Un amour de Swann eBook ì Un amour PDF/EPUB ²

Un amour de Swann eBook ì Un amour PDF/EPUB ²

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Un amour de Swann
  • Marcel Proust
  • French
  • 11 June 2016
  • 9782070367801

10 thoughts on “Un amour de Swann

  1. TBV TBV says:

    Whilst there is so much that I love about this novella it is Swann’s growing awareness of the power and beauty of music that particularly enchanted me And as his love for this music grows so does his love and obsession for Odette Music is interwoven throughout their taleAt first it is a tentative awarenessview spoiler ”The year before at a soirée he had heard a piece of music played on piano and violin At first he had enjoyed only the physical uality of the sounds produced by the instruments And then he had felt a great pleasure when beneath the delicate line of the violin slender but persistent compact and commanding he had suddenly seen struggling to rise in a sort of liuid swell the solid mass of the piano part multiform but indivisible smooth yet tumultuous like the deep blue restlessness of the waves when charmed and softened by moonlight” hide spoiler

  2. Stefan Stefan says:

    Rating 45It's something that we all feel but this gentle soul managed to write it down and left it to the world something between the writer and the reader falling in and falling out of love and all the sayings and doings in between

  3. Manny Manny says:

    For the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament Hamlet 4 versus À la recherche du temps perdu 29 A bar in Elsinore HAMLET is slumped in front of a large collection of empty glassesHAMLET O that this too too solid flesh would meltThaw and resolve itself into a dewOr that the Everlasting had not fix'dHis canon 'gainst self slaughter O God GodHow weary stale flat and unprofitableSeem to me all the uses of this worldFie on't ah fie 'tis an unweeded gardenThat grows to seed; things rank and gross in naturePossess it merely That it should come to this SWANN has enteredSWANNGirl trouble?HAMLETAyeSWANNIfaith I guessed 'twere so to himselfC'est curieux Pouruoi je parle anglais?N'importe turning back to HAMLETWell coz Why don't you tell me ?HAMLETOphelia that stupid wanton bitchWhy did she let me shag her? Why? Why? Why?SWANNThey're often like that friend Boy I should knowI've got one of my own Her name's OdetteHAMLETAnother slag?SWANNYeah too damn right she isLesbian tendencies and all that crapIt makes me bleeding sick to think on itHAMLETI'm sorry Swann Hey have another drinkSWANNI thank you kindly Here's to manly love They toastWhat is there to be done? Nothing I fearWell I must off I have a date with DeathHAMLETMe too A shame we did not meet beforeWe have a lot in common I would saySWANNToo bad Oh well let's have one for the roadAnd then depart They down their drinks and make to leaveREFEREE But wait Who's won the bout?SWANNIt matters not Why don't we toss a coin? He notices ROSENCRANTZ and GUILDENSTERN at a nearby table There is a coin on itGood fellows may I borrow that a sec?HAMLETSounds fine to me Alright you toss I'll call SWANN tosses the coin ROSENCRANTZ and GUILDENSTERN frantically mime to HAMLET that he should call heads but HAMLET doesn't noticeHAMLETTails Oh it's heads Okay I'll go die firstAh best of luck in this sad vale of tears He clasps SWANN's hand and exits right ROSENCRANTZ and GUILDENSTERN run after him SWANN is left standing aloneSWANNI've had enough of this unholy messWell guess I'll say adieu to the Duchesse He exits left The BARTENDER arrives and begins collecting their empty glassesCURTAIN

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    I know Proust is supposed to be amazing maybe reading in the original french was just too much because it's discouragingly dense the text just goes on and on with extremely rare paragraph markings The thing about Proust is that he really goes into such minute detail sometimes it's interesting and insightful sometimes it seems rambling and irrelevant He does a great job of character development and a surprisingly realistic description of the details of human behavior and thinking but it's marred by the fact that the characters are unlikeable at least for me It's hard for me to enjoy a book when I don't like the main characters It may be a crime against French literature but I have to say this was just alright

  5. Katerina Katerina says:

    It's a definition of love in 200 pages and then you realize that the object is of no importance only the subject itself

  6. Carl Lavigne Carl Lavigne says:

    french fuckboy gets mad his girlfriend is bi

  7. Laura Laura says:

    Free download available at Project GutenbergI made the proofing of this book for Free Literature and Project Gutenberg will publish it

