Wounded A Novel Beyond Love and War MOBI Ä Wounded A

Wounded A Novel Beyond Love and War MOBI Ä Wounded A

Wounded A Novel Beyond Love and War [Reading] ➹ Wounded A Novel Beyond Love and War ➯ Richard Gaines Graham – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Historical Fiction Vietnam Southeast Asia History teaches that when incompatible visions of the world collide young men die For the generation that fought in Vietnam many did die and many were wounded Historical Fiction Vietnam Southeast Asia History teaches that Novel Beyond PDF Ë when incompatible visions of the world collide young men Wounded A PDF/EPUB or die For the generation that fought in Vietnam many did die and many were wounded some physically some A Novel Beyond PDF È emotionally some even romantically The combat scenes in Wounded are vivid and ugly; some show heroism but they A Novel Beyond Love and eBook ä do not glorify armed conflict On the other hand war can reveal the human imperative to endure under life threatening conditions Such moments demand a counterpoint a personal connection and when survival is in the balance human love triumphs Some look back at that tumultuous time with sadness some with pride and some still in anger But we are all compelled to look back Long Binh Republic of Vietnam Lieutenant Alexander Marwick unlike his friends attached to combat units is mired in a backwater of the Vietnam War serving as an aide de camp to an irascible general and salvaging his self esteem following a failed romance with Cleo an American Red Cross volunteer His eagerly anticipated return to the States is interrupted by the arrival of his stepfather a powerful US senator who comes to Vietnam with an assignment a clandestine diplomatic mission to find the elusive Le Van Duc a mysterious and immensely wealthy Vietnamese veteran with contacts in the North Vietnamese Politburo Finding and then convincing Duc to relay a secret peace proposal is the most audacious of the U S government's efforts to orchestrate an end to the war in Vietnam Marwick reluctantly accepts the assignment which takes him to Duc's lavish hidden residence near the Golden Triangle in eastern Burma to the back A Novel Beyond Love and eBook ä alleys of Bangkok to a reunion with Khanh Duc's exotic daughter an intimate friend from Marwick's college days in Paris to a monastery in communist infested Cambodia and finally to the British hill station of Darjeeling India Once a naive frivolous junior army officer Marwick becomes an adroit and resourceful player in a high stakes and perilous game of international intrigue In the course of his mission his honor and courage are put to an even demanding test when he accepts responsibility for an abandoned newborn Twenty two years later at this child's college graduation a reconciliation takes place and the drama that was Vietnam is finally laid to rest Twelve years in the making and loosely based on the author's eighteen months in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in this coming of age adventure story unfolds amidst tense scenes of war personal tragedy and a turbulent love affair.

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  1. Lee Boyland Lee Boyland says:

    There are many excellent Vietnam novels most are set in combat units Graham has penned a different and intriguing tale about a young enthusiastic Army artillery officer The member of a prominent family he becomes disillusioned in Vietnam A story peppered with realistic men and women seeking survival and love in the caldron that was Vietnam He captures the dedication emotions fears and joys of the men and women fighting a war their nation does not understand or supportThe novel begins with the main character Lieutenant Alexander Marwick who is General Claywood’s aid de camp following the general on an inspection tour of a howitzer firebase Marwick a trained Army artillery forward observer FO is unhappy with his assignment to II Field Force He feels guilty that he is not doing the important job he for which he was trained while others are in harms way Instead he is the lackey of a bitter general an assignment that has made Marwick bitter too The inspection tour is interrupted by a mortar attack—Marwick’s first exposure to enemy fire When they return to headuarters Marwick learns that his stepfather Senator Hughes a man he dislikes is at the embassy and has sent for him They meet and Marwick discovers his mother is responsible for his “cushy” assignment Hughes is there to recruit his stepson for a secret mission that will begin as soon as his tour is upMarwick discovers his stepfather was in the OSS in WWII and worked with a man named Le Van Duc a mysterious Vietnamese with connections to the “moderate” members of the North Vietnam politburo Marwick accepts the senator’s mission to deliver a letter to Le Van Duc He had had an affair with Van Duc’s daughter Khanh in Paris The remainder of the story is about Marwick’s adventures while seeking to make contact with Van Duc The story has scenes of intense combat His buddy from Fort Sill Lieutenant Jack Riley and three women Cleo Khanh and Sally complicate Marwick’s life and mission To say will ruin the story for readersGraham has a gift for describing scenes and places He was there and much of the background is based on his experiences Wounded is not a thriller nor action novel It is of a spy novel but even that is not a good description However you describe the story it is a captivating read and I highly recommend it

