Barracuda, Final Bearing PDF/EPUB × Barracuda, Final

Barracuda, Final Bearing PDF/EPUB × Barracuda, Final

Barracuda, Final Bearing ✸ [BOOKS] ✬ Barracuda, Final Bearing By Michael DiMercurio ❂ – A volatile new state calling itself Greater Manchuria emerges out of the political and military strife of Asia Thanks to the connections of its brash leader it boasts an atomic arsenal Japan threatene A volatile new state calling itself Greater Manchuria emerges out of the political and military strife of Asia Thanks to the connections of its brash leader it boasts an atomic arsenal Japan threatened by its proximity to nuclear disaster shocks the world by launching a sophisticated preemptive strike against its new neighborWorldwide outrage at this aggression provokes the UN to blockade the trade dependent nation But Japan is Barracuda, Final Kindle - ready—its sub fleet is armed to the teeth and thoroughly euipped to destroy the blockade With the world now at the boiling point of all out war Admiral Michael Pacino gives his captain a mission impossible order to sink the Japanese submarine fleet The gamble is desperate The gamesmanship razor edged The warfare awesome.

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  1. Neil Neil says:

    This was an okay book I felt it had “problems” to it than the previous books in the series The character development what there is of it is so so The plot is a bit flimsy It does move at a decent pace so it had that going for it Granted the ending is a bit anti climactic which was a bit of a disappointment It took the book a while to really “get up any steam” and then it all comes to crashing down to a “weak” ending I had a hard time with my suspension of disbelief with this one sadlyview spoilerSome of the problems for me entailed a mix of the following in no particular order1 I thought it was amusing in a negative sort of way that in the prior book the Destiny class submarine was a generation or two ahead of the US Navy’s best submarines the Improved Los Angeles class and the Seawolf class submarines but in this book the first generation Destiny class is said to be barely better than both the Improved Los Angeles class submarine and Seawolf class submarine One gets the impression the Destiny in the 3rd book was “easily beaten” by the Americans when that was clearly not the case in the Phoenix Sub Zero what actually happened was a single Destiny I submarine sank two Los Angeles class submarines and one Seawolf class submarine before it was itself sunk The Americans won by the skin of their teeth and dumb luck “won” meaning the dirty bomb was not exploded over Washington DC The Destiny II is implied to be “marginally better” my interpretation; not necessarily the author’s words than the Seawolf class but it is believed the Destiny III has the ability to kick everybody’s collective teeth in fortunately the author did make the III class unable to do than fire at surface ships; the ones that were used to sink the various American carrier battle groups were themselves sunk because of some inherent weaknesses in their total reliance upon a computer2 As a follow up I thought it was hilariously stupid that the US Navy is still so far behind the Japanese in terms of technology and abilities when it comes to military weapons How is it the Japanese submarine can travel so much faster than any American subs or that their torpedoes are nearly twice as fast as American torpedoes? Granted in Clancy’s Red Storm Rising the Brits have torpedoes that can also do about seventy knots so one cannot help but wonder what is up with the Americans having such lousy weapons for their submarines? Also one would think that a single Japanese submarine “easily sinking” three American submarines should have rocked the political and military establishments and thus encouraged some kind of improvements in America’s underseas fighting capability3 Not only that but there were only THREE Seawolf class submarines that were built before the class was canceled in the book Well in real life too Really? Really? Only three submarines were built one of which was sunk and the US Navy as well as politicians really believe a Los Angeles class submarine even if it is an “Improved” model can survive against a Destiny class after three submarines were sunk by one? It was really stupid and it showed especially when one Destiny II class sank what? nine Los Angeles class submarines on its own? So of course the much maligned Vortex missile system is brought back into play and is used to sink seven Destiny II submarines before the Barracuda runs out of missiles4 I found it hard to believe that the Japanese “ventrilouist” Sonar Defense System was able to successfully fool eight incoming MK 50 torpedoes Even the Japanese captain did not think it was possible Granted I am not very techno minded so perhaps in a discussion with the author who would have the experience and knowledge to extrapolate such a device I might change my mind but it did not come across as a believable system5 This really annoyed me Why is it that Michael Pacino’s wife divorced him? I do not recall any signs of such a thing happening in the third book Nor were there any rumblings of problems in their marriage Yes she was unhappy that he had to leave when he did because of the emergency caused by the Hegira but with his promotion to Rear Admiral and no longer being able to command a submarine at sea one would think he would have been home and that things should have worked out in that respect with his wife The prior implications had been they had had a happy marriage but BOOM he’s suddenly divorced and now available for a relationship with a younger sexier woman Plus this guy is able to compartmentalize his emotions to an unreal extent His divorce does not affect him at all while he’s at sea He is able to function without any problems or distractions One of the dumbest moments in the series and this book6 What happens to Greater Manchuria? Is that going to be explained in the next book? This new fledgling country is now left wide open to being swallowed up by either of the two Chinas or Russia Nothing is mentioned of it after the whole stupid mess with the Japanese attacking like they did which did not make any sense either despite the attempts to explain it in the book It still came off as a weak plot device and very forced I guess we shall see if anything is said about it in the fifth book of the series but I thought something should have been said about it even if it was nothing than that the US promised to support this fledgling nation by nuking any Chinese or Russian armies threatening to invade7 Apparently “five years” take place between the 2nd book and this book I kinda found that hard to believe especially in light of the various “global events” that have transpired at first but then as I thought about it the amount of “global unrest” would have allowed some of the various events that transpired to take place Still though it seemed like than five years had passed8 The captain of the Barracuda Bruce Phillips was a weird character He dresses up in different costumes while in command he threatens and cajoles various officers to get done what he wants done He seemed too immature to me to be in command of one of the US Navy’s “most modern class of” submarines Also as sophisticated and advanced and sensitive as the Japanese sonar devices were it seemed hard to believe that his clomping around in cowboy boots would not be heard by the Japanese Also the Japanese sonar and computers were able to detect the Seawolf pretty easily in the prior novel so it seemed hard to believe they could not do the same this time around either but the author has the Barracuda sneaking up on seven Destiny submarines and sinking them pretty easily9 I could not believe how anti climatic the book was It Just Ends There is a brief “epilogue” of sorts in which everything is supposedly “wrapped up” and tied together I am pretty sure with the remaining two Destiny II class submarines the Japanese could have taken on the oncoming US submarines Perhaps the case could be make that it had to do with the surviving submarine captains not being as aggressive but the Second Captain was able to aggressively fight and defeat various attacks in the prior book as well as some in this book AND if the Japanese sonar “ventrilouist” defense was able to defeat eight American torpedoes it seems far fetched that the two surviving submarines could not have caused some pretty significant damage10 It was crazy Pacino “gets” seven to nine submarines sunk the carrier and then sub he is riding in shot out from under him and he is promoted to Rear Admiral It is kinda funny how reckless and insubordinate this guy is and yet he keeps getting promoted 11 I still cannot get over the US Navy knowing how far ahead the Japanese Destiny class submarines are as well as their Firestar fighters and the powers that be still do not do anything about it 12 President Warner’s comment about how military officers are always decrying “how much advanced” the other guy’s weapon are ie – specifically the Russians and it turns out that the “bad guy’s” weapons really weren’t as advanced as was claimed It was a pretty weak argument to use in this book as she could have been made aware of how advanced the Japanese technology was especially in light of the three submarines being sunk in the third book Actually if she was not in office at the time she should have been made aware of that mission and how it ended as a part of bringing her up to speed on how far behind the US was in relation to Japanese technology and military hardware 13 The way the author “red shirted” some of the American submarines like he did introducing various characters on the doomed submarines and then expanding on them to give them some background before killing them also felt pretty weak and forced More like some kind of poor attempt at “emotional manipulation” than anything else and it really did not work for me I know “real people” serve aboard submarines for extended periods of time but the characters introduced in the book did not feel real at all; like caricatures There were other “issues” I had with the book but these were probably the most prominent for me hide spoiler

