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The Blue Lagoon MOBI Ú The Blue Epub /

The Blue Lagoon ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ The Blue Lagoon Author Henry de Vere Stacpoole – A romance novel the first of a trilogy the second being The Garden of God and the third being The Gates of Morning The plot is about two young children who are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the A romance novel the first of a trilogy the second being The Garden of God and the third being The Gates of Morning The plot is about two young children who are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the South Pacific Emotional feelings and physical changes arise as they grow The Blue Epub / to maturity and fall in love.

About the Author: Henry de Vere Stacpoole

Henry De Vere Stacpoole April – April was an Irish author born in Kingstown now Dún Laoghaire His best known work is the romance novel The Blue Lagoon which has been adapted into feature films on three occasions A ship's doctor for than forty years The Blue Epub / Stacpoole was also an expert on the South Pacific islands His books freuently contained detailed descriptions of th.

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  1. Dorcas Dorcas says:

    It seems that many people base their opinions on this book by how well it stood up to the 80s movie Well I have not seen the movie nor do I want to The book describes things perfectlyAfter their ship catches fire two children cousins are tossed into a dingy with Paddy an able seaman They drift for some days before coming upon an abandoned ship and later an uninhabited paradise island There they stay for many years partaking of the island's yield and exploring its mysteriesI really enjoyed this Stacpoole is amazing in his ability to put the reader in a scene and make us see what he sees smell what he smells and feel what he feelsThe island simply comes alive in all its poetry and magicIs the story perfect? No its not But while some will roll their eyes at a certain point in the story thinking it incomprehensible that Dick and Emmeline could be uite so naive I would remind them of the time period At eight years old its at this age that their whole life is turned upside down they still believed that babies were born under cabbages and replaced under cabbages if all was not well and they needed to grow some view spoiler While the birth itself was very implausable wake up and there it is the actual pregnancy not being mentioned I accepted Chances are they never saw a pregnant woman it was well hidden in those days and Emmeline's growing stomach may well not have been remarked uponAs for the name Hannah for a boycringe I'll admit that's cheesy But again they were eight years old when they lost touch with civilization as they knew it Think of how many pets have been beueathed strange monikers by children Sailors also went by some odd names And remember the children's memories of their life pre island at this point had grown dimmer and dimmer but why Hannah? Why is a good uestion Maybe to keep people talking 100 years later hide spoiler

  2. Deary Darling Deary Darling says:

    I don't really wish to review this book If I did I would have to criticize certain implausible moments like Hannah's birth or lack thereof My experience with this book has me uestioning how much personal freedom I allow myself as a reader to enjoy what I'm reading without judgment The truth is I loved this book It wasn't the story or even the writing it was the spirit of the book or rather what I perceived to be the spirit of the author that I felt swept up and carried away by I liken my experience with this book to sitting with a dear old soul who's heart is struck by wonder as he ponders What would it be like if and just like that I watch his imagination take flight over the vast Pacific Ocean and alight on the tiny Island of his story What innocence? What fears? What would we know of love if we had no preconceived ideas? I listen and its a flight of fancy and I'm fortunate enough to be taken along for the rideMy reaction to Hannah's appearance in the story troubles me I felt cranky Here I was enjoying this book and telling people how lovely it was and then this ridiculous thing happened It made me mad Why? The embarrassing reason is that I don't want people thinking less of me because I enjoyed a book with such a ridiculous plot issue How awful What troubles me just as much is how much do I allow this inhibition this ridiculous self consciousness to effect my own writing? What flights of fancy do I miss because I'm too hung up on making sure I don't blunder and make a fool out of myself?So a kiss on Mr Henry de Vere Stacpoole's dear old cheek today not only for a lovely story but for the opportunity to stop and look at myself What is the point in reading if I'm not allowing myself the freedom to just let go and enjoy without censure? “When we have learnt to call storms storms and death death and birth birth when we have mastered the sailor's horn book and Mr Piddington's law of cyclones Ellis's anatomy and Lewer's midwifery we have already made ourself half blind We have become hypnotized by words and names We think in words and names not in ideas; the commonplace has triumphed the true intellect is half crushed”― Henry de Vere Stacpoole The Blue Lagoon A Romance

  3. ☆drea☆ wears the cheese ☆drea☆ wears the cheese says:

    I can see this being a tuff read for some ppl as its pretty much all descriptive my five star rating comes from the fact that it was published in the 1900's and deals with some pretty controversial issues especially dealing with children and teens I loved this book but some of that may be rooted to my memories of the movie being one of my favorites in the 80s I found the ending poetic I dont think i'll read the next one just leave it as is oh yeah plus its free on kindle ap

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    1908 novel that was the basis for the film of the same title Pure escapism but beautifully written The baby's birth was a little unbelievable but Google does say it is rare but possible The children do seem incredibly naive by today's standards but not perhaps for two isolated wealthy children in 1908 I'm sure well bred people of that time never discussed or even used words like sex or pregnancy in front of their children The attitude toward a life in harmony with nature must have been controversial for the time the novel was written especially with regard to sex The ending of the book was definite than the film's ending which I liked Not a perfect novel but an enjoyable one

