僕から君が消えない eBook Ú Paperback

僕から君が消えない eBook Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • 僕から君が消えない
  • Saki Aikawa
  • Japanese
  • 17 January 2016
  • 9784091323057

10 thoughts on “僕から君が消えない

  1. Kushnuma Kushnuma says:

    I absolutely loved this manga I liked the love triangle as it included Sensei as well Hotaru decided to go to the same school as Sensei because she thought he was the one who helped her and so she started liking him But Sensei's younger brother is in the same class as her he likes Hotaru and we find out I suspected it as well that the younger brother was the one who actually helped her I wish they showed at the end about Sensei's feelings towards Hotaru because it seemed like he liked her as well I want

  2. ⋆☆☽ Kriss ☾☆⋆ ⋆☆☽ Kriss ☾☆⋆ says:

    Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai which translates to something like You Can't Disappear from Me and is in reference to Hotaru always staying on Kousuke's mind is a standard mid 2000s manga about a girl and boy falling in love and finding a happy ending It clocks in around five volumes long with 23 chapters and 1 bonus chapter I believe so it's very shortThe basic idea is that Hotaru believes she's in love with her teacher Kakeru whom she believed helped her out when she was a middle school student but the one who actually helped her was his younger brother Kousuke who's kindled feelings for her since he first saw her at his archery dojo and how Hotary and Kousuke become a couple and overcome We follow the two through a multitude of conflict surrounding their relationships; there's a best friend who likes the same guy a jealous ex conflicting feelings and relationships with the older brotherteacher parents transferring jobs insecurities about SO falling in love with someone else etc for a manga so short it creates a new problem in just about every chapter so seldom are any of them really given much resolution The conflict with Hotaru's best friend Yakako is probably the best dealt with since it takes several chapters for Hotaru and Yakako to be friends again One of the worst dealt with is Kakeru's developing feelings for Hotaru; he's shown to start liking her but it just doesn't go anywhere The manga instead shifts to a sudden Your dad's moving jobs say good bye to your friends and then because everyone showed up to beg Hotaru's parents to let their 16 year old stay they're like Oh okay sounds cool We had reasonable parental concerns about leaving our teenager here alone but since she has a boyfriend and friends it's coolThe art is nice though I think the girls have eyes too close together and I think the author makes guys look very pretty The lines are clean it's well made Nothing much to complain about Very lovely shoujo styleThe story didn't scream of any really problematic stuff besides the guy Mizuna hired to trick Kousuke threatened to rape Mizuna and then like she dates him and no one calls the cops about him threatening to assault her It was a pointless plot point really Could have been swapped with Mizuna tricking Kousuke some other way We don't even have anything especially mature contentIt's not terrible for a uick read but it doesn't have any emotional depth or particular nuance Just your average fast romance shoujo I reread it for this review in about 90 minutes so it's very palatable

  3. Vinia Vinia says:

    The manga was about a girl named Hotaru who was passed out in subway and got help from someone called Haruna She never saw the guy though Then she learnt that Haruna was a teacher and she enrolled into the highschool to be closed to the guy There she found out that there were 2 Harunas and one of them was her classmate I love reading these mangas

  4. Solace Winter Solace Winter says:

    Very cute but it almost seems too simple Still cute I'm enjoying it

  5. Tahsin Tabassum Tahsin Tabassum says:

    Why did i even start; this is so dumb

  6. Katie Katie says:

    see full review Katie's CornerToday I have another manga by Saki Aikawa It is also one of my favourites This time we see of both characters but then again there are 23 chapters and of course the character development is much better and longer then in other ones I’m not saying that the other ones were lacking but come on here it was just perfect There was of charactersThe story seems simple at a first glance but the you get into it the complicated it seems The very first time I read Saki Aikawa’s works I didn’t pay attention to it but when I read them for the 3rd time I found that the characters look a look a lot like other characters of her works In the beginning I was like “Is Kakeru just a grown up Takuma from ”in love with you”?” I mean they are so similar But let’s get back to the story otherwise you’ll be wondering who Kakeru isYes this face is something that i love a lotKousuke's best expessionWell meet our heroine – Hotaru She applied to as particular high school only because her beloved is there Who is that person? Meet Kakeru Haruna a high school teacher Nope I didn’t make any mistakes there He really is a teacher But do not worry the relationship will be between Hotaru and Kekeru’s bother – Kousuke I’m not making sense am I? It really is not that easy to explain the situation Hotaru liked Kakeru Kousuke likes Hotaru and I didn’t really understand but I guess Kakeru also likes Hotaru Super twisted In the end Hotaru finds herself liking Kousure And there will be the whole problem with why she actually fell in love with Kakeru at the first place Long story short just read the story and you’ll understand everything in a blink of an eyeYou will love thins amazing love story a lot It has many fun but at the same time heartbreaking moments As always the main guy character frustrated me a lot because of his stupidity Who in his right mind goes to rescue his ex girlfriend when your current one is waiting on a roof for you to celebrate her birthday? Yep you’ll see this happening in this story But then if the main character had been different the story wouldn’t have been the sameI hope you’ll find some time to read this great story You’ll love it immensely and will have a lot of fun Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below Stay tuned for reviews and promos Don’t miss your next favourite book Happy reading

  7. Alixendra Alixendra says:

    This manga drove me absolutely insane I honestly had to skip to the end of the series something I have never ever had to do just because I was so sick of the story half way through it Her best friend and the older brother pissed me off but so did the heroine She was whiney and couldn't make up her mind on who it was she liked though I was rooting for Kousuke the entire time Just glad they finally ended up together even if it was very cliche and was way to much of a roller coaster for my tastes I would have personally written it a hell of a lot differently

  8. Garden of Eden Garden of Eden says:

    I onced love the older brother But I fall in love with the younger brotherThat's what this manga roughly about of course there are complications somewhere No love without problems to be precise Overall it's a nice manga Beautiful character You'll enjoy it

  9. April*procrastinator and proud* April*procrastinator and proud* says:

    I remember really liking thisI'll have to catch up on it again

  10. Rebecca Tampubolon Rebecca Tampubolon says:

    the best comic i ever had

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