Hardcover ☆ False Money MOBI Ú

Hardcover ☆ False Money MOBI Ú

False Money ➺ [Download] ➶ False Money By Veronica Heley ➻ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The latest ‘Abbot Agency’ mystery Bea Abbot runs a domestic agency that does not ‘do’ murder But the disappearance of Tomi the star of an award winning short film is a different matter especia The latest ‘Abbot Agency’ mystery Bea Abbot runs a domestic agency that does not ‘do’ murder But the disappearance of Tomi the star of an award winning short film is a different matter especially when charming but feckless Chris bribes Bea to investigate with a bouuet of flowers When Bea – working through personal problems – discovers that Tomi is not the only one amongst his friends to vanish however she wonders if her own life might be in danger too.

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  1. Ivonne Rovira Ivonne Rovira says:

    Partway through this cozy Veronica Heley’s fifth Abbott Agency novel I was singularly piued I thought the novel was bearing a dissatisfactory resemblance to its immediate predecessor False Pretences I was all set to give it a two star review sprinkled with spoiler alerts decrying the rehashing of False Pretences with nary a change I should have known better having inhaled Heley’s previous novels that she would never deliver a sub par mystery novel And she hasn’tFor suddenly the novel veers off into an entirely unforeseen direction view spoilerIn False Pretences a sociopath cuts a swath through the directors and ex employees of a housing trust who she feels has slighted her; I thought that Claire Staughton was a refashioned Lady Honoria yet another psychopath; reading too many plots like that grows really tiresome uickly Despite what one sees in film in reality when a body count mounts around someone the police however plodding take notice Here the motive for murders is money which along with sex and revenge are the three most common — in real life as in fiction hide spoiler

  2. Betty Betty says:

    I have now read 6 of the twelve Abbott's Agency books I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series and reading g the Ellie uicke series This book dwells in lotto winnings With mix motives a group of people decided to buy a lottery ticket each week for 6 months They are sworn to secrecy if they tell they lose any winnings They win big and suddenly members begin to die Bea is brought into the affair when a friend goes missing Chris wants Bea to find Toni his star in his award winning film As usual the villain's thought is included along with the story I usually do not like this format but Veronica Heley does a superb job with the format Meanwhile Bea's grandson is doing poorly Max and Nicole have decided not to have a nanny If course when they finally hire one they managed to hire the villain putting her grandson in danger Will Bea and friends resolve the problem before there are deaths I highly recommend this book and series

  3. Damaskcat Damaskcat says:

    Bea Abbot runs a successful domestic agency which finds staff for people often at short notice and also takes on problems which people might not want to take to the police But she is adamant the agency doesn't deal with murder but in spite of that she still finds herself rather too often involved with a murder case In this well written story Chris the teenage son of her friend CJ asks for her help in finding out what happened to Tomi a Nigerian girl who has gone missing after starring in a short film he has just madeBea finds herself dragged into a strange web of murders which at first seem to have no connection to each other but as she digs deeper she starts to uncover some connections but is not helped by the apparent pact of secrecy the group shareI found this an entertaining read and I thought the ending was very well done All the series characters are here Maggie and Oliver Bea's adopted children; her ex husband Piers and of course Winston the cat This is a well written mystery series with something a but different from the norm The book can be read as a standalone novel or as part of a series

  4. Lynda Lynda says:

    This was not as good as the Ellie uicke books Mrs Abbott is not as endearing as Ellie but abrasive This episode finds her helping to solve the murder of a young actress with the help of her friends Oliver Maggie and CJ An interesting premise about a lottery winning sharedd by ten people who are being killed

  5. Peggy Peggy says:

    This series always exhibits similar plots and identical style the murderer's thoughts are in italics but the main characters are engaging with the exception of the protagonist's son and daughter in law who are too mean spirited to be believed or at least I hope so

  6. Anne Anne says:

    The Abbott Agency series books are light busy with with characters and entertainingI just don't get the prayers interspersed throughout They just seem silly

  7. Barbara Nutting Barbara Nutting says:

    Certainly the best in the series so far The regular crew plus a return of Zander and Chris an 18 year old male who giggles This book had a plot that kept me up until 330 am to see what was going to happenI knocked off a star because there were unanswered uestions Page 65 what discrepancy did Bea spot on Maggie’s list Why did Claire take all the mobile phones to the celebration party in her tacky handbag She was supposed to dispose of them one by one before that big event page 199 Did I miss something by reading past my bedtimeI think this series definitely should be read in chronological order so you know who all these zany characters are and how they fit into the storyline

  8. Ellen Dark Ellen Dark says:

    I'm not sure about the ending in this one but I enjoy Ms Heley's books

  9. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    This was the first in the series that I read It had a lot of potential The mystery was okay if a little slow What bothered me was the way in which the main character acted towards her son and his wife I her issues there completely irritating simply because she seemed to think she just had to sit back and take it It may be a cultural thing but this seemed to go beyond the pale my other British mystery series characters wouldn't sit back and take what she does I won't pick up another book in the series

  10. George George says:

    # 5 in the Abbot Agency mystery series Bea Abbot runs a domestic agency Abbott Agency that handles domestic issues with discretion that people don't want to involve the police Bea is a around 60 year old widow and the story is set in London She is asked to help determine whatwho is causing a series of deaths of a group of life long 20 something year old friends who stand to inherit a substantial amount of money from a pool they form Each death increases the remainders' share

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