Paperback ✓ Fanzines PDF Ú

Paperback ✓ Fanzines PDF Ú

Fanzines ➮ [Read] ➪ Fanzines By Teal Triggs ➺ – For than 60 years fanzines have been one of the most significant forms of self expression Often handmade and disseminated through underground networks the fanzine is credited as being both the origina For than years Fanzines have been one of the most significant forms of self expression Often handmade and disseminated through underground networks the fanzine is credited as being both the original medium for many of todays mainstream publications and the predecessor to the blogging craze This highly visual compendium showcases the best most thought provoking and downright weirdest Fanzines ever produced With topics ranging from punk to personal politics Fanzines includes both widely known Fanzines as well as rare publications culled from passionate collectors Spanning the history of the fanzine from the early experimentation with underground presses to contemporary and electronic Fanzines this is a comprehensive and unprecedented look at a fascinating phenomenon.

10 thoughts on “Fanzines

  1. Ciara Ciara says:

    this book forwards factual inaccuracies concerning zines independent publishing underground culture the layout is almost entirely images of from zines many of which were printed without getting proper permissions from the zinesters included which is unethical if not downright illegal what little content there is in terms of writing is riddled with dubious claims outright errors in the chapter on e zines triggs consistently conflates web pages that have been created to promote paper zines blogs websites that are tangentially related to paper zines in some way actual e zines she includes a screen cap of my former zine distro in this chapter my zine distro had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with e zines triggs claims to be a huge fan supporter of zine culture but thenwhy didn't she contact zinesters to get their permissions before including sometimes copyrighted images of their zines in her book? why is her explanation of various aspects of zine culture so consistently inaccurate uninformed? why have she her publisher refused to do anything to appease the dozens of zinesters who were included in this book without their knowledge or consent? it's not especially new for an outsider to come along write a book that grossly misrepresents some element of underground or fringe culture but this is the worst offender i have seen as far as zines go if you feel that you absolutely must check out this book try to get it from a library don't contribute any money to triggs or her unethical publishersfor info read this essay from zine world

  2. Agathafrye Agathafrye says:

    It's not possible to give zero stars apparently For info about why you shouldn't buy this booksupport this authorpublisher see herehttpfanzinesbytealtriggsweeblycom

  3. Emma Emma says:

    Poorly researched and unprofessionally produced Didn't get consent from authors and artists or offer payment to use their work and included many people's work with outright wrong names andor bios attached So basically used her academic position to steal the work of marginalised writers and artistsNot a professional or competent academic and not someone who is an actual part of the DIY zine community

  4. Artnoose McMoose Artnoose McMoose says:

    I heard about this book because a whole bunch of zine publishers had been talking about how their zines were used without permission I found out that my zine was one of them so I wrote them for a contributor's copy which they sent although they said that they had already sent my copy to someone else someone whom I didn't know at all and we didn't even live in the same city at the time When she met me she said that they had sent her my copy WeirdSo yeah my zine's image was used which in itself isn't a disaster She does in my opinion misrepresent what my zine does and doesn't do For example I'm pretty sure my zine didn't herald in carftwork in zines Some people have complained that Tiggs used their wrong names For me though she totally blew up my legal name and used it AND a business name that I haven't used in years and only then putting my actual name in parentheses I've NEVER used my legal name or a business name in my zine The only way she could have found it out is by stalking me on the internet It just shows that the author had no idea the people she was dealing with that it never would of occurred to her to think that maybe the reason someone doesn't use their legal name in their zine is because they don't want to I suppose the author would say that she simply made a book to catalog some works for posterity Zine libraries however do a great job of that already What bothers me is that the author made a bunch of money for her and the publisher off of other living people's stuff

  5. Paula Paula says:

    A super interesting book about fanzines where he shows his journey through the years and evolution Has a lot of references that I used for works I recommend it

  6. Marissa Marissa says:

    This book is beautifully designed and arranged and it's very much the sort of book you'd want to hold up as representative of the zine world of the past 25 or so years but sadly it falls short There are several errors and mis attributions which will be obvious to anyone who has been involved in zines for a while There are also several zines which are listed as web zines which are definitely not webzines this chapter came off like the author was like AND THEN I WILL HAVE A CHAPTER ON WEBZINES and then either ran out of time or couldn't find any good examples so she just included blogs by zine makers and called them webzines This comes off as uninformed andor lazy and not what I would expect from an author with an academic background such as that of TriggsAs someone who makes zines I would have loved to be a part of a comprehensive survey of zines such as this one But knowing about the failures in research I'm happy to not have been included Zines are already considered less significantseriouslegitimate than real literature and I don't think publications like this help to dispel that impression

  7. Chloe Chloe says:

    Controversial book riddled with mostly minor inaccuracies The author pissed off a bunch of zines publishers by reprinting their work without permission I am personally on the fence in this case and think it warrants greater discussion Still an interesting document

  8. Michael Kay Michael Kay says:

    Ideal coffee table light reading with pretty pictures though completely lacking in depth Apparently filled with misinformation and as seen from these other reviews seriously pissed off the Zine community

  9. tee tee says:

    Teal Triggs you suck

  10. Dave Vander Maas Dave Vander Maas says:

    I read the reviews about the shady was of this book I just wanted to look over the art for reference It worked fine for that

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