Murder to Mil Spec PDF/EPUB Í Murder to PDF \

Murder to Mil Spec PDF/EPUB Í Murder to PDF \

Murder to Mil Spec ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Murder to Mil Spec ❤ Author Tony Burton – Since 2006 Wolfmont has published a yearly anthology to benefit some worthy cause raising thousands of dollars in donations This year's anthology MURDER TO MIL SPEC benefits Homes for Our Troops wwwho Since Wolfmont has published a yearly anthology to benefit some worthy cause raising thousands of dollars in donations This year's anthology Murder to Mil Spec benefits Homes for Our Troops wwwhomesforourtroopsorg Dehumanizing That's how Murder to PDF \ some people think of the military and of war But the truth is life threatening conflict and being pushed to our utmost can often bring out the very most human parts of us those parts in which we can take the most pride Here are twelve authors' stories of the humanity of veterans and active duty military stories that display to us just how human we can be no matter how stressful the situation is and how honor and courage ancient military traditions live on The authors are without exception experienced novelists and crafters of shorter fiction Experience shows It shows in the overall excellent uality of stories ranging from WWII era to Afghanistan They are by turns bitter and surprising tender and real These stories accurately recall and reflect military and home front actions and attitudes Carl Brookins author of DEVILS ISLAND World War II Vietnam Afghanistan anywhere all wars are hell interrupted by moments of valor and selflessness and all wars live on in the hearts and minds of those who fight them This extraordinary collection of stories brings to vivid life the men and women who fight for their country their triumphs and occasional failures their scarring and their redemption There are stories in this book I'll never forget and no one who reads it will look at the news the same way again Tim Hallinan author of the Poke Rafferty series Wolfmont Press has again gathered a group of talented authors to ply their trade on behalf of a worthy cause something every reader should place high on their must read list Allan Ansorge author of the Bay Harbor series.

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    MURDER TO MIL SPEC A Crime Anthology to Benefit HOMES FOR OUR TROOPSWolfmont Press ISBN 978 1 60364 028 2Review by Jinx Schwartz author of the award winning Hetta Coffey Mystery SeriesWhen Murder to Mil Spec arrived my first challenge was to wrest it from the paws of my husband US Navy Retired because the cover and title immediately captured his attention Luckily he is a fast reader so I was soon engrossed in this fine anthology of military honor and courage Oh and a lot of justiceIf there is anything I love it is justice and this book delivers From WWII to Afghanistan this collection of stories gets to the heart and soul of the military men and women and their code of—yep here is that word again—JUSTICE As my Texas family likes to say some folks just need killin’ sometimes to Military SpecificationsBless every one of our men and women who serve or have served our country and their code of honor to make the bad guys go away I highly recommend this book not only as a great read but also for the organization it supports Thank you Terrie Farley Moran Dorothy B Francis Big Jim Williams Elizabeth Zelvin Lina Zeldovich Charles Schaeffer Howard B Carron Brendan Dubois Janis Patterson Barb Goffman SM Harding and Diana Catt for your well crafted stories and publisher Tony Burton for the book HOMES FOR OUR TROOPS WEBSITE

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    This compilation of SS contains samples of mysteries and adventures from several different wars and many different locations All of them taught me a little and entertained me a lot

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