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Paperback ↠ 303 Suadron ePUB Ú

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  1. Jon Jon says:

    I really enjoyed this book It tells the story of exiled polish air fighters who escaped Poland after Germany invaded in September of 1939 First to Romania then to help France fight their mutual enemy After France was occupied then again escaped to Great Britain Within a year Britain formed polish fighting suadrons under the RAF leadership At first they were doubted as true fighters because after all they had capitulated to Germany and further perhaps they were demoralized Not the case Suadron 303 was the most famous of these suadrons as its notoriety was solidified during the Battle for Britain in September 1940 They distinguished themselves in rarefied company with the number of enemy planes destroyed The knocked 3 times the number of planes on average out of the sky then British suadrons did while suffering a third of the casualties Fiedler originally wrote this book while following these men during this conflict It was published in London in 1942 and subseuently smuggled into occupied Poland It is cited as instrumental in motivating the AK the underground movement in Poland As well this is now reuired reading in Polish grade school classes This particular book is a re release celebrating the 70 year anniversary of this momentous time translated as well into English for the first time since its original publication adding additional information about the plight of these fightersI found the author's writing to be sweeping in its narrative and very gripping I couldn't put the book down I felt at times like I was along for the ride with these pilots Their guts stamina and skill are unparalleled I am very grateful to have won this book through the Goodreads Firstread Giveaway I will highly recommend this to anyone One of my favorite books I read in 2010

  2. Sam Sam says:

    All I can say about this book and the exploits it details is WOW not wow but WOW Fiedler wrote this at the height of the Battle of Britain as he spent time with the pilots and ground crews of 303 Suadron as they defended the lands of Britain as if they were their own In fact they often defended them better than those born and bred on these shores as they had seen their own homeland destroyed by the Nazi machine and were on a uest to restore not only their own pride but that of their people and I think we can say without a shadow glimpse or glimmer of a doubt that they did so and they did so with a sense of honour and bravery that is vastly lacking in today's society Fiedler captures their determination pride and bravery perfectly but still manages to portray their vulnerability humanity and sense of feeling that many war novels forget makes a good soldierpilot a great one He brings the battles of the era to life and makes the reader grip the pages as they twist turn and dive through the air ducking as bullets whizz past their ears and gasp for air as they leap from the smoking wrecks of their aircraft just as those men did all those years ago This is war writing as it should be exhilarating breath taking goosebump making and heart breaking

  3. Wanda Wanda says:

    The 303 Suadron by Arkady Fiedler is a re release of the author's most popular and well known book A travel writer Fiedler was in the South Pacific when World War II broke out and he returned to Europe to fight with the Polish army against Germany This book describes the exploits of an under recognized and under celebrated group of Polish Pilots who were trained by the Polish Air Force and were a significant force in the defense of Great Britain and the Battle of Britain in 1940 The book is very well written and accessible and the translation is superb Too often I have found translations to be inadeuate making exciting books stilted and boring There are copious photographs which are informative and apt to the narrative The illustrations of the main fighter planes of the battle the Messerschmitt 109 the Hurricane and the Spitfire are valuable The author gives us a good feel for the personality of the Polish fighter pilots who were not old but very bold to coin an old bromide Few people outside of Polish immigrant community history buffs and academe are aware that the Battle of Britain was fought not just by the British Others including Poles Canadians and Czechs did as well The Poles constituted the largest number of non British fighter pilots of a suadron that was situated between London and the European continent During the Battle of Britain the Polish pilots shot down proportionately Germans than any other pilots and proportionately had lower number of pilots and planes shot down than any other nationalities There is little uestion about the bravery of the Polish pilots and this was represented by the large number of high level decorations awarded by the Brits and by Poland to these pilots Of course this does not diminish the bravery of the Brits or even for that matter of the Germans who were getting shot down and yet still kept coming The major drawback of this book is that we don't know how the Polish pilots managed to be so much successful in their missions than the German and the British pilots We know better than to say that the Polish pilot was braver but we are left unsatisfied as to understanding why the Poles were so much better Was it their training in the Polish Air Force that was different? Was it their prior experience in flying in defense of Poland during the early part of the war? Another point not considered was that the 303 used primarily Hurricanes whereas most casual readers have heard about the British Spitfire perhaps Spitfire was a compelling name But the fact is that that Brits used Spitfires and Poles used Hurricanes Was the Hurricane a better airplane than the Spitfire and this was what accounted for some of the Poles extraordinary successes? These compelling uestions remain unanswered

