The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War

The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War

The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II ➭ [Ebook] ➨ The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II By Iris Chang ➹ – In December 1937 the Japanese army invaded the ancient city of Nanking systematically raping torturing and murdering than 300000 Chinese civilians This book tells the story from three perspectives of In December the Japanese army of Nanking PDF/EPUB Ä invaded the ancient city of Nanking systematically raping torturing and murdering than Chinese civilians This book tells the story from three perspectives of the Japanese soldiers who performed it of the Chinese civilians who endured it and of a group of Europeans and Americans who refused to abandon the city and were able to create a safety zone that saved many.

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  1. Taka Taka says:

    Gripping As a Japanese it pisses me off how history turned out for the Class A war criminals who never got reprimanded or punished after the war and it pisses me off all the for the government's steady and FUCKED UP denial of its past war crimes Both the ultranationalists and those conservative politicians who outright label the incident a mere fabrication and lie deserve to die right away without mercy of any kind In Germany it's punishable by law to deny Holocaust In Japan the government encourages and at times forces the denial As a Japanese I've never been embarrassed ashamed and angered by my country than its infantile perverted disgraceful repugnant and intolerable attempts to cover up its own wrongdoings Fuck you Japan Fuck you all war criminalsPutting aside my personal sentiments the book is a gripping tale of the atrocities committed by the Japanese army in Nanking and it is truly horrifying It's hard to believe that people could do such things Frankly it has become my fantasy to be omnipotent go back to the Naking in 1937 and kill every single Japanese soldier who was running amok at Nanking Really I'd really like to kill themAgain putting aside my personal sentiments it's a book definitely worth reading It's only 225 pages including the introduction and epilogue and it fascinatingly tells the incident from three different perspectives Though many people have criticized her sources and the objectivity of firsthand references it seems like there is a preponderance if not an overwhelming amount of evidence in support of the incident as historical fact and the incident and the heroes involved in it should never be forgottenA great tale a must read

  2. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    Any comments regarding politics will be dealt with Flagged blocked accompanied by one of my endlessly innovative insults Take your political opinions elsewhere the few of you who think this is bloody Facebook I'm not interested ”Almost all people have this potential for evil which would be unleashed only under certain dangerous social circumstances” A beloved European friend who’s currently living in Changzhou has been pestering me to read this book for months I was unwilling Of course History is my greatest love and I was extremely familiar with the tragedy of Nanjing the capital of China at the time through documentaries and films This is exactly why I hadn’t read Iris Chang’s book I couldn’t bear to visualize the scenes of destruction and utter brutality in my mind Even the Wikipedia page narrating the slaughters is a place of horror However I thought that maybe the time had finally come and I venturedWhat kind of review can I possibly write now? There are times that I feel my words lose all meaningThe book chronicles the atrocities committed by the Japanese invaders after the fall of the city on 13121937 The estimated victims? 300000 people over a period of six weeksThe writing is detailed powerful razor sharp The horror comes through the pages not because the writer intended to shock but because the events described have no need for embellishment or sensationalist language The violence the ordeal the brutality of the attacks the behaviour of the monsters the paranoia Women and children innocent civilians meeting a fate and an end that no one is able to imagine I feel that each sentence I am writing falls short remains meaningless devoid of any substance It is impossible to enclose and communicate the feelings caused in me while I was reading Chang’s book The anger the hatred the despairIt’s like a journey to a Hell that no religion has ever conceived a pit of blood and madness that leaves you hopeless empty frozenAnd in the end? And now? So many eulogies so many times mankind has uttered ”never again” And the result? Nothing Purely nothing We loudly and wildly proclaim ”never another Holocaust another Somme another Vietnam another Nanjing”’ Empty words and evil deeds are the banes of History I often feel the human race has learnt nothing from its darkest moments We live through endless repetitions of horrors in various degrees and forms watching today’s ”elected” dictators giving speeches ruling livesI don’t care about political or religious issues I don’t care about political correctness This isn’t about power or international relationships This is about the sheer brutality that lives in every human being waiting for a chance to come forth and attack and the natural tendencies exploited by those in power all over the world throughout the course of History How can one stop this? The answer is yet to be foundMy reviews can also be found on

