The Female Eunuch PDF ç The Female PDF/EPUB ²

The Female Eunuch PDF ç The Female PDF/EPUB ²

The Female Eunuch ❰Ebook❯ ➩ The Female Eunuch Author Germaine Greer – The publication of Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch in 1970 was a landmark event raising eyebrows ire while creating a shockwave of recognition in women around the world with its steadfast assertion The publication of Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch in was a landmark event raising eyebrows The Female PDF/EPUB ² ire while creating a shockwave of recognition in women around the world with its steadfast assertion that sexual liberation is the key to women's liberation Today Greer's searing examination of the oppression of women in contemporary society is both an important historical record of where we've been a relevant treatise on what still remains to be achievedIntroductionBODY Gender; Bones; Curves; Hair; Sex; The wicked wombSOUL The stereotype; Energy; Baby; Girl; Puberty; The psychological sell; The raw material; Womanpower; WorkLOVE The ideal; Altruism; Egotism; Obsession; Romance; The object of male fantasy; The middle class myth of love marriage; Family; SecurityHATE Loathing disgust; Abuse; Misery; Resentment; RebellionREVOLUTIONNotes.

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  1. Petra-masx Petra-masx says:

    This review is about two issues that seem unrelated Menstruation and Black women's hair What links them is attitude Women still buy sanitary towels with enormous discretion and carry their handbags to the loo when they only need to carry a napkin They still recoil at the idea of intercourse during menstruation and feel that the blood they shed is of a special kind If you think you are emancipated you might consider the idea of tasting your menstrual blood if it makes you sick you've a long way to go baby Really? Speak for yourself Germaine When I go to the loo to refresh my lipstick I don't take it out of my bag and carry it alone who does? The bag goes too Also if it is a social occasion so do my friends We might change our tampons and put on our lipstick but we don't hide it from each other and we are really there to gossip anywayThe blood I shed at menstruation is a very special kind of blood indeed It is as if a house is prepared and loving furnished in hope of a special kind of new tenant a fussy one but one who is going to be much loved so everything has to be perfect Then the news comes Not this month So wanting everything to be fresh and lovely for this new tenant this teeny fetus we clean it all out and start afresh Special indeedSex during the heavy days of menstruation is sticky and icky and needs preparation nothing spontaneous about it and then there is the laundry But on the light days I'm up for it if he isWhy would I want to taste my menstrual blood pee poo or any products of my body with the exception of extremely discreet nose picking done oh many many years ago view spoilerI lie to be PC and grown up of course hide spoiler

  2. Barry Pierce Barry Pierce says:

    Disclaimer Ignore this review Greer hates trans people The Female Eunuch is one of the touchstone texts of second wave feminism I'll admit I'm terrified of Germaine Greer She's on telly uite often and my god she scares the shit out of me However through reading her most famous book I now see that she and I are uite similar We're both very angry and hate a lot of things I adore her humour and incredibly condescending prose it's uite a refreshing read for a text that was written 45 years ago This book basically Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Feminism But Were Afraid to Ask While it is dry at parts overall the book is enjoyable and informative I would recommend this for anyone who wants to know about second wave feminism and feminism as a whole really

  3. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    Luckily I read this book after I got married otherwise I wouldn't have married at all After reading it I sat down to discuss it with my wife it was immediately after marriage and I had high hopes that we two could have long intellectual discussions in our life together After I gave her a précis of the book I suggested that she read itWhat she suggested I do with the book was not entirely politeHowever I learnt one thing women's freedom consists of NOT choosing to read feminist literature too

