Engaged in War Epub Ä Engaged in PDF/EPUB or

Engaged in War Epub Ä Engaged in PDF/EPUB or

Engaged in War (French Letters #2) ➲ [Read] ➭ Engaged in War (French Letters #2) By Jack Woodville London ➽ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk French Letters Engaged in War is the second book in the French Letters Trilogy The companion to Virginia’s War it is the story of Will Hastings an army doctor caught up in the D Day landings in Norm French Letters Engaged in War is the second book in the French Letters Trilogy The companion to Virginia’s War it is the story of Will Hastings an army doctor caught up in the D Day landings in Normandy and the drive to capture St Lo France Isolated from Virginia Sullivan and the events taking place at home Will faces the demands of combat surgery under fire and the losses of his brother his friends and his connection to home Historically accurate and precise and Engaged in PDF/EPUB or covering events from exactly the same time frame as the events in the first volume Engaged in War is a novel of the will to survive when war distance loss and the uncertainty of the future separate a couple far beyond the breaking point.

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  1. Jennifer (JC-S) Jennifer (JC-S) says:

    ‘It was the risk of failure that scared him’This is the second instalment in the ‘French Letters’ trilogy and is written from the perspective of Will Hastings a young army doctor on the battlefields of France in World War II Will Hastings arrives in France during the D Day landings and finds himself torn between saving lives – military and civilian and trying to find out about the death of his brother As a doctor he is committed to saving lives wherever possible As a doctor in a war he finds constraints and restrictions which make the practice of medicine difficult and some choices almost impossible As a young man he is isolated from family and friends and the possibility of life outside war as well as the memory of a life before war becomes uite distant What I enjoyed most about this novel was the portrayal of choice and conflict for Will Hastings as he sought to survive the battlefield and to try to make sense of events around him This is not a novel about the events of war it is instead about the impacts of war on one man his friends family and acuaintances And of course of the impacts of war on society and the choices made by individualsThe first instalment which I have not yet read ‘Virginia’s War’ is written from the perspective of his girlfriend Virginia Sullivan in Texas during the same period I am looking forward to reading both the 1st and 3rd instalments of the trilogyJennifer Cameron Smith

  2. Alana White Alana White says:

    Book II in Jack Woodville London's entertaining and insightful series focusing on World War II Engaged in War leaves Virginia Sullivan in Tierra Texas with her newborn baby to follow her faux husband and to focus for the most part on Normandy and the French countryside in 1944 Innocent Will has no idea Virginia's father planted a false wedding announcement in the small town paper in Tierra where Will and the Sullivan's live saying the couple eloped and were married Instead Will a doctor is caught in the bloody throes of the war one man in a large cast of unforgettable characters who are doing the best they can—most of the time—to survive the war and return homeDirty tricks high jinks bravery under fire wins and losses London's knowledge of war and his empathy for those caught up in it—American French German—shinein this second entry in the French Letters series I'm ready for the third

  3. Joyce Faulkner Joyce Faulkner says:

    Jack Woodville London MWSA 2011 Author of the Year

  4. Dawn Scott Dawn Scott says:

    I can't wait for book 3

  5. Peggy Hess Greenawalt Peggy Hess Greenawalt says:

    35not excited about this second one but improved as it went along A lot of war that some may like Sometimes the story jumps around and I am wondering where we are A map would have been a nice addition So many charactersHowever I will read the third in this trilogy

