Passion's Betrayal PDF Ú Paperback

Passion's Betrayal PDF Ú Paperback

Passion's Betrayal ➻ [Reading] ➽ Passion's Betrayal By Penelope Neri ➰ – She Was a Thieving TemptressWhen Luke Steele met the sparkling green eyes of the masked bank bandit he instinctively knew this was no gun glinging robber; he was looking at sensuous spirited Promise O She Was a Thieving TemptressWhen Luke Steele met the sparkling green eyes of the masked bank bandit he instinctively knew this was no gun glinging robber; he was looking at sensuous spirited Promise O'Rourke He was the only ne who saw through the disguise and he swore to hold the provocative vixen hostage to his secret Inflamed with desire the iron muscled rancher gave the golden haired desperada a choice to spend the rest of her life behind bars or to live free after enduring one night in the prison of his embraceHe Was a Lying HeathenPenniless Promise would have had enough cash to leave Colorado forever if it hadn't been for that insolent half breed Luke Steele Now there was no way out but to bear his hateful gropings Too proud to beg for mercy the lovely innocent gritted her teeth and hoped it would be over soon Only the moment he stroked her sensitive flesh and kissed her breath away Promise prayed it would never end Then she realized the extent of his treachery for one night in his arms would never be enough Now she was fettered by the chains of love forever a victim of Passion's Betrayal.

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  1. Blue Falcon Blue Falcon says:

    Pretty Decent but Unexceptional BookPenelope Neri has shown herself to be a versatile author So far she has traveled with her writing from 1700's England to 1800's Hawaii back to 1700's England to 1300's England and with this book Passion's Betrayal to the American West in the 1800's The book she wrote following this one is centered around Vikings and Norsemen So she got around in her writing Now on to this review The Story We first meet the heroine of the book Promise O'Rourke when she is 10 years old Promise lives with her mother Mary and her father Patrick O'Rourke in Colorado Territory Promise later learns that Patrick O'Rourke is not her biological father among other things Patrick O'Rourke is for lack of a better word a charlatan One day a stranger shows up and shoots and kills Patrick which is witnessed by Promise Fast forward six years Promise is now 16 Mary is dying and their home is about to be foreclosed on After being sexually propositioned by the bank president Promise decides to rob the bank to pay her mortgage Then she does something very stupid She goes back the same day to pay the mortgage when earlier she claimed she couldn't raise the money This draws the attention of both the bank president Matt Hollander and of Luke Steele the hero of the book both of whom either suspect or know that Promise is the bank robber Luke makes an offer to Promise if she comes with him to Santa Fe New Mexico he won't turn her in to the authorities Luke isn't doing this for altruistic reasons He lusts after Promise and he wants to punish her for Patrick's actions toward him Luke spent four years in prison charged with robbing and assaulting his ex partner Jake Colter of gold from a mine they owned In reality it was Patrick who did both the robbery and assault Part of Luke's revenge is punishing his daughter As they trek to Santa Fe Luke and Promise begin a sexual relationship with Promise falling in love with Luke However the shadows hanging over them are the fact that Luke is using her for revenge and the fact that Luke is the stranger that shot and killed Patrick O'Rourke Eventually Luke confesses to both wanting revenge and the killing; Promise shoots him but doesn't kill him Eventually for some strange reason Promise forgives Luke his actions and they go on to get married and have a daughter who becomes the heroine of a later book Loving Lies This is an okay book but I have a big problem with Promise's forgiveness of Luke for what he did both to her and to Patrick I for one could never forgive someone for shooting and killing someone I claimed to love even if it turned out they were horrible people and it was in self defense Other than that it was okay Sex lots of sex scenes but none overly graphically described Violence uite a few scenes of violence shootings killings attempted rape actual rape only a small handful are described in any detail Bottom Line A book for Ms Neri's fans but not really one for anyone else

  2. Callie W Callie W says:

    It was just okay I really do like this authors writing style but occasionally she gets on tangents for like three different conflicts and complications I think if she had stuck with one complicationconflictantagonist But I did really believe their love story Except their first time together That could've been done differently

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