From a Distance ePUB í From a MOBI :Ú

From a Distance ePUB í From a MOBI :Ú

  • Paperback
  • 298 pages
  • From a Distance
  • C.L. Hart
  • English
  • 11 February 2016
  • 9781933720753

10 thoughts on “From a Distance

  1. Les Read Les Read says:

    Guess who made the mistake of starting this novel at 930pm on a school night? Yep I went into work with dark circles and bags under my eyes Dead Sexy I'm lucky I didn't trip all over the place in my heels while slow crawling into my office this morningFor the life of me I couldn't put this damn book down Believe me I tried I really really really triedNot really I started bargaining with myself after the first half hourINNER MONOLOGUE AT 1000pm Kindle says i'm 25% done with the novel I can read another hour no biggie That'll give me at least seven hours of sleep tonightINNER MONOLOGUE AT 1130pmI'm than halfway Hey it's not even midnight It's not even tomorrow yet I've survived on less sleep It'll be fine Man I love this bookINNER MONOLOGUE AT 1200amOk I'm at 83% I'm almost done I can't stop now Hell no Mama didn't raise a uitterINNER MONOLOGUE AT 1230amI'm done Wow amazing Totally worth it I'm sure I'll be bright and chipper tomorrow morning Come on that's a whole 330 minutes of sleepINNER MONOLOGUE WHEN I WOKE UP AT 600am FML CriesHashtag TheStruggleIsRealIf you're a fan of books in the crimemysterythriller genre you'll LOVE this book The excitement and anxiety I felt reading this novel is comparable to when I read Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum The pacing is FAST CL Hart hardly gives her main characters Kenzie and Cori a breather Geez have a little mercy CL Hart This reading experience was like running a full marathon without training stretching warming up or even eating The readers are thrown in the middle of the action right away And you'll be so engrossed in the story that you may even forget about blinkingThe story is well developed and the plot whips you around some pretty interesting turns and corners The characters in this story are well developed and complex I had an affinity for both of the main characters especially Kenzie Kenzie's character pulled the heck out of my heart strings and I truly cared about how she would turn out in the end Thankfully the author didn't disappointReaders can feel the heat of attraction and tension between Cori and Kenzie from the first page Through trust and love their relationship becomes a beautiful partnership as they save each other through all the obstacles they face together throughout the storyStanding ovation for From A Distance

  2. Farah Farah says:

    Mia Sorvino The Replacement Killers and Scarlett Johansson Lucy inspired me to read this book who can resist a female assassinsniper? You can Well I can't The book kicked off pretty good in the beginning how Kenzie became a sniper turned military assassin agent was written interestingly The African proverb ' It takes a village to raise a child ' was not applicable to the story it only took one concerned Judge to turn Kenzie's life around and got her a purpose in life before it was ruined by I was happy that MsHart did not turn Cori into a damsel in distress and clung onto Kenzie like a koala on eucalyptus tree Cori was relatively an eual partner for Kenzie minus the militaryweapons aspects Some parts dragged but due to two very explosive scenes that really wowed me where their first intimate scene took place what they did the fatherdaughter relationship between Kenzie and the Judge the chemistry between Kenzie and Cori made the 4 stars ratings worthy I just wished that Kenzie's ass kicking skill had been in the advanced level Anyways if you're looking for a professional assassin story starring female protagonists do check out Reuime For Immortals by Lee Winter

  3. Serena Serena says:

    What a great book Exactly what I expected it to be Fast and thrilling action A sweet and tender love story And what a cool character Kenzie turned out to be Tough as nails but with a good heart I loved the chemistry between the lead characters Though I would not have minded if there had been intimate scenes but that should not spoil the fun

  4. Margaret Margaret says:

    Detailed score 375A fast paced thriller The romance is a little unbelivable view spoiler the realist in me couldn't help thinking 'Stockhome Syndrome' hide spoiler

  5. M M says:

    Really exciting thriller that played it straight cough Cough with a plot that was part Bourne Identity and part Three Days of the CondorReally excellent book look forward to reading from this author

  6. Jessica Nguyen Jessica Nguyen says:

    This book is very decent for mysterythriller genre packed with constant actions I give it that I just wish there were development of the romance between the two MCs A solid action plot is fine with me but what I really look for in a FF novel is firstly the romance of which the book did not satisfy me