  2. Ken Mathews Ken Mathews says:

    Far fetched yarnIf you treat this book as a fast moving unrealistic work of fiction you will be okay The US navy is portrayed as being vastly inferior in competence and technology which is bizarre The military had known about the Destiny subs for a long time yet had not developed any countermeasures to defeat them or defend against their torpedos Crazy Incompetent senior leadership who will not listen causes the loss of an entire battle group and multiple US navy subs Again bizarre As for Pacino well he can never die whereas all those around him doNot my favourite book and I probably will stop reading this authors works

  3. Paul Horstmann Paul Horstmann says:

    A bit formulaic but I enjoyed the submarine details and actions The text could have used a bit editing Mr Dimercurio captured the Adm Rickover anecdotes nicely Having been on the “build” team for the USS Connecticut I enjoyed the prominence the Seawolf class plays in the story

  4. Michael Goulette Michael Goulette says:

    Loved the book Lots of action and sea battles I love submarine books for the most part and this one was a winner Some corny parts but overall good writing

  5. Randy Huffman Randy Huffman says:

    Michael DiMecurio you did it againThis is another book written so well you didn't want to put it down You keep writing I'll keep reading

  6. D.B. Wells D.B. Wells says:

    I've read reviews on this book series that say they are formulaic That is true but if the formula works why change it Another great read

  7. Meryl Bullpitt Meryl Bullpitt says:

    Great reading and suspense Interesting technical data Good read High level of technical data Interesting global relationship between Japan and China ad The United States of Americe

  8. Gary Gary says:

    Another fascinating BookThe book keeps you focused as plenty of plots The book continues patchs career through the Navy and the submarine force it is it excellent read with a good plot keeps you guessing till the end

  9. Oldnomad Oldnomad says:

    uite a reasonable war thriller human interest tho the main politicalmilitary decision just isn't plausible can't explain as it'd be a spoiler

  10. Nick Brett Nick Brett says:

    A 'near future' novel written back in the late 90'sSo the main bad guys here are the Japanese they try a sneaky corporate take over of a couple of iconic US corporations get caught out and have all sort of economic sanctions slung at them by the US and the West So the Japanese are not happy bunniesAt the same time we have the new country of Manchuria an ex Soviet State which discovered a hidden cache of Nukes and uses them as a deterrent to anyone thinking of trying to take Manchuria backFor some reason Japan feels threatened by these nukes although there is no indication of animosity between the two countries and launches a dirty bomb at the nuke site but gets caught out and things escalate into war Because of political dithering by the US they lose most of their fleet and it is up to the mavericks of the Submarine fleet to defeat Japanese robot subs and save what remains of the dayThere are some interesting ideas in this but the delivery leaves something to be desired much like the Vortex missiles in the story the author concentrates too much on framing the background to his story and not enough on the tension and the action elements of the story Yep the author is an experienced sub mariner himself and this is reflected in the almost too much detail but falls into the trap of being comfortable with the technology and not spending enough time on the story and the characters Once we get to the action elements things are over far too uickly and without the tension you would expect from a novel dealing with submarine warfare It's a massive anti climax after the time invested in the novel to arrive at the point where you think it will explode into action only to find it fizzles outSo not an awful book but a weak one I did have to think a lot about two or three stars but I am pushing this down to two I am afraid

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