  3. Ed Ed says:

    Iris Chang committed suicide I can't help wondering if doing the research for this book didn't create or deepen her depression She was an obviously passionate person and turning that passion loose on uncovering what really happened in Nanking in December 1937 must have shook her deeplyJust reading it shook me deeplyAs a history major in college I was aware of the allegations against the Japanese in WWII not just in Nanking but all over SE Asia As an ongoing student of WWII and someone who has traveled all over SE Asia I am even convinced that the level of brutality that the Japanese visited on the liberated peoples of the Greater East Asia Co prosperity Sphere was matched or exceeded only by the Holocaust in Europe I too have talked to survivors of the Japanese occupation in the Philippines Indonesia Hong Kong China and Malaysia and their stories while not as dramatic as Chang's were nevertheless riveting and horrifying I stood in the hallway of what was once a Girl's high school in Manila where 400 young women were raped and eventually killed by drunken Japanese soldiers who expected to die as the Americans approached Manila I met an old nun who still could not keep the tears from her eyes as she related the storySo I have no problem believing that the incidents Chang chronicles and the eyewitness and diary accounts she relates are true I am also enough of a historian to recognize that she wrote the book as a journalist not as a historian That belief does not lessen the importance of what she has done in trying to lift the veil from an episode the Japanese would love to have the world forget That some Japanese continue to deny not only the brutality of the rape of Nanking but also the brutality they visited on every country they occupied is a stain on the rest of the Japanese people Ahmadinejad denying the Holocaust is a joke compared to Japanese officials and academics denying the Rape of NankingThis book is also a must read for anyone who believes that these kinds of brutal happenings are anomalies for as Chang points out in the epilogue The Rape of Nanking should be perceived as a cautionary tale She goes on to say that human beings are capable of the worst kind of inhuman behavior if the circumstances are right Our civilization is a thin veneer

  4. Beata Beata says:

    I rated this book but how can one rate an account of atrocities For me the rating is just a symbol of how important such books are I had read a review by a Friend and immediately decided to get a copy and make the name Nanking mean something to me as I had never read any books on this massacre The book is harrowing terrifying and most upsetting and I would recommend it only to those readers who are prepared for most graphic descriptions Ms Chang provides us with an insight into the Japanese history and the 19th century transformation and then moves on to the war and the capture of Nanking in 1937 We are offered the accounts of the Chinese civilians the Japanese soldiers and some Americans and Europeans who lived in the city and provided as much assistance as possible and made efforts to inform the world about the massacre

  5. Lyn Lyn says:

    Iris Chang received hate mail death threats and academic scorn following her publication of The Rape of Nanking in 1997 Chang had spent considerable time and energy researching the book hoping that her work could bring attention to a horrific time that seemed to somehow have been lost in the history books – a winter and spring of unimaginable horror in 1937 and 1938 following the Japanese capture and occupation of the Chinese city of Nanking“As the Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel warned years ago to forget a holocaust is to kill twice”Negative critical remarks ranged from condescending dismissals of her historic narrative and research methods and her conclusions to outright denials and accusations of fabrication Nationalistic Japanese factions and scholars went out of their way to discredit and heap abuse on Ms Chang Snotty academics lined up to ridicule her findings and many dismissed her accomplishment as the work of an amateur“The Rape of Nanking did not penetrate the world consciousness in the same manner as the Holocaust or Hiroshima because the victims themselves had remained silent”Yet incredibly Chang’s sources were eye witnesses to the massacre survivors and rape victims The author referenced contemporaneous news reports photography and news reels The book documents the confessions and concessions of JAPANESE soldiers who years later still felt great sorrow for what they had done A NAZI visitor was so devastated by what he saw that he dedicated his time and risked personal injury to assist the Chinese and later brought his report back to Berlin to alert Hitler to the actions of Germany’s Eastern allyReports vary as to whether 50000 or 300000 Chinese were murdered by the invading Japanese army Likewise historians disagree as to whether the rape victims number from 100000 to as high as 800000 Even if the most conservative reports are accepted this is still a demonic and sanguinary event that should be chronicled and remembered whose victims should be honored and whose aggressors should be exposed and chastened Ms Chang’s detractors should be ashamed of themselves for uibbling over reasonable speculations and for attempts to find explanations for the Japanese actions at Nanking and since“Looking back upon millennia of history it appears clear that no race or culture has monopoly on wartime cruelty The veneer of civilization seems to be exceedingly thin – one that can be easily stripped away especially by the stresses of war”Seven years after writing these words the result of months of exhausting and heartbreaking research and after steadfastly defending her work Ms Chang herself succumbed to depression and took her own life Whether she had given up on humanity or our fragile hold on civility or was simply overwhelmed by the towering and devastating weight of obstinate denials we may never know But like Elie Wiesel’s Night and William L Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany this is a painful difficult book to read but one that should be to remind us of how tenuous is our civilization and how uickly can be the descent into monstrosity