  7. P. Industry P. Industry says:

    It's a pretty good thrillerKenzie is a black ops assassin; growing up on the wrong side of the tracks her choices as a teen left her picking between jail and the military Now she is an adult a crack shot with an appreciation of structure and the importance of orders with no family or close ties Ie she is the ideal tool to mop up after failures of politics Still being a government assassin is a rough life and when a particularly poorly planned mission goes belly up she is keen to cut her losses and leave the programme She is sent on one final mission to terminate a young woman studying in Mexico; even for her the doubts grow too serious to ignore Saving that young target Cori the two of them flee back to the United States in order to find the truth dodging the agents sent to eliminate them along the way This book is action packed and largely well written; it struggles however with pacing Several times the narrative abruptly halts for a lengthy info dumps in the form of flashbacks These most often appear to be a lazy attempt to justify some current choice of action This is one symptom of a consistent problem also seen in other transitions between scenes Sometimes these happened so puzzlingly or with such significant events happening off screen that I sometimes flicked back in the book thinking I had missed a significant chunk of text The mystery by the way is really a mystery There are no clues or hints as to what the major conspiracy might be although the situation is so cliche the reader will probably know the twist ending without needing any prompting There are some attempts to tease some drama out of the situation with abrupt change of perspective scenes spread throughout the book highlighting some villainous communication or potentially dangerous new kill order Really though they're not overly well done and the conspiracy finally ends with the villains simply explaining the plot to the protagonists at the end of the novel The book also falls into a trap common to many thrillers in that Cori is pretty useless although I would like to emphasize that the author tried really hard in this instance to give her proper character development throughout There are several times where her uick thinking saves Kenzie's bacon although again some of the action was off scree I appreciated the drive to create a partnership of euals Certain minor scenes also embraced the idea that Cori would learn awfully uickly if her life was in serious danger But essentially Cori was so utterly outmatched by her partner's skill and experience that the author artificially hamstrung Kenzie by giving her a persistent wound fair enough but aggravating on many levelsHonestly it's pretty good it was just the technical problems detailed in the first paragraph that dropped it a star As it is it gets three

  8. Diana Diana says:

    Even though I’m not really into action books I think this book was enjoyable Through all the adversities and trouble the romance blossomed in an interesting and sweet way The barriers that one of the lead characters Kenzie had built around her heart due to the way she had always lived her life succumbed thanks to her growing feelings for the other character Cory who I should say was a very lovable one even though there wasn’t the same attention to her past as much as to the other lead character Both were strong minded characters that have a nice chemistry and are vey likableIn regard to the secondary characters I think their contributions were important to spice up the story whether it was to give it a big deal of angst or just sweet momentsI think this story was well done and the suspense was intensified especially after the first half of the book which draws you a bit into it however I should mention there were some moments I felt uite dispassionate about the story but I’m sure I attribute it to the fact I’ve never been into action thriller stories because normally the romance is uite played down a bit though I have to say that the moments where the romance takes the lead the author does a nice job portraying the sparks and vibe between them resulting in a nice and interesting developmentAll in all it was a nice book that takes you thru a deranged and dangerous journey with doses of sweet and intense moments I recommend it for those who enjoy action thriller romance books

  9. Frank Van Meer Frank Van Meer says:

    I am completely baffled by the ratings this book has Obviously I'm missing something hereAfter reading Engravings of Wraith and Lethal Affairs I got the feeling the authors were trying to emulate something and I'm not sure what it is These books are fairly old and the only thing I can come up with is they're trying to create a female Jason Bourne And in my opinion they all failed miserablyThis one takes the cake though with non stop ridiculously contrived action I mean how do you come up with getting stuck on a burning cow trailer on a ferry in the middle of the ocean? Oh no worries there's a fishing boat conveniently nearby It's all very predictable I'm sure everyone who read this knew why they are found immediately where ever they go long before they figure it out themselves and they need a vet to discover it And it goes on and on without any breathing space at allDon't get me wrong I love a butt kicking heroine capable of raining down death and destruction everywhere But none of that in this book and the others I mentioned is very realisticSo I'm honestly wondering what am I missing here?

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This was a surprisingly good thriller I read it for free on unlimited I haven't been impressed by the lesbian fiction I have read so far on unlimitedmost of which I haven't been able to finish This was a good story with a good plot It starts out a little slow but builds nicely Definitely worth a read The editing is really badthere were literally blanks with missing words So if you can' t tolerate essentially non existent editingdon't bother I'm torn about the 3 star rating as the writing for me was 4starbut the SEVERE lack of editing was very distractingand I don't usually care about thatso I would have given 35

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From a Distance[Reading] ➹ From a Distance Author C.L. Hart – Who do you trust when you have no one left but yourselfKenzie is a military trained assassin hunting her target in Mexico Cori is a student at the University of Guadalajara One fateful afternoon their Who do you trust when you have no one left but From a MOBI :Ú yourselfKenzie is a military trained assassin hunting her target in Mexico Cori is a student at the University of Guadalajara One fateful afternoon their lives will come together under a flurry of gun fire uestioning the lies around them they will soon learn that they can not live without each other On the run from an unknown enemy they must learn to trust each other and to believe they'll make it out alive.

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