Paperback ☆ Vespers PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback ☆ Vespers PDF/EPUB Ú

Vespers [Ebook] ➠ Vespers ➦ Jeff Rovin – Soon to be a blockbuster movie from Touchstone Pictures and the director of Men in Black Vespers combines the terror of a Stephen King novel with the plot twists of Hitchcock's The Birds A New York de Soon to be a blockbuster movie from Touchstone Pictures and the director of Men in Black Vespers combines the terror of a Stephen King novel with the plot twists of Hitchcock's The Birds A New York detective and a Bronx Zoo expert team up to solve what seems at first to be a series of random killings But a swarm of deadly predators is on the loose in Manhattan and they must be stopped before they strike again Martin's Press.

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  1. Victoria Victoria says:

    Animal based thrillers always make for exciting books and this tale of giant bats loose and killing the people of New York City is no exception Making this a fast paced thriller and thoroughly enjoyable read Fans of Steve Alten’s Meg may really have a fun time reading this airland based creature feature novel The characters are likable and even if it isn’t the most unpredictable book I’ve ever read it it remains entertaining and not a completely cliched story The book’s conclusion borders on the ridiculous though unless a seuel is planned but it’s been over a decade since this was first published so that seems unlikely and accordingly some of the technology is rather distinctly dated no cell phones the use of pagers and email being typed as “E mail” The edition that I have states that the movie rights were sold but the interim years between then and now I have been unable to find any confirmation of a movie filmed but I must admit I would rent it if it existed because it is a fast and fun read and would certainly make a fun summer thriller

  2. Tj Barnett Tj Barnett says:

    The book “Vespers” is an extremely intense book in my opinion of course In the beginning everything started right for a young baseball player then things went bad really bad Not only did this kid lose the championship for his game but as he was walking back to his car crying it happened The bats came out to attack Not just any species of bat but a vesper bat This was the first of many attacks on the people of New York City Now it’s up to the bat specialist Nancy Joyce and Detective Gentry to find out what has gone wrong in the Bronx I really enjoyed reading this book It kept me begging for and always wondering what was going to happen next in the story I gave this story a 5 out of 5 stars because it was mysterious and interesting it also gave me uite a scare at times I hope that people will read this book because it was really good and they're making it into a movie

  3. Kathy Kathy says:

    I liked this book A story of a giant mutant bat spreading terror in New York A cop and a bat lady from the zoo join forces to find a way to destroy her before she succeeds in killing thousands of people She is pregnant and they hope to find and destroy all her babies Or do they? Reminds me of all those 50ties movies where mutated things like killer tomatoes and giant ants were out to get everyone

  4. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    I'm not sure what I've rated to have GR recommend this book but I read it in one sitting While it appears accurate regarding its bat information the premise is entirely too far fetched

  5. Rayrumtum Rayrumtum says:

    Bats go bats in theBig Apple Much violence and horror Predictable but enjoyable beach read No sex but tons of guano

  6. Samantha Dee Samantha Dee says:

    I'll buy anything with a BAT on the front cover I collect vampire fiction I mention to anyone who listens that I'll buy anything in a bookshop if it has a bat on the front cover or looks like it vaguely resembles a vampire book and this is one of themI'll often pick up four or five books at a time and many of them will sit in my bookcase un read until I actually have the time and the inclination to read themOr I'll start reading every one of them simultaneously which is bad I'll read one on the train on the way to work another during my lunch hour and another at night before bedYes you're right they do all tend to blend into one big bookBad habits aside out came Vespers from my book case I knew it would either be totally non vampire related or an attempt to put vampires or vampirism into a modern day context which is an achievement so far only Mick Farren has done sucessfully It's probably a good thing that this book was neitherIn fact it's not a vampire book at all it's a real good fun sci fi about giant killer bats invading New YorkSet in modern day New York an investigation is commenced into various 'bat' attacks throughout the city These are treated as pretty much routine and amusing ever sniffed Guano? until whole bodies begin vanishing A Bat expert is enrolled from the local Bronx Zoo to examine their behaviours and whether something sinister is behind the disappearancesThe action hots up It turns out that a Doctor returning from a Nuclear disaster in Russia accidentally brought back with him a contaminated bat It disappeared into the wild and was found dead but it seems the bat gave birth before it died from it's poisoningResulting in a giant bull sized bat being alive and well in NYC and picking off whole deer sheep and people for lunch It commands the local bats 'the vespers' who in effect protect it by attacking anything that comes within reach or threat of the giantIt has plans another giant is on the horizon Tens if not hundreds of thousands of bats swarm over the Hudson River to welcome the ueen even a Helicopter is attackedAn all out battle ensues and nah 'shan't tell you the ending Wouldn't that just spoil itA good easy entertaining readBack to my vampires

  7. Cara Cara says:

    You want a page turner you've got one It's been a while since I had a chance to sit down and read a book cover to cover and this was a good one to spend my time with There aren't really any surprises in Vespers it's pretty clear from the third chapter or so what the protagonists are up against but the fun in this book isn't in figuring out the mystery The fun is like with any good monster movie running faster and faster alongside the main characters and feeling the prick of will they survive? in your chest though you know they will because that's also how monster movies work Nancy and Gentry are engaging and surprisingly for the genre remarkably well rounded protagonists who make up for each others weaknesses in satisfying ways New York bureaucracy is the same as it's ever been albeit a little dated technologically but that's hardly the author's faultAside from the protagonists the supporting cast is relatively weak; I'm not sure I could remember most of their names and I just finished reading the book an hour ago That's not necessarily a bad thing in Vespers the supporting cast is set dressing than anything else and it works fine in context at least until the epilogue It seems pretty obvious that Vespers was written with a seuel in mind I don't know if that seuel ever happened or if the movie adaptation ever happened but the epilogue reads like so many haha gotcha epilogues from horror and sci fi novels written around the same time where the authors were gunning for movie adaptations hey the late 90s were a lucrative time for such adaptations I can't blame them Reading the book now skipping the last chapter loses nothing and in my opinion actually makes the book a better read overallOne caveat the four most detailed and indeed longest passages in that vein descriptions of attacks by the big bad all happen to women It's a bit of a sour note in a book that's an otherwise engaging page turning read particularly when the author makes a concerted effort elsewhere to avoid many other pitfalls related to writing womenIt wasn't enough to put me off entirely as evidenced by me reading the whole thing in one go and it was an enjoyable read overall but it was noteworthy enough to make me roll my eyes

  8. RJ RJ says:

    Great story very interesting with exciting unexpected action throughout the tale I’m impressed with just how compelling this story is I wasn’t expecting anything so fascinating especially about bats The writing is simply brilliant The characters are very likable and well developed The budding romance between Joyce and Robert was anticipated yet charming and well scripted The same story by someone less gifted could have been mundane and uninspiring The narration by Don Warrick was also excellent As you can tell by my gushing I liked everything about the story Well done Mr Rovin I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review

  9. Deedra Deedra says:

    I enjoyed this monster bat storyIt was very goodjust lacking the newest science on giant bats actually existing in antiuityPeople are being attacked by bats for no apparent reasonBring in the bat experta few scientistsa cop and a news crew and you get to the bottom of things Don Warrick was a fine narratorI was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review'

  10. Jeff Correll Jeff Correll says:

    Simply put this was a fun read Once you sit back and accept the premise it's smooth sailing to the end

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