  6. Dem Dem says:

    By far the most painful book I have ever read and yet a book that should be READ passed on READ passed on READ and passed on and ON so that new generations of people learn what those forever silent can't relate to their loved ones because they themselves have been Massacred I came across this book having just finished White Chrysanthemum a historical fiction account of The Comfort Women and wanting to read on this time in history I found this bookThe Nanking Massacre was an episode of mass murder and mass rape in 1937 that lasted for 6 weeks committed by Japanese troops against the residents of Nanjing Nanking then the capital of the Republic of China during the Second Sino Japanese War More than 300000 chinese civilians and soldiers were systematically raped tortured beheaded and murdered in the most unthinkable and horrific ways I have been vaguely aware of this terrible time in histroy but have never read anything about it and when I discussed this book with my work colleagues not one of them had heard of the Rape of Nanking or read or seen any documentaries related to this massacare which in itself is pretty shocking as this was a Holocaust which the world seems to have conveniently forgotten or swept under the carpetThis is a DIFFICULT read as the descriptions of the atrocities are very very graphic but thankfully for me I only had to read about it and not endure it or witness it therefore the nightmares I experienced after reading passages in this book are nothing compared to what Chinese people still seeking justice must experience when they read a book like this and think how their ancestors met their fateAn extremely well written and researced book and the author uses sources such as diaries government documents newspapers reports and interview with survivors Where there is evil there is sometimes amazing acts of bravery and heroism and this book really does highlight a few amazingly good people who saved thousands and I loved how the author researched and highlighted their stories and the good work they did among all the evilI was shocked sickened saddened and angry reading this book but above all I was EDUCATEDand I have already ordered two copies of this book for family members The Life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living Marcus Tullius CiceroA WORD OF WARNING WHILE I THINK THIS IS A BOOK WHICH MANY SHOULD READ THERE ARE VERY GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF THE ATROCITIES AND SOME PEOPLE JUST MIGHT WANT TO BE AWARE OF THIS BEFORE READING

  7. Lori Lori says:

    A dark rabbit hole into the abyss this is Or as Jaidee says “we suck as a species” In December 1937 Japanese troops advanced from Shanghai to Nanjing All of the sickeningly familiar war crime atrocities occurred It's like there's a template or step by step guide that gets followedChang’s research found the diary of John Rabe which provides an improbable ray of hope in all the atrocious horrorThe Nazi Who Saved NankingPerhaps the most fascinating character to emerge from the history of the Rape of Nanking is the German businessman John Rabe To most of the Chinese in the city he was a he was a hero “the living Buddha of Nankin “ the legendary head of the International Safety Zone who saved hundreds of thousands of Chinese lives But to the Japanese Rabe was a strange and unlikely savior For he was not only a German national—a citizen of the Nazi Party in Nanking

  8. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Two uestions One Why were we never taught this in school along with the Holocaust and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Second How do I get the horror of which this book is so full out of my head? That other countries including my own knew exactly what was going on as filmstrip was smuggled out of the countries as well as first hand accounts by reporters did nothing about what was happening in China Makes me so angry Bet if oil was involved we would have been there in a flashDid Hiter learn from Japan exactly how to inspire hatred for a group of people how to treat those who are only considered animals? That Japan has denied that this happened even today That so many who committed these atrocities lived long lives without persecution or prosecution is beyond belief In a way this upset me as much if not than the Holocaust because so little attention has been paid to what happened in Nagasaki Everyone doess need to know read what happened here but I am so glad I have finished This is however another atrocity that should not be forgottenThe narrator was Anne Field and she had a very strong voice appropriate for a book such as this and I give the narration four stars as well

