Echo Round His Bones Epub Þ Echo Round Epub /

Echo Round His Bones Epub Þ Echo Round Epub /

Echo Round His Bones ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Echo Round His Bones By Thomas M. Disch ✩ – It all began when Captain Nathan Hansard of A Artillery Company of Camp JacksonMars Command Post went to Mars The message he was sent there to deliver made him wish he were dead in only six weeks' tim It all began when Captain Nathan Hansard of A Artillery Company of Camp JacksonMars Command Post went to Mars The message he was sent there to deliver made him wish he were dead in only six weeks' time the total nuclear arsenal of Camp JacksonMars was to be Echo Round Epub / released upon the enemy.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Echo Round His Bones
  • Thomas M. Disch
  • English
  • 16 February 2016
  • 9780671828370

About the Author: Thomas M. Disch

Poet and cynic Thomas M Disch brought to the sf of the New Wave a camp sensibility and a sardonicism that too much sf had lacked His sf novels include Camp Concentration with its colony of prisoners mutated into super intelligence by the bacteria that will in due Echo Round Epub / course kill them horribly and On Wings of Song in which many of the brightest and best have left their bodies for what may be genu.

10 thoughts on “Echo Round His Bones

  1. Manny Manny says:

    The basic premise is unforgettable They have these transporter beams à la Star Trek but it turns out that there are unexpected angles to the uantum physics that powers them Every time someone is transported an echo of him is created It's just like the original person except that it's a ghost like creature that can walk though walls unless they're made of a really hard substance Then there's a echo of the echo which is even ghost like so much so that it sinks through the floor and suffocates somewhere on the way to the centre of the Earth And further echoes beyond that each one eually doomedThe story itself is nothing special the main character is an echo who uses his strange powers to do something prosaically heroic but every time I see a transporter beam in an SF movie I think of those poor echoesTransporter beams also play an important part in Kraken I wonder if Miéville's unusual take on them didn't owe something to this little known book

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Underappreciated Disch is intelligent and there are some brilliant bits of both wisdom and satire sueezed into this short novel And by bits I mean overlookable single lines or even phrases The anti war message is strong enough and interesting enough I compare it favorably to the famous book that I just finished The Forever War The 'main' story of the lives and roles of the ghosts caused by the 'teleporter' I'm not sure about I was confused by which ghost and which 'original' of each character each 'sub' wasTo the reviewer who said the second half reminded them of Heinlein good catch I knew there was something odd and yet familiar about the family scenes; I can definitely see aspects of Jubal Harshaw echoed in the professor not too mention all the beautiful 'girls' who are also good cooks and good shots

  3. Patrick Scheele Patrick Scheele says:

    The first part of this book deserves 5 stars The hero uses some kind of matter transmitter machine to go to Mars but a ghostly copy of himself ends up staying behind Apparently this happens every time the machine is used A bunch of soldiers try to kill him but he escapes not that hard when you can pass through walls He eventually figures out that to survive here people have to resort to cannibalism which is why they tried to kill him After this brilliant setup our hero is found by the stereotypical brilliant eccentric scientist and his beautiful spunky wife From there on it gets Heinleinian The scientist wants the hero to marry his wife for some reason Of course he's so brilliant his original version figured out ghost copies would be created so he keeps sending supplies through a transmitter Suddenly all worries of food drink and general survival are over The creepiness of the situation is negated when we learn that the originals of the scientist and his wife still regularly use the transporter themselves and are pretty laconic when they end up in this ghostly state even though every new arrival means one of the existing copies must kill herselfAlthough this book has a 5 star start the end is barely 3 stars making the book a 4 star one Someday someone should read this book and write a better version I'm looking at you Stephen King

  4. Jim Jim says:

    Thomas M Disch 1940 2008 was one of the interesting science fiction writers who emerged from the Sixties As well as an SF author he was a poet and writer of opera librettos and plays As an SF writer he had a rather dark and satirical view that informed his writing and became one of the leading voices in The New Wave of the late Sixties In this one our hero Captain Hansard is assigned to the US military base on Mars It's 1990 and the Cold War is still going on but the US has a plan to end it with a nuclear attack on Russia This is a world where a genius named Dr Panofsky invented the matter transmitter or manmitter So the captain can be teleported to Mars almost instantaneously However while the captain is on Mars his echo remains on Earth a ghost As a ghost he must try to prevent nuclear war but how can he do it???

