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Hardcover ↠ The Babe I Epub Æ The Babe PDF \

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  1. Jose Cazares Jose Cazares says:

    I would have to give this story four stars because it really touched my heart It talked about a real issue like the great depression and showed you what a father will do to keep their family stable The characters were obviously fictional although it is possible this has happened before My only criticism would be the title The Babe and I It really made me think Babe Ruth was going to be a bigger character in this story then he actually was There was little Babe Ruth interaction with the main characters but it was still a great story

  2. The Book Maven The Book Maven says:

    It’s not often I read a picture book that gives me goosebumps but boy howdy this was one of those times The Babe and I if you will pardon the pun just hit the spot with me Slightly abstracted illustrations accompany the text of this frankly rather poignant picture book about a young boy whose birthday in 1932 falls in the midst of the Great Depression He’s disappointed with his gift a dime and not a bicycle but he knows his dad is lucky to have a jobHe and his friend Jacob go off on their own walking through the Bronxand come across the boy’s “employed” dad selling apples along with the rest of unemployed It’s a tough lesson for him but Jacob proves true blue and helps him get a job as a newsie selling papers to crowds at Yankee Stadium and helping his family through the times The morals of pride in one’s work and the value of resourcefulness come across loud and clear in this beautiful story Excellent for teaching children both about those ualities and about the Great Depression

  3. A_Olga A_Olga says:

    The Babe and I takes place during The Great Depression in American History It is a heartfelt story about the hardships families faced during that time period and how they pulled together This picture book can be used in first through fourth grade It is appropriate for teaching students about job loss baseball The Great Depression and working hard It can also be used to compare and contrast American history then and now And of course to learn about Babe RuthThe pictures are beautifully illustrated as if you are talking a stroll through an art museum Each page filled with bursts of colors The story touches on key issues that troubled as well as encouraged Americans in the 1930's

  4. Tang& Tang& says:

    The Babe and I BY Avaneesh MuralidharanIn this period of time people give excuses to help other people Those excuses would be like “I have to go there or I had to do that’’ In the story The Babe and I by David AAdler people help each other no matter what This is shown through the boy Babe Ruth and Mrs Johnson In Babe and I people help each other no matter what This is shown through the boy For example the boy helps the woman selling apples by giving her his birthday dime which his father had worked very hard to earn Even though the boy’s family had a sad secret that his dad did not have a job and the family did not have much money he was willing to help In the text it is mentioned that “I was happy to give the dime” This makes me think that the boy was happy to help which connects to the idea that the boy was helping Later in the text he helps his mom If the boy had told mom about dad and the apples he was selling she would have felt bad and because of that she would probably start selling apples too The boy who I think that would have thought about itand didn’t tell mom This shows that he helped mom He also helped dad in a way if he had told mom about the apples Mom would get mad at dad about the fact that he didn’t tell her the truth that he was selling apples and that he had a job And because of that they would end up getting divorced This shows that he saved dad In Babe and I people help each other no matter what This is shown through Babe Ruth For example one day when the boy was selling newspapers with Jacob Babe who was heading for the baseball gamestopped and saw the boy who was sellingRealising that the boy was poorBabe approached him He bought a newspaper and gave the boy 5 dollars When the boy told him that he can’t change that he told him to keep the change The boy in fact was very poor The 5 given by Babe Ruth to him would be 50 times big as the earning his father makes for a apple This would have made the boy very happy and proud that he was helping his family than his father did This is giving me the idea that Babe Ruth is helping Another example is what he does everyday he plays baseball ’’ This helps people because the story occurred during the Great Depressionso when people who have problems as heavy as the world resting on their shoulders come and watch him playing they forget about their problems This shows that he is helping Another time he helped is when he was injured and was sitting on the bench watching the game when all the Yankee players were out he came out and helped them win In Babe and I people help each other no matter what This is shown through multiple secondary characters For instance Mrs Johnson helps the boy by giving him her baby carriage In the text she asks 10 cents for an afternoon That baby carriage Helped the boy earn money while selling In the text it says “After I bought the ticket for me and Jacob I still had a lot of money for the money jar”Which would not have been possible without the carriage Even though she is making it a business proposal she was happy to help which connects to the idea that Mrs Johnson is helping Another example is Jacob He helps the boy by taking the boy to sell newspapers to help the family along with his father This shows that Jacob is helping The final example is the head of the newspaper company he could have easily said that “I can’t afford to print an other set of papers for another man but he accepted the boy to sell the newspapers he printed this shows that he is helping So we all learned that we should help others no matter what the conseuences from the story We learnt this from the boy Babe Ruth and MrsJohnson Before I used to think that I could give an excuse for not helping others but now I think that I should not give any excuses