  4. El El says:

    As the new American Healthcare Act comes to light one thing that strikes many of us is how many pre existing conditions on the list are specific only to women pregnancy C section hysterectomy just to name a few There's also rape and domestic assault which are also pretty specific to women but I'm not naive enough to believe that only women and raped and assaulted It's ridiculous to consider those pre existing conditions in any case and I would bet good money that the reason for their inclusion is a group of old white males consider them an issue that only women have to deal with and it's clear that the GOP has an issue with womenGermaine Greer wrote The Female Eunuch in 1970 It was ground breaking at the time this woman coming out and saying Hey everyone men hate women and they're making women hate women too Wake up For a lot of modern readers Greer's raunchy humor and occasional language is hardly ground breaking or even surprising because we have a whole slew of women writers like that now But it wasn't as common in 1970 and women did start to pay attention in part thanks to Greer's bookGreer discusses the many ways women have been taught to hate themselves This is not as easy as just recognizing this and moving on this is some insidious shit and it surrounds all of us Men are susceptible too just so I don't have any men pop to be all But it's so hard to be a man Yes yes sure it is but we're not talking about you right now so step offIf you watch commercials on TV today you are still inundated with ads for things that tell men that their women want diamonds in order to feel loved and women often still believe that themselves There are ads for weight loss supplements that are geared towards women They are reminded that as they age they put on weight their skin sags their hair dries and thins out There's a magic fix for everything that happens to women Spoiler It's snake oil all of it There are commercials for feminine products of a wide variety These commercials have changed over the years and now we have those that say it's okay to play sports and be active because there's a product that allows you to do those things even while you're on your period which is still saying that your life cannot be completely while you're on your period or that you should in some way change the way you live your life while you're on your period Women do not feel comfortable in most places even when working solely with women taking a tampon out of their bag at work and walking down the hall with it in their hand; less so with a maxipad in hand It's a part of life everyone is aware of it and yet women feel they need to be somehow subtle about it they don't want to broadcast they're on their period it's still an embarrassmentThen there's the topic of taxing of these itemsWhat I'm saying is there's a lot still in our media about how women should behave how we should age how we should protect ourselves especially when talking about rape or assault we need to watch what we say watch what we wear watch where we walk watch who we talk to watch how we behave and on and on and on how we should dress how we should talk how we should live our lives it's still not 100% the norm to choose to not get married or have children When someone is told from day one that they're not good enough the way they are it has a damaging effect on how a person lives their life whether they're aware of it or notGreer talks about a lot of the obvious ways women are told they are not good enough the one most can relate to probably is on Body Very few women I know are truly 100% happy with the way they look 100% of the time Social media now plays a factor on this where so many of our friends are training for a marathon and posting pictures of their workouts and some are too sick physically or mentally to get off the couch most days and therefore they feel worse about themselves and their physical appearance That's just one example My point is that social media is this place where we go to only talk about how amazing our lives are and of course it's only a small fraction of our lives but it's hard not to compare and contrast to one another that's natural Women especially however are shown constantly on TV and in magazines what a natural woman looks like which is hardly ever actually natural and if we don't look like that then something must be wrong with us Intellectually we know that filters exist and PhotoShop etc but it's a pervasive issueGreer also touches on topics of women hating on women a problem that still exists today Women rarely in Western society pick each other up and work together That's a trend I see whispers of changing in the media but then I see just as many other instances where that's still not the case And in my own experience I can tell you all sorts of examples about competitive women instead of supportive women It's something that we're told is innate to being a woman that women are just naturally catty but that's one of those lies that has been told to us for so long in history that we just take it at face value It's not actually true It's not in our genes It's been built into the culture over so long a period but that's something that can change which starts with each of usThat's Greer's point here We don't have to sit back and let others dictate what it means to be a woman We don't have to let the media choose for us which products we use You know how it's so expensive for women to get their hair cut? It's because the salons know that women will pay these exorbitant prices for beauty You ever see in comparison how much a man pays to get their hair cut even sometimes styled? It's a whole lot less because the industry found if they raised prices too much for men the men wouldn't come in to have their hair cut Women however still will because we're reminded that if our hair doesn't look nice then we look awful and soon it's a personality flaw It's a sick sick cycleThere are a lot of people who also don't believe any of this exists They invalidate the experiences of others It's easy for people to say Women are being hysterical none of this actually happens Also of note hysterical was originally defined as a neurotic condition found in women and was thought to be caused by a problem with their uterus That's an important thing to keep in mind especially when looking at the new healthcare pre existing conditions list People of color have an even harder time with invalidation by people of privilege because so often non POCs want to be all I don't recognize color I'm colorblind which is just a fancy way of saying I'm going to pretend like there's no social issue here whatsoeverThis is a mess of a review but I'm angry Greer was angry when she wrote this book Occasionally throughout her book she seems too angry which is another way we like to invalidate something someone says I found myself having trouble following her words at times because her anger was so apparent and so seemingly over the top that finally I was like If she wasn't so angry maybe her point would come across better That's unfair Greer is allowed to be angry and uite honestly we should all still be angry especially in light of our current administration and these acts of hate against womenI'd like to say that so much has changed since 1970 when this book was first published It would great to be able to say that none of Greer's original thesis is still applicable today But it is sadly So her point is that it's up to each of us to make things better She calls for a revolution wants to know what each of us will do And that's exactly the right uestion to ask It's a relevant uestion to ask today Some of us have been working towards that goal for a while and what happened in Washington DC and across the world on Inauguration Day in January was the first step in which a lot of other people started to wake up and take a stand Everything that has happened in the past few months has contributed though maybe not on the same scale as the Women's March in January But not everything has to be on the same large scale to make a statement It's also up to us to listen