  6. Mishel Forte Mishel Forte says:

    My Rating 35 starsI've never really been a war time reader and I'm pretty positive this is my first war related novel In school I sort of avoided all History classes if I could get away with it I'm not too sure why I did that now that I think about it Set in WWII Engaged In War is the second in a trilogy and focuses on Will Hastings a young army doctor I usually don't like to step out of order when it comes to books however the blurb caught my attention and I ended up accepting the reuest for review The French Letter Trilogy from what I gather take place in the same time period but are told from a different character's perspective So I don't think it bothers me that much that I went out of order It took me uite a while to become comfortable with the style of writing I had a tough time figuring out who was the main character in the beginning and then I had an eually tough time keeping the secondary characters straight I felt there was a lack of character depth in the secondary characters which caused me to get confused on who was who But I suppose that's understandable because the focus of the story was on the effect this war had on the decisions people had to make in order to survive and live with themselves War is hard on everyone those personally involved and those sitting on the sidelines Will makes tough decisions everyday when treating soldiers and their specific wounds But Will must also uestion his morals when faced with a court martial after being severely wounded I found that I liked the uniue personality of Will although I couldn't uite grasp him entirely After arriving on the beach in Normandy during the D Day landings Will's story really takes off He's focused on finding out what really happened to his brother who is presumed dead from a glider crash And yet despite that strong pull towards his brother's fate Will still has this passion and drive to do his duty as an army doctor His will determination and stamina make him a very likable character His lack of contact with his girlfriend Virginia Sullivan back in his hometwon of Tierra Texas causes a strain on Will's conncetion with his normal or former life This leads to an easier attraction to a local farmgirl Geraldine His relationship with her symbolizes the connection between two people that crosses language and culture barriers since Will is and English speaking American and Geraldine is French and speaks very very little English Despite this they are able to come together in a desperate time to fill a void that the War has caused them both It seems to me that this novel was very well researched because I actually caught something about WWII and the D Day landings on my local public broadcasting station while reading it The show on TV even went into some detail about some of the French countryside as well that was also a big part of the novel Because like I mentioned earlier I skipped as much History in school as I could so I'm pretty clueless about most of the wars that have happened in the past But I'm fairly confident in saying that the author did a very good job in his research Overall I enjoyed the novel It did take me longer than I expected to finish it but don't let that deter you from giving it a try I'm definitely interested in reading the first novel Virginia's War because it goes into detail about what happens with Virginia and things back home I'm also interested in seeing what book three will be about

  7. Bookventures Book Club Bookventures Book Club says:

    French Letters Engaged in War is the second book in the French Letters trilogy by Jack Woodville London From what i gather about Engaged in War the books are based on World War 2 and they chronicle the relationship between Captain Will Hastings; a medic serving in the war and Virginia his love back in Texas The story has a very uniue plot uite a few interesting characters and its written in a prose that is witty and intelligent but sadly i didn't uite enjoy this storyWhile i try to read all genres on this blog i think that books based on war or the military are really not for me Honestly the author did a good job making the story very authentic as it was chocked fill with military jargons but most if not all of these either flew over my head or left me feeling kind of bored Also the prologue was completely different than what the story turns out to be and that was a major disappointment for me I got really excited and even imagine what the outcome of Engaged in War would be but it just seems to me as though the prologue was totally unrelated to the story or rather it was the prologue to another story and not Engaged in War I kind of uestioned why it was included in the book in the first place There are also a lot of characters at play and several stories that develop within the main plot All of which are connected somehow or rather somewhere in the book At times you begin to feel as though the author is jumping from story to story and that's probably because of how the book is written or laid out However the connections are there and the readers have to be uite vigilant about themAdditionally the story was slow to develop It took me approximately 85 pages to understand what the story was all about and even then it wasn't as clear cut as i had hoped it would be Reading it reminded me of my experience reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand That story developed really slowly but it grew into an amazing story in the end I kept waiting for the amazing story to come through in Engaged in War but after a few chapters and with the same result i had to retire this readI think that most of the problems that i had with this book was as a result of starting midway in the trilogy I have not read book one Virginia's War yet and i'm pretty sure that there are a lot of explanations there that would have helped me understand Engaged in War better Also it seemed as though i had to have a lot of patience to read this book However having just come out of a lapse in my reading routine patience was the last thing that i hadJust because i didn't like this book doesn't mean it wasn't any good In fact while doing my research i came across a few reviews on com for Engaged in War and also for Virginia's War Take a look at them and then you be the judge about adding this one to your reading pile

