Good Girls Dont Get Fat MOBI Í Dont Get MOBI ò

Good Girls Dont Get Fat MOBI Í Dont Get MOBI ò

Good Girls Dont Get Fat ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Good Girls Dont Get Fat By Robyn Silverman ➦ – Based on Dr Robyn Silverman's groundbreaking research at Tufts University and filled with searingly honest young voices Good Girls Don't Get Fat– Decodes the ripple effects of actions that damage ou Based on Dr Robyn Dont Get MOBI ò Silverman's groundbreaking research at Tufts University and filled with searingly honest young voices Good Girls Don't Get Fat– Decodes the ripple effects of actions that damage our girls—and provides tools to help stop them– Shines light on the positive influence of women who embrace body types of any size—and Good Girls PDF \ explains how to model the right behavior– Shows how girls whatever their size can own their strengths trust their power and accomplish amazing things.

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  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    I hate to give this book two stars because I wholeheartedly believe in the message the book is subtitled How Weight Obsession Is Messing Up Our Girls and How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It but I can't justify giving it any higher a rating This was like an extended magazine article or a pithy self help book there's even a little uiz at the end of each chapter and all the while I thought My goodness she got a PhD for this research?? Things mothers say to their daughters about food and weight can impact their self image and eating habits You don't say? Dads also have an impact on their daughters Who knew? Teenage girls engage in negative self talk about their bodies? Stop stop it's too overwhelming The tips on how to talk to your daughter in positive ways are helpful but lost in the clutter And better reads about girls' development or media literacy are out there by the dozen I would skip this one

  2. Maria Maria says:

    Not very good at all but well intentioned Having silly clubs named The Sassy Sisterhood Girls Circle and telling your daughter to repeat positive affirmations will not change anything about how teenage girls feel about their body This world is obsessed with body image and it's going to take a lot than Dr Silverman's shallow advice to make any positive change

  3. Jenn Jenn says:

    Basic tone Girls should feel empowered by WHO they are not by how much they weigh Which is true And valid And I so wish girls would believe it when they hear it which is what this book seems to recommend Just tell them and they'll know it unfortunately that's not always the case And this book doesn't deal with that aspect

  4. Ariadna73 Ariadna73 says:

    Nothing new Maybe the only interesting thing would be the transcription of some tips and tricks to fool the family and friends and pretend to eat while the person is fasting Not a very good take home if the spirit of the book was to teach how to have healthier eating habits and not the contrary

  5. Cyn Armistead Cyn Armistead says:

    This book is absolutely amazing and I strongly recommend it to everyoneYes I said everyone If you are a human being who is reading this postreview you live in a first world society and you interact with females You will benefit from a greater understanding of what modern social standards do to young females and how they shape us for the rest of our lives how they twist us into disordered thinking that touches absolutely everything we do from how we think about ourselves to our personal and business relationships our spirituality our health everything And you will have an opportunity to change how you interact with females particularly girls so that you are of a positive influence rather than yet another person who is pulling her down and holding her backI was already familiar with some of the research regarding the media and unrealistic portrayals of women I knew that every magazine cover is Photoshopped and airbrushed that normal models represent only 1 2% of real women etc I didn't know that 5% of American high school girls have turned to taking anabolic steroids in order to get a toned slim look according to the CDC's 2003 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System and that one out of every 14 girls in American middle schools have tried steroids for the same purpose I had heard that the popularity of cosmetic surgery for young people was rising but I had no idea that it was as prevalent as it is I can't remember exactly how high but it was frighteningIf there is a young lady in your life stop for a moment and think are you a positive influence on her? When young women in college were asked about what they recall their parents saying about their bodies as they grew up 80% of the responses were of negative remarks What will the girl in your life remember you saying? If you've ever wondered whether or not you should talk to her about losing a little weight don't Believe me the rest of the world has already beaten that into her and will go on doing so every minute of every day There's no way she doesn't know that her body is unacceptable whether she's still carrying a little baby fat is morbidly obese or simply has a slightly round faceOne of the things I admire most about Good Girls Don't Get Fat is that it doesn't just talk about how bad things are it gives concrete suggestions for improvement That's what we needThe book is available in any format you can imagine Pick it up It's an easy read and wonderful

