Le Goût du Chlore ePUB Ç Le Goût PDF \

Le Goût du Chlore ePUB Ç Le Goût PDF \

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Le Goût du Chlore
  • Bastien Vivès
  • German
  • 01 May 2015
  • 9783941099487

10 thoughts on “Le Goût du Chlore

  1. Seth T. Seth T. says:

    Language is incredible and language is ridiculous It is lovely and it is baffling Language is essential and lively and complicated and lusterant and mystifying and intuitive and impossible The ability of the human creature to communicate from even the earliest age is astounding That we without any specially intended training acuire the ability to make ourselves known and in turn know others is jaw dropping That we no matter how long we persevere can never perfectly communicate is agonizing Language is beguiling We unlock the front door of its mansion so easily as if born to burglary intimate friends with the sneaking and the thieving by which all hidden treasures must reveal themselves But that mansion which we presume to have the run of soon unveils itself to have improbable rooms and inescapable mazes We might even amuse ourselves at the irony that those who train the most diligently in the ins the outs and the rules of language are most often the people least capable of making use of the stuff Language is mystery and as mystery language is romanceAs expression and meaning whirl in the confounding dance of interpretation every aspect of the tableau is made an essentiality The words spoken The dialect and tone with which they are produced The face from which they come The posture of the body that holds that face The environment in which the expression is attempted The body is a medium and the voice a vehicle Communication seeks passage through these conveyances—only there are so many obstacles so many threats to obscure intention and tarnish meaning A Taste of Chlorine is an evocative treatment of language of the wonders and woes of the human spirit’s attempt to connect to others of the like Bastien Vivès seems focused on the elusivity of that connection and the concern that even physical proximity can be alienating if language falters In Taste of Chlorine art and design and story conspire to sing a kind of methodical lament a series of mechanical refrains meant to mirror the repetitive nature of the act of swimming while simultaneously signaling an anthem to the soul who struggles with human connection And perhaps by ironic accident and perhaps by intention the reader’s experience of the book struggles against this same wall of misapprehension Vivès climaxes his book with a silent underwater admission one character to another The words are mouthed but the character can’t uite read lips And I don’t know if Vivès gives his readers the keys to understand or not I don’t know if the words actually can be made out Because while I am reading an English translation the woman whose speech is hushed in the weight of water speaks with French lips and presumably with French words So whether Vivès intends readers to puzzle out the meaning of her lips I and most American readers will be left stumped and frustrated over the inconclusive nature of a moment fraught with importanceAnd perhaps that was intentional? But purposed or not it fits the theme the author glides along It strikes at how simply we might be distracted from accessing the true meaning of words A Taste of Chlorine incisively intimates how easy it is for two people to remain foreign to each other—to be shuffled from the path of understanding and hope by little than a misplaced word and an absence of meaning This is the story Vivès toys with and his art throughout drives this homeFor a work concerned foremost with communication Vivès spends surprisingly little time on actual dialogue He lets his art speak for him and for his characters The story moves through the stealing of glances the submergence of physiues and what is revealed above and below the waterline The artist’s approach to refraction is to me novel and largely unprecedented He is careful and thoughtful in illustrating the physical properties of water—which is important as nearly the entire work occurs in a public pool When portraying that which exists below the surface Vivès abandons his inks entirely and relies on borderless colours and the suggestion of shape to delineate form and feature The world exaggerates underwater taking on an alien designEngagingly Vivès avoids any hard rules in his above water inks giving even the flat straight substance of walls and floors and benches a kind of warbling dream state prompting the sense that even the non pool scenes occur under water Readers then find themselves in as much discomfort and unease as Vivès’ nameless protagonist never being uite at home enough to trust the reliability of the narrative they encounter Just as we lack the sea legs reuired for comfortable interaction with the text Vivès’ swimmer can never find the words to make himself known or knowable to those with whom he swims Language is a tricky bastard of a mistress Vivès hits all the right notes in his exploration here He doesn’t overwhelm with a regurgitation of theory or pedantry but his still manages to say plenty And if you don’t uite understand him? If his ultimate meaning sits just beyond reach? Well that’s probably just fine And maybe even by designA note about the artOne of the things about Vivès’ art that I loved and wanted to highlight is the way he draws form underwater Check this outThis panel is from below the surface Vivès completely obliterates his inks and relies wholly on his simple colours to tell the story The swimmer is pushing off the wall in the moment before launching into her next lap Her legs are coiled in a mess of diminished flesh tones what Vivès uses for her skin underwater but Vivès makes certain we know what’s going on implying the position of her left leg by having the ankle appear in the foreground where her crotch would be Additionally the lights from the pool’s skylight hover above and a man on the edge is partially lit brightly telling us that his head and shoulders are above the surfaceIn these two panels we see how Vivès treats the underwater when the camera is above the surface Normal inks and colours above no inks and the less saturated colours below Additionally when the viewer’s eye approaches the scene from above the surface Vivès takes liberty with the refraction of the body blobs below It’s a lovely techniueReview courtesy of Good Ok Bad

