Trust Me eBook Ú Kindle Edition

Trust Me eBook Ú Kindle Edition

Trust Me ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Trust Me By Jeff Erno ⚣ – Shawn Graham and Bobby Wilder couldn’t be different Shawn is a devout Christian fundamentalist from northern Michigan; Bobby is a street smart latchkey kid from southern Ohio From an early age they Shawn Graham and Bobby Wilder couldn’t be different Shawn is a devout Christian fundamentalist from northern Michigan; Bobby is a street smart latchkey kid from southern Ohio From an early age they are both confused and troubled by their attraction to the same sex Shawn believes that homosexuality is sinful and a traumatic incident of childhood sexual abuse adds to his guilt and shame Bobby has an image to maintain and flatly denies the possibility that his same sex attractions even exist He's just too cool to be gay When they finally connect their preconceptions are suddenly dwarfed by what they feel for each other They become inseparable and fall deeply in love; however love doesn’t make life easy Plans are in motion that will surely devastate the young couple Painful experiences of the past overshadow happy memories and heartbreaking obstacles loom over the possibility of a future If Shawn and Bobby want to stay together they will have to fight with everything they have.

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  1. DarienMoya DarienMoya says:

    ^^TRUST ME ITS THAT GOOD^^ 45 Jeff has done it again a book where I literally fell in love with both characters and later moved on to crying like a baby I might be biased but I think Jeff is one of the best his books always manages to touch something in me and Trust Me was no different Imagine the worst possible scenario for a young gay boy; imagine the worst possible scenario for a young boy This book had it all the uestions of self identity the stereotypes and all the love Moreover the hot topic of homosexuality and ChristianityShawn Graham is your average teenager he worries about fitting in and getting along with his peers The uniue thing about Shawn is that he is a devout Christian a truly good person who loves god Thing is Shawn is a little on the effeminate side and that seems to drive people to bully him and adults telling him he is not man enough Combine everything with being just your average teenager; this is a lot for Shawn to handle He uestions his sexuality; his self worth and if he is ueer can he still be a man devoted to god or does god hate him nowBobby Wilder is your typical teenage bad boy with problems at home and doing what he wants when he wants to Only thing is Bobby seems to be attracted to other boys and no self respecting bad boy has those feelings He does the only thing he can and that is to ignore his feelings When situations leads him to live with his father these feelings come back and they come hard because Shawn Graham is everything he wants and everything he should not haveFrom the very beginning this book hit me hard; there was an intense scene that had my heart breaking and the tears flowing Mr Erno manages to embody all the teenage angst and struggles within this book and it sure is effin believable The writing is edgy and truthful makes no apologies about the content and gives a big “WHY NOT” As a gay man why can’t I love god and have him love me back; why not live be happy and comfortable with who I am Why not just loveI loved Bobby and Shawn together their innocence and growing affection for each other was written wonderfully I felt like a part of them I got to watch them grow cry and most of all fall in love and it was beautiful Through hardships man it was hardships and I read this at a time where so many young beautiful innocent lives were lost and it made me cry so much Being a teen is bad enough a time of uestioning and self hatred and to bring bullying into the mix and not feeling acceptance it can be rough This book walked that line effortlessly and made me celebrate the small victories I am in love with these characters I am in love with this book and I guarantee that Bobby and Shawn will bring a little joy into your life Loved it

