The Flock PDF Ú Paperback

The Flock PDF Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 362 pages
  • The Flock
  • James Robert Smith
  • English
  • 24 January 2016
  • 9780765328014

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  1. Wendell Wendell says:

    Even making allowances for the generally poor uality of writing in the “dinosaurs are in our midst” genre this is a very silly book In fact if it weren’t so silly one might be tempted to call it slightly racist – or maybe than slightly The dinosaur in this case is a flightless bird Titanis walleri extinct in the early Pleistocene carnivorous fast and big fossils indicate a height of about 8 feet Smith makes his Titanis 10 feet tall gives them human like forelimbs and endows them with human thought and the capacity for a spoken or at least sung language They have names like Walks Backward The Scarlet Egg Mother and Egg Father and they “think” things like “Walks Backward knew what should be done The Scarlet should be hunted down at night and killed It was the only way but it was not his place to decide such The Egg Father and Egg Mother only could decide an act of that magnitude” And then he SIGHS because Smith’s creatures can do that tooOK fine so it’s fiction Jaws wasn’t all that realistic either But there’s stretching scientific truth and then there’s just making stuff up Though the only fossil evidence of T walleri in Florida was found way up north in the state Smith’s Titanis has survived in the Everglades Also in the Everglades according to Smith are outcroppings of sandstone no really there aren’t and oolitic limestone ditto though oolite can be found in the lower Keys and some of the barrier islands off Miami He imagines the Everglades as some sort of vast thick forest of enormous trees in which large groups of 10 foot tall animals could live undetected for millennia which than suggests Smith has never actually been to the Everglades If he had he’d have observed a vast area of grassy swamp in which anything over a couple of feet tall would have a hard time hidingWith his Titanis noble savages who are only trying to protect their culture and pose a threat to humans solely when they are threatened Smith seems to be working out an extended metaphor about Native Americans and white interlopers And yet there’s something disturbing about using enormous human esue birds which do everything but say “Ugh” and try to sell you blankets as stand ins for human beings Meanwhile the actual Native Americans in the cast are largely a feckless and inarticulate collection of types and stock charactersAt a technical level the writing is amateurish and freuently ungrammatical but most of the time it’s just clumsy labored and artless Take these sentences “Trees and bush pressed in all around which was a good thing Because all of that vegetation would muffle the sounds of gunfire of which they were all certain there would be” 250 or this one in which a “terror bird” attacks a man who has taken refuge in a tree “Falling to the earth trailing a hot stream of jetting blood other adult birds were on him” 330 Not only is that hapless man dangling from a tree but so are Smith’s modifiers The love scenes meanwhile naturally Smith has grafted the obligatory heterosexual romance onto the whole mess are always good for a giggleThere’s no objective reason why science fantasy should also be writing you cannot take seriously Sadly it often does seem to work out that way

  2. Zohar - Zohar - says:

    “The Flock” by James Robert Smith is a fiction fantasy thriller set in a Florida The title of the novel comes from a group of prehistoric giant carnivorous birds known as Phorusrhacids The flock has survived in the Florida wilderness and is now fighting against being discovered by menSalutations FL is a model ideal and beautiful town owned by the movie studio conglomerate Berg Bros The movie studio wants to grow the town however its neighbors Marine Colonel Winston Grisham and billionaire Vance Holocomb wants to stop Berg Bros for their own separate reasonsEnter Ron Riggs a Fish Wildlife employee who is called to Salutations to find out why the residents’ cats and dogs go missing Thinking a big snake is the abductor Ron hires his ex girlfriend Mary to help him out However soon they will find themselves in the middle of a power struggle between three titans who will stop at nothing to further their agenda In the midst of the power struggle they discover The Flock a group of intelligent pre historic birds who have hidden from humans for centuries“The Flock” by James Robert Smith is a fast paced thriller with wonderful pulp elements peppered in the novelThe characters are fun even though they are stereotypical with each representing an umbrella group militants big business conservationists but their interaction is what takes this book to another level I liked the way Mr Smith played with his characters’ names The militant is named after the US’s rightwing patriotic authors etc These characters create the engaging drama in the novel but the giant birds are the true starsMr Smith has created a somewhat believable story of how these terror birds Titanis walleri survived unseen and undiscovered in one of the most populous states in the union The author has given these birds human characteristics which are interesting although I didn’t understand how come the intelligent non flying birds with hand instead of wings never created toolsThis book was a fast read fast paced and fun at that The storytelling is brilliant and the descriptive prose is imaginative and detailed Some of the chapters are written from the viewpoint of the birds which I found to be very interesting and helped me understand their way of lifeFor book reviews please visit

