anything fiction or non fiction that is connected to the Civil War or Lincoln Lincoln had a small part but he had some good lines of humor This was set in the time just before the war started and already assassin were after him I loved that a slave girl Portia demonstrated great courage and determination on her mission to protect Pres ident Lincoln Added interest was provided by a bookshop owner and a poor bookbinder I had no sympathy for the people planning the assassination It was mainly a fictional account of a planned assassination of President Lincoln and with story giving a good picture of slave life during the during the time period with an accurate representation of the laws involving fugitive slaves

  10. Catherine Catherine says:

    Nicely written and historically framed story about a fictional early assassination attempt against Abraham Lincoln The pace is propulsive I enjoyed the ride but really savored the very interesting and accurate look at Washington DC early in Lincoln’s presidency Also well and accurately depicted are the Fort Sumter confrontation slavery practices and the clashing attitudes as the Civil War began One star off because the writing though good is journalistic not literary and the fictional characters have very little depth

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The First Assassin❰Download❯ ➾ The First Assassin Author John J. Miller – Winter 1861 the United States teeters on the brink of civil war In Washington DC Colonel Charles P Rook is tapped to organize the district’s security and to protect president elect Abraham Lincoln f Winter the United States teeters on the brink of civil war In Washington DC Colonel Charles P Rook is tapped to organize the district’s security and to protect president elect Abraham Lincoln from the death threats pouring in to the White House He surrounds the president with bodyguards and fills the city’s rooftops with sharpshooters diligently investigating the conspiracies being fomented with increasing intensity by Southern secessionists Yet amidst The First MOBI :Ú the chaos and confusion a foreigner slips unnoticed into the teeming city Hired by a wealthy Southern planter to eliminate President Lincoln and destroy the Union once and for all the assassin catches Rook’s attention by cutting down anyone who gets in his way As the bodies begin to pile up Rook realizes he is caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a cold blooded killer who will stop at nothing to complete his mission Rook’s only hope is Portia a runaway slave who holds the key to the assassin’s identity—if she can stay alive long enough to deliver it Packed with dynamic characters rich period detail and a chillingly sinister villain The First Assassin is a riveting thriller for fans of historical fiction.

About the Author: John J. Miller

John J Miller writes for National Review the Wall Street Journal and many other publications He is the author of The First Assassin a historical thriller plus several works of nonfiction He is a contributing editor of Philanthropy magazine and a consultant to grantmaking foundations The Chronicle of Higher Education has called him “one of the best literary journalists in the country”.