Van oude menschen, de dingen, die voorbij gaan... MOBI

Van oude menschen, de dingen, die voorbij gaan... MOBI

Van oude menschen, de dingen, die voorbij gaan... ❰Reading❯ ➿ Van oude menschen, de dingen, die voorbij gaan... Author Louis Couperus – This historic book may have numerous typos missing text images or index Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book without typos from the publisher 1918 Not illustrated Excerpt C This historic menschen, de PDF/EPUB ✓ book may have numerous typos missing text images or index Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book without typos from Van oude PDF/EPUB ² the publisher Not illustrated Excerpt CHAPTER I Steyn's deep bass voice was heard in the passage Come Jack come along dog Are you coming with your oude menschen, de eBook ☆ master The terrier gave a loud glad bark and came rushing madly down the stairs till he seemed to be tumbling over his own paws Oh that oude menschen, de dingen, die PDF or voice of Steyn's Ottilie hissed between her teeth angrily and turned a number of pages of her novel Charles Pauws glanced at her uietly oude menschen, de dingen, die PDF or with his little smile his laugh at Mamma's ways He was sitting with his mother after dinner sipping his cup of coffee before going on to Elly Steyn went out with Jack; the evening silence settled upon the little house and the gas hummed in the impersonal and unhomely sitting room Charles Pauws looked down at the tips of his boots and admired their fit Where has Steyn gone asked Mamma; and her voice grumbled uneasily Gone for a walk with Jack said Charles Pauws He was called Lot at home; his voice sounded soft and soothing Pronounced Lo as in the French Chariot He's gone to his woman snarled Ottilie Lot made a gesture of weariness Come Mamma he said be calm now and don't think about that scene I'm going on to Elly presently; meantime I want to sit cosily with you for a bit Steyn's your husband after all You mustn't always be bickering with him and saying and thinking such things You were just like a little fury again It brings wrinkles you know losing your temper like that I am an old woman But you've still got a very soft little skin Ottilie smiled; and Lot stood up There he said give me a kiss Won't you Must I give you one You angry little Mummy And what was it about About nothing At least I can't remember what it was all about I should never be able to analyse it And that's always t.

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  1. Gitta Gitta says:

    Read in DutchIn an attempt to start reading of my mother tongue's classics I've made a list of the Dutch literary canon As one of the most recognisable authors and one I know my mother appreciated reading I've started with Louis Couperus I first read his Psyche which is purposefully written in a very archaic language which had me wonder just how bad my grasp of the Dutch language had become as I freuently found myself in need of a dictionarythe internet This affirmed my need for reading books in Dutch I felt Van oude menschen however wasn't written in the same tone Despite being over a hundred years old this work has withstood time well and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to see the changes the Dutch language has undergone Syntax that has fallen out of use in contemporary Dutch which to a modern reader closely resembles modern English As well as the collapse of words being emphasised through spelling eg the use of weêr rather than modern weer to denote the omission of the d weder; which you normally don't realize are the same wordsI won't give away much of the story The allure of this book is in it's subtle character development and the language used As one of the best works of Dutch literature I can but only recommend you read this

  2. Alex Alex says:

    If I had to choose one book that distinguishes Dutch literature this would be it I don't know that there is a modern English translation but there should be

  3. Lotte Lotte says:

    Curious novel about a family with a dark past very weirdly written Yet it still intrigued me

  4. Felicia Van Leeuwen Felicia Van Leeuwen says:

    The essence of the story is really interesting but getting through it is so freaking hard