  2. Terrin Haley Terrin Haley says:

    WOUNDED presents the war in Vietnam from the viewpoint of Lieutenant Alexander Marwick a callow young Army officer who unlike his classmates in combat units finds himself assigned as an aide de camp to a general officer at a large rear echelon military base near Saigon There he befriends two American civilian females Red Cross Doughnut Dollies Later a former Vietnamese lover reenters Marwick’s life as well Events transform the present and future lives of these women as the plot unfolds and by the end of the story the reader has traveled with Marwick from Vietnam to Thailand to Burma to Cambodia and finally to India And by the book’s conclusion the protagonist has become a far attractive human being seasoned by combat death and loveThe novel is gracefully fluently and intelligently written and the author captures especially well the intense moments such as the rocket attack in Saigon and later at the Khmer Rouge road block in Cambodia The thoughts emotions and mental stress felt by a young untried officer when calling in his first artillery strike are visceral and movingly described Graham in this first novel does an excellent job of depicting Marwick’s personal growth during the course of his service in Vietnam and later during a fateful diplomatic mission He is perhaps compelling with his male character sketches than with the female ones – his stepfather the US senator and his best friend from artillery school killed early in the novelWOUNDED is most definitely a worthwhile read touching as it does on aspects of the Vietnam war that have not been fully explored in fiction to date such as the role played by female civilians or a view of the war from the top down rather than from the foxhole up It is at once a love story an adventure story a war story and an account of hard won adulthood achieved only after being wounded

  3. Robert Robert says:

    Tim O'Brien likes to posit that contrary to publishing industry pigeon holing him as a war novelist he simply writes about the stuff of life Vietnam for O'Brien was the formative crucible that defined his emotional and experiential palate as an artist Human beings are aware of tragedy argues O'Brien and they are aware of horror despair and brutality in life And to dive into that wreck as a writer and try to salvage something beautiful with language to make the horror float and to create characters to confront it is a good thing See O'Brien's 2011 interview at Stanford University with Tobias WolfUnlike O'Brien who dwells on burden error loss and sin Graham gives us a narrative driven by characters who move and his central character 'Sandy' Marwick doesn't have much time between exploits to dwell on much unless it is upon some passing guilt over his privilege or missed opportunites In respect to genre fiction 'Wounded' is a sort of hybrid Graham's story shares as much with the works of Deighton and Hammett as it does with O'Brien This is no standard Vietnam War novel One indication of that is the fact that Graham includes fully formed female characters who provide than simply a backdrop for Marwick One speculates as you get deeper into the story that Graham has actually anthropomorphized the entirety of Southeast Asia into another of his female characters Southeast Asia was feminine writes Graham feminine in its natural inclination to give care and comfort and pleasure an irresistible world of sensual stimuli Born into a culture where Protestant ethic of self denial ruled Marwick understood how easy it might be to fall victim to an Asian seductionSeduction and its conseuences provide the engines for this fast moving story of love loss and secret diplomacy