  8. Joan Joan says:

    Powerful Saga of WWIIAs a teenager dating WWII vets returning home I heard all sorts of snippets of the snafus that occurred during the war and Book Two covers the trials and adjustments made by the medical teams on the push by the Americans into France on D day and thereafter It is the story of Will Hastings whose college education of two years and medical training of two years were mysteriously paid for and then he was drafted His rank was Captain although he lacked much medical training including surgery stitching up wounds etc In England before D day Major Halliburton a doctor and his boss was injured in an air raid Will being the only one available had to sew him up but due to his lack of expertise the scars on the Major’s face were horrific for which Halliburton never forgave him When his LST holding the medical groups landed Halliburton sent Will and his medic Antsley out onto the beach with loose orders which would probably lead to their death with the thousands of others who died that day and many the next day when they had to push through the hedgerows The story encompassed Will receiving his necessary medical knowledge and skills from other doctors while working with them under fire Will seemed fearless and charged into areas where others died and yet he managed to survive Since he had no dependents he offered to substitute where needed and seemed able to go without sleep On the side he constantly searched for a wrecked glider which a month before his brother Peter was reputed to have died in Will convince himself he still had to be aliveVirginia didn’t play much of a role in this story There were many twists turns and surprises As with the first book the reader lives the story and is rewarded with deep insight into the lives of the medical personnel during WWII about which there is little written At the end of the story the author revealed his sources of information from active military medical personnel during that time plus French people who lived under German occupation and the push in the Normandy area He also wrote about actual events that occurred on Omaha Beach I view this book like “Gone With the Wind” It is so realistic and educational I wonder what the author has left to include in Book 3 I loved every minute of reading this story and highly recommend it even as a history lesson for our children

  9. Susan McDuffie Susan McDuffie says:

    Volume II in Jack Woodville London’s engrossing French Letters Trilogy follow the wartime experiences of Captain William Hastings army doctor as he lands in Normandy in the summer of 1944 His brother Peter is dead shot down over France on D Day and Will yearns to find the remains of the crash unwilling to accept his brother’s death The enmity of the powerful Major Halliburton also changes the trajectory of Will’s war But war brings unexpected surprises and Will’s encounter with the civilians in the area in particular the Dupre` family and their daughter Geraldine will transform his life in other ways just as the global conflict changes everything it touches From the carnage of D Day Army bureaucracy and structure of a court martial to the life of civilians caught in the cross fire and finally to the happy confusion of demobilization the experience of combat is vividly portrayed in this gripping novel Will’s experiences in France make a great read but readers will undoubtedly also want to check out VIRGINIA’S WAR Volume I in the trilogy to enrich their understanding of Will’s experiences Jack London skillfully interweaves the stories in these first two installments of the French Letters Trilogy; each book stands alone but the reader catches hints of other threads in the tapestry London’s prose brings all characters even minor ones vividly to life as Will fights his war and the compelling story draws the reader in Fine storytelling and recommended

  10. Kathleen Kelly Kathleen Kelly says:

    French Letters Engaged in War has to be the first WWII book I have read in a long time and was apprehensive when I reuested this book from Phenix Phenix This second novel in the trilogy by Jack Woodville London pretty much takes place in the French countryside during the attempted takeover of St Lo The main character is Will Hastings a combat surgeon who is not attached to any unit but is treating wounded men His brother is missing presumed dead and Will is trying to find out what exactly happened to him He is conflicted with his feelings for a woman Virginia back home and his growing love he has for a local French woman The story goes back and forth between the battlefield and events and people left behind at home and people he meets along the way locals and fellow soldiers The book has all the elements of a well researched story with accurate historical details about one of the most devastating of wars Not necessarily a war story but on how the war affects people and the actions that they take that they would not normally take In time of war people do things they may not do otherwise and they find that they do what they need to to surviveI did not read the first novel but I would recommend reading the first novel in the series Virginia's War then read this one I did enjoy this book and look forward to the third one to see what happens

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