  5. Eric Maas Eric Maas says:

    Compared to that other family forced to witness its decay in the same day and age but some three hundred miles up north the history of Ottilie Dercksz and her offspring is significantly less ambitious But that doesn’t make it any less poignant for its members Apart from the occasional short story Obsession in high school and the in those days truly shocking image of a naked Pleuni Touw bathed in blood for the adaptation for television of The Hidden Force is my first real introduction to Louis Couperus I was put off by the stuffy image of the man who is arguably Hollands most distinguished writer uite unjustly as anyone able to look past the archaic language knows Still at an early stage of the book where all characters continue to seem older and younger than they are Couperus elegantly and suggestively unfolds the first disturbing facts mortal and original sin incest and reticence And a heavy guilt passing as a silent reproaching phantom The Thing Contrary to stuffy and slow the author sometimes radically shows its teeth ”Straight up she sat as though enthroned as though she were a sovereign by reason of her age and her authority dignified and blameless but so frail and fragile as though the aura of death would presently blow away her soul” Or ”his thin grey hair looked as if it were moth eaten and hung in frayed wisps from his skull”Examples of Couperus’ embroidery detail on a veil of authentic triviality with fear corruption and scandal trembling underneathIt took me a while to find out to whom my empathy was supposed to go Finding compassion or vicarious regret for one or another is not very hard but the only one who really seems in her right mind is young Ottilie; she managed to get away from the grey en guilty existence in Holland and together with her lover found herself a free modern life in Nice in the south of France While making a refreshing appearance she’s hardly than a footnote though Not until three uarters of the book did I realize that the real highlights of Old People are the moments where The Thing That Passes actually crosses the stage And that is where our sympathy goes out to; the Thing wants and deserves to be acknowledged Cause all the other characters frankly just tend to make uite a mess of it most of the timeAt first sight the tragedy in Old People and the Things that Pass may seem to be about a fatal incident from the past but essentially it describes the woe of not knowing among the faithful of knowing and not sharing and of the self convinced loneliness of he who silently knows The Things creepy performance in the presence of the old Ottilie whose seductive looks and desires of her long gone youth have summoned all this decadent disaster over her offspring has in fact already become superfluous The dying great great grandmother treasures her silence as her greatest blessing Cherishing an illusion she blissfully folds her hands and leaves a festering wound that she has not only denied herself to tend to but the others as well And yet so much love or whatever passes for love around herTwo issues still rankle In the rather dry epilogue of my Dutch Perpetua edition Fréderic Bastet points out a number of autobiographic details I don’t know an awful lot about Couperus’ life myself including Lot’s implied homosexual nature That may arguably explain why he hardly has a thought about the incestuosity of his marriage But nobody seems to notice the mystery of why old Ottilie and old Takma supposedly so madly and passionately in love never got married after their infamy

  6. Neil Mudde Neil Mudde says:

    I recently searched on line for books written in Dutch as I was born in Holland and came to Canada in 1954 I discovered this free audio library and this book which is written about a family in The Hague back in the 20 30 it is being read by a wonderful voiced woman Carola Janssen who makes the characters live due to its setting it is a bit old fashioned however filled with wonder characters dealing with a family who lived in Indonesia a Matriarch who had 3 husbands it appears the secret was that one of them was murdered in Indonesia but it takes forever to come out It deals a great deal with money family money who has it who does notone of the older men dies and the most important thing is how much money did he leave and even importantly to whom did he leave the money there are very frugal almost considered cheap then there are those where money simply slips through their fingers in no time In the background there is the Calvenist philosophy rigid strict fear of god certainly not love of god so that another issue is the fact that death is to be feared by many since they have lived their lives in fear of this Calvenistic puritanical god in any case it was sooooo good to have Dutch read to me perhaps next I will try a current story

  7. Opher Donchin Opher Donchin says:

    I listened to rather than read this deeply contemplative book that looks at how the passions of our youth solidify and transform as we move into old age While I agree with anyone who ways that this book is slow and ponderous I found myself enjoying the characterizations and thrilling to the feeling of how the pace of the book fit the pace of the old timers whose thoughts and feelings are described in it

  8. Grada (BoekenTrol) Grada (BoekenTrol) says:

    A literary crime book Amazing how secrets come hunting the persons after many many yearsSince this is an old time favorite I just as well might send this one out in the Dutch version of the 'favorite book roundabout' Have not decided yet

  9. Wormpje Wormpje says:

    This is a book on old people and their secrets How they affect their lives and how they affect the lives of their children and their grand children Old people are slow and so is the book But I loved it

  10. Vera Vera says:

    A lovely book about a secret that has been kept for decades and about the inability to forget A book about family unhappy marriages and jealousy About old people and younger people's fear to grow old

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