  8. Kirstine Kirstine says:

    I got through this fueled primarily by frustration It's the second part of Swann's Way and truly a beautiful poignant piece of literature Others have pointed out that were you to remove if from the context of 'In Search of Lost Time' it could nearly if not completely stand on it's own as a novella Which as a reader was the problem It felt removed from the story that was presented in part one of Swann's Way which was a genuine pleasure to read because it goes from the narrator's we'll call him Marcel because that's what one does story to the love story of Charles Swann and Odette And ah it's brilliant of course but so frustrating because honestly Swann is being an IDIOT In these books what's presented as love is not what I'd in any way call actual true love It isn't healthy it's an obsessive jealous dishonest threatening unhealthy love However the 'point' of Swann's love story is spoiler alert that it mirrors various love liasons that other people and especially Marcel have throughout the entire work Still while reading I was so mad at Swann for not letting Odette go for not leaving her artful face in the dust for putting up with her antics I was mad at both of them for being so goddamned stupid But that's the power of love I suppose especially corrupted love We can delude ourselves in the most ridiculous ways if given enough time to rationalize The mirror effect of this second part Swann's love story doesn't hit you until the next book where you find yourself circling back either from a slight push by the narrator or on your own to the story of Swann and Odette who set a love precedent that Marcel may or may not break free from in the end I wouldn't know I haven't gotten that far yet but the way love is described in the next volumes I bet it will not be a happy ending to his love story The second part of Swann's Way is also where we first come across Proust's immense skill at describing and setting up social encounters his way of describing the salon is that the english word? at the Verdurins which serves both as the setting for Swann and Odette falling in love but also as a way to pit characters against each other to uncover flaws conflicts and secrets to put the weaknesses of everyone on display And lastly there's the power music has of laying bare hidden depths within the mind of man spilling out devastating truths The unlocking of memories through art And art plays a prominent role in all the volumes it's in a lot of ways the heart of the story The further I get in 'In Search of Lost Time' the volumes I put behind me the I appreciate this part of the story as a mirror of the future a small version of what's to come And my frustrating leaves me bit by bit I may re read this particular volume in the future to appreciate it free of wrath

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    Swann in Love is not Proust Lite No Swann in Love is a multi facetted novel complete with Proust’s themes of time art love jealousy and imagination along with the syntactic complexity of his style his elaborate constructions and his beautiful clarity and precision Proust’s famously long sentences show the shape of the thoughts and sensibilities of a mind in the grip of obsession fantasy and uncertainty It is also one of the funniest novels in French literature satirising French society and its social pretensions And the love story a tale of Swann’s obsession with a stupid shallow former courtesan called Odette de Crecy is full of irony and bathos complete with a jealous Swann spying on the wrong bedroom in the middle of the night because the hapless inhabitants just happened to have the lights onSwann’s problem is that he projects onto Odette his own self He is struck by her resemblance to the Biblical figure of Zipporah Jethro’s Daughter as painted by Botticelli in the Sistine Chapel To read the rest of my review please visit

  10. Sebastien Sebastien says:

    I enjoyed this book although I didn't find it as enchanting and fascinatingly mystical and mysterious as Swann's Way Un Amour de Swann was definitely linear and straight forward which was a little sad in my opinion I was actually starting to enjoy Proust's way of jumping back and forth and interweaving thoughts and stories together It gave the story in Swann's Way a timeless sort of ualityIn Un Amour de Swann Swann is the main character and basically he's an aristocrat who has too much time on his hands He falls in love with Odette but his love is full of misery and sadness Hence he spends a lot of time whining and complaining I could understand his sadness but at the same time something inside me just wanted to shake him and tell him to get a job or do something productive with his time so that he wouldn't spend so much time sitting around feeling sorry for himself

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Un amour de Swann❮Download❯ ➽ Un amour de Swann Author Marcel Proust – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Un amour de Swann est un fragment de À la recherche du temps perdu la deuxième partie de Du côté de chez SwannSon sujet en est l'amour et la jalousie u'éprouve Swann pour Odette de Crécy C'est p Un amour de Swann est un fragment de À la recherche du temps perdu la deuxième partie de Du côté de chez SwannSon sujet en est l'amour et la jalousie u'éprouve Swann pour Odette de Crécy C'est pouruoi il a depuis toujours fait l'objet d'éditions séparées comme s'il constituait un petit Un amour PDF/EPUB ² roman autonome.

About the Author: Marcel Proust

French novelist best known for his page masterpiece À la recherche du temps perdu Remembrance of Things Past or In Search of Lost Time a pseudo autobiographical novel told mostly in a stream of consciousness style Born in the first year of the Third Republic the young Marcel like his Un amour PDF/EPUB ² narrator was a delicate child from a bourgeois family He was active in Parisian high society during t.