  5. Darlene Pasquale Darlene Pasquale says:

    1 no awards 2 appropriate grade levels 2nd 3rd grade 3 Summary The story of a young boy living in the Bronx during the great depression who discovers the real struggles of his family He helps his friend sell newspapers and together they help contribute money to their families He ends up selling to a very famous baseball player 4 Review I love that this book is set in the past but has illustrations that are colorful and not too outdated I also think that although it is speaking about important history it is a good story that will capture a child's attention especially students who are interested in baseball I also feel like this book could definitely be used in upper elementary classrooms as well 5 A teacher can use this book to discuss the great depression and explain that many children had to help their families out during the rough times They could also use this book to set up a few different writing activities One could be to think about a time when you were part of a team possibly a sports team or maybe just doing something to help a friend out much like the characters in the story Another writing activity to go along with this story would be to ask students to write about how they would feel if a famous person bought something from them

  6. Abby Hargreaves Abby Hargreaves says:

    An entitled kid is mad he only gets ten cents for his birthday during the Great Depression only to find out his father is essentially jobless and selling apples on the street The kid uickly learns he should help out so he joins his friend in selling newspapers News of Babe Ruth's successes and falls helps newspaper sales and when he's off from the game due to injury Ruth purchases a paper from the kid which enables the kid and his friend to buy tickets to the baseball gameThe prose of this book isn't terribly engaging While the final page sums up the morals neatly it does so in a monotonous way The Red Sox are mentioned as an opposing team in the game which the kid goes to see but Ruth's connection with the Sox is completely left out how? this life long Sox fan asks I wasn't a fan of the illustration style either which mimicked a flat paper cut out style This might be an okay stand in for a baseball themed storytime for third grade and up but not one I'd go out of my way to read

  7. Robert Robert says:

    This was an interesting story Set in 1932 in the middle of the Great Depression the boy is upset because all he received was a dime for his birthday He and his friend spend the dime on two apples It is then that the boy sees his father also selling apples Selling apples is what people did to get a little money until a job could be hadThe father lost his job That is why he was selling apples He had not told his family The boy vowed not to disclose this At this point his father didn't know his son knew his secretThe friend taught the boy how to sell newspapers This is very much like the Newsies show that Beetle and I have seen recently The boy is taught not to call out about the day's disaster but rather re position over near Yankee Stadium and call out the latest Babe Ruth news The boy sells his newspapersOne day Babe Ruth himself purchases a paper for 5 The boys go into the game with that money The boy vows to keep his father's secret

  8. Rowena Aldridge Rowena Aldridge says:

    This was a surprisingly touching book The story is deep enough to express the desperation of The Great Depression and light enough to still feel engaging for a young readerThe illustrations remind me of Thomas Hart Benton which fits the period of the storyI think my students will love this book

  9. Robert Shupe Robert Shupe says:

    This one really captured my heart and is likely to do so with otgers This is a delightful piece of work that covers family baseball and the challenges of the great depression and does so deftlyThe illustrations flow and add to the story You feel like you could step into the story and that is a good thingA solid and undeniable home run in childrens literature

  10. Noah Sayers Noah Sayers says:

    This is a fun read while also telling a tale that is true to the history behind it This would be a good book to use while covering the Great Depression in a first or second grade classroom as well as a way to set fine examples of work ethic and contributing to the family

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The Babe I ➸ [Reading] ➺ The Babe I By David A. Adler ➭ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk As he sales newspapers throughout his neighboorhood a little boy longs to help his mother and father make money They are experiencing a time in history known as the Great Depression With Babe Ruth hel As he sales newspapers throughout his neighboorhood a little boy longs to help his The Babe PDF \ mother and father make money They are experiencing a time in history known as the Great Depression With Babe Ruth helping out things for the little one could not get any better.