  3. Stephen Stephen says:

    James Robert Bob Smith's novel THE FLOCK is a worthy first effort beautifully produced in hardback by GaleFive Star Books The flock of the title is a group of prehistoric birds known as Phorusrachids which has survived in one of Florida's last remaining wilderness areas They are impressive predatory creatures whose survival is largely due to their near human intelligence; however their existence is now threatened by both developers and by an eccentric militiaman who owns a portion of the wilderness A group of environmentalists who wish to see the land preserved pit themselves against the exploiters and in the process discover the existence of the creatures A complex game of intrigue ensues as the various parties suare off each with its own single minded agendaSmith is a capable writer and has created a remarkably believable backstory for these dinosaur like creatures His human characters are mostly colorful — sometimes a little too colorful — but the drama never fails to be engaging The birds themselves though are the stars of the story and their uniue characters enliven the book far than if they were merely one dimensional predatory monsters

  4. Tom Mueller Tom Mueller says:

    As recommended by the Citrus County Library System James Robert Smith's first work compares favorably to that of Michael Crighton especially Jurassic ParkThe setting is in Florida specifically a wilderness area on the edge of a growing development Elements of intrigue include mega corporations a multi billionaire environmentalist and an ultra right wing faction vying for prime property inhabited by the Flock a species long thought to be extinct The intelligence of this species rivals that of humansAction includes a paramilitary hunting expedition that includes human prey Deception from within some of the competing groups adds considerable suspense and includes one of the most ironic twists I've come acrossHighly recommended to those who liked Crighton's work

  5. Matt Matt says:

    An interesting story if not somewhat cliche and predictable The adventure is fleshed out uite well with uasi engaging characters that I liked only enough to see their tale throughThe bits told from the point of view of the flock though somewhat unnecessary and fantastical helped keep pace and really added dimension to the taleProblem was I cared about what happened next than what happened to the characters even the titular flockA solid read but nothing to write home about

  6. Bill Breedlove Bill Breedlove says:

    This book is great Fun and interesting and just a gas The best part was that it included numerous sections told from the point of view of the titular flock He Who Walks Backwards and of course The Scarlet Highly highly recommended

  7. Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    Well good book I gave you the old college try I made it to chapter 10 page 83 Just can't do it Your dialogue isn't believable and you repeat yourself Too bad too I thought the story sounded fabulous

  8. Jason Landau Jason Landau says:

    Interesting take on what would happen if man came across some birddinosuars that hadn't become extinct the authors first novel and I thought he did a really good job Sucks you in uick Stayed up way to late last night because I couldn't stop reading

  9. Buck Weiss Buck Weiss says:

    Wonderful book that had some real fun parts Giant Terror Birds ransacking a gated community is always a must read I'm ready for a new work by this author

  10. Tasula Tasula says:

    Remote protected area in Florida is home to huge birds left from dinosaur era threatened when developers try to move in Great story

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The Flock➫ [Ebook] ➦ The Flock By James Robert Smith ➶ – A remote Florida swamp has been targeted for theme park development and the swamp's inhabitants are none too happy It doesn't help that the residents are a colony of intelligent prehistoric dinosaur l A remote Florida swamp has been targeted for theme park development and the swamp's inhabitants are none too happy It doesn't help that the residents are a colony of intelligent prehistoric dinosaur like birds This flock of beasts has escaped the mass extinction that killed off the dinosaurs relying on stealth cunning and killer instinct The creatures have been living in secret just outside our developed worldAs the developers push to have the recently discovered animals exterminated a billionaire rogue environmentalist step in to protect these rare predatory creatures A nave young Fish and Wildlife officer finds himself caught in between these two incredibly powerful forces and may find out the hard way that man is the most dangerous predator of them all The Flock is a contemporary eco thriller about what can happen when man violates nature and when nature fights back.