  9. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    I read this book in 1999 and was surprised to find that it was not on my GR list I was not writing detailed reviews at the time so my single paragraph will have to suffice but I did take down a few significant passages from the book and pasted those at the bottomThis book tells of the Japanese destruction truly a rape of Nanking in December 1937 It is estimated that up to 350000 people were murdered within a few weeks many horribly The Japanese have never acknowledged this atrocity and in fact many of those involved remained in influential government positions Because of cold war politics most of the perpetrators of this were spared punishmentThe book was detailed and chilling I have not yet seen the documentary which is supposed to be excellent It is on my Netflix ueueWhile Japan is capable of greatness too often their intensity and creativity have been put to dark purposes Nanking was one instance A recent news item about how Japan is doing its utmost to hang on to its xenophobia uotesp 217Some Japanese scholars believe that the horrors of the Rape of Nanking and other outrages of the Sino Japanese war were caused by a phenomenon called the transfer of oppression According to Tanaka Yuki author of Hidden Horrors Japanese War Crimes in World War II the modern Japanese Army had great potential for brutality from the moment of its creation for two reasons the arbitrary and cruel treatment that the military inflicted on its own officers and soldiers and the hierarchical nature of Japanese society in which status was dictated by proximity to the Emperor Before the invasion of Nanking the Japanese military had subjected its own soldiers to endless humiliation Japanese soldiers were forced to wash the underwear of officers or stand meekly while superiors slapped them until they streamed blood Using Orwellian language the routine striking of Japanese soldiers or bentatsu was termed an act of love by the officers and the violent discipline of the Japanese Navy through tekkan sensei or the iron fist was often called ai no muchi or whip of love It has often been suggested that those with the least power are often the most sadistic if given the power of life and death over people even lower on the pecking order and the rage engendered by this rigid pecking order was suddenly given an outlet when Japanese soldiers went abroad In foreign lands or colonized territories the Japanese soldiers representatives of the emperor enjoyed tremendous power among the subjects In China even the lowliest Japanese private was considered superior to the most powerful and distinguished native and it is easy to see how years of suppressed anger hatred and fear of authority could have erupted in uncontrollable violence at Nanking The Japanese soldier had endured in silence whatever his superiors had chosen to deal out to him and now the Chinese had to take whatever he chose to deal out to themp 219Whatever the course of postwar history the Rape of Nanking will stand as a blemish upon the honor of human beings But what makes the blemish particularly repugnant is that history has never written a proper end for the story Sixty years later the Japanese as a nation are still trying to bury the victims of Nanking not under the soil as in 1937 but into historical oblivion In a disgraceful compounding of the offense the story of the Nanking massacre is barely known in the west because so few people have tried to document and narrate it systematically to the publicp 220There are several important lessons to be learned from Nanking and one is that civilization itself is paper thin There are those who believe that the Japanese are uniuely sinister a dangerous race of people who will never change But after reading several file cabinets worth of documents on Japanese war crimes as well as accounts of ancient atrocities from the pantheon of world history I have to conclude that Japan's behavior during World War II was less a product of dangerous people than of a dangerous government in a vulnerable culture in dangerous times able to sell dangerous rationalizations to those whose human instincts told them otherwise The Rape of Nanking should be perceived as a cautionary tale an illustration of how easily human beings can be encouraged to allow their teenagers to be molded into efficient killing machines able to suppress their better natures Another lesson to be gleaned from Nanking is the role of power in genocide Those who have studied the patterns of large scale killings throughout history have noted that the sheer concentration of power in government is lethal that only a sense of absolute unchecked power can make atrocities like the Rape of Nanking possible In the 1990's R J Runnel perhaps the world's greatest authority on democide a term he coined to include both genocide and government mass murder completed a systematic and uantitative study of atrocities in both this century and ancient times an impressive body of research that he summed up with a play on the famous Lord Acton line Power kills and absolute power kills absolutely The less restraint on power within a government Rummel found the likely the government will act on the whims of psychologically generated darker impulses of its leaders to wage war on foreign governments Japan was no exception and atrocities such as the raps of Nanking can be seen as a predictable if not inevitable outgrowth of ceding to an authoritarian regime dominated by a military and imperial elite the unchallenged power to commit an entire people to realizing the sick goals of the few with the unbridled power to set them And there is a third lesson to be learned one that is perhaps the most distressing of all It lies in the frightening ease with which the mind can accept genocide turning us all into passive spectators to the unthinkable The Rape of Nanking was front page news across the world and yet most of the world stood by and did nothing while an entire city was butchered The international response to the Nanking atrocities was eerily akin to the recent response to the atrocities in Bosnia Herzegovina and Rwanda while thousands have died almost unbelievably cruel deaths the entire world has watched CNN and wrung its hands One could argue that the United States and other countries failed to intervene earlier to prevent the Nazis from carrying out their final solution because the genocide was carried out in wartime secrecy and with such cold efficiency that until Allied soldiers liberated the camps and saw with their own eyes the extent of the horror most people could not accept the reports they had been getting as literally true But for the Rape of Nanking or for the murders in the former Yugoslavia there can be no such excuse The Nanking atrocities were splashed prominently across the pages of newspapers like the New York Times while the Bosnia outrages were played out daily on televisions in virtually every living room Apparently some uirk in human nature allows even the most unspeakable acts of evil to become banal within minutes provided only that they occur far enough away to pose no personal threat