  6. Satia Satia says:

    This book left me feeling defeated and hopeless about the problem young girls face but the resources at the back of the book make up for the rest Borrow this from the library read the list of recommendations in each chapter and skip to the resources in the back For

  7. Ana Mardoll Ana Mardoll says:

    Good Girls Don't Get Fat 978 0 373 89220 4I was pleased to receive this book from NetGalley for review; I'm a strong believer in HAES Health At Every Size and this book is exactly the sort of valuable study that can benefit parents hoping to raise happy healthy daughters who are not constantly encumbered by the skinny or else messages that bombard them constantlyBroken into nine chapters Good Girls Don't Get Fat explores the potentially near constant sources of criticism and denigration that can occur in childhood and can extend detrimentally into a lifetime of eating disorders self abuse and poor self esteem Chapter 1 covers self criticism and the importance of banishing negative internal thoughts and the constant visceral awareness of weight at all times Chapter 2 covers the impact that mothers have on their daughters and carefully explains the difference between teaching your child to value good health and just popping off with criticism thoughtlessly for instance spontaneously popping off with Are you going to eat all that? teaches less good eating habits and that eating in public will invite judgment and criticism from others Chapter 3 explores the sometimes hidden effect of fathers on their daughters how to be active in raising healthy happy women and how not to inadvertently encourage your daughter to remain a child Chapter 4 covers the impact of the family at large and how brothers and sisters play an important role in either creating or preventing unhealthy attitudes towards eatingExpanding from the family sphere chapters 5 and 6 cover the influences of school first of the adult officials in a chapter that will leave most readers outraged at the sheer gall of some people including a teacher who apparently thought it was a good idea to mention a student's weight in her letter of recommendation for college admission and then of the children friends and enemies alike who play a role in a person's childhood development From there the book delves into positive alternatives to all these potentially detrimental sources how to love your body and teach your children to love theirs; how to overcome inevitable negative outside sources; and how to monitor and improve your internal body image over timeGood Girls Don't Get Fat is a perfect example of a `scholarly' style of work that has a great deal of knowledge and information to impart yet the writing style is so engaging and flows so well that it reads like a book for pleasure rather than a book for learning As author Silverman interviews hundreds of young women about their life experiences the reader flows smoothly over the positive highs the father who took the time to reaffirm that his daughter looked lovely in the size 12 she'd excessively and dangerously dieted for but she would have looked eually lovely in the size 14 that she had feared so much and the negative lows the teacher who feels that she has no responsibility to her students to help them if they are bullied by other teachers for their weight and all the learning experiences along the way The message of this book too is a very good one Silverman repeatedly reminds parents the intended audience that their words and actions matter and that it does no good to affirm your children with positive self image if your own words and actions underscore your own negative one She also correctly hammers home the importance of not falling into obesity panic she encourages setting and modeling healthy eating habits but also recognizes the importance of letting young adults start to choose some of their own eating habits they're going to have to learn sometime after all without the fear of constant and immediate criticism from their loved onesIf I have to level one criticism at this book it would be that in spite of all this wonderful HAES doctrine Silverman sometimes can't uite follow it all the way Although she does point out at least once that skinny does not eual healthy she does try to have her cake and eat it too with passages that encourage parents to be active with their kids if they are worried about the child's weight Since neither I nor Silverman think children are stupid however I'm surprised that she doesn't seem to realize that a parent suddenly putting their child on an obvious exercise program isn't likely to instill negative body feelings any less than the same parent suddenly putting their child on a food diet And while I have nothing against parent child physical activities prescribing them as a solution to weight rather than as a good in itself is very much against HAES philosophy; and draping everything in a platonic for their health statement doesn't absolve matters when the only indication of bad health on the child's part is that they weigh than the parent thinks they should In all other areas of the book Silverman recognizes and forcefully acknowledges that parents often have unrealistic weight goals for their children so it just seems strange to see all that fall down in later chapters with all the for their health talk Another criticism perhaps is the determine your daughter's body image uizzes at the end of every chapter again Silverman recognizes that many eating disorder sites encourage girls to say the right things to prevent family suspicion so grading a daughter based on the things she says and does when her parents are looking may give the evaluator a false sense of security that everything is fine when it isn'tFor its minor faults however Good Girls Don't Get Fat is a wonderful read and a source of valuable and insightful information particularly for HAES followers who worry about raising a child in our culture and who worry about slipping into old self hating habits in a subconscious modeling of the way we ourselves we raised I enjoyed this book immensely and plan to reread it again to ensure that the behaviors I am modeling are safe and healthy for the children around meNOTE This review is based on a free Advance Review Copy of this book provided through NetGalley Ana Mardoll

