Promised Valley Rebellion PDF/EPUB Ú Promised Valley

Promised Valley Rebellion PDF/EPUB Ú Promised Valley

Promised Valley Rebellion ➿ [Download] ➽ Promised Valley Rebellion By Ron Fritsch ➵ – Promised Valley Rebellion the first book in the Promised Valley series of four novels by Ron Fritsch is a story of forbidden love The farmers’ king refuses to allow the marriage of the coming of age Promised Valley Rebellion the first book in the Promised Valley series of four novels by Ron Fritsch is a story of forbidden love The farmers’ king refuses to allow the marriage of the coming of age prince to the daughter of the farmer who saved the king’s life in the last war with the hunters Her brother decides he has to help his sister and Promised Valley Epub / the prince his boyhood friend correct the flagrant injusticeThat decision leads them and their allies into a youthful rebellion against the king and his officials who rule the kingdom from their bluff top town The far numerous farmers in the villages below who despise the officials but not the king and who admire the prince are in a position to determine whether the rebels will succeed or face execution for treasonKirkus Indie Reviews “The story is very likely as old as human civilization It encourages the reader to ponder the universal elements of the tale A strange primitive world that feels winningly real”Feathered uill Book Reviews “.

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  1. Misha Mathew Misha Mathew says:

    DNFUnfortunately I could not finish this book I really tried because I am almost obsessive about finishing books But somewhere around page 170 I gave up This is only my second DNF the first being Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand To be fair I haven't rated the bookSet in the Prehistoric era Promised Valley Rebellion is centered on the love between Morning Sun the King's son and Rose Leaf a farmer's daughter They are forbidden to marry each other right from the time they are children Blue Sky Rose Leaf's brother who grew up with them supports his sister and his friend Soon a rebellion breaks outI have never read anything set in the prehistoric era so I was really excited to read Promised Valley Rebellion I started the book weeks ago but it took me a long time to finish even 100 pages Maybe the book is not for me or maybe I read it in the wrong time Let me not deter you from trying the book yourselfThe main problem was I couldn't connect with the characters or the story I felt so distant from everything happening in the book and the writing style didn't really appeal to me After trying for days to get into the book there came a point where I kept losing track of the plot and kept forgetting the names of the characters Most probably I wasn't in the right mood to fully appreciate this bookI will encourage the others to try the book It's all a matter of individual perspective after all Your views maybe completely opposite mine Promised Valley Rebellion is the first of four Promised Valley novels a what might’ve happened tetralogy asking whether civilization and history with their countless heaven sanctioned wars and genocides could’ve begun differently

  2. Melanie Melanie says:

    Ron Fritsch's Promised Valley Rebellion takes readers into a prehistoric world and a clash between the valley peoplefarmers and their primitive opponents the hill people There are many themes running through PVR including epic battles forbidden love war reluctance to advance and adopt change and the coming of age You'll think of Jean Auel's Earth's Children when you read PVR as this prehistoric time comes alive with the character Fritsch created Award winning and deservedly so

  3. PaperMoon PaperMoon says:

    What is truly distinctive about Fritsch's series is the prehistoric setting where the settler people of the valley farming and land tending folk live in guard against the marauding people of the nomadic hunting barbaric people of the hills Blue Sky and Morning Sun are best friends coming of age together and part of their rite of passage is to go up to the hill borders of their valley to stand guard against attacks from their enemy Morning Sun has been forbidden develop any relations with is best friend’s sister Rose Leaf – no reason given for this command from his father the King of the Valley People Blue Sky is gay and unfortunately has feelings for his straight best friend the Prince Up in the hills rebellion is fomented amongst the younger males as they struggle to comprehend the illogical commands and s as set down by their elders and the political and religious leaders In so uestioning the system – they threaten to bring down their society as well as the security of their land History is written by the victors they say and when Blue Sky’s path crosses with an enemy warrior – the truth is unleashed ripping open hidden family secrets; Blue Sky Morning Sun and Rose Leaf discover who their enemy is reallyThis is not a gay romance – a pre historical title with some gay characters I loved this book – the writing style is unusual and the character names took some getting used to but the reading takes me back to my appreciation for books by Jean M Auel’s Earth Children books The forbidden love both for the straight characters as well as for the gay characters components were well done This is the starting title of a series of four books three of which have been released; I believe the final title is due out sometime this year

  4. Kim Hansen Kim Hansen says:

    This book is rich in characters that have depth and substance – so much so that in the beginning of the book I had a difficult time keeping up with them But this author has made it bit easier by including a list of the characters at the beginning of the book along with a brief description of them I really loved this Not only did it help me keep up but it helped provide a mental picture of what each of these characters look and act like I wish other authors would take the time to do thisSet in a prehistoric society most of the characters are farmers valley people and tend crops for a living; although they are considered the “affluent” in the society The hill dwellers have a deep jealousy of the farmers Always pushing boundaries even though the punishment for crossing into each others territory is deathThis book reminds you a bit of Romeo and Juliet as its a tale of forbidden love It is a coming of age tale of the the prince of the valley people and a farmers daughter Although these are this life long friends his father is the King which means their friendship can only go so far When the prince falls in love with the farmers daughters they are strictly forbidden from marrying What ensues is a rebellion against the rulers and everyone will be tested in one way or the otherIf you liked or read Clan of the Cave Bear I can promise you will love this book Promised Valley Rebellion is the first in a series of four books and I’m lucky enough to have the second one Promised Valley War to read as well After reading this book I can tell you I’m very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series