  4. patricia patricia says:

    Oh my I loved this book First heard about it in the remarkable book by Lynne Olson Last Hope Island This too is a great book of history and The Battle of Britain The hitherto little known and recognized tremendous impact the Polish Airforce had in deciding the defeat of the Germany bombing raids over Britain The Polish airmen were not recognized for their valor and superior skills until well after the war How many of us knew of their suadrons fighting for the British? Great read But read Last Hope Island first and get the whole picture Lynne Olson is a great historian

  5. Lonnie West Lonnie West says:

    I read an older edition 1943 While not my usual genre an incredible book I wish my dad were alive so that I could share it with him I remember someone commenting to Dad in my presence but you weren't in the fighting as though that made his service less important or less sacrificial Suadron 303 focuses primarily on fighter pilots a job I certainly don't have the nerves for And these pilots were absolutely some of the best seemingly taking risks yet enduring fewer casualties They knew what they were doing I felt ever aware that these Polish pilots shot down German machines I can't imagine how you'd deal with shooting down fathers sons and grandsonsThis book dedicates a chapter to the airplane mechanics which my dad was There were no victories if the mechanics didn't keep the planes in good repair The pilots highly valued the mechanics and though Dad wasn't of this Suadron I know that he spent time in England and that his letters from WWII mirror some of these mechanics experiencesWe owe all our service men and women a huge thank you for defending our country

  6. Louise Louise says:

    A moving contemporary account of exile Polish pilots in action in the Battle of Britain The book gives an understanding of the hurdles they had to jump to even get into action and bravery in deciding the narrow but decisive victory in the BattleThe contemporary writing is supplemented by appendices which informs the reader about what happens to some of the pilots afterwards and puts into context the disappointment that Poland was not truly liberated until 1989A good read for all those with an interest in this area

  7. Pavel Pavel says:

    Good fast read Anyone reading this book during the war time and German occupation of Poland must have been extremely proud with such brave skilled air fights and resistance they shown Great hope that sooner or later nazis can be crushed no matter what advanced weapons and strategy they had Amazing memories apart from British your job is done goodbye now attitude later in timebut let's not spoil the spirit of the book If I'm not mistaken this was a mandatory position in school 20 years agoperhaps still is don't know

  8. Stuart Hargreaves Stuart Hargreaves says:

    Yes I really enjoyed this factual book on the contribution of the Polish suadron in world war 2 Being British we always hear about the Battle of Britain from our own prospective I knew that the Polish did contribute to the war effort but hadn't relised that they had their own Suadron The pictures in the book are bonus I found that the book was uite easy to read and was detailed in facts

  9. Aneta Jackowska-Musiol Aneta Jackowska-Musiol says:

    Absolutely loved the enthusiasm and pride the author tried to convey to the readers about the Polish contribution in the Battle of England Amazing style of writing I never tired of depiction of the sky battles chase victories

  10. Anna Anna says:

    Great story about pilots from 303rd Suadron one of Polish suadrons fighting along the RAF pilots Gripping story

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303 Suadron ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ 303 Suadron Author Arkady Fiedler – The summer of 1940 and the Battle of Britain the darkest days of World War II France Poland Denmark Belgium the Netherlands Luxembourg and Norway had all been crushed by the powerful Nazi German war m The summer of and the Battle of Britain the darkest days of World War II France Poland Denmark Belgium the Netherlands Luxembourg and Norway had all been crushed by the powerful Nazi German war machine Great Britain stood alone fighting for its life Suadron is the thrilling story of the celebrated suadron of Polish fighter pilots whose superb skill in the air helped save England during its most desperate hours They were the highest scoring Allied fighter suadron in the Battle of Britain downing three times the average RAF score while incurring only one third the average casualties Dashing and gallant Suadron was lionized by the British press congratulated by the King and adored by the British public With an immediacy that vividly brings to life those harrowing days Fiedler paints the bravery the poignancy the breathtaking gambles with death risked daily by this exceptional group of young men far from home who fought to preserve freedom for all Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish suadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry I hesitate to say that the outcome of the battle would have been the same British Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding Translated from the Polish; identifies the pilots by their real names for the first time in English Nearly black white photos maps and illustrations; contextualizing historical material; nine appendices Selection of the History Book Club and the Military Book Club Winner GOLD Award for History Benjamin Franklin Awards SILVER Award for Interior Design Benjamin Franklin Awards Normal false false false EN US X NONE X NONE.