  2. Anton Anton says:

    The first time I read this book too fast Probably because there is so little text in this comic The story I gathered ran as follows Some guy bothered by his scoliosis starts going to the swimming pool every Wednesday and meets a girl there In the end he likes both the girl even though she does not come to the pool any and swimming in general However as I gathered after a second reading the point of this book is not so much the story but the how and the where of its presentationLet’s start with the drawing style The panels are sketchy and very reminiscent of a movie storyboard I think you should read them as such imagining the filmic scene they depict to fully appreciate how well they convey the strange dreamy world of the swimming pool Pay attention to the auamarine and turuoise colouring hear the sounds accompanying the action allow the drawings to be suggestive and evocative Dream away at page 50 where you see only the roof of the pool Second there is the swimming pool itself A place of discomfort sometimes even disgust But also a place where you reveal yourself where you expect yearn learn and transform where things become fluid Most importantly the pool is a place to go beneath the surface where passion buds and where you touch something you do not want to give up Then you suddenly realise that you’ve found what you were looking forIn one word this comic is about atmosphere And once you've let it soak into you the ending of the book is not as puzzling as many believe it to be

  3. Library at Oxley Library at Oxley says:

    I'm giving this one 5 stars In this story a young man with a spinal curvature swims to improve his back and meets a girl while swimming The story is told with page after page of the most beautiful aua drawings that manage to capture the developing rise and fall of the relationship I was struck by how powerful the images are in conveying the experiences of the new swimmer The first pages show exactly how it feels to take those first tentative steps in a new and strange environment where everyone else seems competent The images show the illustrative skill of a true master surprisingly simple yet conveying new detail with each repeated read Bastien Vives' use of perspective is glorious often placing us right in the water with the main characters; watching as they swim byWhether you are a reader or a visual artist you will treasure this book

  4. Dustyloup Dustyloup says:

    This art in this book epitomizes the feeling you get at the pool of loving it and hating it at the same time feeling awkward and yet slowly learning changing growing This story is about miscommunication between two young people at two different stages in their lives but perhaps it's also just about that uote loving something so much you're willing to dienever let goAmbiguous endings are tricky but it definitely gives good for thought

  5. Martyn Martyn says:

    view spoilerHard to judge this one I loved the art it put across the other wordly nature of indoor pools very well and the story was simple and realistic but I'm not sure about the payoffDid he invent the girl to make his swimming fun or did he really meet her? I don't know and as to whether she said I love you or not well I don't know the answer to that either I think she probably said I am you because it was interesting that she faded away just at the point that he became confident with his swimming and so she was probably a fantasy creation of a lonely teenVery interesting and I changed my rating three or four times; that's a good sign in my opinion that the book is making me think hide spoiler

  6. Kendra Kendra says:

    This graphic novel is a hard one for me to review because I am in two minds about it On one hand I liked it both because it is uniue and slightly thought provoking The style originality and art all appealed to me The story is told with the use of pictures than it is with words which is why it only took about half hour to read I enjoyed the change but also look forward to getting back to wordsNow on the other hand I didn’t like it the story cruised along at one pace The biggest mystery if not the only one was never revealed which frustrated me I like my uestions answeredA Taste of chlorine is hard to rate I both liked and disliked the story therefore it makes sense for me to rate it smack bang in the middle so 25 stars it is

  7. I. Merey I. Merey says:

    I read it twice from the middle to make sense of it if 'reading' is the right term as there is almost no dialogue in this book I loved the free loose style of drawing here and the color scheme I could smell the pool and feel the suffocation of an unskilled swimmer A boy with curvature of the spine must start swimming to strengthen his back An ex local champion begins to give him some tips then mouths something to him underwater one day After the secret message he never sees her again but keeps going to the pool to find her Did she say 'I love you'? Was her friendship a figment of his imagination to make the swimming interesting? I don't need to know

  8. Kara Trevlac Kara Trevlac says:

    Really beautiful artwork As someone who used to swim competitively I found it beautiful that someone would take such a familiar location and make a story out of it The story itself is a little weak hence the 3 stars but the artwork by itself is 55 I haven't seen too much of this type of style in graphic novels and it was refreshing A uick updateI read this back at the beginning of summer and I still think of this book all of the time The story has really stuck with me in a strange way which I think warrants a raise in rating This story has a beautiful simplicity to it that I think will stick me for a while to come

  9. Lulu Ali Lulu Ali says:


  10. tomwrote tomwrote says:

    This is a pretty book with an almost Hockney esue art style The sense of place in the altered reality of a swimming pool is well evoked both visually and in the small character notes between the main characters You can hear and smell the place and the awkwardness of the process for newcomer is spot on My main gripes would be with the slightness of the story the openness of the ending Both of these are valid approaches but can be and are here unsatisfying

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