  2. LenaRibka LenaRibka says:

    Rounded up to 3 starsI liked the short novels of Jeff Erno and was excited to read at last my first full length novel of this author Unfortunately my high expectations were not fulfilled The book told us the love story of Shawn Graham and Bobby Wilder growing up in the 80s two boys with different and and the same time similar family background They both were raised by a single mother without brothers or sisters But Shawn unlike Bobby grow up in a very religious environment The first time they met when Bobby spent his summer by his father's new family in Michigan It was just a uick but fateful encounter even if they had no idea about it at that time Jeff Erno presents a whole range of different topics from sexual abuse and bullying through religion up to homophobia The author can perfectly portray a teen outsider like in his Invisible he knows perfectly how to rip your heart out and then put it together Only what worked for me in the short novel didn't work in a full length one And the main reason for it was the writing I think that the book could be much better if it would have at least 100 pages less The author told us the same situations again and again from many different views There are so many empty words sentences pages that took my attention from the story In spite of I loved the boys I was reading about at some point the repetitions became annoying and I catched myself skipping pages What bothered me apart from repetitions was a third person part I have never had a feeling that it was told from the 13 15 years old boy's POV It was told from a middle age male person who TRIED TO BE a teen boy On one hand they were too childish and naive for their age in some situation on the other hand they were embarrassingly mature during sex scenes All in all if you're a fan of a YA genre and enjoy heart wrenched stories with HEA you should try it I would say the book is suitable for MM beginners MM old hands could be less satisfied with it

  3. Jeff Erno Jeff Erno says:

    Trust Me receives a 5 star review from Bitter Shade Reviews Me receives a 45 star review from Leontine's Book Realm Review Site Me receives a 45 star review from Bookwenches Me receives a five star review from Romance Studio Me receives a five star Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews Me receives a rave 45 Star Review from Three Dollar Bill Reviews reviewer Amos Lassen of Eureka Pride gives Trust Me a five star review Me receives the Golden Blush Recommended Read Award by Literary Nymphs Me is now available at Dreamspinner Press

  4. Robert Robert says:

    Holy crap What an emotional roller coaster What I thought was going to be just a sweet romance between two boys turned into a gut wrenching story of youthful innocence true love disappointment broken hearts betrayal and redemptionI haven't been this wrapped up in a story for uite some time Wish I could give it than 5 stars

  5. Julia ♥Duncan♥ Julia ♥Duncan♥ says:

    This is one of those tragic cases where I liked the story but didn't like the book Things I liked1 Characters They were likeable Things I did not like1 Repetitiveness Every few chapters the author summarized everything that had happened in the book so far Why was this necessary? It's not like a TV show where I only get a small bit each week I needed no help remembering that Shawn has no self confidence and thinks he is a terrible person and that Bobby expects everyone to abandon him I got it the first time I read it The next ten times made me want to smack someone It's really boring reading about the exact same thing over and over again And it made the book way too long2 Point of view In theory the book switches between third person points of view but several times the author actually stops to explain everything For example at one point he tells you what Bobby is NOT thinking But if we're in Bobby's point of view why are we told this? If he's not thinking it then he isn't thinking it and thus we shouldn't read it 3 Tone of voice This read like a textbook than like fiction I felt like it was preaching to me especially the way the author stopped to over explain and over analyze everything The book felt the need to tell me when characters were making bad choices or thinking bad things I wish it had just told the story and let me figure the rest out for myself Too much telling not enough showing4 Accents Normally these don't bother me overly much I've read some crazy highlander type books with over done accents but this just got to me over the course of the book Seriously though not one character ever used ing it was always in' No one ever said you or your it was always ya and yer Also wanna and gonna I was gonna kill someone by about half the way through the book Even the adults spoke like this5 Depressingness I read for fun This book was not fun to read I have read tons of books where horrifically awful things happen to the characters and this was still depressing because there was almost nothing happy that happened ever There were no moments of lightness to contrast the dark subject matter The characters spent the majority of the book being miserable and I was miserable right along with themTo summarize Too long too boring Had to force myself to finish it

  6. Trisha Harrington Trisha Harrington says:

    This is a beautiful heartbreaking book This book is just raw emotion I do not have a better way of describing it It was my second mm romance and it was heartfelt and poignant and just the right amount of funny in places A book like this is not just a simple story and it cannot be described easily But it can be recommendedBobby and Shawn stole my heart and left me feeling raw and in need of a hug Trust me has a way of ripping your heart out and repairing you again and leaving you numb The two protagonists are just stunning character and their stories needed to be toldThe you read the you need to read Well that is how I felt and how I needed to feel This book could have been ruined but to be honest it was perfect and what it had to be Its not easy and love does not always conuer all But this book shows how it can survive through tough timesTo be put off of this book by the tough subject it brings up could be a mistake There is only one scene with graphic content about the abuse and it was not as bad as other books I have read Its up to the reader but I survived reading itI have a need to say and yet I cannot find the words It needs better than a simple review It needs to be read and re read and maybe read for a third time Eyes need to look and brains need to take it all in So that is all I will sayWell done Jeff Erno you have written an amazing book and one I will cherish for the rest of my life