  10. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    Is #JeSuisCharlie still trending on Twitter? Or rather is it still fashionable to bleat and moan about freedom of speech without mention of the First Amendment Zones in Ferguson the labeling of protesters as looters and militants by mass media this particular gem of a post and so many other violations of the right to speak that aren't saturated enough with European imperialism to merit the world's attention? Just look how the Boko Haram massacre of thousands was received by a world in mourning for French journalists or how little attention was paid to the French government's treatment of Muslims both past and present before I didn't watch them myself but I've heard that many a celebrity during the Golden Globes cheered for Charlie Hebdo but stayed mum during a speech on BlackLivesMatter that despite all media black outs to the contrary is still going strong Also Bill Cosby rape jokes by white feminists cause freedom of speech right?Where's the movie for this? Where's the industry on par with the Holocaust entertainment business the US is currently enraptured with? There's plenty of adulation for US Americans and other variations on those of European descent facing down hordes of non European scum so why not aggrandize this to as an obscene degree as Schindler's List? The author killed herself seven years after publication leaving notes behind that spoke of government pressure and other sordid influences pulling at her from the dark Where is your anger JeSuisCharliests over that?This edition includes pictures of the atrocities because depending on who you are and where you live your right to be mourned won't be respected unless your body is put on public display in all its shame and mutilation Depending on who you are killed by your right to be mourned will subsidized in accordance to whether you are legally a human being in comparison to the legal humanity of your killer Two of my teachers thought it necessary to strip the Charlie Hebdo shooting of its extenuating context in order to prove a point of satire or philosophical discussion of What is terrorism the latter gleefully pinning the difference between war and insurgent terror on whether it was conducted by a legal state If it is possible to become a legal state through centuries of genocide and enslavement that are reinforced to this day via military industrial complex what does that mean for our legal right to freedom of speech?Japan at the time of the Rape of Nanking was a legal state so apparently Chang was wrong in calling their actions terrorism As such a sanitized legal correct term would be collateral damage the likes of which rank with Guantánamo Diary which every #JeSuisCharliest should be reading if there's an actual fucking point to their sociopolitical bandwagon Freedom of speech freedom of speech freedom of speech and when you have drone strikes of Yemen weddings Mike Brown Memorials and sleepless homeless people being set fire to with eual impunity on US soil denials by the Canadian government of the democide of its First Nations women and #KillAllMuslims and #ItAintRape trending on Twitter don't come crying to me about what a hateful world we live in It is one where a white boy can slaughter college students and elementary school children alike in the land of the free and the home and the brave and if you don't see a correlation between the brutal Japanese indoctrination of their soldiers and the reception of American Sniper you're either a fool or a big fan of dehumanization so long as it's aimed in the right directionI wonder how many people read this to support their xenophobia in regards to Japanese people I wonder how many people passed off the author's ending of her own life as typical of her kind I wonder how many people excused the US' enabling of Japan's historical denial as a necessary international strategy of upholding peace I've seen a lot of reviews commenting on Chang's improper academic methodologies in writing this which okay if formulaic standards of citation matter to you than the 52 pages of further evidence that conclude this massive indictment of the relation between the money we make and the history we remember you're complicit True some involved in this were indeed judged to be war criminals but it was a mere few months ago that the CIA Torture Report revealed war criminals of similar caliber that were swiftly exonerated If you think all the world's myriad factions of varying brutality both illegal and not so much didn't learn a lesson from that dominating erasure think again There are those who believe that the Japanese are uniuely sinister—a dangerous race of people who will never change But after reading several file cabinets’ worth of documents on Japanese war crimes as well as accounts of ancient atrocities from the pantheon of world history I would have to conclude that Japan’s behavior during World War II was less a product of dangerous people than of a dangerous government in dangerous times able to sell dangerous rationalizations to those who human instincts told them otherwise You want to talk freedom of speech? Let's talk freedom of speech and how the majority use it to constantly remind those of their rapeable murderable dehumanizable status and throw shit fits when some react by using it to protest said status Let's talk about the hate crimes that have followed the freedom of speech rallies and who has been allowed to get away with terror Just don't expect the conversation to end when #JeSuisCharlie stops trending Your freedom of ignorance does not render you free of blood on your hands

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