  8. Димон Димон says:

    Terrible Simply terrible Is this a self help book for mommies of self conscious girls a book on weight obsession in young females in general or what?

  9. Deb Deb says:

    Exit out of the weight obsession maze If you're a parent teacher or a relative of an adolescent girl you'll likely find this book to be an incredibly valuable resource for breaking out of the weight obsession maze that traps so many young women today Packed with up to date information real life stories and well organized tips and suggestions this book offers a clear approach for helping young women thriveWe're all too aware of the toxic messages young women are bombarded with on a daily basis But just how do we protect them and help them realize that happiness is not defined by a number on the scale or a size on a pair of jeans? Robyn's book can help you start the necessary dialogue to address these issues It'll help you learn what to say what not to say and how to say it And importantly it will help you determine what you can do to walk the talk Warning reading this book may very well awaken you to many of the societal messages that you too have bought intoA look at the Table of Contents shows the comprehensiveness of the topics covered and audiences addressed as well as a taste of the author's sense of humor which helps all the information go downIntroduction Skinny or ElseChapter 1 The Body Bully Within Her Own Worst EnemyChapter 2 The Secret Impact of Mothers I Love My Mom ButChapter 3 Father Figure Daddy's Not So Little GirlChapter 4 Hitting Home The Butt of Family JokesChapter 5 The School Fool Part I TeachersChapter 6 The School Fool Part II FriendsChapter 7 Kiss My Assets The Secrets of Girls Who Thrive at Every SizeChapter 8 Your Daughter's BI Body Image uotient What's Her Total?Chapter 9 Goodbye Good Girl Hello Asset GirlWhat's most impressive about this book is its positive tone and the ongoing message that young women of any body size can thrive In particular the Assets that Protect and Promote Positive Behaviors pp 175 207 serve as The 10 Commandments for developing healthy attitudes in young women1 I know how I feel and I can express my emotions in a healthy productive way2 I take healthy risks and I am accountable for my actions3 I set and go after goals to create the future I want4 I see my body and myself in a positive light and I speak to myself accordingly5 I surround myself with and am surrounded by positive encouraging supportive people who serve as role models and peers who share my values6 I am aware and critical of the messages I receive about thinness and keep a healthy perspective on how I fit within those parameters7 I use my time constructively and participate in activities that contribute to my mental and physical well being andor the well being of others8 I believe in my own power to affect my world and take action on something that is important9 I believe in my competencies and self worth and refuse to allow negative feedback to derail me10 I allow my positive values to guide my thoughts and behavior rather than doing what's popular or easyIf there was a reuired reading list for raising healthy body positive young women this book would no doubt top that list

  10. Brittany Brittany says:

    As someone who struggled with disordered eating in my teen years I was really interested in reading this book I think the author did a wonderful job of the impact that parents friends and others can have on a girl's body image The chapter on a girl's inner body bully sheds light onto what goes on inside the head of a weight obsessed young girl Several interviews with different girls also give insight into their feelings about themselves and their weight I recommended this book to anyone who is a parent of a young girl or who works with children and teens It offers a chance to examine your daughter's Body Image uotient which is how well euipped she is to thrive in a weight obsessed world It also gives readers a lot of advice about what to say when talking about weight as well what NOT to say and teaches them strategies for empowering girls and modeling a positive body image I know that I have a lot to work on before I have children some day and this is a book I would definitely reread in the future There is an excellent list of resources on girls and body image included as well Bottom line highly recommended

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