  5. David Allen David Allen says:

    The anti war message and anti Vietnam War message in particular in 1967 no less is commendable The explanations of the matter transmission and the echoes it creates are pretty much impossible to follow and Disch's authorial voice as narrator is intrusive Interesting but neither here nor there too complicated for light entertainment and too cheerful for literary fiction

  6. Perry Whitford Perry Whitford says:

    Nuclear meltdown has been predicted by the super computer Cass 9 sending Captain Hansard to Mars where the American weapons are stored and ready alongside the instructions of when to press the button Hansard gets there via the matter transmitter invented by Dr Panofsky a Strangelove surrogate who takes every opportunity to demonstrate his dedication to his adopted home by the use of pseudo American slang terms such as fantabulouse much as Strangelove tried to conceal his Nazism by subduing his zeig heiling arm However the matter transfer process creates a sublimated version of the subject or an echo each time objects are moved the science of which Disch extrapolates from for the plot of his story with the sublimated Hansard joining multiple copies of Panofsky and his female assistant Bridget in an attempt to save their real selves from the fate of nuclear meltdownAnother short novel from my Science Fiction Book Club collection this time around a Cold War catastrophe black comedy clearly inspired by the aforementioned Dr Strangelove with Disch grabbing your attention with his opening line The finger on the trigger grew tenseThis is good knock about fun from Disch The fate of the world is at risk here yet Disch plays it for laughs where the future of monogamy within a world of duplicate echos occupies concern than the future of the world at largeHowever in the end the confusing for me science surrounding the matter transmitter got in the way of the laughs

  7. Traummachine Traummachine says:

    35 starsThis author was recommended to me and I picked this novel because I liked the weird plot It's about a matter transmitter that creates an echo of a person when they're transported The echo people can't communicate with the Real World can only breathe transported air etc The story mostly follows a newly created echo personAnother thing this book had that was strange was a narrator as a character yet it was 3rd person What I mean is there would be comments like The reader might be wondering how Our Hero adjusted to this so remarkably well I've seen this in offhand remarks before King's done it a couple times but never consistently throughout the book Not off putting but it did pull me out of the story The book I checked out was an omnibus of 3 of Disch's early novels and I didn't notice anything like this flipping through the other two books shrugSo far I've just said how this was weird but I did like it Disch is a good writer and he's obviously willing to experiment and try things that most seem to think are bad ideas This had the feel of pulp science fiction but was a lot smarter than that I'll definitely read something else by him soon probably from later in his career for comparison

  8. Conrad Conrad says:

    Guilty pleasure but I'm inexorably drawn to Disch ever since I came across Fun With Your New Head His brand of science fiction is Vonnegutian than strictly genre perhaps due to a better than average prose style but also because both authors use the thought experiments of their science fiction novels as morality tales exploring the ethics of humanity when juxtaposed against the non normal Unfortunately just as in The Genocides Disch is again preoccupied with cannibalism I needless to say am not This may be due to the fact that Disch protagonists seem to share a common power of endurance butgross I've already decided that if I'm lost at sea my companions don't have to draw straws I'm volunteering my body as sustenance

  9. Isidore Isidore says:

    Disch described this early novel as a resolutely cheerful science fiction adventure as traditional in all its trappings as a khaki fatigue uniform and it is indeed slight by comparison with his later work but it's not without merit The premise is clever and if the story lacks profundity or emotional intensity it is nevertheless told with grace and charm that elevates it above the sf norm

  10. Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk says:

    There's an image in this book that has stayed with me in the long years that have passed since I read it The book essentially deal with a possible side effect of teleportation and what happened next Very entertaining

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