  5. Steve R Steve R says:

    Stacpoole's 1907 novel tells of two innocent children who find themselves marooned on a tropical island in the Pacific after the ship carrying them to San Francisco catches fire and eventually explodes They are initially accompanied by Paddy Button an illiterate sailor who dies in a drunken stupor about 2½ years into their sojourn on the island which lasts another five years during which they grow from being 8 years old to 14 or 15 With nothing to read and only the minimal amount of tools tinder box saw hatchet they often spend most of the day totally naked and idle with an innocence that Rousseau would idealize There is a stone monolith with rough facial features among the trees on the island under whose countenance they initially learn to kiss and make love A few months later Dick the boy upon his return from a foraging expedition looks for Emmaline the girl but she is not in their rude house She then appears bearing their son whom they name Hannah Previously having been so shocked by the discovered corpse of Paddy a crab crawled out of his mouth and half his face was being consumed by worms that she never re visited its site the birth of their son indicates to her that like death nature allows for birth Circumstances conspire against them one morning and they find themselves without oars in their dinghy being drawn out away from the island by the tide Coincidentally their uncle one of the few other survivors from the wreck of the Northumberland Paddy and the 'childers' had been separated from the other two longboats by a thick fog while all the castaways on another of the boats died of thirst through their failure to secure water supplies when exiting who had not given up on his efforts to find the children is in a schooner which discovers their dinghy afloat and the young family asleep A real 'romance' as the title indicates very well written and relatively simple in both scope and execution Dick's fight with a shark to land an albacore and his near death in an attack from an octopod are particular highlights Stacpoole knew both the world of which he was writing and his fair share of classicallore for instance as Dick blows on some punk to start a fire he was looking not unlike Aeolus as represented on those old Dutch charts that smell of schiedam and snuff and give one mermaids and angels instead of soundings Overall pretty good and the basis of at least four movies the 1949 version of which was the truest to the novel

  6. Sarah Beth Sarah Beth says:

    I have long had an obsession with the 1980 Brooke Shields version of this movie I will stop whatever I'm doing if The Blue Lagoon is on tv including schoolwork chores a run etc I had no idea that this novel was such a hit in its time and has been made into not one but three different movie versions following its publication in 1908 It is the story of two cousins that are stranded on an island and discover death sex and love by experiencing it The story has clear Adam and Eve connections as well as subtle references to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland I love Emmeline and Richard's story Yay for free ebooks

  7. Kayla Kayla says:

    Classic storySo I've obviously seen the movie before even realizing there was also a book So of course while listening to this book I'm picturing scenes from the book The book is definitely detailed But I admit to actually liking the movie better3 Stars

  8. Hana Hana says:

    Henry de Vere Stacpoole writes beautifully and I loved The Beach of Dreams A Romance and The Man Who Lost Himself This is his most famous book and was made into a movie which I have not seen I found it rather uneven The book opens with a ship fire that strands two young children cousins in a boat with an old Irish sailor inevitably named Paddy They spend days drifting about on the Pacific currents while Paddy tells stories and feeds them on ship's biscuit This part was about a three star for me mostly because I'm not keen on reading dialect Eventually the three survivors are cast up on a magnificent coral atoll where they set about finding food and shelter As always de Vere Stacpoole's descriptions of nature are arrestingly beautiful and sometimes terrifying The story moves along briskly and Paddy's view spoilerultimate demise is horrifying and well told hide spoiler

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    I usually have a hard time giving a book 2 starsjust because usually I can find something about it I really liked This book was no exception I LOVED the whole shipwrecked part of the story and the descriptions of the island were amazing I also bought the whole cousin romance thing I mean there was a time when cousins marrying was totally normal Also given the fact there were not many other folks around to choose from it worked What ruined it for me was the fact they named their SON Hannah Umm really? You lived in civilization for half your life and you couldn't think of one boy's name? I sort of bought the whole I Didn't know I was Pregnant Episode even though my 4 year old knows that babies grow in a woman's bellyI guess I could buy that these kids had never encountered a pregnant woman I don't think you need to make the kids complete morons to justify the pre marital cousin sexbut that's just me I am sure this book was very forward thinking for 1908

  10. Sharon Sharon says:

    My favorite thing about 'The Blue Lagoon' was H de Vere Stacpoole's brilliant descriptions of the beauty and adventure of being on a restless sea and a flourishing deserted island I'd never thought of a boat kissing the sea or birds in flight looking like stars before I was surprised that the romance that dominates the 1980 movie version of 'The Blue Lagoon' doesn't appear until shortly after the middle of the novel As I was reading I kept thinking that something besides the ick factor of Emmeline and Dick being cousins about the romance was off I realized that their romance was a lot less sophisticated than the modern romances I'm use to There isn't any flirting or clever lines The romance or maybe I should call it courting just happens

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