  5. Bryn Hammond Bryn Hammond says:

    I'm fascinated by prehistoric fiction but haven't found much I'm happy with so glad to come across this set of novels What I liked the characters are fully human intelligent with attitudes we recognise either to go along with or argue with Stories set in the distant past can assume people were dumber than us which is unscientific I believe The characters are engaging I like and admire our hero who's a bit of a fighter for free speech and rights; and the crisis situation turns out to be a sort of conflict of nobility on both sides I hope that isn't a spoiler The end is heart warming I like the portrait of war people's attitudes to war again we can assume people of the distant past were savage bloodthirsty idiots I like the shamans they're called tellers here and their way of life distinct from the community And I like the pitting of hunter gatherers against early farmers the issues the prejudices each has against the other There are uestions also of kingship and what tyranny is and isn't; and uestions on religion and the gods It's an examination of these matters through a story that's strong and easy to get involved in Best we don't have to leave the world there's a seuel and to come

  6. Leigh K Cunningham Leigh K Cunningham says:

    There's so much to enjoy and love about Promised Valley Rebellion First it is chock full of well developed uniue characters and in case you get lost with the number of players in this suspense filled historical piece the author has kindly included a Character List which I read after I had finished the novel as a way to re cap the storyI also really enjoyed the way Fritsch incorporated gay issues into prehistoric times this has to be a first I'm sure and created a fascinating juxtaposition as we tend to have a preconceived notion of prehistoric man I'm interested to see what other current issues Fritsch might incorporate in the series In summary Fritsch has managed to merge historical fiction suspense and gay issues in a character filled novel set in prehistoric times It's no wonder Promised Valley Rebellion has gold medals to show for his effortsDo yourself a favor and read it for yourself

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    For me the novel started off a bit slow and I struggled to connect with any of the characters However I kept on reading and I am glad I did as once I read the first couple of chapters I really began to enjoy this novelAt times throughout the novel I found myslef unable to connect with the characters and this is something that is important to me However I should mention that there were some characters I could connect with and this is what made the novel really enjoyable I will be looking out for the next book in the series as I really enjoyed this book once I got over the initial hurdles A copy of this book was recieved for free and all thoughts are my own through reading this bookThis review was first published on

  8. Laura Eno Laura Eno says:

    Promised Valley Rebellion is a rich tapestry of prehistoric life examining the uestions and conflicts humans still struggle with todayRon Fritsch weaves a tale of intelligent people in a structured society farmers trying to preserve their way of life in the valley while guarding against incursions from hunters in the hills uestions arise as to their way of life casting doubt on the history the shamans have preservedThe story has some surprising twists and turns with sympathetic characters and a courageous younger generation caught between seeking the truth and honoring their eldersThis was an impressive read I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series and continuing the journey that Ron has laid out

  9. Derek Murphy Derek Murphy says:

    This is an exciting pre historic novel in the tradition of Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bears If you were disappointed by Auel's latest Land of the Painted Caves as was nearly everyone you should try Promised Valley RebellionThe author aims in part to chronicle the challenging transition from a traditional life of hunting gathering and roaming to a radically new life of farming settling and creating townsBut the relationships and conflict between characters also makes for engaged reading full of material for later reflection This is a book to be devoured slowly

  10. Michelle Miller (True Book Addict) Michelle Miller (True Book Addict) says:

    Many know that I love historical fiction and I have a particular interest in prehistoric times Ever since first reading The Clan of the Cave Bear Book one in Jean Auel's Earth's Children series prehistoric stories have fascinated me When I was offered a chance to read this book I jumped at the chance What Ron has done with this book is truly amazing He gives us a glimpse of what a civilized prehistoric society might have looked like and brings interesting characters and themes into the stories I see the main character as Blue Sky and he is a great character because he uestions everything Many of the themes in the book actually come about from Blue Sky's challenging the normThe first thing I found very interesting was the presence of a gaylesbian lifestyle within this society I thought this was an excellent way to present the case that homosexuals have been present throughout history and not always kept under wraps The lifestyle is a normal part of life in their community and no one is ostracized because of it I found this idea refreshingThe book takes an interesting twist from being so accepting of homosexual lifestyles and yet cannot accept the possibility that the people who live in the hills the huntersgatherers could very well be a similar people Not the evil and hideous invaders that legend has portrayed This is one of the issues that Blue Sky uestions and seeks to bring truth to the foreOne of the main plot points surrounds Blue Sky's sister Rose Leaf and Morning Sun the prince of their land Morning Sun's father king Tall Oak has forbade them to marry but no reason is given It is made known that if they marry or procreate their child will be killed This is an outrage to Blue Sky He believes that the king should not have absolute power to make and carry out decisions like this So another theme in the book is the issue of absolute power Should a ruler have this kind of power with nothing holding him in check? An age old uestion that many societies including our great nation have asked and fought to change Where the people have the right to choose A favorite uote is when Blue Sky confronts his father Green Field an old friend and loyal supporter of the kingWhen you were a youth Blue Sky said rebelling against a misguided and fearful king was called bravery Those who did it are still to this day considered heroes And rightly so in my opinion When they were young they were fearless But sadly as they grew older they let fear rule their lives and the kingdom I'll have nothing further to do with you I'll say goodbye to my mother now and be gone You though can forget you ever had me for a sonWhat a tell off Blue Sky has decided to take a stand and champion the cause of Morning Sun and Rose Leaf He is determined that the people of the kingdom will be eually outraged and a demand for change will come about You will have to read the book if you want to know what happensI really liked Promised Valley Rebellion because of what I mentioned above but also because of how Ron explored the differences between the huntinggathering society and the societies of the farming towns and animal herders showing that these societies coexisted for a time and that there was animosity between them It is an interesting exploration of prehistoric life wrapped up with elements of conflict love and lust

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