How I Became a Hindu Epub » How I PDF/EPUB or Became

How I Became a Hindu Epub » How I PDF/EPUB or Became

How I Became a Hindu [EPUB] ✼ How I Became a Hindu By Sita Ram Goel – Best PDF, How I Became a Hindu Author Sita Ram Goel This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9788185990057 format Paperback and others 110 pages Best PDF, How I Became Became a Epub µ a Hindu Author Sita Ram Goel This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn format Paperback and others pages.

  • Paperback
  • 110 pages
  • How I Became a Hindu
  • Sita Ram Goel
  • 28 November 2015
  • 9788185990057

About the Author: Sita Ram Goel

Sita Ram Goel October Became a Epub µ – December was an Indian religious and political activist writer and publisher in the late twentieth century He had Marxist leanings during the s but later became an outspoken anti communist and also wrote extensively on the damage to How I PDF/EPUB or Indian culture and heritage wrought by expansionist Islam and missionary activities of Christianity In his later caree.

10 thoughts on “How I Became a Hindu

  1. Ashish Iyer Ashish Iyer says:

    This book is a journey of intellectual Sita Ram Goel He take us across India through the independence struggle and competing of ideologies in our country This book deal with how he struggle religion gandhism communism and the Nehru government This book also mentioned how ideology works and what he as a member went through He closely works with different ideologies And at one time how one Christian missionary tried to convert him during his sickness He was there during Calcutta riots thanks to his fluent in urdu and western dress he was saved He had influence of his friend Ram Swarup His friend guide him through his life Goel became and interested in Hinduism Sanatana Dharma called upon its votary to explore his own self in the first instance and see for himself the truths expounded in sacred scriptures Prophets and churches and scriptures could be aids but never the substitutes for self exploration self purification and self transcendenceHe therefore finally became a HinduI had come back at last come back to my spiritual home from which I had wandered away in self forgetfulness But this coming back was no atavistic act On the contrary it was a reawakening to my ancestral heritage which was waiting all along for me to lay my claim on its largesses It was also the heritage of all mankind as proved by the seers sages and mystics of many a time and clime It spoke in different languages to different people To me it spoke in the language of Hindu spirituality and Hindu culture at their highest I could not resist its call I became a Hindu

  2. Sankara Sankara says:

    This short book is an intellectual autobiography of Sita Ram Goel historian and social thinker He describes his journey from Arya Samaj to Gandhi to Communism to finally his spiritual home Through this journey he has picked up good and valuable things from all the ideological schools that he stayed and ruthlessly rejected things that he found harmful He admires much of Gandhi's principles but condemns his Muslim appeasement totally; He abhors Stalinism and exposes it but still retains some elements of Marxist uest for intellectual debates and to some extent even uses the Marxist tools for analyzing and writing history The final postscript Nightmare of Nehruvism is also uite readable You can read the whole book online also in the website voiceofdharmacom

  3. Ajay Ajay says:

    This is Sita Ram Goel's journey of how he became a Hindu Everyone should read his books All of his books are educating and enlightening

  4. Roshni Kanchan Roshni Kanchan says:

    Glad to have read this book From communists to historians to BJP RSS to extraordinary citizens plenty of things to learnExpected sharper criticism of MK Gandhi though

  5. Archana Archana says:

    An honest and touching narration Like the simplicity of its narrative

  6. Ishani Ishani says:

    With full respect and recognition to the intention of the author and fact bound contents of this book the journey in itself through the first half is a bit cumbersomeThe content of this book is mainly in 2 parts First is the journey of the author riding on all western as well as communist philosophies This part would be a bit 'over the head' for common people to understand properly There are many core communist and western philosophical terms which normal readers might have never heard of and so the contents do not make such sense except that you have to carry on to get to the point The author could have very well been a little descriptive here instead of being crisp to carry forward his meaning to readersThe second part however is uiet interesting Mostly because terminologies don't find much place here except the ones we already know of But the journey back to home ethics values is not described as vividly and as much in detail as is done in the first part This could have been elaborated All in all I do agree with the content and the perspective put forward But the book would have made much sense than what it did to me if only both the chapters would have gelled together better in terms of understandingFINALLY the 'Star' of this book is the postscript where some harsh facts unimaginable 'never heard of before' instances have been mentioned If someone has already readaware of the emergency period in India or the scripts of MO Mathai or read the KGB chronicles they can easily identify connect the dots of each and every point made in this section Also this book doesn't lean to any particular political party It is by far one of those works which are completely written on personal merit and logicI am looking forward to reading other books of the author

  7. Ishaan Ishaan says:

    This book shows the journey of a great intellectual Sitaram Goel in his own words If you are interested in how the ideological movements function and what the active members go through while they are in the making this is a good resource Another interesting aspect of reading the book was that the authors journey was not a typical association with a mass movement but he had had the opportunity to be closely involved with a diverse set of people and groups with different ideologies The way he settles down to the Hindu thought towards the end is worth mentioning

  8. Hemang Chawla Hemang Chawla says:

    An interesting read that introduces you to the thought process and journey of the hindu intellectual Sita ram goel For a modern Indian youngster who has had his share of romance with the leftist worldview this book is very relatableGoel talks of his journey from despising sanatanism to enchantment with gandhism to communism and coming back to his dharmic roots Written in an engaging manner this book is a short read It makes you ask deeper uestions about the purpose of human life and society while comparing the communist and hindu thought as the paths In the post script that dissects nehruism Goel also chides the RSS for its lack of generation of scholarship A must read book on realising why being a hindu today as was in the time this book was written a necessary conscious choice

  9. Shiv Simha Shiv Simha says:

    This book was recomended by Ashish and boy It is a blessing This extremely honest and critical experience of Sita Ram Goel born a Hindhu but went to other paths is one eye openerHe clearly explains how communism is not appealing as well as his stint in a Christian missionary that reveals dark practices such as a villager sharing how he was forced to eat beef for successful conversion much to the horror of his Hindhu wife leading to disasterThe author then adds the dark sides of Pandit Nehru that again is a revelationHe finally finds his peace in Hindhuism again thanks to his experiences extensive reading and meditation This journey has been conveyed crisply with no drama and is a must read for us in these turbulent times of conversions by giving food and treats

  10. Arun Arun says:

    Its the journey of a seeker who discovered the essence of awakening human consciousness It his experience of going through all paradigms before coming in terms with the right method of self realization

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