Still life inside the Antarctic huts of Scott and

Still life inside the Antarctic huts of Scott and

  • Hardcover
  • 223 pages
  • Still life inside the Antarctic huts of Scott and Shackleton
  • Jane Ussher
  • English
  • 06 March 2014
  • 9781741967395

6 thoughts on “Still life inside the Antarctic huts of Scott and Shackleton

  1. Daren Daren says:

    I was unaware that the United Nations reach does not extend to Antarctica and for that reason the historic huts of Scott Shackleton and Discovery Hut another of Scott's huts from an earlier expedition For this reason the upkeep of the huts has fallen to the Antarctic Heritage Trust who have taken on the responsibility although they were British expeditions which built themThis book is something or a piece of art itself It has a cover clad in woven fabric like hessian but it is grey with bleached off section with a stitched on label with the title on it Within the photographic pages are black high gloss and there are many fold out pictures which offer a four page spreadWhile it is largely a photography book there are a number of what are described in the book as essays by Nigel Watson It is no disrespect to Watson that the photographs are the hero of this book and the essays are interesting asides but do not set out to provide a full narrative of the men or their expeditions Much of the text and there are many uotations from various expedition members is themed around the huts The expedition members uotations relate to how they lived in the hut the expedition gear and research euipment even the food stores etc feature heavily as well as things like the cooking euipment the heating etcThe photography is incredible but most of it is probably not what one expects There are a few landscapes featuring the hut some exterior shots of course but the vast majority of the photographs are closeups of the historic yet everyday items and many unusual ones Emperor penguin feet as an example having had taxidermy carried out on them and they remain on a workbenchIn 2007 the Government of New Zealand after a jolly to the ice for then Prime Minister Helen Clark determined they needed to comprehensively document the huts as a part of maintaining them a role the trust carries out Jane Ussher was approached and given the opportunity to travel there for this purpose This publication is the result of some of those photographsMy purpose in opening this book is not reading the words but enjoying the photographs although I have done both The detail in the photographs interested me since the first time I flicked through this book in 2010 when it was published and I was very pleased to recently have picked up a copy5 stars

  2. Elaine Elaine says:

    Stunning photos but my main complaint was that they didn't have the kind of context I was looking for This book assumes you already know every story about Shackleton and Scott and I don't They also assume you've seen all of the iconic photographs from the missions but again I was not familiar with them I'd like to see the full stories and those older photos side by side with the photos of the restored uarters Another pet peeve is that every image does not have it's own caption It may be intuitive to the photographer what that close up of something that looks like a burlap sack is but I still want to know exactly which part of the sack I'm looking at and why it was so important to take a picture of it

  3. Lara Lara says:

    Really stunning photography and the essays about Scott and Shackleton and about the importance of preserving their bases in the Antarctic are good as well Excellent presentation My complaints are the same as others' a lot of the photographs don't have captions so it's impossible for someone who isn't there seeing what Ussher was seeing to know what some objects are or what their significance might be beautiful though the images are There's also a lot of talk about the iconic photos of the men using the huts during the expeditions in the early 1900s which are not included here It would have been really interesting to see those old photos next to these for comparison I have tons of other books at home that do include those photographs so I can easily make comparisons myself if I so choose but I imagine many others might have trouble with that Still for what it is I think it's really beautifully done and I can see myself coming back to this one often especially as sadly I kind of doubt I'll ever get to visit these places in person

  4. Katie Katie says:

    I'm obsessed with this book The only criticisms I have is that the diary entries are no in chronological order which is annoying when trying to form some resemblance of a timelinein reading their stories Im not sure why they chose this layoutAlso the pictures are poorly labeled sometimes you have to search 2 3 pages back or forward to find what the photo caption is referring to and sometimes even then I couldn't find it Overall book is fascinating if you can get past the slightly disorganized array of beautiful and desolate photos and wonderful excerpts of text and diary notes from Scott Shackleton and other members of the both exploration teams There is also info about current day conservation of these huts and the life at the bases in Antarctica which I found really interesting as well Definitely has kicked off an addiction to this subject

  5. Deyara Deyara says:

    Nice photos but not all of them had captions which was a bit annoying Some of the photos also seemed duplicated which was a bit unnecessary liked the two views from Home base across as they are different looks stunning in both

  6. Andrew Andrew says:

    Superb beautiful book Powerful photography with a moving subject matter and inspirational aesthetic Wonderfully designed a complete package

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Still life inside the Antarctic huts of Scott and Shackleton❰Reading❯ ➶ Still life inside the Antarctic huts of Scott and Shackleton Author Jane Ussher – A magnificent hauntingly beautiful photographic study of the Antarctic huts that served as expedition bases for explorations led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton At the turn A magnificent hauntingly beautiful photographic study of the inside the Kindle ´ Antarctic huts that served Still life PDF \ as expedition bases for explorations led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott and life inside the Epub Ù Sir Ernest Shackleton At the turn of the th century Antarctic explorers set life inside the Antarctic huts Epub / off from their huts in search of adventure science and glory while the huts were left as time capsules of Edwardian life The huts had never been the subject of a thorough photographic survey until Jane Ussher was invited by the Antarctic Heritage Trust to record the unusual the hidden and minutiae of these sites and this tome is the stunning result Seven gatefolds reveal wide format photos while intimate close ups explore the fascinating details in each small gritty corner of the huts A portrait of King Edward VII hangs amid seal blubber sides of mutton a jar of gherkins penguin eggs cufflinks and darned trousers The executive director of the Trust provides a fascinating introduction to the history and atmosphere of each hut and detailed photographic captions Diary excerpts from the explorers bring their time in the huts to life while a final chapter discusses the current work to conserve the huts.

About the Author: Jane Ussher

Jane Ussher is well known and respected inside the Kindle ´ for her documentary work Still life PDF \ as a photographer and is regarded as one of New Zealand's foremost life inside the Epub Ù portrait photographers For years she was the chief photographer at The life inside the Antarctic huts Epub / New Zealand Listener after which she took up a career as a freelance photographer Her work has featured in many books including collections of her own photographs In she visited Antar.