Phoenix Sub Zero Epub ↠ Phoenix Sub PDF or

Phoenix Sub Zero Epub ↠ Phoenix Sub PDF or

Phoenix Sub Zero [EPUB] ✻ Phoenix Sub Zero ✾ Michael DiMercurio – It's up to Captain Michael Pacino and the USS Seawolf to find the enemy the finest super sub that Arab oil money could buy and destroy it before it can deliver its lethal payload to the shores of Amer It's up to Captain Michael Pacino and the USS Seawolf to find the enemy the finest super sub that Arab oil money could buy Phoenix Sub PDF or and destroy it before it can deliver its lethal payload to the shores of America He faces the ultimate battle between the most advanced weapons technology on the planetand the sheer force of human courage.

  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Phoenix Sub Zero
  • Michael DiMercurio
  • English
  • 11 October 2015
  • 9780451406033

About the Author: Michael DiMercurio

Michael DiMercurio is an honors graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis and has served as a paratrooper Navy diver and as a lieutenant Phoenix Sub PDF or and Chief Propulsion Officer aboard the USS Hammerhead.

10 thoughts on “Phoenix Sub Zero

  1. Neil Neil says:

    Overall I enjoyed this book I did feel the ending was fairly predictable in general there were a couple of parts I guessed wrongly about The character development was decent The moments of action were pretty intense but they were also spread out throughout the book It did get a bit long in parts and there was a lot of explanatory data dumps; I was ambivalent on if they broke up the pacing of the story or not a time or two it seemed like it Other times it felt necessary to know why somebody was doing what they were doingview spoilerThis book was written during the heyday of Japanese superiority in all things technical and fiction written during this time was based upon that superiority Ironically up until 20142015 the Japanese refused to export any of their military euipment to other nations It has only been recently that they have begun looking into selling certain pieces of military euipment to other nations Even though the Japanese were not necessarily seeking to expand their influence in a militarily aggressive form in the fictional stories their advanced weaponry was constantly sought out by every other villainous world power that sought to do wrong in the world and it was usually always better than American tech We see the same thing here with this Arab coalition having purchased a Japanese super sub and its accompanying super tech among other Japanese military hardware that far exceeds anything the Americans have in their arsenal This Japanese super sub is so advanced it is actually able to captain itself while the crew is unconscious after an attack by a second American Los Angeles class attack sub It was pretty crazy how smart this Japanese IA was it actually being self conscious and self aware than its creators dreamed possible; it was able to feel pain and experience various emotions while it piloted the craft by itself It was able to take initiative in different situations as well as show creativity in solving some dilemmas it was facing I actually enjoyed the portion involving the Japanese AI; I thought the author was creative in describing how it worked and “thought”; the “arguments” between the “ aggressive attack AI” of the sub and the Second Captain command program were humorous and had me chucklingIn some ways the Japanese tech in this book reminded me of the tech Ralph Peters described in his War in 2020 written around the same time period hide spoiler

  2. Steve Haynes Steve Haynes says:

    Another sleepless nightYet again I was up reading until 2am finishing yet another Michael Pacino thriller A well considered storyline with great familiarisation with the characters with the usual twist and turns this author gives There was enough technical detail to ensure the reader is up to speed with the relevant technology as well as the potential issues in the modern navy

  3. Randy Huffman Randy Huffman says:

    This book deserves than five starsThis story is not above the realm of possibility It shows just how far terrorists are willing to go It shows how important the sacrifices our men and women are willing to go to protect our freedoms and way of life Such a great write that I think every person who treasures the right to live free and in a peaceful world should read

  4. John Arrington John Arrington says:

    Suspenseful ReadExcellent book encompassing multiple descriptions of submarines in combat with futuristic weapon systems Good focus on the officers and men and life under trying conditions A little too much technical detail

  5. Corey Corey says:

    I like this author and his booksI really doand I was really into this book until close to the end when I felt like it became too unreal to be entertaining I always admit it could be me and it wouldn't dissuade me from recommending the bookI just had higher expectations

  6. Pam Pam says:

    Too much to read I was not looking to learn all the particulars about submarine engineering and mechanics

  7. Bud Miles Bud Miles says:

    Good book along the lines of Tom Clancy

  8. Mark Cheviron Mark Cheviron says:

    Great book I couldn’t put it down

  9. Barrie Eliasson Barrie Eliasson says:

    Absoluely gripping I really enjoyed and look forward to reading all of the series Keep 'em coming

  10. Roy Szweda Roy Szweda says:

    Revisited this purchase from a US trip decades ago thought I would give it a few chapters and see Before I know it I was halfway through still enjoying it tho worried about those 440 pages yes it is a bit long like his other books My step dad will get this now I have read it he was a wannabee submariner way back but had to settle for surface ships mad I have ventured inside museum machines but could never brave the deeps reading this book has done little to change my mindIt will not strike a chord with everyone not least for the lengthy expositions of nitty gritty tech well it is a technothriller but that I feel does not impede the adventure in the story Some cute ideas in here too One might suggest parallel with 2001 making PSZ as an SF flavour at times a story set just a year ahead but might be a stretch as foretelling the future The Second Captain was interesting maybe so than the real crew of pirates in their Japanese made sub toting missiles called Nagasaki etc Is this the author's sense of humour at work? It needed some humour the subject matter is frightening tech of this level in the hands of the wrong people but then as real life has shown us they perhaps do not need the type of max tech in this novel when they can turn our own technology against us right under our noses

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