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Tanya Epub Ú Ebook

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  1. Alie38 Alie38 says:

    Though I really enjoyed SJ Lewis' books in his Prey series I had a difficult time even getting through my latest read of his work TANYA As I take the time to write this challenging review I hope to be clear on three points1 The book TANYA is very well written SJ Lewis has never failed me in his rather blunt almost abrasive recitation of events described as you feel you are a voyeur to each scene2 SJ Lewis has impressed me in the past writing his bold stories about subject matter that tip toes on the edges and crosses just over to taboo After reading TANYA I had to re evaluate my own terminology on how I approach two of my favorite eroticataboo plots of abduction and non con From the look of the amount of discussions and debates from members on GoodReads who enjoy erotica BDSM and other risué taboos this idea of What does non con dub con or forced seduction even mean? In my opinion as a readerI don't want to make it so complex and start sub categories as to whether if the abductee has a orgasm in the middle of sexual training can it still be labled coercion I have my own definition and I know what happened when I read the book TANYA was that I had different expectations of what SJ Lewis meant by an abduction and non consensual story 3 In my opinion the book TANYA was not even erotic Throughout Tanya's horrible ordeal of being abducted and subjected to torturous sexual training of pleasuring men she never connected to anyone There was no desire involved at all not to be confused with the lust of the men who used her She was abused and tortured until she performed as they wished The reason for her horrific predicament was due to the petty pride of an older man's bruised ego and obsession for revenge SJ Lewis does not write in his book about a lead dominate male who ultimately seduces the latent desires of an abducted submissive into obeying and loving him That is non con fantasy TANYA was non con hateabuseTo wrap this review up I have to warn other readers that TANYA is a very graphic book depicting the taboo subjects of abduction and non consensual sexual acts It involves scenes of torture bondage and rape I had a hard time finishing TANYA I resonate with SJ Lewis's writing so much I felt dirty and used reading each chapter For me personally TANYA was not an enjoyable read Yet in the end it has made me think and redefine what I think of non consensual and fantasy and what I desire when I read erotica

  2. ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme says:

    I read this book not sure what to expect since I was told this was a non consensual story which turned some of Mr Lewis's Prey fans away I liked it It reminded me of the books I first started reading when I found the kinky books There is no romance at all This is pure capture torture train and break the womanThe switching POV between the aggressor and the victim Tanya worked for me It was fun to read Tanya's breakdown I particularly liked her forced oral service which she hated and even after training still hated and it showed on her face I have to agree with this does bring a sadistic delight I really have no sympathy for Tanya She played the game and lost I'm still a bit curious with the back story I don't know if the client was really telling the true I also wondered about the main trainer How did he get into the business? Is it wrong that I wouldn't mind working for him?

  3. James James says:

    Loved this story of a beautiful gold digger who uses her looks to prey on rich men to provide for her opulent lifestyle Her life is completely turned around when she is taken and trained to be a beautiful sex slave No longer able to use her looks to control or even choose her sexual partners she is forced to submit completely as a mere female sexual animal

  4. Linda Linda says:

    A non consensual slave story heavy on the NON part Not as good as his Prey series but I think that´s because not one of the participants where likable The female was a gold diggin brat and the man was not a big factor I prefer consensual non con 25 Stars

  5. Summer Sterling Summer Sterling says:

    This is the second time I've read Tanya It's one of my favorite erotic novels

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Tanya [Download] ✤ Tanya Author S.J. Lewis – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Tanya is a tall striking young blonde who has learned that she can live in luxury by being a serial mistress to wealthy men Always playing the field she never stays with any one man for very long Howe Tanya is a tall striking young blonde who has learned that she can live in luxury by being a serial mistress to wealthy men Always playing the field she never stays with any one man for very long However she makes a crucial miscalculation when she publicly spurns the son of a rich and powerful man who is now out for revenge He seeks the help of Grigori an expatriate Russian who makes a living capturing enslaving and training pretty young women for sale as sex slaves He wants Grigori to do all that to Tanya asking only that he be provided with videos of her debasement Wary at first Grigori accepts after seeing the beautiful bitchy Tanya working a party for her next wealthy prey There’s plenty of money to be made from her from his client first and even when he sells a broken and trained Tanya at auctionWhile Tanya is adept at avoiding the usual traps the highly skilled Grigori is a professional like none she’s ever encountered She’s soon taken to an isolated manor house where the breaking and training begins Scared but defiant Tanya uickly learns that any refusal to obey will be met with punishment and pain She’s kept naked sometimes bound but always collared and moves from one cell to another crawling behind her captor at the end of a leash Bit by bit she’s reduced to a compliant if unhappy slave She's publically humiliated used by men before an audience taught techniues for fellatio which she abhors then is made to suffer indignities at the hands of a skilled and merciless older woman who she must call ‘Mistress’ Soon the videos that Grigori provides are not enough to satisfy his obsessed client He wants her in the flesh and will stop at nothing to have her However even in the most repulsive circumstances Tanya’s still scheming to turn the situation to her advantagePopular author SJ Lewis takes a departure from his usual consensual erotica penning his first non consensual bdsm story which includes whipping bondage slave training public exhibitionism piercing lesbian femdom and straight oral anal and lesbian sex.

  • ebook
  • 130 pages
  • Tanya
  • S.J. Lewis
  • English
  • 14 June 2014