  4. Suzanne Plasseraud Suzanne Plasseraud says:

    Wounded a novel by Richard Gaines Graham tells a very moving story The book is difficult to put down once begun and it addresses several types of readers those interested in the Far East the Vietnam War military matters in general clandestine intrigues drug trafficking andor international affairs But generally the story speaks to the issues of personal growth faithfulness friendship and loveFollowing his tour of duty in Vietnam the main character in Wounded Alexander Marwick a young Army lieutenant is unexpectedly sent on a long adventure to various countries in the Far East in 1970 71 countries for which the author seems to have detailed knowledge The story then skips to the United States some 20 years later where we find the main character in mature adulthood Three female characters with contrasting personalities play important roles in the story and the details of military life as well as the geographical descriptions are completely convincing But most importantly the atmosphere of each scene with its smells its sounds its colors is vivid and strong This novel appeals to many senses often with a certain touch of sensuality It is clear to me that the book would make an excellent filmIn the second part of the story the suspense is terribly tense and renewed constantly The various characters take on full dimension as they struggle through difficult psychological situations The style is excellent throughout with a careful balance of dialogue and descriptionThis novel can be recommended to a wide readership

  5. Jenifer Clason Jenifer Clason says:

    In Wounded Richard Graham illuminates what few Vietnam veterans have been able to share their transformation from the bright happy boys who left this country for Vietnam into the hard disillusioned men who returned all with an abiding mistrust for the institutions of government The novel has the feel of a roman a clef as few of the soldiers who spent a year of their lives in Vietnam had any contact with young American women while there just as few were in the zones of protection given to general officers Nevertheless Lt Alexander Marwick whether or not the author in disguise pulls us into his French Indochine experiences exposing us to the intrinsic beauty of the countries where he travelled to fulfill the almost impossible mission given to him by his entitled step father a United States Senator who along with other high ranking politicians in this country treated the Vietnam war and its soldiers as a trifling game Through Marwick we see the people and the countries of L'Indochine transformed just as he was by the war into seared scarred hardened things Wounded combines battle scenes intrigue romance and adventure with memorable characters into a compelling story I purchased several copies of Wounded to give to friends who are Vietnam combat veterans I hope they like the book as much as I did

  6. Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

    2nd reading of this I seem to be doing a lot of this recently Set during the Vietnam war it follows one man's emotional growth from naivety in love to weary resignation The heat and humidity of that part of south east Asia are well described and brought to life I spent 3 years in the tropics so know what its like Also the descriptions of the run down colonial building dust rocks lush foliage etc fill out the mental picture you see as you read Some of the main characters hopes and desires come across well and not all their encounters end neatly which is true in life I did find some of the characters a little unbelievable; for example Duc is a stereotypical fabulously rich highly cultured individual with exuisite taste don't they always have that The women are all strongbeautifulkindexpert mothers putting the men to shame However because the backdrop to the story is so well constructed I did feel a part of it I liked reading this but somehow it annoyed me afterwards

  7. Janet Hulstrand Janet Hulstrand says:

    Wounded is a sensitive story about a brutish time in a beautiful part of the world torn apart by war Drawing on his experiences as an Army lieutenant in Vietnam in 1969 70 Richard Gaines Graham has created a gripping tale of intrigue and frustrated love set in a period of American history that few of us know much about and about which all of us should learn Graham is a graceful gifted writer and his novel opens a window into this important and still largely unresolved period of our history Although the time he writes about is a very dark one the ultimate message of the story is that life offers both the possibility and the reality of understanding forgiveness redemption even after the ugliest things possible have occurred Time heals all wounds perhaps not completely but well enough for life to go on and for things to get better I highly recommend this book and am eagerly awaiting Graham's next novel

  8. Harry Harry says:

    This novel has something for everyone history romance nail biting drama espionage reflection and This is not just another war fighting book although there’s plenty of that for the enthusiast Characters are tested and developed in a variety of circumstances and settings Cultural variables are explored with a depth that could only be reached through the author’s wide spread travels through the Asian sub continent and his careful consideration of his own life experiences in the States France and the army There’s never a dull moment in Wounded and the surprises keep on coming right up to the very end

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