  7. Major English (Laura) Major English (Laura) says:

    The last 25% of this book was absolutely horrible The two main characters didn't interact for a whole year It was incredibly redundant writing The whole book was incredibly redundant writing but I was able to overlook itBut I am just mad the last 25% was infuriatingAlso I read Erno's most recent book You Belong With Me and there are literally the same lines from this book that are in that bookIf the last 25% of this book was not so horrible in content characterizations and writing this could have been a four star book Shawn's mom was infuriating her disgust of her son and then her sudden epiphany was disgusting Shawn and Bobby not interacting for an entire year wasinfuriating Shawn cruising in a park was infuriating Shawn and Bobby being stupid and not talking to each other for a year was ridiculous I could name a million things I could write pages about what I didn't like about it but I'm just mad I stayed up late to read it hoping it would get better and other than a sugary sweet HEA it never got better but at least it was a HEA

  8. Chris Chris says:

    This mm romance was a very mixed read for me I really liked the base story about two boys one extremely religious growing up in the 80s and trying to come to terms with their attraction to other boys But I kept feeling as if I were being drawn into the story only to be shoved out again perhaps because there was too much telling and not enough showing? Additionally the story had these odd very meta feeling lecturey interludes that did not work for me at all

  9. Valentina Heart Valentina Heart says:

    This book is somewhat conflicting for me I've read Jeff Erno's work before and I was pretty amazed by the way he writes It's shocking and emotional and often too sweet When I first started reading this one I already decided that I would be rating it with a four There was a lot of telling that was a bit difficult at times And then the moment of discovery came and I was blown away It was so emotional I kept blinking away tears while I kept on reading And exactly that is what I love about Jeff Erno with his brilliance he makes you love it Even when certain aspects of the book don't sit well with the reader; you still love it I was raised very religiously and it shaped a lot of my self esteem while growing up and not in a good way By the time I recognized that what was right for my church was not necessarily right for me the damage was done And I'm not a gay man The religious parts of the book really ticked me off you'll know which parts once you get to them but like I said despite all that the author makes you love whatever he writesThe ending is too sweet for me and I'm really not a fan of so much crying Still this book is a 5 star read and I'm happy to rate it as such

  10. Fiona Goodman Fiona Goodman says:

    The story is about Shawn and Bobby who meet at the age of twelve and then again a year or so later Shawn has grown up in a religion who feel that homosexuality is a sin and a chosen lifestyle and those who are gay are abominations in the eyes of the LordBobby on the other hand spends his early childhood being raised by a neglectful mother who turns him out to live with his father after remarrying He learns uickly to manipulate and use others He has the attitude of hurt them before they hurt you and feels that the world is an untrustworthy place His famous saying throughout the book is 'trust me' and he uses it to get what he wants from those around him It seems like an odd pairing but the two boys find healing and love with each other Bobby learns to trust and Shawn begins to accept himself as he is not as others perceive him to beI really love this book because it doesn't just start at the two boys meeting each other but goes into detail about their pasts that have influenced the way they see themselves and the world The focus on Shawn is especially touching and at times very disturbing Shawn has been raised with the expectation that he will be a leader in the church because of his piousness and gentle manner He is constantly at odds with himself and is filled with self hatred due to his inability to live up to others expectations His knowledge that he will be rejected by the church if anyone discovers that he is gay leads to feelings of shame and unworthiness towards himselfThe book mainly takes place between the boys 12 18th years It is really a beautiful love story There are some really shocking and heartbreaking events that take place in the book These events are very realistic and are that much disturbing because of thisHowever there is also great joy and love and taking the journey with these two remarkable young boys in the search of their happily ever after is definitely worth the time

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