  5. Praj Praj says:

    I adore men I love my cigarettes and scotch take pleasure in my womanly curves; simultaneously I greatly want women to obtain their freedom of rights Feminism may be an archaic phenomenon in the urban world yet it is still in the nascent form in numerous authoritarian patriarchal configurations and societies plagued with female foeticide This manuscript does justice to such dwellings where women irrespective to their economical standing bear subjugation to various norms of religion and cultural obligationsAlas I cannot go through any feminism prose My audacious teenage years and traumatic suabbles with my mother altered me as Simone de Beauvoir of the house And now I am extremely fascinated with Lady Gaga simply for kicks

  6. Linda Linda says:

    This book was fascinating and made me rethink being a woman It deals with the suppression of the female intellect identity and psychological development My soon to be husband was NOT happy I read this I really reacted to what I was reading I simmered down eventually

  7. John John says:

    Brilliant This book should be reuired reading for everyone not just women

  8. Zanna Zanna says:

    Greer cuts through our absurdly patriarchal fantasies of romantic love diagnosing the misery and anxiety they cause and draws a picture of the female stereotype as castrated a passive receptacle for male sexuality She also implicates capitalism in shaping and reinforcing patriarchy with some great passages on the history of women in work The book is also highly readable non technical and funnyI've recently found out that Greer's later work is explicitly cissexist and transphobic so I'm not reading her any

  9. Emma Emma says:

    I picked up this book not only because of it's historical significance but because a friend mad a blog post about it while having not read it basically saying Greer was an self important idiot and I really hate ignoranceReading this book as a feminist in 2010 there are things about it I don't agree with I definetley have problems with the blatant transphobia which is a theme through Greer's writings and she has a rather patchy idea about homosexuality Some of the things she talks abuot are outdated or becoming so which is touching in a way as it means we're making progress but many of them are still cuttingly relevant today Young girls still grow up dreaming of romance and magical kisses while boys are taught to fuck Women are still penalised in marriage and children are still forced inwards in a nuclear familyThis is a powerful book At times too powerful Greer also at time inadvertently makes me laugh by criticising accademic feminism in a highly accademic book and criticising the classism in feminism which dealing mainly with middle class issuesMaybe one of the most interesting things I got from reading this book is a view of hoiw feminism itself has changed Feminism today is much accessible both in it's texts and in the way it operates and we are started to acnowledge a lot intersection which I think can only be a good thing Greer uotes an argument that isms such as racism and classism are unimportant and can not be solved until we solve racism but the truth of the matter is these things are all intimatley linked something that the feminist movement is slowly starting to admit and the faster we get round to it and embrace it the better

  10. J. J. says:

    To try to review a book this monumental would be somewhat ridiculous so instead I'll report on what it's like to encounter it for the first time so long after it created the ripples that it did with its impact I'm blown away by how much late Second Wave feminism is already present in this book from 1970 still somewhat early in that movement I'm also blown away by how diverse her argument is cogently handling psychology as well as biology as well as literature Even the structure of the book ie a grouping of many short tight essays on the subjects at hand rather than some of the long winded thinkers and theorists on these same subjects is revolutionary All together the best way to use this book now when so many of these arguments she put into play have become fairly common fields of battle is as an introductory text So if you have a young person in your life who has started to show some interest in thinking about gender or if you are in that position yourself this book would be a great place to start

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