Love Finds You in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts PDF/EPUB

Love Finds You in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts PDF/EPUB

Love Finds You in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts ☄ Love Finds You in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts PDF / Epub ✓ Author Melody Carlson – Artist Waverly Brennan wants a fresh start She gets her chance when her ever uirky mother calls to say she's purchased a gallery in Martha's Vineyard and would love Waverly's help setting it up Entice Artist Waverly Brennan wants a fresh start You in Kindle Ô She gets her chance when her ever uirky mother calls to say she's purchased a gallery in Martha's Vineyard and Love Finds eBook ¸ would love Waverly's help setting it up Enticed by visions of running a classy art gallery Waverly arrives in Vineyard Haven only to discover that her mother's new Finds You in PDF ´ business venture isn't uite what Waverly had envisioned Stuck on the island for the summer Waverly attempts to make the best of it She puts her creativity to Finds You in Marthas Vineyard, Epub / work and soon finds other motivations to stick around such as Blake Erikson and his charming daughter.

  • Paperback
  • 329 pages
  • Love Finds You in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts
  • Melody Carlson
  • English
  • 10 September 2014
  • 9781609361105

About the Author: Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson is the award winning author You in Kindle Ô of over two hundred books several of them Christmas novellas from Revell including her much loved and bestselling book The Love Finds eBook ¸ Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series the TrueColors series and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated Finds You in PDF ´ for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspi.

10 thoughts on “Love Finds You in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts

  1. Faith Faith says:

    35 maybe Not sure what to think right now xD

  2. Joleen Devens Joleen Devens says:

    I enjoyed this story I was a little bit frustrated in parts with some of the characters not trusting their feelings and reaching out or sharing I thought it was a little bit slow but the ending really picked up and I couldn't stop reading I loved the setting Someday I hope to visit the area

  3. Jan Jan says:

    A nice light easy read about sweet romance in the Vineyard I have visited Martha's Vineyard adore the place References to places I know we're cool The characters even ate at The Black Dog A large souvenir black dog hangs off the back of my living room sofa

  4. Jack Vasen Jack Vasen says:

    This book tells a complete story and could stand alone There don't appear to be any unresolved threads It appears to be part of the Love Finds You in series where stories don't have any relation to one another other than good clean values the praise of hometowns and belief in GodI found this story to be uite strange for a Romance and it was definitely that It seemed like time was spent with the male protagonist's Blake relationship with the female rival Janice than with the female protagonist Waverly herself Waverly also spent a lot of time with Blake's daughter Sicily and their relationship was clearly close from almost the very beginning I was not impressed at all with Blake He was wimpy and indecisive Admittedly circumstances made it difficult for him but he kept putting off facing up to Janice He was also way too lenient with Sicily Both Blake and Waverly uickly jumped to false assumptions about the other to the point of being rudeJanice came about as close as possible to being a villain while never uite being that bad She was pushy arrogant obnoxious and rude to the maxWaverly was herself a bit indecisive and meek Except for her relationship with Sicily where she was marvelously encouraging in other aspects Waverly seemed to let everything happen around herThis is nominally a Christian book There is a nice discussion about heaven between Blake and Sicily but almost no evangelistic message or explanation besides that So the discussion about heaven is really the only preaching in the book which often turns non Christian readers offThere are some crazy situations which I think are supposed to add humor but all but maybe one fell flat for me In short I wasn't very entertained by this book nor did I find any compelling message I think my 3 stars is very generousMature themes a couple of relatively short kisses is as far as any sex goes There's evidence of child neglect but really indifference than neglect One person abuses alcohol and other characters make it a point to avoid letting drunk people drive

  5. Ann Boytim Ann Boytim says:

    Waverly Brennan needs a fresh start from her dull job and when her mother calls from Martha's Vineyard offering her job to manage a gallery she has purchased Waverly resigns and packs up her worldly goods and makes the move The conversation was a little vague as her mother;s phone kept cutting out and when Waverly arrives at her destinations she finds out that she is not going to manage an art gallery but a video store Waverly decides this will be s test and tackles the cleaning up of the store and the apartment above the store Waverly's mother and Aunt have bought this as as investment so Waverly is determined to make some good changes

  6. Shannon Shannon says:

    I enjoyed reading this book Sometimes after reading the heavy stuff I like to enjoy something a little lighter and this book was perfect The characters were so likable well most lol I could easily see this book being a tv series with these characters The setting was wonderful and I enjoyed Google Earthing Martha's Vineyard and getting a feel for the locale Would love to see a part 2 to this oneI did take my time reading this book due to it being summer and spending tons of time with family

  7. Patricia Tennant Patricia Tennant says:

    Got this used and it was ok probably just short of a 3 Thought the main characters very flat Blake was a wimp Janice irritating Waverly was the only fair character and she was not believable Not my normal choice of reading

  8. Chelsea Sawyers Chelsea Sawyers says:

    This book was ok I have read several of the Love finds you series The ending of the book really seemed to pick up but for the most part the characters were flat and frustrating It was fine for a uick summer read but not necessarily something I would readily read again

  9. Jane Jane says:

    This is my first 'Love Finds You in' book but I am sure it will not be my last Tender tale about widow Waverly and divorcee Blake There are smiles laughs and also a few tears but they come with a sweet ending

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    Wanted it to be betterI may be extremely picky but I wanted from this book I wanted the characters to be stronger the setting to be on display and the love story to be involved That is just where I was as I was reading it

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