The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick Victorian Maidservant The

The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick Victorian Maidservant The

  • Hardcover
  • 327 pages
  • The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick Victorian Maidservant The Douglass series on women's lives and the meaning of gender
  • Hannah Cullwick
  • English
  • 04 November 2016
  • 9780813510705

8 thoughts on “The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick Victorian Maidservant The Douglass series on women's lives and the meaning of gender

  1. Katie Lumsden Katie Lumsden says:

    What an interesting read I'd highly recommend for those interested in Victorian history especially as it relates to class and gender Hannah Cullwick's diaries are very readable and shed fascinating light on the life of a servant in the Victorian period

  2. Nicole Gervasio Nicole Gervasio says:

    Cullwick's diaries are fascinating in both voyeuristic and political ways Her complicated seemingly nonsexual marriage with Arthur Munby her tough ingenuousness and her seemingly never ending litany of daily drudgeries draws the readers she never intended to have into a vibrant portrait of a very different side of Victorian life than most texts portray

  3. Nat Nat says:

    Woke me up in the morning Wash'd me Clean'ed Munby's boots on me hands and knees Brilliant Twisted A classic I daresay

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    A set of fascinating documents but selected diaries always makes me wonder what has been left out and if what has been left out would change our understanding of anything and above all of the person writing them Not to mention that we should not forget that these are not a private diaries as such they were written to be read as a part of the relationship between Hannah and her master as a part of their 'play' The editor of this book Liz Stanley doesn't give much thoughts to that fact and she also seems to want to tone down some parts of the submissive messages of the text painting Hannah as just a very strong woman albeit in a rather weird relationship And you could read the texts as that but almost denying the sexual tension and themes from both sides is taking it too far when we actually look at the texts

  5. Matt Matt says:

    This was well a revelation I had heard mostly the smutty stuff about Hannah Cullwick and read this kind of on a lark and kind of hoping to round out my sense of the Victorians as they lived After reading this it was a lot less smutty than I'd expected but was instead a really rich and complex portrait of a life as lived I don't have a lot of experience reading diaries but they reuire a certain kind of reading rhythm to get into and a kind of imaginative sympathy to make sense out of what is told and what is left out even in a diary For whatever reason I was than ready to supply HC with the depths she otherwise withholds from readers here The writing is pretty wonderful throughout and Stanley has done a really nice job formatting the diaries to make them readable One scene in particular of Hannah cleaning the chimney will likely stick with me for a long time and many other sections will lurk in my memory creating a sense of a kind of proud self abasement a level of control in a life that deinied HC many opportunitues to exercise control or to determine her sense of self worthThe apparatus of this book in the form of Stanley's introductions especially is almost half the book here I didn't find it intrusive as such and as I commented above I felt her paragraphing etc made the diaries themselves very much readable I did feel sometimes that Stanley pushed her framing a little hard; I'm glad to have a frame and I'm glad Stanley acknowledges what she's doing but it still felt a little violent at times like she was supplying too many of the individual puzzle pieces instead of merely giving us a sense of the big picture But having read her introductions it's hard to imagine how I would've done without them I just mean to say that there's a lot of Stanley in this edition and for me that was on balance a good thingAt times and especially in the post married sections it felt like Stanley was counting on my familiarity with texts I don't know that she wanted to dispute with That was a little odd and in a perfect world there'd be an edition that was multi vocal with present critics who disputed her analysis of the final state of HC and AM's relationship in place of Stanley's summary of same and maybe something similar about her intros to different diaries It might be a peculiar feature of this diary or all diaries read out of the life that wrote them but I wanted different guides to understanding HC without ever uestioning what Stanley was telling me

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    This book blew me away not just great intimate details of servant life in Victorian England but a whole bizarre masterslave romantic relationship with a gentleman that lasted most of her adult life It was so surprising and interesting

  7. The Wee Hen The Wee Hen says:

    I have become a most terrible crank in my old age When a book makes me too angry I just won't make myself read it And unfortunately this book really peeved me Arthur Munby Hannah's boyfriendeventual husband was a real piece of work He met her thoroughly encouraged a totally servile attitude and practice in her and did it a little too well because he made her into his life long slave Then later he wondered why she couldn't back off it a little bit and do his will enough to become his Lady Wife instead of a housemaid Munby's creation displeased him by taking it to heart in a most stubborn and tenacious way and when he wanted that creation to change and she wouldn't he was most displeased Ah The Victorian Male what a singularly selfish creature he was what a real rotten old coveYes there is a real tone of the SM to this book And the editor addresses all of it in the introduction But for all the apologetics the relationship between The Drudge and Massa was a little too much for me to take I like to think of myself as this terribly sophisticated post modern thinker and it's not that I'm ignorant of the politics of all of this sort of thing it's complicated and often those in subservient positions are actually the ones who hold all the cards yes I know a bit about Foucault and all that Taking into account as well the delicious freedom Hannah found in most certainly not being a lady the woman does seem to make a lot of sense in her desires to remain as low as possible But the racismclassismsexism deeply ingrained in this creepy Victorian relationship combined with the endless directives from Munby that Hannah come to him in her dirt as well as her endless descriptions of rapturously crawling across floors on her knees to hand her Missis something or gleefully wash the feet of strange male houseguests just made me want to puke I wanted to find the nearest time machine get in it find Munby and slap the living daylights out of him for creating this in Hannah So yeah leaving it unread One has enough aggro in one's life just trying to get by I don't need any

  8. Norain Norain says:

    Very very engaging The best epistolary I had read so far

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The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick Victorian Maidservant The Douglass series on women's lives and the meaning of gender[PDF / Epub] ★ The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick Victorian Maidservant The Douglass series on women's lives and the meaning of gender ✈ Hannah Cullwick – Hannah Cullwick 1833 1909 worked all her life as a maidservant scullion and pot girl In 1854 she met Arthur Munby 'man of two worlds' upper class author and poet with a lifelong obsession for lower cl Hannah Cullwick of Hannah ePUB ↠ worked all her life as a maidservant scullion and pot girl In she met Arthur Munby 'man of two worlds' upper class author and poet with a lifelong obsession for lower class women And so began their strange and secret romance of eighteen years and marriage of thirty six lived largely apart Hannah's diaries written on Munby's suggestion offer an absorbing account of life 'below stairs' in Victorian England But they reveal too a woman The Diaries PDF/EPUB or of extraordinary independence of will whose chosen life of drudgery gave her the freedom not to 'play the Lady' as Munby demanded Rescued from obscurity these diaries are a remarkable historical and personal document.