A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart

A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart

A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart Home to Others ➸ A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart Home to Others Download ➿ Author Karen Ehman – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The thought of hosting a dinner party or even having a friend over for coffee is enough to give some women flashbacks of lopsided cakes or doomed casseroles from home economics class But opening up yo The thought of hosting a dinner party or That Says eBook ´ even having a friend over for coffee is enough to give some women flashbacks of lopsided cakes or doomed casseroles from home economics class But opening up your home to others doesn't have to be fancy or frightening or cost a fortune says Karen EhmanIn A Life That Says Welcome she offers a practical painless no crafting or cooking aptitude reuired course on hospitality It helps busy women open up their hearts in order to open up their homes Full of tips ideas recipes to dos and how A Life PDF/EPUB or tos A Life That Says Welcome shows readers that opening up their homes is less scary and less work than they might think.

10 thoughts on “A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart Home to Others

  1. Bethy Bethy says:

    I read this for my Ministry of Hospitality class I took this semester at Southern Seminary with the Seminary Wives Institute It was a good read with lots of illustrative personal stories and practical creative ideas I appreciated the central theme being that hospitality is about an attitude that seeks to make God the focus and make other people feel welcome not an attitude of making yourself the focustrying to impress peopleentertain While being honest about her own faults the author gently calls the reader to check her she addresses women in this book attitude when it comes to hostingIt did get a bit flowery girly and corny at points which both nauseated and distracted me as those things usually do and it's possible that a small portion of the theology was disagreeable to me I might have to clarify something with the author to know if I disagree with her on it or not but I made it through alive and took the good stuff with me Also it seemed to me that the lines got blurry there is a chapter called Hospitality on the Road in which she discusses what to do when you can't host or are not hosting people in your home send care packages bring gifts when you're a guest etc to make people feel welcome I'm not sure that these things can be officially classified as hospitality since I would associate hospitality with your own home but it does still fit the title of the book and I loved all of the ideas she presents for what I would just call ministering to others She takes the definition of hospitality beyond making people feel welcome in your home to making people feel welcome in your life so I guess it all works in her definition of it There's plenty of fresh ideas to help you make people feel welcome including recipes and tips on house cleaning overnight guest prep and spiritual prep I would recommend this for all my Goodreads friends

  2. Christy Christy says:

    This book was a little different than I anticipated but I really enjoyed it Hosting has never been an issue for me but it is something I still like to improve This book starts at the beginning Karen covers everything you might want to do to prep yourself your family and your home to welcoming guests She is very Christian and her love of Christ is beautifully woven into every paragraph This might not be everyone's cup of tea but I really enjoyed it

  3. Kay Carman Kay Carman says:

    I love the idea of becoming a hospitable person a woman who helps people feel they are important and valued to feel welcome in my home Ehman shares lots of ideas and examples of how to become better at that Her writing reminds me a little bit of Jen Hatmaker whose writing I discovered about two years ago And if you're interested in THIS particular book be sure to give Hatmaker's writings a look In referring to the excuses women often use to keep from being distracted from their own routine Ehman writes I need to learn to keep a uiet heart To trust that if God has allowed an interruption in my day it serves a purpose To believe that the time to finish what work I thought needed to be done will be given to accept that he is diverting me from my 'plan A' to his greater plan

  4. Martha Martha says:

    A simple book on how to be a better hostesshost and do simple things that make your home welcoming This is not a book about how to make your house the fanciest but about not being afraid to invite people into a simple place I enjoyed the practical tips and helpful ideas to make it a welcoming place to stay

  5. Nicole Morgan Nicole Morgan says:

    I enjoyed this simple and easy to read book with some practical tips Maybe nothing earth shattering but caused me to changed the way I viewed somethings for sure Probably would have chosen 35 stars if the option was available

  6. Amy M Amy M says:

    45 stars Reading Challenge Book? Yes This is my book about Christian living I tend to be a tad introverted by nature I love interacting with folks online still wishing I could find a great online discussion group but I’m best with smaller groups in person And maybe I’m a little bit of an anxious entertainer I have a toddler and my house reflects that So it’s hard to open my home without worrying about how it looksFor that reason I could relate to Ehman’s book I really appreciated how she first grounded her ideas about hospitality in Scripture She makes it clear that hospitality isn’t just a good idea but something that we’re told to extend to others And since we’re commanded to show hospitality to others how do we go about it?The word “welcome” gets used in this book and that makes sense Hospitality shouldn’t be about showing off how great we are but about making our guests feel comfortable and at home with us For myself I know that when I’m thinking about what will make guests feel cozy and well cared for that takes away some of the anxiety After all extending hospitality isn’t about showing off what we have; it’s about sharing it This is a partial review You can find the complete text at Building Life's Library

  7. Lindsay Kamel Lindsay Kamel says:

    This book is speaking my language I feel God is calling me to use our new home to reach out to the community through a lot of entertaining I however was not brought up in this atmosphere I am very intimidated to be compared with Martha Stewart but I love casually having people over to hear what's on their heart This book talks about this balance God began to teach me that there is a huge difference between 'entertaining' and offering hospitality Entertaining puts the emphasis on you and how you can impress others Offering hospitality puts the emphasis on others and strives to meet their physical and spiritual needs so that they feel refreshed not impressed when they leave your home That's what I'm talking about

  8. Teresa Appelwick Teresa Appelwick says:

    I bought this in hopes of appeasing my anxiety when it comes to opening up my home to friends for something other than holidays or birthdays I like how she talks about what women she actually polled cared about It is pages of encouragement from the viewpoint of a Christ follower She comes across as a real person with of the flesh opinions It is filled with encouragement several recipes and ideas many of which just give you an Ah ha moment like simply remembering what it is that made you feel so welcome at a friend's house AnywayI thought it was worth reading just as a refresher and for a few ideas I will very likely read through it a couple times just to get those ideas fresh in my brain again

  9. Alexander Alexander says:

    Sometimes a bit breezy but a very nice look into how to practice hospitality It mixes together principles and practical applications effectively placing primary focus upon the necessity of first of all making your home welcoming to your own family before making it welcoming to others I would have appreciated theological meat but of course that's what I always think about these popular works I recommend it for anyone especially those operating with a Christian perspective looking to understand how to effectively open their lives for the benefit of others

  10. Trisha Trisha says:

    Delightful read that gives plenty of encouragement to open up your heart and home to others You won't finish this one and feel discontent because you don't have the biggest home or the fanciest decor Instead you'll be reminded that the key to an hospitable atmosphere is our love for Jesus overflowing into the lives of others

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